Ukrainian Levkoy Cat: Characteristics, Personality, and Breed Information

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Ukrainian Levkoy
8"- 10"
Adult weight
11-15 pounds
Life Span
15- 20 years
Playful, affectionate, curious, sociable
Other Names
Levkoy, Levkoi, Levkoj
Medium-sized hairless
$400 to $800
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Personality and Temperament

Friendly, playful, and intelligent, the Ukrainian Levkoy also happens to be among the world's rarest cat breeds.

If you're fortunate enough to bring a Ukrainian Levkoy into your home, you can expect endless hours of cuddling, lots of vocal communication, and an endless display of silly antics that are certain to keep you entertained.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats require plenty of attention in return for their affection. These kitties really do not like to be left alone for long periods of time, and can become anxious and stressed without company. Luckily, another cat or a friendly dog will do in the event that you aren't able to spend most of your days at home.

These kitties are kid friendly, and they easily bond with every member of the family. They are often friendly toward strangers, serving as marvelous ambassadors for hairless cat breeds.

The Ukrainian Levkoy is highly inquisitive, with an uncanny ability to open cupboards and drawers. Even if you have no young children in your home, you might find yourself purchasing child-proofing latches.

About the Ukrainian Levkoy Cat
Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Care










The Ukrainian Levkoy cat has no special nutritional needs, however good nutrition is vital. We recommend offering a high-quality commercial brand if you're not able to feed fresh food. Ensure that you choose a brand that relies on real meat or fish as the number one ingredient.

Just like other hairless breeds, the Ukrainian Levkoy requires occasional bathing to prevent excess oil from building up. In addition, you'll probably want to keep their claws trimmed short.

Regular dental care is important for all cats including the Ukrainian Levkoy. These kitties benefit from at-home toothbrushing at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Teach your cat to accept these routines by gently exposing them to handling from kittenhood forward. It's the best way to avoid stressful struggles once they reach adulthood.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are accomplished athletes. Treat them to plenty of toys, and make sure that they have at least one or two tall perches from which to view their domain. Cat condos, wall shelves, and window seats are appreciated.

In addition, these kitties require puzzle toys that provide the mental stimulation they crave. With a little bit of interaction from you and participation from other friends, the Ukrainian Levkoy will enjoy all the activity required for a long, healthy life.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are generally healthy, however they have delicate skin that is prone to sunburn, frostbite, and irritation. It's very important to keep this kitty indoors, out of the elements.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are so rare that no genetic issues have been identified; unfortunately, this does not mean that there are no breed-specific risks.


The history of the Ukrainian Levkoy cat begins in 2004, in Russia. Cat breeder Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova decided to try something completely different, crossing a Scottish Fold cat with a Donskoy. She was successful, ultimately treating the world of cat fancy to a brand-new breed. The resulting kittens had folded ears and barely any hair. As time passed, other out crosses were used including Sphynx and Oriental Shorthair cats.

As a new and relatively rare breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy remains very difficult to find. Individuals may be registered with the International Cat Fanciers’ Association, and is shown at ICFA events in Ukraine and Russia, where breeders continue to work toward development and standardization. To date, the Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed has yet to be recognized by the world's largest feline registries.

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat History
About the Ukrainian Levkoy Cat


The eyes are typically large and almond-shaped, with a slight slant. All eye colors are accepted.

Legs & Paws

The legs should be long and athletic, with fine musculature. The feet should be oval-shaped, with long, prominent toes.


The tail should be long, slim, and whippy, with a pointed end. Overall, it should be in good proportion to the remainder of the cat’s body.

The Breed Standard


The body should be well-proportioned, long, slender, and muscular.


The head should be a long, angular wedge with wrinkled skin between the ears. The profile should be “stepped” like a dog’s face. The muzzle should be short and slightly rounded, with a prominent muzzle break.


The ears should be fairly large, and should fold inward, but should not be so tightly folded that they touch the head.


As a “hairless” cat breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy should have little to no hair. Any hair that is present should be fine and downy.


Ukrainian Levkoy cats may be of any color and pattern.


How much does a Ukrainian Levkoy cat cost?

Ukrainian Levkoy cats cost between $400 to $800.

How big do Ukrainian Levkoy cats get?

Ukrainian Levkoy cats tend to be medium in size. A fully grown Ukrainian Levkoy cat might weigh between 11-15 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"- 10" inches tall.

How long do Ukrainian Levkoy cats live?

The Average lifespan for Ukrainian Levkoy is 15- 20 years.

Do Ukrainian Levkoy cats shed?

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are considered a hairless cat breed, they lack a coat to shed or groom.

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    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      No cat is fully hypoallergenic, and the Ukrainian Levkoy is no exception. In fact, this breed is not at all recommended for people with allergies. Some cat breeds seem to be less allergenic to humans, though, including the Siberian, Sphynx, Cornish and Devon Rex, Javanese, Oriental Shorthair, and Balinese. Regular grooming and allergy medications for you may also help, though if you have severe allergies, you may not be able to live with a cat at all. Hope this helps!

  1. Kathleen M Bricco

    I received a strange looking little kitty in payment for the breeding services of my male Sphynx recently and the little girl has perfectly shell shaped ears like the Levkoy does. I have spent weeks looking for pictures of something that looked like her and located them finally in this breed. I couldn’t decide whether or not I truly liked the look but have finally adapted to it and she is a darling little girl. Her parents are both pure Sphynx and how she managed to come up with the ears is a complete mystery but I love her a lot and she is very special. Not certain if I shall breed her eventually to try to make more little Levkoys but it is a possibility….she is so darn cute with her little deformed ears!