75 Summer-Themed Cat Names With Meanings

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Tabby cat lying down in the grass looking at owner, whose arm is reaching out to the cat

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Summer might be the best time of year. The sun is shining, children get a break from school, and kitten season is in full swing—so you might’ve just adopted a cat of your own!

Below is a list of 75 summer-themed cat names to help you name your new pet. These names draw from summer flowers, beach themes, and more.

Summer Cat Names for Female Cats

First up for our summer theme are female cat names. We took inspiration for our list of girl cat names from beach vacations, summer flora, and the summer months themselves—with a few miscellaneous names sprinkled in for good measure.

  • Sandy – Reminiscent of sandy beach vacations.
  • Coral – Coral symbolizes beauty and happiness.
  • Breezy – Perfect for an easy-going cat.
  • Cordelia – A Latin name meaning “daughter of the sea.”
  • Moana – After Disney’s Moana, this name means “ocean.”
  • June – Based on the first month of summer.
  • Lily – These plants commonly bloom in summer.
  • Lavender – The scent of lavender is calming for people and cats alike.
  • Poppy – These gorgeous flowers bloom in summer.
  • Sunflower – We associate these large flowers with joy due to their vibrant yellow colors.
  • Peaches – A sweet fruit that symbolizes youth.
  • Zinnia – Bright flowers that come in a range of colors.
  • Catalina – This name can mean “clear,” like beautiful summer skies or clean bodies of water.
  • Ladybug – These spotted insects are said to bring good luck!
  • Sunshine – When we think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind is basking in the sun.
  • Summer – This name encompasses all of the beauty of the season.
  • Dawn – There’s nothing like a summer sunrise.
  • Iris – These unusual flowers represent strength and hope.
  • Marigold – A cat with this name can also be called “Goldie” for short.
  • Ruby – The birthstone for the month of July.
  • Pearl – June’s birthstone, symbolic of innocence and love.
  • Kira – This beautiful name means “shining” or “beam of light.”
  • Luna – This means moon, as in summer moonlit walks.
  • Skye – From clear blue skies to summer sunsets, this name represents beauty and calmness.
  • Birdie – After nesting in the spring, we see a lot of little birds out in summer.
  • Aurora – Like the Disney princess from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Daisy – These white and yellow flowers represent innocence and youth.

Summer Cat Names for Male Cats

street red cat basking in the sun

Bug – A sweet name for a tiny cat or kitten. Alexander Sobol / Shutterstock.com

There are lots of ocean and animal names on our list of summer-themed male cat names. Browse cute names for your boy cat below.

  • Berry – For the sweetest cats of all!
  • Reef – A ridge just below the sea’s surface—this name pairs perfectly with Coral!
  • Tide – Tides are reliable but somewhat unpredictable, sometimes gentle and other times harsh.
  • Poseidon – The Greek god of the seas.
  • Jett – Perfect for a cat with an adventurous spirit.
  • Finn – An Irish name meaning “fair” and “blessed.”
  • Shark – Great for the kitten that likes to hide and stalk his toys!
  • Leo – The zodiac sign given to those born in late July to late August, which represents a courageous lion.
  • Bug – A sweet name for a tiny cat or kitten.
  • Wave – For a cat as majestic as the sea itself.
  • Auggie – Shortened form of  the summer month of “August.”
  • Forrest – The forest is a beautiful place in the summer, teeming with blossoms and wildlife.
  • Ray – After the rays of the sun.
  • Crabby – In some cultures, crabs represent new birth and beginnings.
  • Shrimp – These tiny crustaceans are tougher than they look.
  • Dune – A dune is a sandy hill blown together by the wind.
  • Cyrus – This Persian name means “light” or “sun.”
  • Luca – An Italian name that means “bringer of light.”
  • Birch – Birch trees represent growth and curiosity.
  • Blaze – Shining brightly like the sun.
  • Phoenix – For the cat that seems to have more than nine lives!

Gender-Neutral Summer Cat Names

Two friendly cats

Cove – A small, sheltered bay. MNStudio / Shutterstock.com

You’re sure to find a great gender-neutral summer cat name from our picks below. We’ve taken inspiration from the ocean to the sky and everything in between to compile this list.

  • Bay – Bays symbolize connection and togetherness.
  • Hurricane – A strong ocean storm.
  • Ferry – Ferries are reliable boats that transport goods or people across small bodies of water.
  • Sailor – A sailor works on a boat as part of a team.
  • August – Those born in August are said to be confident and loyal.
  • Coconut – This fruit reminds us of palm trees!
  • Melon – A fruit that symbolizes wealth and good health.
  • Strawberry – Strawberry plants really take off in the summer months!
  • Sunny – Can also be spelled Sonny for your male cats.
  • Goldy – Golden like the glow of the sun.
  • Juniper – An evergreen tree with a name that reminds us of the month of June.
  • Cove – A small, sheltered bay.
  • Ocean – Full of mystery and unique beauty.
  • Firefly – These bugs shine even the darkest summer nights.
  • Aqua – Water represents power and transforming into something new—perfect for a rescue cat!
  • Bee – We wouldn’t have any summer blooms without the bees to pollinate them.
  • Bumble – A fuzzy, round bee.
  • July – Those born in July are said to be sensitive and nurturing.
  • Aster – A purple flower that blooms in the summer.
  • Dylan – A Welsh name that means “son of the sea.”
  • Kai – A Hawaiian name that means “sea.”
  • S’mores – The best summer snack.
  • Flip Flop – Can be used as a single name or for a pair of kittens.
  • Splash – A great name for white cats with “splashes” of color in their coats.
  • Lemon – Perfect for a stray with a sour personality (but we know they’ll warm up someday)!
  • Mango – A good name for a sweet, orange cat.
  • Storm – For your rambunctious kitten that’s lightning quick.
  • Thunder – For cats that loudly announce their presence!

We hope you’ve found a few name ideas for your summer cats. These names can suit all breeds and cats of any color, from tabby cats to black cats. For more inspiration, think of your favorite summer activities and foods. There’s so much to draw from in the summer months!

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