150 Coffee & Tea Inspired Cat Names With Meanings

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Coffee-inspired cat, featuring a unique and creative feline aesthetic.

As a coffee lover, naming a beloved cat after your favorite beverage probably seems to make as much sense as mixing coffee and cream. Here is a list of coffee-themed cat names for you to consider for your feline friend!

Male Coffee Cat Names

  • Affogato – A yummy Italian dessert of a hot shot of espresso and a scoop of ice cream.
  • Americano – This deliciously strong black coffee consists simply of espresso and hot water.
  • Barraquito – Also known as a “Barra,” or a “Quito,” a Barraquito is a coffee liqueur.
  • Bosco – This Italian coffee has been making espresso machines for decades, and just happens to make a cute coffee name for your cat!
  • Brazil – This South American nation is known for its production of some of the world’s most delicious coffee.
  • Brew/er – Is there anything better than a fresh brew of coffee? Maybe your cat – so name him Brew!
  • Bucks – Short for “Starbucks.”
  • Buzz – Name your feline friend after that familiar caffeine buzz that all coffee drinkers know and love.
  • Cafecito – Also called a “Café Cubano,” this Cuban style of coffee consists of a shot of sweetened espresso.
  • Cantuccini – Another name for a biscotti cookie.
  • Cappuccino – A popular and beloved espresso drink that consists of a shot of espresso and a lot of milk foam.
  • Chino – A cute nickname for “Mochaccino” and “Mocha,” a milky coffee with chocolate.
  • Corretto – This Italian coffee cocktail is made of espresso and grappa, a special brandy made from the solid grape leftovers from winemaking.
  • Cortado – A smooth, delicious drink made of espresso and warm milk, and an adorable name for a creamy colored cat.
  • Cubano – A Cuban espresso is very sweet – and maybe your kitty cat is too!
Male coffee-colored cat, exuding an air of sophistication.

Cappuccino – A popular and beloved espresso drink that consists of a shot of espresso and a lot of milk foam.

  • De Clieu – A reference to Sir Gabriel de Clieu, a young naval officer who introduced coffee to the French colonies in the 1700s, ensuring coffee’s spread across the world.
  • Doppio – A double espresso and a great name for a doubly hyper kitten!
  • Espressino – A drink made with a layer of cocoa powder, then a layer of espresso, and then another layer of cocoa powder.
  • Espresso – Perfect for a kitty cat that shares the rich, brown color of this beloved dink.
  • Frappuccino – A favorite dessert-style drink, especially for those with a sweet tooth, this beverage is like an espresso milkshake – and a fun name for a kitty with an especially sweet demeanor.
  • Freddo – This favorite iced espresso drink was concocted in Greece, and is made of espresso and blended in a frappe coffee frother. It’s then topped with a cold milk-based foam and served over ice – what’s not to love?
  • Grande – The Spanish word for “large” that is often used when describing sizes of coffee drinks – great for a bigger cat.
  • Grinder – This fun name refers to one of the basic and necessary tools for your at home coffee making, a coffee bean grinder.
  • Horton – Named after the Canadian coffee company that’s loved all over the world, Tim Hortons.
  • Joe – A fitting name for a cat owner who loves a good cup of Joe.
  • Kaldi – According to coffee lore, coffee beans were first discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi in Ethiopia, when his goats became energetic and unable to sleep after eating the berries of a particular tree – and the rest is history!
  • Keurig – One of the biggest name brands of coffee, coffee and espresso makers and coffee accessories.
  • Kopi – The Malay word for “coffee.”
  • Leonhard – Name your cat for the 16th century German physician Leonhard Rauwolf, who described coffee after a decade-long trip to the Near East as, “a beverage as black as ink, useful against numerous illnesses, particularly those of the stomach.” Perhaps – we just know that we love it!
  • Lungo – Lungo is the Italian word for “long,” and in terms of coffee, it refers to a drink made with black coffee brewed with extra water and served in a tall glass. If you have a long skinny cat, this would be a fitting name.
Male cat, displaying a handsome and confident demeanor.

Kopi – The Malay word for “coffee.”

  • Macchiato – An espresso drink with a small amount of foamy milk that means “stained” or “spotted,” in Italian, making for a great name for a spotted cat.
  • Macho – This slang term refers to a coffee and protein powder mix, and would be a funny name for a big, bulked up kitty.
  • Maillard – The Maillard Reaction refers to a series of chemical reactions that are responsible for the delicious flavor and color of roasted coffee. The reactions are named after Louis Camille Maillard, a French doctor who first described them in 1910.
  • Marocchino – This unique espresso drink is made when a glass cup is dusted with cocoa powder, then topped with milk froth and espresso, and then a second dusting of cocoa on top. One of my favorite coffee drinks, it’s definitely a fun name for a cat.
  • Maxwell – Maxwell House is one of the most famous brands of coffee in the USA, and has tremendous nostalgia for those of us who remember parents and grandparents sipping from their hot cups of Maxwell House coffee when we were kids.
  • Misto – The French call this a “café au lait,” and it is made of brewed coffee and steamed milk, and is a cute cat name.
  • Mocaccino – Perhaps more commonly called a Cafe Mocha, this chocolate flavored coffee is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world, and makes a great name for a cat.
  • Mr. Black – Sure, this sort of sounds like the codename of an undercover CIA agent, but it also refers to the delicious coffee liqueur of the same name, and would be adorable for a jet black cat.
  • Nespresso – If you are a fan of this Nestle espresso machine, then what could be more perfect to name your cat?
  • Nitro – This popular cold brew is made by steeping coffee grinds in cold water and then dispensing it from a tap. The nitrogen gives the coffee a silky texture and packs a big caffeine punch. A cool sounding name for a cool drink.
  • Peaberry – This delightfully quirky name comes from a type of coffee plant with berries that contain two berries (or beans), instead of one.
  • Peet – Named for the popular Peet’s Coffee chain.
  • Perk – Name your energetic kitty after that morning perk we love to get from coffee.
  • Rauwolf – A reference to Leonhard Rauwolf, listed above.
  • Ristretto – A short shot of espresso made with about half the water for a stronger drink that packs a punch, “Ristretto” would be a good name for a bold-tempered cat.
  • Romano – This unusual drink is made by combining an espresso shot with a lemon slice or lemon juice and a bit of sugar, and is a fun kitty cat name.
  • Seattle – Name your cat after the coffee capital of the USA!
  • Sir Benjamin – Sir Benjamin Thompson is the brilliant gentleman who invented the coffee percolator.
  • Venti – While Venti means “20” in Italian, it also refers to the large, 20 oz. drinks you will find at your local Starbucks. As a name, it rolls off the tongue nicely.
  • Zorro – A great name for a black cat, a Zorro is made with a double espresso (or a doppio) with hot water at a 1:1 ratio.

Female Coffee Names

  •  Arabica – This pretty sounding name, also known as “Arabic Coffee,” is thought to be the first coffee cultivated for consumption, and is still amongst the most popular of coffees today.
  • Araby – “The Wine of Araby” is the term Muslims used for coffee in place of alcohol.
  • Aroma – Is there anything better than the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee? Maybe your kitty doesn’t smell exactly as good, but it’s still a sweet name.
  • Bailey – This Irish inspired coffee name refers to a Baileys Irish Coffee, which is made with coffee, Irish whiskey, Baileys liqueur, and whipped cream – yum!
  • Barista – The title for the person who prepares espresso and coffee drinks at a coffee house, every true coffee lover has their favorite barista.
  • Barra – The nickname for “Baraquito” listed above in the male cat name list.
  • Borgia – A rich Italian coffee made with orange peels, milk, sugar, coffee and cocoa. Yum!
  • Buna – The Ethiopian word for “coffee.”
  • Catuccino – It may seem like a dad joke, but combining the words “cat” and “cappuccino” for a cat name brings a smile to our faces!
  • Cherry – Did you know that coffee beans are actually berries that look like red cherries? It’s true! And what a cute name for a cat, right?
  • Clover – A fun name after a high-tech, high-end single serving coffee machine.
  • Colombia – This South American nation is world renowned for its delicious coffee beans.
  • Costa – A popular British coffee chain.
  • Crema – The precious creamy caramel colored froth at the top of a fresh shot of espresso, and a dainty sounding name for a dainty cat.
  • Dalgona – A frothy coffee drink made from four simple ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk.
Tonkinese cat, known for its charming personality and striking coat pattern.

Dalgona – A frothy coffee drink made from four simple ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk.

  • Demitasse – This French word is used to describe the “half cup” that espresso is often served in.
  • Du Monde – Named for Cafe Du Monde, an iconic coffee house in New Orleans.
  • Earthy – One of the many flavor profiles found in some coffee roasts.
  • French – As in French Press, a delicious yet simple way to get your coffee kick.
  • Gaggia – A unique name for a unique cat, the Gaggia coffee machine has been on the market for years, making high quality machines to help bring you your coffee fix.
  • Gesha – The Gesha coffee tree comes from the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia, and has its own distinct and highly desired flavor.
  • Green Bean – The term used for coffee beans that are unroasted.
  • Hazelnut – A favorite coffee pairing and flavor profile, I love this adorable name for a cat.
  • Horchata – Horchata is a sweet Mexican drink made from rice and cinnamon sticks soaked in water, and flavored with vanilla, sugar and more cinnamon. Add some coffee to the mix, and you have a delicious drink!
  • Kahlua – This famous coffee liqueur from Mexico is a delicious sweet blend of rum, coffee, and arabica coffee, it also happens to make for a very pretty name.
  • Kenya – A beautiful African nation that makes some of the world’s tastiest coffee, and would be a beautiful name for your cat.
  • Kava – A word for “coffee” used throughout Eastern Europe.
  • Kona – This highly coveted Hawaiian coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world – making it a great name for a cat that enjoys the finer things in life.
  • Lagrima – A popular drink in Argentina, lagrima translates to “tear drop” which refers to the very minimal amount of milk that is added to this coffee.
  • Lavazza – This coffee calls itself “Italy’s favorite espresso” which is quite a high bar to claim! It also happens to be a very unique and cool sounding cat name.
Female coffee-colored cat, showcasing its warm and inviting coat

Kahlua – This famous coffee liqueur from Mexico is a delicious sweet blend of rum, coffee, and arabica coffee, it also happens to make for a very pretty name.

  • Leche – The Spanish word for “milk, you might see a Spanish style Cafe Con Leche drink on your local coffee house’s menu.
  • Macchinetta – The name of an Italian espresso maker made on the stovetop. also happens to sound like a pretty cat name, don’t you think?
  • Moccona – A very old Dutch coffee brand that goes all the way back to the 1700s! So consider giving your cat this old-school cool name.
  • Mocha – The perfect drink for coffee and chocolate lovers, why not name a sweet, coffee-colored cat for this delicious drink?
  • Monsoon – Did you know that there is coffee out there that is dry-processed in  India, where it is deliberately exposed to monsoon winds in open warehouses to increase body and reduce acidity?
  • Nescafé – Nestle’s instant coffee brand is instantly recognizable, even if instant coffee is not your thing.
  • Panna – A reference to the Espresso Con Panna – an espresso drink topped with a dollop of whipped cream.
  • Vienna – An Austrian institution, Viennese coffee and coffee houses are a huge part of Austrian culture, which tend to like their coffee on the creamy side.
  • Valencia – A beautiful name that rolls off the tongue nicely, the Mocha Valencia consists of orange syrup, chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk.
  • Vanilla – A common ingredient found in any respectable coffee house, vanilla is also a sweet name for a kitty.
  • Robusta – A type of coffee beans that is known to be hearty and, well, robust! A good name for a hearty, outdoor cat.
  • Silverskin – A nice name for a gray kitty, silverskin refers to the thin, innermost skin of the coffee fruit.
  • Sips – A very cute kitty name.
  • Sugar – One of the most basic ingredients in many coffee drinks!
  • Syrup – A sweet name for a sweet cat, flavored syrups are a staple for American coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth.
  • Tanzania – One of the best coffee cultivators in the world, Tanzania is also a very exotic and pretty sounding cat name.
  • Torani – An instantly recognizable line of name brand coffee syrups.
  •  Touba – A type of coffee from Senegal that includes black pepper!
  •  Tia Maria – A dark coffee liqueur that originated in Jamaica.
  • Typica – A botanical variety of, and one of the oldest and most traditional coffee varieties.

Unisex Coffee and Tea Names for Cats

  • Bean/Beans – Name your kitty for coffee beans, the precious beans that give us our coffee fix!
  • Biscotti – A classic crunchy Italian cookie that’s often paired with coffee or Tea.
  • Blonde – A lightly roasted coffee with a distinctive flavor. A simple and straightforward name for a blonde cat.
  • Bombon – A Cafe Bombon is a type of coffee drink made with a 1:1 ratio of espresso and sweetened condensed milk.
  • Breve – This creamy drink consists of steamed half and half and espresso.
  • Bulletproof – A good name for the tough kitties out there, bulletproof coffee refers to a strong coffee, butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil mixed together.
  • Café – Nobody will question your love of coffee with a cat possessing this name!
  • Cafezinho – A Brazilian drink meaning “little coffee” is such an adorable name for a little brown cat.
  • Caffeine – A perfect name for a hyper kitty cat.
  • Caramel – Who doesn’t like a little caramel in their latte? Great for a golden-brown kitty cat.
  • Cascara – An exotic type of coffee for an exotic cat name, cascara is prepared by brewing coffee cherry leaves instead of coffee beans, making it more of a tea.
  • Chaff – Coffee chaff is the dried husk of a coffee bean that comes off during roasting. Seen as a nuisance that gets everywhere to roasters, this could be a funny name for a pesky feline.
  • Chai – While not technically coffee, the Chai Latte has become a staple of most tea and coffee houses in the West, with its distinctive tea, herb and spice mixture.
  • Chemex – How do you brew your cup of Joe? If you enjoy this distinctive pour-over method the most, then consider this name for your cat.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate and coffee have always gone hand in hand, and are two of earth’s most precious natural commodities.
  • Cinnamon – This distinctive aromatic spice is a favorite addition to coffee and tea for many – and would be a fun name for a ginger colored kitty.
  • Cocoa – A rich brown cat with a name like Cocoa would tell the world of your love for this common ingredient found in just about any coffee house.
  • Coffee – Might seem obvious, but it’s still a great name!
  • Cream – The perfect name for a sweet white or cream-colored cat.
  • Cuppa – Fancy a hot cuppa? Not just for coffee breaks, Cuppa would be a fun cat name!
  • Decaf – When you want your coffee without the energy jolt, this would be a funny name for a lazy kitty.
  • Donut – A sweet treat that pairs perfectly with a nice cup of Joe.
  • Drip – The classic way to make coffee at home for most Westerners, this name would be fun for your cat.
  • Dripper – A variation on the name “Drip.”
  • Dunkin – Named for the popular chain that serves the classic coffee and donut treat to customers across the USA and beyond, Dunkin also happens to be a very cute name for a cat.
  • Dutch – A reference to Dutch Bros. coffee, a drive-thru coffee chain originating in Oregon.
  • Flatty – A flat white is a coffee drink consisting of espresso with steamed milk and no foam. A funny name for a funny kitty.
  • Foam – Some of us prefer our coffee to be topped with a bit of milk foam – a fitting name for a light, wispy cat.
  • Folger – Most of us are familiar with the commercial jingle, “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.” What if the best part of waking up is waking up to your kitty Folger?
  • Frappe – A richly flavored iced coffee with espresso, milk, and ice, if your cat is as sweet as this drink, then why not consider this name?
Unisex cat, highlighting the unique and neutral characteristics of this feline

Cocoa – A rich brown cat with a name like Cocoa would tell the world of your love for this common ingredient found in just about any coffee house.

  • Frothy – Most of us love that foamy froth that tops our favorite espresso drinks, almost as much as we love our kitties!
  • Java – The Arabic name for coffee, Java is also one of Indonesia’s islands, which has a long history of cultivating coffee.
  • Jitter – A funny name for a jumpy cat that acts like it’s had perhaps one too many shots of espresso!
  •  Jolt – For the cat that loves to run and play, as if full of a caffeine jolt!
  • Joss – Here’s an interesting one that we would love to try – An Indonesian coffee drink with a hot burning coal in it! Said to aid in stomach aches.
  • Kaffeost – Translated in Swedish to “coffee cheese,” this unusual drink includes cheese.
  • Latte – One of the most popular and well-known espresso drinks, lattes are made up of espresso, steamed milk, and is topped with a bit of froth. You can’t go wrong with one, and you can’t go wrong with it as your cat name.
  •  Liqueur – While there are many tasty liqueurs in the world, coffee liqueur is one of the most popular.
  •  Matcha – While not coffee per se, green tea matcha, the green powdered drink you might see in any coffee house worth its weight in caffeine has steadily grown in popularity.
  • Mazagran – Have you ever added lemonade and rum to your coffee? Well, that’s how it’s done in Portugal!
  • Piccolo – This drink is made of ristretto (highly concentrated espresso) and steamed milk. It is also a really cute cat name!
  • Pumpkin Spice – Every fall, the pumpkin spice latte takes over coffee houses across the United States and has been a seasonal favorite for years now. An adorable name for a ginger haired cat.
  • Redeye – Have a jumpy cat with boundless energy? Name it after this coffee drink, which is not for the faint of heart – a caffeine lover’s dream, it’s made of espresso and brewed coffee together.
  • Roast – Coffee beans are typically roasted to give us the liquid gold that we all crave in the early mornings. A quirky name for a quirky cat.
  • Shot – Refers to an espresso shot!
  • Starbucks – Perhaps the most famous coffee company in the Western world.
  • Steamy – A good name for a hot-tempered cat.
  • Steep – Steeping coffee beans in hot (or cold) water is just how it’s done – a straightforward name for a no-nonsense cat.
  • Tiramisu – This fluffy and flavorful dessert is made with espresso, and would definitely be a unique name that coffee and dessert enthusiasts will appreciate.
  • Yuanyang – A popular Hong Kong drink that consists of coffee and Hong Kong style milk-tea.

There just seems to be something about cats and coffee that go together so nicely. So the next time you are enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and say, a good book, consider adding a sweet little feline friend to the scene, curled up and purring on your lap, and perhaps named for your favorite cup of joe.

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