150 Adorable Fat Cat Names For Male & Female Cat

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We love cats, and when they are more on the plump side, that just means there’s more to love – and to cuddle with! Celebrate your cats full figure with these fun fat names.

Male Fat Cat Names

  • Angus – A type of beef from Scottish cows.
  • Babe – The name of a piglet in the family-friendly movie of the same name.
  • Baconator – The famous Wendy’s burger that’s stuffed full of bacon.
  • Bear – If your cat reminds you more of a bear cub than a cat.
  • Beast – We love this scary sounding name for a not-so-scary cat.
  • Big Boy – Pretty self-explanatory!
  • Biggie Smalls – The nickname of the legendary late rapper, The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Big Mac – The iconic McDonald’s burger.
  • Biz Markie – Old school rap at its finest, Biz Markie was not shy about his size.
  • Boomer – Perfect for a big kitty.
  • Bubba – A big sounding name with a Southern flare.
  • Buddha – Usually depicted smiling with a round belly, this would be a great name for a cat that’s fat and happy!
  • Capone – Named for the large and in charge mobster from America’s history.
  • Chunky – Maybe your cat is a little chunky – and we love that!
  • Chunk Norris – We are especially fond of this one!

Buddha – Usually depicted smiling with a round belly, this would be a great name for a cat that’s fat and happy!

  • Colossus –A great name for a cat that is not just fat, but tall and big all over.
  • Conan – Based on the fantasy here, Conan the Barbarian.
  • Dough Boy – Named after the famous Pillsbury Doughboy.
  • Duke – A large and in charge sounding name.
  • Dumbo – Everyone’s favorite cartoon elephant.
  • Emperor – Sometimes being big is an attitude of royal proportions!
  • Fat Joe – Named for the famous rapper of the same name. 
  • Garfield – Everyone’s favorite lasagna eating cat.
  • Godzilla – A legendary cinematic monster that wreaks havoc on Tokyo.
  • Goliath – The biblical giant that fought king David.
  • Gordo – The Spanish word for “fat.”
  • Grand – Your kitty may be fat, but he is also quite grand!
  • Homer – Named for Homer Simpson. 
  • Hoss – A Southern American slang term for a big, sturdy and dependable man.
  • Hulk – A fun name for a big cat with a fiery temper.

Dumbo – Everyone’s favorite cartoon elephant.

  • Jabba the Hutt – A huge intergalactic alien criminal from the Star Wars franchise.
  • King – It’s good to be King – just ask your big kitty cat that you named after royalty!
  • King Kong – A gigantic ape from the silver screen.
  • Lord – We can’t help but crack up at the idea of referring to a chubby kitty as “my Lord.”
  • Magnum – Latin for “great.”
  • Meatloaf – For your meaty kitty – extra points if you are a fan of the singer/actor of the same name!
  • Notorious B.I.G. – See entry under “Biggie Smalls.”
  • Pork Chop – A cute, tasty sounding name.
  • Porky – Named after Loony Tunes character, Porky Pig.
  • Quarterback – For the cat-owning sports lover.
  • Rex – Named for the large dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Slim Jim – For the less than slim kitty cat.
  • Slugger – A name for your furry little powerhouse.
  • Sumo– Named for the large wrestlers from Japan.
  • Tank – A military-themed name for your big guy.
  • Titan – In Greek mythology, the Titans were gigantic god figures with immense power.
  • Tonka – Refers to a large, heavy duty vehicle.
  • Viking – The Vikings may not have been known for being fat, but they sure were known for being big.
  • Wilbur – From the children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web, whose main character is a pig named Wilbur.
  • Winnie – Named for everyone’s chubby cartoon bear, Winnie the Pooh.

Porky – Named after Loony Tunes character, Porky Pig.

Female Fat Cat Names

  • Amazon – The Amazonians were a mythological race of large warrior women.
  • Athena – This Greek goddess of wisdom and war is often depicted as larger than life, just like her Olympian god peers.
  • Balloon –  Balloons may be big and round, but that’s why we love them!
  • Bertha – An old Germanic name that means “bright one,” this name has long been seen as a “large” sounding name.
  • Big Momma – A very cute name for a big kitty that likes to mother her people.
  • Biscuit – A delicious buttery treat.
  • Cinnabon – This large cinnamon bun chain makes delicious treats that are as fattening as they are delicious.
  • Candy – For a cat with a sweet demeanor.
  • Churro – A sweet fried Mexican bread topped with cinnamon and sugar.
  • Coconut – A large, round and sweet nut!
  • Cookie – Name your chubby buddy after your favorite treat.
  • Cream – A favorite fat cat treat.
  • Curvy – For the round cat with curves!
  • Donut – A name for a sweet, round cat.
  • Duchess – Made for a big cat who thinks she’s meant to lead.

Amazon – The Amazonians were a mythological race of large warrior women.

  • Dumpling – This cute, yummy name sounds like a term of endearment.
  • Fatima – An Arabic name with “fat” right there in the syllables! 
  • Frita – Spanish for “fried.”
  • Gaia – The Greek goddess for Mother Earth.
  • Giantess – The feminine of “giant.”
  • Helga – An Old Norse name that means “holy, sacred.” It just has that “big” sound to how it rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?
  • Heifer – A female cow.
  • Hershey – A large, sweet brown cat would be a great candidate for this name.
  • Hushpuppy – A fried cornbread treat popular in the American South.
  • Jam – A cool name for a cool chubby gal.
  • Jelly – A silly name for a cat with a belly that shakes like jelly!
  • Lolli – Named for a sweet kids’ candy, the lollipop!
  • Marge – Extra points if you call your kitty cat “Large Marge.”
  • Mama Bear – A fun name for your little cat-bear who likes to play the role of mom.
  • Medusa – The terrifying yet very cool monstrous giant from Greek lore had snakes for hair and her gaze could turn her enemies to stone.

Dumpling – This cute, yummy name sounds like a term of endearment.

  • Miss Piggy – An iconic Muppets character.
  • Mozzarella – An especially good name for a cat that likes cheese!
  • Mrs. Butterworth – Named for the classic breakfast maple syrup.
  • Muffin – Call her Muffy for short!
  • Pancake – Name your cat for everyone’s favorite breakfast cake.
  • Poofy – Especially fitting for a kitty that looks even larger due to her poofy coat of fur.
  • Pudding – Name your kitty after a favorite fattening dessert!
  • Pumpkin – Perfect for a rotund ginger-colored cat.
  • Queen – A fitting name for the big, regal cat.
  • Rosie – The name of the pig character in the children’s show “Masha and the Bear.”
  • Savory – If you have two chubby female cats, Savory and Sweet would be a fun set of names.
  • Sweetie – See Savory above!
  • Tiny Tina – A fun name for a not-so-tiny cat.
  • Titania – A Greek name meaning “giant, great one,” This name was made famous by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream from the name of the queen of the fairies.
  • Twinkie – A fun name for a blonde fat cat.
  • Ursula – The Latin word for “bear.”
  • Violet – Named for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character who ballooned up like a round blueberry.
  • Wendy – A nod to the all-American fast food chain, Wendy’s.
  • Xena – Named for the fictional television character, Xena Warrior Princess.
  • Zeppole – A traditional Italian-style donut.

Muffin – Call her Muffy for short!

Cute Fat Cat Names

  • Beefcake – A good name for a husky cat.
  • Behemoth – A mighty beast referenced in the Bible.
  • Belly – Celebrate your cat’s big belly with this silly name.
  • Bigby – A nice sounding name with the word “big” in it.
  • Bigfoot – Name your cat after this elusive cryptid.
  • Blimpy – If your cat is the size of a mini-blimp, this would be a great name!
  • Blobby – A blob can still be cute!
  • Blubber – The protective layer of fat that keeps whales warm.
  • Butterball – A brand of big, fat turkeys for Thanksgiving!
  • Captain – An especially good name for a cat who thinks he/she is large and in charge!
  • Cheshire – Named for the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, this odd cat is depicted as a chubby striped cat.
  • Chubbalub – A silly and fun name.
  • Chubby – Straightforward and cute.
  • Chubbles – An even sillier name for your fuzzy chubby buddy.
  • Chubz – Just a cute name for a chubbster.

Chubby – Straightforward and cute.

  • Dragon – These giant mythological beasts are pretty cool.
  • Epic – Is your cat epic in size?
  • Fluffy – Maybe your kitty is just fluffy, and not fat? (or maybe he/she is both)!
  • Giant – A more intimidating name for a fat cat.
  • Gordy – Short for “gordo,” the Spanish word for “fat.”
  • Hefty – A name for the heavy feline.
  • Hurricane – A big and powerful storm.
  • Husky – Is your kitty fat, or just husky?
  • Jiggles – A fun word to say, this name would be a good conversation starter when you introduce your cat to guests.
  • Jumbo – Another term for “big” that also happens to sound like an adorable name.
  • Lumpy – We love our cats – lumps and all!
  • Major – Meaning “big” but also a title with some military authority.
  • Mammoth – Named for the extinct wooly mammoth, a furry elephant-like animal that roamed the earth during the Ice Age.
  • Maximus – A name with a Latin flare.
  • Meaty – A good name for a cat with extra meat on its bones.

Dragon – These giant mythological beasts are pretty cool.

Names For Cats With Big Feet

  • Mega – The Greek word for “huge.”
  • Melon – A round and juicy fruit.
  • Mighty – Big can mean strong!
  • Mondo – A slang name that means “extreme.”
  • Monster – Your little monster may not be so little!
  • Panda – A roly poly Asian bear that looks like it was made for cuddles.
  • Potbelly – If your cat reminds you more of a potbelly pig, this could be the name for him or her!
  • President – For a cat that believes he/she is the commander and chief.
  • Pudge – A cat that’s a little fat – nothing too extreme.
  • Pudgers – A fun play on the name “Pudge.”
  • Quake – Does your cat start mini-earthquakes when it walks about?
  • Roly – Short for “roly poly.”
  • Stocky – A broad, sturdy feline.
  • Stubby – Short and chubby.
  • Titanic – Named for the large, ill-fated ship that sank at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Tubbs – A funny name that will make you smile each time you call for your cat.
  • Tubby – A little tubby, and a whole lot of cute.
  • Tummy – We love a cute kitty’s chubby tummy, don’t you?
  • Uber – The German word for “over” for that overweight cat in your life.
  • Waddles – We love a chubby cat that waddles wherever they go!

If you love cuddling up with a roly-poly kitty, then you are not alone! We hope that when you are snuggling up with a new chubby cat in need of a name that this list finds you both well!

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