Top 150 Best Italian Cat Names for Males and Females

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Image related to the best Italian cat names, offering naming inspiration for your feline friend

There are plenty of reasons to consider an Italian name for your feline. Maybe you want to honor your own family’s Italian heritage, or really like the way the language sounds.

If you are looking for inspiration to pick the perfect Italian name for your cat, this list can help. We covered the most popular Italian names for both male and female kitties.

Best Male Italian Names for Cats

  • Abele – means ‘herdsmen’. He was Adam and Eve’s, second son.
  • Abramo – This means ‘father of many’.
  • Adalberto – A unique name, and it means nobility.
  • Adriano -The name has its roots in the Adriatic Sea.
  • Aldo – Means ‘old’ or ‘wise’ and even ‘noble’.
  • Alessandro – This means ‘defender of man’.
  • Alessio – This means ‘defender’.
  • Alfonso – Means ‘noble’ and ‘eager’.
  • Alfredo – This means ‘wise counselor’.
  • Angelo – Means ‘angel or messenger of God’.
  • Antonio – This means ‘priceless one’.
  • Armani – This name’s popularity came from famous designer Georgio Armani.
  • Basilio – This means ‘noble’, ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’.
  • Belvedere – Meaning ‘beautiful to see.
  • Bernardo – Means ‘as brave as a bear’.
  • Boris – Braver than a wolf or snow leopard.
  • Bosco – The name of an Italian saint..
  • Brando – This means ‘sword’.
  • Bravo – Means ‘courageous’.
  • Callisto – Meaning ‘beautiful’ .
  • Carlos – It means ‘farmer’.
  • Caro – Means strong and beautiful.
  • Casmiro – Means ‘famous’.
  • Dante – Meaning ‘steadfast’.
  • Davide – This means ‘beloved’.
  • Desi – It means ‘longing’.
  • Domenico – This means ‘belonging to the Lord’.
  • Edoardo – This means ‘rich guardian’.
  • Enzo – It means ‘ruler’.
  • Eustachio – This is a very famous saint.
Image featuring male Italian cat names, providing options for naming your beloved cat.

Gasparo- This means ‘one who possesses a lot of money’.

  • Fabian – Means ‘farmer’ .
  • Fausto – The name means ‘a man of luck’.
  • Favio – Means a man of wisdom and understanding.
  • Felix – This means ‘a man blessed with luck, fortune and success.’
  • Fiero – This means ‘proud’.
  • Francesco – This is the Italian version of the name ‘Francis’, and it means a ‘free man’.
  • Franco – This is an unusual name with French origins and is used as a first or a last name.
  • Gasparo – This means ‘one who possesses a lot of money’.
  • Geno – This means ‘God is love’.
  • Georgio – A popular name that means ‘agriculturist’.
  • Giovanni – This means ‘God is gracious’.
  • Ivano – This means ‘God is gracious’.
  • Jacopo – This means ‘Holder of Heel’ and is a holy name.
  • Julio – This means someone who loves making friends.
  • Kara – This means ‘beloved’.
  • Krystallo – This means ‘Christ’s follower’.
  • Lazaro – Is a variant of the word ‘Lazarus’ and is a biblical name.
  • Leonardo – This means ‘Bold lion’.
  • Leone – This is a Latin name meaning ‘Lion’.
  • Lorenzo – This means ‘someone who lived in the Italian city Laurentum’.
  • Luca – It is originally a place name in Italy.
  • Luigi -This name is kept by many as respect for the renowned fighter by the same name.
  • Luka – It means ‘light’ .
  • Mano – It is a Hebrew name which means ‘God is with us’.
  • Marcello – This name is ‘Marcel’ or ‘Marcelo’ and means a ‘young warrior’.
  • Marco – This means ‘warlike’.
  • Massimo – This name means ‘He who is the greatest’.
  • Matteo – It means ‘He who is a gift from the Lord.’
  • Nino – It means ‘God is gracious’ .
  • Orlando – The name means ‘accomplishment of the multitude’.
  • Pepe – Is a Spanish variation of the name ‘Joseph’.
  • Piero – In Old Latin means ‘stone’.
  • Sergio – This means ‘a servant’.
  • Stefano – This means ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’.
  • Timotio – This means to ‘honor God’.
  • Tito – This means ‘of the giant’.
  • Tommaso – He was the one who doubted the resurrection of Christ.
  • Tore – This means’ savior’.
  • Ucello – This meaning says ‘bird’.
  • Urbano – This means someone who ‘dwells in the city’ .
  • Valentino – This means ‘brave or strong’?
  • Vincenzo – It is a variant of the name ‘Vincent’. It means ‘conquering’.
  • Vito – This means ‘life’.
  • Vittorino – The name means ‘to conquer’.
  • Zan – This means ‘clown’.

Best Female Italian Names for Cats

Image displaying female Italian cat names, helping you choose the perfect name for your lovely cat.

Benedetta – This means Blessed.

  • Abriana – This means Feminine form of Abraham.
  • Adelaide – This is a form of the Germanic Adalheidis, meaning noble type.
  • Agata – This is a form of Agatha, meaning ‘good’.
  • Alessa – This means defender or helper of mankind.
  • Alessandra – This means defender and helper.
  • Alessia – This means ‘defending warrior’.
  • Alicia – This means noble one.
  • Angelica – This means angelic.
  • Anna – This means ‘beautiful grace’.
  • Arianna – This means chaste or holy.
  • Asia – This means sunrise or east.
  • Aurora – Roman goddess of the dawn.
  • Beatrice – This means she who makes merriment.
  • Bella – This means ‘beautiful or pretty’.
  • Benedetta – This means blessed.
  • Bianca – This means white or pure.
  • Bria – This means liveliness, animated, or vigorous.
  • Camilla – This means free-born, noble.
  • Carina – This means little ‘beloved one’.
  • Carlotta – This means ‘free person’.
  • Carmela – This comes from the Hebrew Karmel, meaning garden.
  • Caterina – This means pure.
  • Chiara – This means clear, light.
  • Diletta – This means ‘beloved’ in Italian.
  • Elena – This means shining light.
  • Eleonora – This also means shining light.
  • Elisa – This means ‘God is my oath’.
  • Emma – This means whole or universal.
  • Enrica – This means ‘home ruler’.
  • Evelina – This means ‘desired’.
Italian black and white cat, representing a classic and timeless feline appearance

Gioia – This means Jewel or precious object.

  • Fernanda – means brave, daring journey.
  • Fina – This is short for Serafina, means ‘fiery one’.
  • Francesca – This means ‘free one’.
  • Gabriella – This means ‘God is my strength’.
  • Gaia – This means Earth.
  • Gia – This is short for Gianna or Giovanna. It means “God’s gracious gift.”
  • Giada – This means jade.
  • Ginevra – This means fair one; the Italian form of Jennifer.
  • Gioia – This means jewel or ‘precious object’.
  • Giorgia – This means farmer.
  • Giulia – This means youthful.
  • Greta – This means pearl.
  • Ilaria – This means “cheerful.” It is the Italian form of Hilary.
  • Ilina – This means ‘My god is Yahweh’.
  • Irene – This means peace.
  • Laura – This means a bay laurel plant.
  • Lesina – This is a beautiful romantic name with a classical feel.
  • Ludovica – This is derived from the German name Ludwig.
  • Margherita – This means daisy.
  • Maria – This means ‘sea of sorrow’.
  • Marta – This means ‘The lady’.
  • Martina – This means from Mars.
  • Mattea – Means a ‘gift from God’.
  • Melissa – This means a bee.
  • Mia – This means mine or ‘chosen one’.
  • Mirabella – This means wondrous beauty.
  • Miriam – This means ‘sea of bitterness’.
  • Nicia – This is a feminine variation of Nicholas.
  • Nicole – This means ‘victory of the people’.
  • Noemi – This means pleasantness.
Red Italian cat, showcasing its vibrant and striking coat.

Zeta – This means Born last.

  • Ombra – This means shadow.
  • Ondina – This means wave.
  • Oria – This means’ the golden one’.
  • Orsa – Means little bear.
  • Petronilla – This means yokel.
  • Piera – This is a feminine form of Peter.
  • Rebecca – This means join or tie together.
  • Sara – This means princess.
  • Saveria – This means the new house.
  • Serena – This means tranquil, serene.
  • Sienna – This means It means orange-red. It is the name of an Italian city.
  • Sofia – This means wisdom and skill.
  • Valentina – This means healthy and strong.
  • Zelmira – Means ‘the brilliant one’.
  • Zeta – This means born last.

With Italian names for your cat, the sky is the limit. You can always blend into modern trends or dive deep into history, all with the same list of names. From the angelic Angelo to the flashy Versace, there is an Italian name waiting for your furry friend.

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