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Cleanpethome Automatic Cat Litter Box Review

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cleanpethome automatic litter box

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

With so many new automatic litter boxes hitting the market, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the investment. Many brands make bold claims about how their product can simplify cat care and make your life easier. Among them is the Cleanpethome Automatic Litter Box, which champions itself as a “reliable and forward-thinking choice.”

To find out how this newcomer stacks up against the rest, we tested it for several weeks, comparing its performance with other popular models. In the end, we found it did an adequate job, but there’s still room for improvement.

Here’s where the Cleanpethome shines and where it’s lacking.


  • Ease of Cleaning – 3/5
  • Appearance – 5/5
  • Construction – 3/5
  • Price – 3/5
  • Customer Experience – 3/5

Overall Score: 3.4/5

Why Trust Cats.com

Our team has extensive experience with automatic litter boxes. Over the years, we’ve tested numerous models, sharpening our lens as we evaluate the latest devices on the market.

For this review, I closely examined the setup and app-syncing process. Then, I observed the unit’s cat-friendliness, sifting ability, and noise level. I also disassembled the entire unit to check how easy it was to clean.

In addition to my own observations, I read dozens of testimonials from other cat parents. This gave me a more comprehensive view of how this litter box performed in households with needs different from my own.

Cleanpethome Self-Cleaning Litter Box & Brand Overview

There’s not a lot of information out there about the Cleanpethome brand. The company’s site (which took me a while to track down) is pretty barebones. The Cleanpethome brand and automatic litter box were both launched in 2018.

This self-cleaning litter box is the brand’s flagship (and basically only) product. Cleanpethome also carries foldable wooden pet stairs. At one point, they carried puppy pee pads, but these are no longer available. All products are manufactured in China.

Cleanpethome Features

interior of the cleanpethome’s globe

The Cleanpethome’s sifting tray separates clumps from unused litter. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

The Cleanpethome is a rotating globe-style automatic litter box in the same vein as the popular Litter-Robot. While it’s far from a budget item, it’s more affordable than other similar products (a whopping 75% less than the Litter-Robot).

As far as automated litter boxes go, the Cleanpethome has a pretty compact design. With a base of 22 inches by 22 inches, it’s a hair smaller than the Catlink, and it shaves off a few inches from the Litter-Robot. The Cleanpethome is 26 inches tall, and the interior is an adequate 14 inches by 14 inches.

The globe is said to accommodate cats weighing between 3.3 and 28 pounds. So theoretically, it should work for bigger cats—that is, if they can fit themselves through the tiny entryway. The opening is only 10 inches by 8.5 inches, a much tighter squeeze than the Catlink’s 10.5-inch-by-13-inch entry or the Litter-Robot’s generous 15.75-inch-by-15.75-inch opening. This entryway is also seated pretty high (12.5 inches), and there’s no step included.

The unit only has one button, which I suppose lends it a more streamlined look. But in terms of functionality, I don’t find this a plus. You can still control a number of functions with the single button by pressing it a certain number of times in quick succession or by holding it down for a certain number of seconds. Personally, I’d prefer a small panel of labeled buttons that clearly signify what they do.

Safety features include an anti-pinch sensor, four weight sensors, and a radar sensor. Additionally, the globe will stop rotating if a curious cat enters during a cleaning cycle. From start to finish, the clean cycle takes just under two minutes.

There’s also a deodorizing function that’s intended to neutralize unpleasant smells. Unsure of what this entailed, I reached out to the company for clarification. They explained that the litter box is deodorized by generating ozone through a device in the base of the machine. Worryingly, the EPA has acknowledged that ozone generators present a health risk and even low levels of ozone can cause respiratory issues. Although the Cleanpethome doesn’t emit ozone continuously and it’s unlikely to be very concentrated, this information gives me pause.

screenshot of the cleanpethome’s app interface

From the app, you can start a manual clean, check litter and waste bin levels, and adjust the time between usage and cleaning. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

The Cleanpethome syncs with an app, but it will only work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi—high-speed 5G is out. The app allows users to initiate a clean cycle, empty the entire drum, or deodorize on demand (again, not sure what that entails). It also shows you litter levels and waste bin capacity. In addition, the app lets users adjust the wait time for cleaning after pets use the globe.

What We Like:

  • Scooped clumps efficiently, leaving minimal residue behind
  • You can adjust the time between cat use and the start of a cleaning cycle
  • Operates quietly
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with a roll of drawstring waste bags

What We Dislike:

  • The app is only compatible with 4GHz Wi-Fi, not high-speed
  • Small entryway
  • No step for easy access

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

cleanpethome automatic litter box with the lid removed

Removing the lid makes it easier to top off the litter in the globe. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

The Cleanpethome arrived fully assembled, and syncing the device with the app was pretty straightforward. It’s slightly more compact than the Litter-Robot, and it has a sleek modern aesthetic. We did notice a rubbery chemical smell upon opening, but this dissipated after several days.

The unit came with helpful QR stickers that directed me to the setup instructions. Very handy—but they left a sticky residue behind.

Speaking of directions, there’s no explanation on how to fill the device with litter. This led me to assume it had to be poured directly into the entryway—a frustrating endeavor since it’s so small. I had to transfer litter from its original cardboard box into a pitcher, which was less than ideal. However, I later discovered from reviews that the lid to the unit comes off, revealing a hole for filling. Live and learn.

My two cats weren’t interested in the Cleanpethome, but this wasn’t much of a surprise after our experience with the Catlink. They’re both older cats and are pretty set in their ways. Plus, they’re not exactly dainty. Even if they were into it, the Cleanpethome’s entry would be a tight (and likely uncomfortable) fit.

To test the Cleanpethome’s cleaning ability, I simulated a cat deposit by pouring some water into the drum and using a small weight to engage the sensors. To my delight, the cleaning cycle was activated and worked just fine.

The Cleanpethome pairs with an app, which has some utility—but it’s far from perfect. For starters, it’s only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and won’t work with 5G and up. On a positive note, I like that you can adjust the time between pet usage and the start of a cleaning cycle. This is particularly useful if you want to give the litter more time to form tight clumps so it doesn’t leave residue on the walls of the drum.

But, as many cat parents note, the app is glitchy. For instance, it keeps telling me, “There is not enough cat litter, please add.” At the same time, it indicates that the litter level is “adequate.” What’s more, there are no push notifications to let you know when the litter or waste bin needs attention. It’s just as easy to peek inside the bin to check litter levels as it is to whip out a phone (especially if the app isn’t accurate or consistent).

Be that as it may, you can still use the Cleanpethome without the app. The sensors are accurate, and the device sifts well. The unit is also easy to take apart for cleaning—except for the sifting panel. I couldn’t get this to come off (I don’t think it’s designed to), which could be problematic if poop gets stuck to it.

open waste bin with litter clumps inside

Waste collects in a drawer below the main unit. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Another design flaw would be the exposed electronic components. There’s nothing covering them, and they sit just underneath the globe. I’d definitely like to see some protection from litter particles and waste.

For the most part, the Cleanpethome operates smoothly and sifts clumps effectively. But it’s not perfect, and there are some better options out there. Plus, the “bonuses” of this litter box (i.e., the app and deodorizing function) are questionable.

What Do Customers Think of the Cleanpethome Automatic Litter Box?

Positive Reviews

“I gave this 4 stars because I couldn’t get the app to work. I am definitely bummed about that. That being said I love everything else about it. I just plugged it in added litter and my kitties love it! Every time it rotates to get the waste out the cats run to watch it. My orange cat is constantly climbing in it putting a little weight on it and it ALWAYS stops. I love that I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. It takes a couple of minutes for it to start the cleaning process but after it’s done, there’s no smell or anything. My boyfriend is actually considering getting one for his house. I’d recommend it. Even without the app, I’m happy with the purchase!”
—Kelsey on Amazon

“Purchased the litter robot for my mom, this works out for her and her one cat. Her cat started using it after a few hours of sniffing around it. Works as intended and works perfectly great after a few days. It was worth the investment and saves a lot of scooping time (having it be odorless is a bonus). The app is a little confusing at first but after successfully pairing it up with the robot it was easier to manage. I can imagine this being for a multicat household however it is a little small spaced for overweight cats (<12 lbs).”
— Emily on Amazon

The majority of reviews were pleased with the Cleanpethome’s performance in terms of cleaning and odor control. Most cat parents were happy with how it sifted and that it ran quietly. Also, customers considered it more budget-friendly than other popular brands.

Negative Reviews

“Bought this in December. Everything was going great until it wasn’t. The app doesn’t communicate well and it’s extremely messy. I noticed the cats dug through the bottom liner and can’t see to find a way to replace it.”
—Alysha on Amazon

“The concept is great, and the little drawer underneath is very easy to clean. However, the litter box is CONSTANTLY getting stuck upside down and there’s no way to know until you go and physically look at it. The app doesn’t tell you anything unless you open it and specifically look at the status, and even then sometimes it says “standby” but is actually stuck upside down, resulting in my cats peeing and pooping wherever they want. This was definitely not worth what I paid for it.”
—Samantha on Amazon

A lot of the negative reviews circle around the shoddy instructions and the difficulty of setting up the app and getting the litter box to sync. There were also numerous reports of the drum stopping mid-cleaning cycle. Finally, some people complained about the lack of customer support, which is less than ideal with such a pricey device.

Similar Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are self-cleaning litter boxes worth it?

They can be—if your cat will use one. Not all cats like using an enclosed litter box and some are frightened by the mechanics of automatic ones. But if your cat is on board, an automatic litter box saves you time by eliminating the need to scoop, cuts down on odors, and keeps your home cleaner and fresher.

Can I use any litter with the Cleanpethome litter box?

Per the company, the Cleanpethome litter box is compatible with most clumping litters. Some customer reviews also mention that it works with crystal gel litter.

How do I adjust my cat to a self-cleaning litter box?

First, place the automatic litter box in the same location as the original one, but keep the old litter box nearby. Then, transfer a scoop of litter from the old litter box into the new one, so it smells familiar. Let your cat investigate the self-cleaning model on their terms, waiting to turn it on until they’ve successfully made a deposit. Once they do, offer lots of treats and praise. Remember to be patient—it may take some cats a couple of weeks to adjust.

Can multiple cats share one automatic litter box?

Some multi-cat households do just fine with one self-cleaning litter box. However, some cats are finicky, so you might want to offer them an additional potty option.

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