150 Gothic Names and Meanings That Are Full of Mystery

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Beautiful black cat breadloafs on a rug.

Taylor Le / Cats.com

Finding a dark, enchanting name for your cat or kitten can be difficult. You want something that suits them perfectly while sticking to the theme you love. That’s why below, we’ve listed 100 gothic cat names and their meanings.

Inspired by witchcraft, horror films, Halloween, and more, these names are sure to spark some inspiration.

Gothic Cat Names for Female Cats

You’ll be spellbound by these names for girl cats. We’ve taken inspiration from fairies, witches, and even the night sky.

  • Sabrina – After the main character from the television show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Raven – These wise birds are often connected to death and darkness.
  • Wednesday – After Wednesday Addams from Wednesday and The Addams Family.
  • Morticia – The mother from The Addams Family.
  • Elvira – From the horror film Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.
  • Buffy – The main character from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Lilith – A demon from Jewish mythology who is seen by some as “the first independent woman.”
  • Lillian – After the lily flower.
  • Persephone – The Greek goddess of the underworld.
  • Astral – This beautiful gothic name means “from the stars.”
  • Circe – A sorceress from Greek mythology.
  • Coraline – The main character from the horror movie Coraline.
  • Pocus – As in Hocus Pocus.
  • Sorceress – A female sorcerer or witch.
  • Trinity – Trinity means “three.”
  • Fate – For the cat you were fated to meet.
  • Daphne – In Greek mythology, Daphne was a nymph turned into a tree by her father.
  • Ophelia – A Greek name meaning “help” or “helpful.” Also a character in Hamlet.
  • Maleficent – The evil fairy from Snow White.
  • Ursula – The sea witch from The Little Mermaid.
  • Winifred – The name of a witch from the movie Hocus Pocus.
  • Elena – The main character of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Bonnie – A powerful witch from The Vampire Diaries.
  • Zelda – The rule-following aunt from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Hilda – Aunt Zelda’s fun-loving sister.
  • Shelley – Mary Shelley is the author of Frankenstein.
  • Freya – A Norse goddess.
  • Pixie – A mischievous fairy.
  • Fey – This name also means “fairy” and pairs well with Pixie.
  • Stella – A Latin name meaning “celestial star.”
  • Mauve – When we think of witches, we often think of the color purple.
  • Violet – A medium shade of purple.
  • Briar – A briar is a plant with thorns, such as a rose or blackberry bush.
  • Elara – One of Zues’ lovers in Greek mythology.
  • Harlow – This name means “rock hill” or “army hill.”
  • Seraphina – A half-dragon from the fantasy novel Seraphina.
  • Cruella – Perfect for a cat that struggles to get along with dogs.
  • Marceline – The vampire queen from Adventure Time.

Gothic Cat Names for Male Cats

black cat with green eyes

Ueuaphoto / Shutterstock.com

Our gothic names for boy cats draw from literature, vampires, skeletons, and more.

  • Ash – Like ashes from a fire.
  • Onyx – A black crystal said to protect against negativity.
  • Binx – The name of the black cat from Hocus Pocus.
  • Omen – A sign of things to come.
  • Poe – Edgar Allen Poe was the author of works such as The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart.
  • Edgar – You could also give his first name to your kitten.
  • Addams – As in The Addams Family.
  • Gomez – The father from The Addams Family.
  • Batty – Many view bats as symbols of darkness, witchcraft, or evil—but like cats, they’re also adorable.
  • Casper – After Casper the Friendly Ghost, this name is perfect for a white cat.
  • Blade – Like the blade of a sword.
  • Dante – This name means “endurant” and “everlasting.”
  • Demon – For a kitten that loves getting into mischief.
  • Hades – The god of the underworld in Greek mythology.
  • Jekyll – The doctor from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Thunder – For a loud cat that likes to storm around the house.
  • Vampire – Blood-sucking creatures.
  • Frog – These animals are often connected to witches in stories.
  • Count – A subtle reference to Count Dracula.
  • Dracula – A vampire that was first written by Bram Stoker in 1897.
  • Dorian – From The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
  • Vlad – Vlad the Impaler was an inspiration for the novel Dracula.
  • Orion – A constellation named for a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Damon – From The Vampire Diaries.
  • Skellington – Jack Skellington is the protagonist from the stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Wybie – A character from the movie Coraline.
  • Bobinsky – Also from Coraline.
  • Spike – A vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Frankenstein – The name of the doctor in the novel Frankenstein.
  • Fury – This name means “intense rage.”
  • Lucifer – The Christian devil.
  • Lovecraft – After H.P. Lovecraft, a writer of gothic horror novels.
  • Warlock – A male witch.
  • Bones – A great name to pair with Skellington.
  • Gremlin – A creature that loves to create problems and break things.
  • Abyss – Something deep and bottomless.
  • Crimson – A dark shade of red, often linked to blood.
  • Haze – Confusion, such as one might feel after being put under a witch’s spell.
  • Rune – A rune is a magical symbol.
  • Heathcliff – From Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.

Gothic Names for Black Cats

A black cat sits in tall grass.

alexgo.photography / Shutterstock.com

Need a gothic name for your black cat? These names will fit perfectly. Most of these are gender neutral, but some of these black cat names are more suited to either male or female cats.

  • Luna – This Spanish name means “moon.”
  • Moon – Or, you can go for the less commonly-used English version.
  • Salem – After the Salem witch trials, or the black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  • Shadow – For the black cat that follows you everywhere.
  • Onyx – A black stone.
  • Nightmare – A bad dream, or a black cat who behaves terribly.
  • Magic – For your witchy companion.
  • Eclipse – When the moon passes over the sun, briefly taking its light.
  • Panther – Large, black felines that love swimming and climbing trees.
  • Voodoo – Casting magical spells.
  • Ebony – A strong black wood sourced from ebony trees.
  • Hex – An evil spell.
  • Spells – For a black cat that’s full of magic.
  • Mystic – This name means “mystical” or “magical.”
  • Dusk – The time of day just before nightfall.
  • Galaxy – For a cat that means more than the world to you!
  • Soot – Dark as ash from a fire.
  • Curse – An evil spell, often causing bad luck in the future.
  • Inky – Like black ink from an ink pen.
  • Jett – Jet black is a very dark shade of black.
  • Void – A dark, empty space.
  • Boo – Perfect for black cats born in October.

Gothic Names for White Cats

  • Alabaster – Pure and ethereal, like white marble.
  • Ghostly – Hauntingly beautiful, like a specter in the moonlight.
  • Casper – Playful and mischievous, with a ghostly charm.
  • Ivory – Elegant and regal, like the tusks of an ancient creature.
  • Snowflake – Delicate and pristine, like a fragment of winter’s embrace.
  • Frostbite – Cold and sharp, with a chilling allure.
  • Whisper – Soft and elusive, like a gentle breeze through mist.
  • Polaris – Guiding light in the darkness, shining bright and pure.
  • Spectral – Ethereal and otherworldly, with an enigmatic presence.
  • Serenity – Calm and tranquil, like the stillness of a winter’s night.

Gothic Grey Cat Names

  • Ashen – Mysterious and solemn, like the remnants of a fire.
  • Smokey – Dark and elusive, with a veil of mystery.
  • Stormcloud – Brooding and powerful, like a tempest on the horizon.
  • Mistwalker – Ethereal and elusive, moving through the shadows.
  • Shade – Cloaked in darkness, with a hint of danger.
  • Twilight – Hauntingly beautiful, caught between light and dark.
  • Dusk – Mysterious and enigmatic, with a touch of twilight’s glow.
  • Silvermist – Elegant and ethereal, like the mist at dawn.
  • Gloomsong – Melancholic and haunting, like a forgotten melody.
  • Shadowfall – Dark and foreboding, with a sense of impending doom.

Victorian Gothic Cat Names

  • Ravenwood – Dark and mysterious, like the depths of a forest.
  • Lunara – Celestial and captivating, under the moon’s spell.
  • Nocturne – Elegantly shrouded in the silence of night.
  • Grimalkin – Cunning and mysterious, with a touch of darkness.
  • Obsidian – Stealthy and sleek, like the darkest stone.
  • Belladonna – Bewitching and deadly, like a poisonous flower.
  • Whisperwind – Gentle and elusive, like the wind’s soft caress.
  • Shadowpaw – Mysterious and agile, with a touch of darkness.
  • Mystique – Enigmatic and alluring, with secrets untold.
  • Nightshade – Mysterious and dangerous, like the shadows at dusk.

We hope you’ve taken inspiration from our list, written some names down for your new pet, and maybe even thought of a few new ones yourself. Feel free to use any names or themes here as a jumping off point—the sky’s the limit.

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