150 Best African Cat Names

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Savannah cat in a compressed image, representing the unique and exotic appeal of this breed.

African names for cats come from traditions that are, rich, and diverse. These African names tend to come with a whole lot of history and tracing their roots can help you make the most meaningful selection for your feline.

African Male Cat Names

  • Abdullah – Means a servant of God.
  • Abiola – This means born with honor and riches.
  • Abrafo – Means warrior.
  • Addo – The King of the Road.
  • Adisa – This means level-headed or clear.
  • Amari – Means eternal.
  • Amogelang – This means to receive.
  • Arno – This means eagle.
  • Bassel – Means brave one.
  • Bongani – Means the grateful one.
  • Chinua – Means God’s blessing.
  • Cornell – Means the crow.
  • Dakarai – This means happiness.
  • Denzel – Means the wild one.
  • Dzigbode –  This means patience.
  • Elijah – The powerful one.
  • Essam – Means to protect or safeguard.
  • Fela – Means happy and lucky.
  • Femi – The name means to love me.
  • Grady – This is an old Irish name meaning noble.
African wild cat showcasing the beauty and allure of these fascinating felines

Hakim – This name means the ruler. Or wise.

  • Hakim – This name means the ruler. Or wise.
  • Hasani – Means handsome one.
  • Izaak – Means laughter.
  • Jabulani – One that rejoices.
  • Jawara – This means lover of peace.
  • Kaikura – Means like a squirrel.
  • Kamogelo – Means to be welcome.
  • Katlego – Means success.
  • Khalid – Means immortal one.
  • Kofi – Means born on a Friday.
  • Lethabo – Means happiness and joy.
  • Mahmoud – The praised one.
  • Malik – Means King.
  • Mandla – Means Strength.
  • Moustafa – It means chosen one.
  • Mpho – Means gift.
  • Nabil – Means noble.
  • Nakia – One that is pure and faithful.
  • Raffiel – A healer.
  • Ramses – Means the son of the sun god, Ra.
Image featuring African girl cat names, offering culturally inspired naming options for your feline companion

Siyabonga – To be grateful and give thanks

  • Sbusiso – Blessed one.
  • Shakir – Grateful one.
  • Sipho – A welcome gift.
  • Siyabonga – To be grateful and give thanks
  • Tariq – Means to take action.

African Female Cat Names

  • Tau – A lion.
  • Teboho – To be thankful.
  • Thulani – Means the quiet one.
  • Tshepiso –  A promise.
  • Zahair – Means blossoming.
  • Zuberi – Strong one.
  • Abdallah – Means a servant of God.
  • Abeni – Means a girl who is prayed for.
  • Abiba – The beloved one.
  • Ada – A name for your firstborn daughter.
  • Aicha – Means alive and well.
  • Alkebu-Lan Means the Mother of Mankind.
  • Amara – Means filled with grace and mercy.
  • Amma – Means is born on a Saturday.
  • Anipe – Means the daughter of the Nile.
Egyptian Mau cat highlighting its captivating appearance

Ada – A name for your firstborn daughter.

  • Ayaan – She is a beautiful flower.
  • Bamidele – Means  to follow me home.
  • Breonna – Noble one.
  • Chantelle – From French, meaning candle.
  • Chidinma – God is beautiful.
  • Cleopatra – a classic we all know.
  • Destiny – Means destined.
  • Ebony – A deep black wood.
  • Efua – Means born on Friday.
  • Esi – Means she’s God’s gift.
  • Fatima – Motherly.
  • Gabrielle – Means like the angel.
  • Gayle – A father’s joy.
  • Hadiza – Always first.
  • Hasana – Means beautiful.
  • Ime – Means patience.
  • Izara – Means part of a tree.
  • Kehinde – Named for the twin who comes out second.
  • Keisha – Great joy.
  • Khadija – Respected and trustworthy.
Leopard-patterned kitten, showcasing its wild and playful nature.

Hasana – Means beautiful.

  • Kiara A global name meaning light.
  • Mariama – A gift of God.
  • Marli – Means Star of the sea.
  • Masego – Means blessings.
  • Monifa – I am lucky.
  • Mpho – A gift.
  • Nandipha – Meaning God’s gift.
  • Nevaeh – Is heaven spelled backwards.
  • Nia – Means to have a purpose.
  • Oratile – It means origin.
  • Palesa – Means a flower.
  • Puleng – Means out in the rain.
  • Sade – Honor earns a crown.
  • Siphesihle – Is a precious gift from God.
  • Taiwo – Means deliscious.
  • Thabisa – Is too bring joy.
  • Thandiwe – The loving one.
  • Tsholofelo – Means hope.
  • Zari – Means golden.
  • Zola – Means quiet or peaceful.
Relaxed Egyptian Mau cat in a compressed image, embodying comfort and contentment.

Siphesihle – Is a precious gift from God.

If you are looking for an African name we hope you got some inspiration from our list of the most cultural and beautiful names across the country of Africa.

African Savannah Cat Names

  • Cleo: Elegantly roams the sunlit plains.
  • Zulu: Wild spirit, agile and cunning.
  • Jasmine: Graceful beauty with a fearless heart.
  • Tafari: Majestic ruler of open landscapes.
  • Safari: Endlessly curious explorer of territories.
  • Nala: Fierce hunter, embodying natural grace.
  • Anansi: Crafty and clever, a true survivor.
  • Khari: Strong and resilient, a natural leader.
  • Asha: Life and hope in the wilderness.
  • Mara: Swift and agile in the grasslands.
  • Simba: Fearless king of the vast savannah.
  • Sahara: Enduring spirit of the desert realm.
  • Zara: Princess with a regal demeanor.
  • Jabari: Brave heart, protector of kin.
  • Chui: Stealthy and mysterious, a shadow dancer.
  • Lulu: Playful and joyous, a wild spirit.
  • Mufasa: Majestic ruler with a mighty roar.
  • Shani: Radiant beauty under the African sun.
  • Kito: Agile and quick, a born hunter.
  • Zola: Free spirit, dancing in moonlight.
  • Jengo: Towering presence, wise and strong.
  • Amani: Peaceful soul, harmony in nature.
  • Kali: Bold and fierce, a force unleashed.
  • Thabo: Gentle spirit with a kind heart.
  • Imani: Faithful and true, a loyal companion.
  • Shumba: Mighty lion, ruler of territories.
  • Zahara: Radiant flower in the vast wilderness.
  • Baridi: Cool and calm, a tranquil presence.
  • Azizi: Precious and rare, a treasure found.
  • Hariri: Free spirit soaring in the sky.

Cute African Names for Cats

  • Nia: Joyful and full of life.
  • Kofi: Sweet and playful little friend.
  • Zuri: Beautiful and charming, a delight.
  • Milo: Gentle and affectionate, a sweetheart.
  • Lulu: Adorable and full of love.
  • Jengo: Tiny explorer with a big heart.
  • Sisi: Cute and mischievous, a charmer.
  • Mochi: Fluffy ball of happiness and warmth.
  • Pippin: Playful and always up for fun.
  • Amani: Peaceful soul, spreading tranquility.
  • Bongo: Energetic and lively, a playful buddy.
  • Kiki: Quirky and lovable, a true friend.
  • Chaka: Little warrior with a big heart.
  • Toto: Small and adorable, a true companion.
  • Nala: Cute and cuddly, a joy forever.
  • Kitana: Tiny queen with a regal charm.
  • Peanut: Small in size, big in love.
  • Mimi: Dainty and sweet, a precious gem.
  • Coco: Elegant and charming, a cocoa delight.
  • Mango: Juicy joy, a burst of sweetness.
  • Lola: Playful and fun-loving, a joyous spirit.
  • Bailey: Fluffy and cute, a cuddle buddy.
  • Koko: Adorable mischief in fur form.
  • Sunny: Cheerful and bright, a warm presence.
  • Bella: Beautiful and graceful, a true beauty.
  • Oreo: Sweet and delightful, a cookie charm.
  • Biscuit: Small and sweet, a tasty friend.
  • Twix: Playful twinkle, a delight to all.
  • Cherry: Sweet and charming, like fruit delight.
  • Whiskers: Curious and charming, a feline delight.
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