150 Best Flower Cat Names That Fit Any Feline

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People have been naming beloved children, pets, places, and things after flowers for perhaps as long as we have been giving names.

Flowers have always captivated us, and it’s no wonder why – rich in beauty and steeped in symbolism, you won’t have to look very far for a fitting flower-themed name for your cat. So we have compiled 150 flower cat names for you to consider.

We have left the entire list unisex, due to the disproportionate number of traditionally feminine names associated with flowers. But be creative! Pick a name that fits your cat’s personality, regardless of if they are male or female.

Best Flower Cat Names

  •  Acacia – Cute, fuzzy flowers that are usually yellow or white.
  •  Allium – A variety of flowers that are often a rich purple.
  •  Alyssa – Dainty bursts of flowers that come in a variety of colors. 
  •  Amaranth – A striking variety of flower with blossoming tendrils.
  •  Amaryllis – A variety of plant with large, colorful bulbs.
  •  Anemone – A type of colorful flower favored by brides.
  •  Angelica – A flowering herb often used in teas.
  •  Anthos – The Greek word for “rose.”
  •  Ash – A type of tree that flowers beautifully in the springtime.
  •  Aspen – A tree that grows dangling flowers from its branches in the spring.
  •  Aster – A vibrant flower with many delicate, slender petals.
  •  Aviva – Hebrew for “springtime.”
  •  Azalea – A perennial flower with striking blooms.
  •  Basil – A tasty, zesty herb that flowers white blooms.
  •  Begonia – Cute flowers with a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.
  •  Belladonna – Meaning “beautiful woman,” belladonna has been used in medicine, cosmetics, and more over the years, but it can be deadly as well.
  •  Bloom – More or less, a cute word for flower.
  •  Blossom – And a pretty word for a flower!
  •  Bluebell – Elegant indigo bell-like blooms that are also known by the whimsical names of “fairy flowers,” “witches thimbles,” and “cuckoo’s boots.”
  •  Bluma – The Yiddish word for “flower.”
  •  Bouquet – A beautiful and timeless decoration of arranged flowers.
  •  Briar – A prickly type of plant, like a rose or a blackberry bush.
  •  Bryony – A cute name that means “to sprout.”
  •  Bud – A name for a flower that is just about to bloom, and incidentally, makes for a good double meaning, where “bud” also means “friend.”
  •  Buttercup – Striking and bright yellow flowers.
  •  Butterfly – The butterfly and flower have a lovely reciprocal relationship – butterflies feed off of flowers and spread their pollen to other flowers, making more flowers.
  •  Buzz – A fun name for a cat that can be a pest, like the buzz of a flower’s very good friend, the bumble bee.
  •  Cactus Rose – A fun name for a cat with a prickly nature.
  •  Calytrix – A gorgeous purple flower that blooms in Australia.
  •  Camellia – A round, rose-like bloom.

Buttercup – Striking and bright yellow flowers.

  •  Canterbury – The Canterbury Bell is a delicate white and pastel flower.
  •  Cassia – A type of cinnamon.
  •  Catkin – The male flowers that produce copious amounts of powdery yellow pollen that drift on the wind.
  •  Catnip – Perhaps your cat’s favorite herb, it also happens to flower with tiny, delicate lavender blossoms.
  •  Chamomile – A calming, peaceful herbal flower that is popular as a tea.
  •  Chloris – A genus of flowering grasses that was named for a mythological Greek figure associated with flowers and spring.
  •  Chrysanthemum – Also known as mums, the most popular of these flowers have many, many petals, making it a fitting name for a fluffy cat.
  •  Clematis – A vine flower that flourishes the most by basking in the sunlight.
  •  Clover – Not just known for its green foliage, clovers also may dot your lawn with white to pink flowers in the spring and summer time..
  •  Cornflower – A beautiful, dusky blue flower.
  •  Cosmos – A lovely summer and autumn bloom.
  •  Crocus – A unique, cup-like flower with petals that appear to reach up to the skies.
  •  Cynthia – A tiny, yellow wildflower.
  •  Daffodil – A darling yellow flower with a distinctive bloom.
  •  Dahlia – A flower that looks bushy with its many tube-like petals. It would make for a sweet name for a long-hair, fluffy cat.
  •  Daisy – These small white and yellow flowers are popular for their sweet simplicity as well as their beauty.
  •  Dandelion – Some say it’s a weed, some say it’s a lovely yellow wildflower that will eventually turn to white fuzz that you can blow into the wind upon making a wish. We personally agree with the latter.
  •  Danica – A genus of hearty flowers known to grow along European highways.
  •  Daphne – An evergreen shrub with small, sweet-smelling flowers.
  •  Daylily – A bright, cheerful flower.
  •  Delphine – An unusual flower with a tall stem and many blooms.
  •  Desert Rose – A whimsical and dramatic name for a whimsical and dramatic cat!
  •  Edelweiss – A mountain flower with unusual, bright, white blossoms.
  •  Elestren – A Cornish name that means “Iris.”
  •  Embelia – A genus of tropical shrubs with white and pink flowers.
  •  Erica – A type of shrub with many purple flowers.
  •  Evanthe – A pretty Greek name that means “fair flower.”
  •  Fern – In Baltic and Slavic mythology, the fern flower is a magical flower that only blooms on the eve of the summer solstice and brings great fortune to the lucky person who finds it.
  • Fire Flower – If you are a fan of Super Mario Bros., then you will appreciate this nod to the video game flower.
  •  Fleur – The French word for “flower.”

Dandelion – Some say it’s a weed, some say it’s a lovely yellow wildflower that will eventually turn to white fuzz that you can blow into the wind upon making a wish. We personally agree with the latter.

  •  Flora – The Latin word for “flower.”
  •  Florence – A Latin name that means “blossoming, flourishing.”
  •  Flower – This one is straightforward.
  •  Flower Child – A fitting name for a cool, mellow cat, man.
  •  Foxglove – A plant with tall stems covered in many flowers.
  •  Garden – A wonderful name for a cat who likes to hang out in the garden amongst the greenery and the flowers.
  •  Gardenia – Gorgeous, white flowers.
  •  Garland – A decorative wreath of flowers often placed on front doors, making the home inviting.
  •  Hazel – A tree that is prized for growing the hazelnut.
  •  Heather – A flowering evergreen plant with mauve and white blooms.
  •  Herb – As flowers are often herbs, it also happens to make for a fun, old man cat name as well.
  •  Holly – The December birth flower that always makes one think of the winter holidays.
  •  Hollyhock – A tall, colorful flower that is often seen on any given pastoral drive through the countryside.
  •  Honey Bee – A sweet name for a cat, the honey bee and flowers are a couple of nature’s most dynamic duos.
  •  Honeysuckle – A sweet flower that attracts hummingbirds.
  •  Hyacinth – A flashy springtime flower that grows in lavender, white, pink, blue, and red spikes.
  •  Indigo – The flowering plant that gave us elegant and eye-popping indigo dye.
  •  Iris – A unique and elegant flower.
  •  Ivy – Mostly known for its tendril-like vines and emerald green leaves that decorate garden walls, many types of ivy flower beautifully as well.
  •  Jasmine – A sweetly fragrant snow-white flower that often finds its way into tea.
  •  Lavender – A whimsical flowering plant with a relaxing scent that is said to help put one at peace and give them pleasant dreams.
  •  Leaf – Because what’s a flower without a leaf?
  •  Leilani – A Hawaiian name that means “heavenly garland of flowers.”
  •  Lilac – A sweet-smelling lavender flower.
  •  Lillian – A Latin name that means “lily.”
  •  Lily – A delicate flower with long, curved petals.
  •  Lotus – A large water flower with deeply spiritual symbolism.
  •  Lupin – A tall spire of bright flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months.
  •  Magnolia – A large flower that is typically white with a bright center.
  •  Marguerite – Another type of daisy.

Lotus – A large water flower with deeply spiritual symbolism.

  •  Marigold – A bright and cheerful yellow-to-orange flower.
  •  Mariposa – This word means “butterfly” in Latin, and is a lovely bell-shaped flower.
  •  Mayflower – Fragrant, bell-shaped flowers that are typically white or pink and bloom in early spring, signaling the end of winter.
  •  Morning Glory – A stunning round flower with one, single, delicate petal.
  •  Mums – Another name for the chrysanthemum flower.
  •  Myrtle – A plant that flowers with a starburst-like flower, mostly thanks to the many, small antennae-like inside of the blossom, making it look like a white burst of fireworks.
  •  Narcissus – Another name for the daffodil, this flower’s name is steeped in Greek mythology.
  •  Nectar – The sweet stuff for birds and bugs inside flowers.
  •  Nightshade – The spookiest and arguably coolest sounding flower, this would be the perfect name for a black cat.
  •  Oleander – A darling, star-shaped tropical flower.
  •  Orchid – An elegant flower with tall stems and unusual blooms.
  •  Pansy – A flower that looks like it has a face in its petals.
  •  Patchouli – An herbal plant that has a pungent, earthy smell.
  •  Peony – A seriously “fluffy” looking flower, due to its many layers of overlapping petals.
  •  Peregrine – A sweet flower with five petals that point outwards like a star.
  •  Periwinkle – A small flower that comes in many shades, but is mostly known for its dusty blue hues.
  •  Petal – The prettiest part of the flower (usually).
  •  Petunia – Popular flowers with soft, silky petals.
  •  Picotee – A carnation with unusual petals that are dark on the edges and light on the inside.
  •  Pippin – Not just a hobbit from The Lord of the Rings, Rosa Pippins are climbing roses with plump, pink blooms that smell sweet.
  •  Plume – A name for many types of flowering grasses.
  •  Plumeria – A very fragrant and distinct flower that resembles a pinwheel.
  •  Poppy – A cute name for a cute, colorful flower.
  •  Posey – A sweet bouquet of flowers, often given as gifts.
  •  Primrose – An early spring flower that is not actually a rose, but is stunning just the same.
  •  Pussy Willow – A name for a shrub with quirky, fuzzy nubs of flowers going up and down the stem.
  •  Quill – An exotic flowering air plant, which is a type of plant that grows without soil!
  •  Rhodo – A shortened name for the popular and beloved rhododendron flower.
  •  Rhoswen – A Welsh name that means, “white rose.”
  •  Rose – Perhaps the most popular of flowers, roses are beautiful, smell sweet, and can symbolize true love, passion, and friendship, depending on their color.

Rhodo – A shortened name for the popular and beloved rhododendron flower.

  •  Rosemary – An herbal evergreen that will sport small purple blossoms over time, rosemary is popular in cooking and even symbolizes protection.
  •  Rowan – A mountain plant with pure white bursts of flowers.
  •  Saffron – Also knowns as autumn crocus, saffron is highly prized for the saffron spice it produces.
  •  Sakura – The Japanese word for “cherry blossom.”
  •  Seedling – A sweet name for a small cat.
  •  Sharon – Or “Rose of Sharon,” this flower is not so much a rose as it is a hibiscus flower, and it has its own deep, biblical roots.
  •  Shoshana – The Hebrew word for “rose.”
  •  Snapdragon – An unusual bloom with a fun name.
  •  Sneezeweed – Oh yes, this is a flower name! A funny and cute name for a wild flower often found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
  •  Sorrel – An herby plant that can grow small flower spikes.
  •  Speedwell – Another name for Veronica.
  •  Sprig – A small stem of flowers.
  •  Sprout – An especially cute name for a smaller cat.
  •  Sunflower – A happy flower that can grow tall and strong, they look like floral suns themselves.
  •  Susan – Black-Eyed Susans are cheerful flowers with dark black centers and deep yellow petals that flare out like rays of the sun.
  •  Sweet Pea – You probably already call your cat this…why not give it as a name?
  •  Sweet Sultan – A sweet, honey-scented flower with thistle-like blooms that are lavender, magenta, white, or purple.
  •  Sweet William – A lovely flower that blooms in clusters.
  •  Sylvan – A Latin word that means “forest.”
  •  Thistle – A sharp, prickly flower with a purple flower.
  •  Thorn – A cool name for a cat with a prickly attitude.
  •  Triffid – John Wyndham’s 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids featured large carnivorous plants, and this is the reason with we call any invasive and unsettling-looking flower a triffid.
  •  Tulip – Beautiful cup-like flowers that come in a variety of vibrant colors.
  •  Verbena – A plant that blooms in many bursts of small, dainty flowers.
  •  Verdant – The French word for “green.”
  •  Veronica – A hearty flower that grows in purple spikes.
  •  Violet – A cheerful, pretty flower.
  •  Wildflower – A perfect name for a cat with a wild streak.
  •  Yuki – A cool Japanese name that means “winter flower.”
  •  Zinnia – A summer bloom with many small, vibrantly colored petals.

There are so many floral names to give to your cat. Whether your cat is more of a petal or a thorn, we hope that we helped you find the flower-themed cat name you have been searching for.

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