200+ Hairless Cat Names: Unique Ideas For Bold Cats

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Hairless cats, primarily the Sphynx breed, are perhaps the most unique of cat breeds out there. With their fur-less bodies, large, round eyes, pointy ears, and expressive wrinkled faces, the

Sphynx may not be for everyone, but they have a strong following of devoted cat lovers that make up their fanbase all the same. Known for their friendly, extroverted demeanors and striking appearance, the Sphynx cat deserves a proper name to celebrate its quirky behavior and appearance. Here are 250 names to consider for your hair-free kitty!

Male Hairless Cat Names

  1. Aang – The lovable hairless hero from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  2. Abu – The Sphynx cat definitely has some monkey vibes going on with their big ears and expressive faces – just like this monkey sidekick from Aladdin.
  3. Alf – A sarcastic and hairy alien played by a puppet in this quirky 1980s sitcom of the same name.
  4. Amun – While the Sphynx is not an Egyptian breed, its breed does share a name with one of Egypt’s most famous monuments. So, we think Egyptian names are quite fitting, such as this one, which is the name of the ancient Egyptian creator god.
  5. Anhur – The ancient Egyptian god of war.
  6. Apedemak – The lion-headed warrior god of the ancient Kushites, who once inhabited the Nile valley.
  7. Ape – Because your Sphynx has a cute monkey-like face!
  8. Apep – The ancient Egyptian serpent deity that is the embodiment of chaos.
  9. Archibald – A Germanic name that means “precious, bold.”
  10.  Aten – The Egyptian god of the sun.
  11.  Anubis – The Egyptian god of the dead, depicted as a black jackal-headed man.
  12.  Baal – A Semitic title that means “lord” or “owner,” and also a reference to an ancient Semitic god worshipped in the Levant.
  13.  Babi – An ancient baboon god from Egypt.
  14.  Baldwin – A Germanic surname that means “brave, bold friend.”
  15.  Batman – The prominent Sphynx ears remind us of certain types of bats, and when we think bats, whose mind doesn’t go to the Dark Knight himself, Batman?

Baldwin – A Germanic surname that means “brave, bold friend.”

  1.  Bruce – Name your kitty after the famously bald action film star, Bruce Willis.
  2.  Buzz – A cute name for a kitty who looks like he spent a little too long getting buzzed at the barber shop!
  3.  Caesar – This name and title mean “head of hair” in Latin.
  4.  Calvin – A French name that adorably means, “little bald one.”
  5.  Charlie– The famously bald cartoon character from Peanuts.
  6.  Chewbacca – Everyone’s favorite Star Wars alien (well, he’s mine, at least), known for being covered in long hair, for an ironic Sphynx name.
  7.  Chewy – A nickname for Chewbacca.
  8.  Connery – A name honoring the late great (and bald) actor, Sean Connery.
  9.  Cue Ball – You have heard of the expression, “bald as a cue ball,” right?
  10.  Daddy Warbucks – The bald character from the Little Orphan Annie musical.
  11.  Dobby – The adorable house elf from the Harry Potter series kind of reminds us of our lovable hairless kitties!
  12.  Dr. Evil – The owner of the famously hairless cat Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers movies, Dr. Evil happens to be a baldy himself!
  13.  Esau – Name your little hairless guy after a hairy guy: in the Bible, Jacob’s twin brother was Esau, who was covered in red fur.
  14.  Fabio – Give your hairless guy an ironic name after this Italian model known for his image adorning romance novels with his long, luxurious mane of blonde hair.
  15.  Goblin– We mean this with all the love in the world – the Sphynx cat kind of looks like a goblin, and we love that.

Dobby – The adorable house elf from the Harry Potter series kind of reminds us of our lovable hairless kitties!

  1.  Gollum Lord of the Ring fans will appreciate the reference to this sad yet villainous character whose large eyes and wrinkled face resemble the Sphynx.
  2.  Gru – The bald hilarious and unintentionally charming villain-hero from Despicable Me.
  3.  Harry – Get it?!
  4.  Homer – The bald, lovable idiot from The Simpsons.
  5.  Horus – An ancient hawk-headed Egyptian god of kingship and the sky..
  6.  Iah – The ancient lunar Egyptian god.
  7.  Imhotep – An ancient Egyptian priest whose name means “the one who comes in peace,” Imhotep became deified after his death.
  8.  Jean-Luc – The name of the beloved bald captain of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek: Next Generation.
  9.  Jet – The cool, bald-headed character from the anime series, Cowboy Bebop.
  10.  Khonsu – The ancient Egyptian god of the moon.
  11.  King Tut – Perhaps the most famous Egyptian today is King Tutankhamun, thanks to the huge discovery of his unspoiled and magnificent tomb in 1922.
  12.  Krillin – Goku’s bald bestie in the Dragonball series.
  13.  Legolas – Because your kitty has pointy elven ears, like this heroic elf archer in The Lord of the Rings.
  14.  Luther – The bald villain of the Superman franchise.
  15.  Roshi – The bald, pervy old kung-fu master from the Dragonball series.

Legolas – Because your kitty has pointy elven ears, like this heroic elf archer in The Lord of the Rings.

  1.  Mihos – An ancient Egyptian lion-headed god.
  2.  Morpheus – A bald Laurence Fishburne portrayed this cool character in The Matrix series.
  3.  Mr. Bigglesworth – Perhaps the most famous hairless kitty, this villainous cat actually started out as a white Persian before he was cryogenically frozen with Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies, losing all his fur.
  4.  Mr. Clean – The smiling, bald mascot of cleaning supplies of the same name.
  5.  Nosferatu – The silent German Expressionist film is famous for the frightening bald and hideous vampire lead who definitely reminds us of kitty cats.
  6.  Osiris – One of ancient Egypt’s most central deities, Osiris is the ruler of the dead, of vegetation, and fertility.
  7.  Patrick – As in Patrick Stewart, a beloved actor in all his bald glory.
  8.  Picard – Named after Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  9.  Playboy – A name for your lover-boy cat with big, bunny like ears.
  10.  Pluto – The small, distant planet named for the Roman god of the Underworld, its bare surface is reminiscent of your bare-skinned kitty.
  11.  Popeye – This one is for the tough boys out there, this classic, spinach-eating cartoon sailor has a naked, bald head.
  12.  Ra – An ancient Egyptian sun god.
  13.  Samson – The biblical Samson was renowned for his long hair, which was the source of his strength.
  14.  Set –  An ancient Egyptian god of deserts, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners whose head is an unidentified animal resembling either an aardvark, pig, wild dog, or…look, we aren’t really sure, okay?
  15.  Shu – The Egyptian god of air and supporter holding up the sky.
Sphynx cat

Picard – Named after Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  1.  Smeagol – Gollum’s proper name, from when he was a hobbit, before being corrupted by the ring in The Lord of the Rings.
  2.  Sobek – A crocodile-headed Egyptian god who, according to ancient Egyptian religion and lore, brought order to the universe, and also created the Nile river, the source of the bounty of the ancient Egyptian civilization.
  3.  Spock – Portrayed by the legendary Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek, this character has pointy ears like your Sphynx!
  4.  Sully – The nickname of the wooly monster James T. Sullivan in Pixar’s Monsters Inc.
  5.  Ted – Did you know that Mr. Bigglesworth was played by a hairless Hollywood cat with this name, which itself is a pun on the controversial musical figure, Ted Nugent? Well, now you do!
  6.  Terry – A nod to Terry Crews, the beloved bald actor from the TV show, Brooklyn 99, among others.
  7.  The Rock – Famous wrestler and actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not shy about sporting his bald head!
  8.  Thoth – In Ancient Egypt, Thoth is an ibis-headed god of the moon, reckoning, learning, and of writing. He is set to have invented writing, created languages, and was the wise scribe, interpreter, and adviser of the gods.
  9.  Toupee – A wig typically worn by men with male pattern baldness.
  10.  Tucci – Named for bald actor and filmmaker, Stanley Tucci.
  11.  Uncle Fester – The loveable pale and bald uncle from The Addams Family.
  12.  Voldemort – We just hope your cat is just a tad less evil than the big (bald) bad from the Harry Potter series…
  13.  Walter White – Breaking Bad fans will enjoy this reference!
  14.  Yoda – If your cat reminds you of the adorable Jedi master from the Star Wars franchise, then you are not alone.
  15.  Yul – The classic bald Russian actor who is famous for depicting the Pharoah in The Ten Commandments.

Female Hairless Cat Names

Terry – A nod to Terry Crews, the beloved bald actor from the TV show, Brooklyn 99, among others.

  1. Amunet – An Egyptian goddess of wind and air.
  2. Ancient One – A bald, powerful female character from the Marvel universe.
  3. Artemis – The Greek goddess of the hunt, who was also closely associated with the moon, which has a bald, barren landscape.
  4. Arwen – An elven character from The Lord of the Rings.
  5. Babs – For the hairless kitty with bunny ears, name her after Babs Bunny from the Tiny Toons cartoon.
  6. Baldina – Just a pretty, yet silly name for your bald girl.
  7. Bambi – There is just something very deer-like about hairless cats, right?
  8. Bangs – Celebrating the hairstyle your kitty doesn’t have, just for fun.
  9. Bastet – The cat-headed goddess of ancient Egpyt was a great protector, especially of the king, as well as new mothers and children.
  10.  Bigwig – Another funny hair pun.
  11.  Bunny – For the kitty with big, perky bunny-like ears.
  12.  Brigid – A Celtic moon goddess.
  13.  Cleopatra – Ancient Egypt’s most famous female ruler.
  14.  Cersei – A controversial Game of Thrones character whose hair is eventually cropped close.
  15.  Cottontail – One of Peter Rabbit’s siblings in the classic Beatrix Potter book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Bigwig – Another funny hair pun.

  1.  Demi – Named for Demi Moore, the actress who played the bald title character in G.I. Jane.
  2.  Diana – Another moon goddess, this time Roman.
  3.  Eagle – Because it’s a bald eagle…get it?
  4.  Evey – The name of the protagonist from V For Vendetta, who was portrayed by Natalie Portman in the film adaptations. Portman famously shaved her head for the role.
  5.  Falconetti – The beautiful silent film star, Renee Falconetti shaved her head when she was cast as the lead in The Passion of Joan of Arc.
  6.  Fantine – The tragic heroine of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, who is forced to sell her beautiful hair as she sinks further into poverty.
  7.  Flopsy – One of the bunnies from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, but naturalist and children’s author, Beatrix Potter.
  8.  Foxy – Because of those perky fox-like ears that the Sphynx exhibits!
  9.  Furiosa – The bald badass war captain from
  10.  G.I. Jane – Hopefully this reference won’t get us smacked by Will Smith…
  11.  Galadriel – Because your kitty has elven ears, like the beautiful elven lady of the wood in The Lord of the Rings.
  12. Queen – It’s 2022 – if there is a Goblin King, then you can bet there is also a Goblin Queen!
  13.  Goldilocks – Maybe your kitty is like Goldilocks after a shave?
  14.  Grace – Singer, model, and actress Grace Jones has never needed hair to be beautiful, striking, and fabulous, and neither does your kitty!
  15.  Hagatha – A sort of joke name for a feline hag.

Eagle – Because it’s a bald eagle…get it?

  1.  Hathor – The Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, music, dancing, fertility, and pleasure, and ancient protector of women.
  2.  Hekate – A Greek goddess of witchcraft and the crossroads, Hekate is also associated with the moon as a triple moon goddess.
  3.  Heqet – A frog-headed Egyptian goddess of fertility.
  4.  Imentet – The Egyptian goddess of the sunset and the western lands.
  5.  Isis – The Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth.
  6.  Jada – As in Jada Pinkett Smith, whose bald head has been in news from time to time…
  7.  Jasmine – The long-haired, feisty princess from Disney’s Aladdin.
  8.  Joan of Arc – The French military peasant girl turned saint has often been depicted with her hair cropped short.
  9.  Kanga – The big-eared mama kangaroo from Winnie The Pooh.
  10.  Godiva – Lady Godiva, elegant and beautiful.
  11.  Luna – The Roman goddess of the moon.
  12.  Lupita – An adorable name that references the actress Lupita Nyong’o, who often has closely cropped hair.
  13.  Lying Cat – In the graphic novel Saga, Lying Cat is a large, Sphynx sidekick of a character called The Will.
  14.  Maat – The winged Egyptian goddess of justice.
  15.  Mama Quilla – The Incan goddess known as “Mother Moon.”

Lupita – An adorable name that references the actress Lupita Nyong’o, who often has closely cropped hair.

  1.  Nair – A hair remover that you can buy at any pharmacy or grocery store!
  2.  Nefertiti – A famous Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty.
  3.  Nut – An Egyptian sky goddess.
  4.  Ohren – The German word for “ears.”
  5.  Okoye – The head of the Wakandan armed forces in Black Panther, this fierce character is depicted with a beautifully bald head.
  6.  Pakhet – In ancient Egypt, Pakhet is a lioness goddess of war.
  7.  Peach – Because perhaps your kitty is covered in “peach-fuzz” and is as sweet as a peach!
  8.  Pearl – Maybe the round, smooth sea gem reminds you of your precious one.
  9.  Perm – As in the popular curly hairdo that dominated in the 1980s!
  10.  Phoebe – One of Saturn’s moons.
  11.  Pixie – Named for the very short, cute haircut that women sometimes sport.
  12.  Rapunzel – Perhaps your cat is the opposite of Rapunzel with her long, luxurious hair, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the name work!
  13.  Ratty – We know that the Sphynx’s looks can resemble a rat, but you know what? We are okay with that.
  14.  Ripley – In Alien 3, Ellen Ripley blends in with the bald male prisoners on a penal colony by being a badass and shaving her head while leading a rebellion.
  15.  Sasquatch – Another name for Bigfoot.

Rapunzel – Perhaps your cat is the opposite of Rapunzel with her long, luxurious hair, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the name work!

  1.  Satin – A name for a kitty as soft as satin!
  2.  Scrunchy – A name for a scrunched-up faced cat, and a common hair accessory to boot!
  3.  Selene – The Greek goddess of the moon.
  4.  Sekhmet – An Egyptian warrior lioness goddess who is also a goddess of healing.
  5.  Silk – A soft name for a soft Sphynx!
  6.  Sinead – Named for the famously bald singer, Sinead O’Conner.
  7.  Smooth – Is there anything smoother than a hairless kitty?
  8.  Softee – Did we mention that the Sphynx cat is just so soft?
  9.  St. Rose – A 15th woman from Peru known for her exceptional beauty, Rose sheered her hair short to not be noticed just for her beauty. She was an aspiring nun who lived a chaste life and was eventually canonized.
  10.  Tilda – The name of actress Tilda Swinton who portrayed the bald character The Ancient One in the movie Dr. Strange.
  11.  Velvet – Your kitty doesn’t need fur to be velvety soft!
  12.  Venus – The naked landscape of this beautiful planet is also the name of the Roman goddess of love.
  13.  Vixen – A female fox, with pointy ears like your Sphynx!
  14.  Vulcan – The pointy-eared aliens from Star Trek.
  15.  Yzma – The scrawny, bony villainess from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove.

Unisex Hairless Cat Names

Smooth – Is there anything smoother than a hairless kitty?

  1. Afro – We know, we know…but it’s a cute ironic name for your hairless guy, right?
  2. Alien – Do you sometimes think you may be living with a hairless alien, not an Earthling cat? Don’t worry – it’s a normal thought to ponder!
  3. Baby – Name your bald baby, well, Baby!
  4. Baldy – Yes, this name is a bit on the nose, but it’s a fine and fitting name, you have to admit!
  5. Bigfoot – Your kitty may lack the hair of the legendary cryptid, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dream, right?
  6. Butch – Your cat may be a bit on the butch side, but that doesn’t mean he or she is not beautiful in their own way!
  7. Buttons – Because your Sphynx cat’s big, beautiful eyes look like darling buttons!
  8. Bristle – Named for the little bits of hair your mostly hairless kitty may have.
  9. Cairo – Another Egyptian reference, this time to the old important city.
  10.  Cashmere – One of the softest things you will ever touch…along with your sweet little Sphynx, of course.
  11.  Cotton – A good name for a very soft cat.
  12.  Creeper – A hairless cat can sure look a little creepy – but what’s wrong with that?
  13.  Crinkles – A name for the crinkly skin of your kitty.
  14.  Crumples – A name for the crumpled look of a hairless cat.
  15.  Curly – A reference to The Three Stooges’ most famous stooge, the bald-headed Curly.

Buttons – Because your Sphynx cat’s big, beautiful eyes look like darling buttons!

  1.  Downy – A cute name for a soft cat.
  2.  Egg –  A funny name for your little baldy!
  3.  Elephant – A famously hairless animal, with a lot of personality and unique looks.
  4.  Elf – Because the Sphynx cat is the most elven of all cats, thanks to those adorably pointy, big ears!
  5.  Fleece – A soft-sounding name for a soft cat.
  6.  Fluffball – …Even though your kitty is the anti-fluffball!
  7.  Fluffernutter – Another silly name with “fluff” in it.
  8.  Fluffy – Yes, we are being silly with this name for your hairless cat. That’s why it’s fun!
  9.  Fuzzy – For the not-so-fuzzy kitty.
  10.  Genie – A whimsical name for a whimsical-looking cat.
  11.  Goblin – Fantasy fans will likely especially appreciate this name.
  12.  Gorilla – Maybe your little cat-monkey is more humanlike, like a gorilla?
  13.  Gossamer – The ultra-fine cobwebs that spiders sometimes spin, this beautiful name would be fitting for a Sphynx.
  14.  Gremlin – Similar to Goblin, but with a great 1980s movie reference to the movie Gremlins.
  15.  Hippo – Another proudly naked animal!

Hippo – Another proudly naked animal!

  1.  Kek – An ancient Egyptian deity of night and darkness that possessed both male and female qualities.
  2.  Lion – Your kitty may not have the majestic mane, but he or she is still a distant cousin of the King of the Jungle!
  3.  Locks – Works as a nickname for Goldilocks, or as a stand-alone name itself.
  4.  Mane – Your cat’s mane may be invisible, but we are sure it’s still there in spirit.
  5.  Marshmallow – Because you don’t need fur to be soft and sweet, like a marshmallow!
  6.  Melon – A funny name for a baldy!
  7.  Memphis – An ancient Egyptian city of import.
  8.  Mole – A hairless animal that lives in underground burrows.
  9.  Monk – A reference to the spiritual ascetics of the bald kind.
  10.  Monkey – The Sphynx does have an adorable monkey-like appearance, after all.
  11.  Moony – A reference to the barren landscape of the lunar surface.
  12.  Mopsy – One of the bunny siblings in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  13.  Mouse – Perfect for the tiny hairless cat.
  14.  Nile – Another cool Egyptian reference: the Nile River. 
  15.  Nudey – A great name for the naked cat.
funny Peterbald

Mole – A hairless animal that lives in underground burrows.

  1.  Obsidian – A very cool name for a black hairless cat.
  2.  Oddball – We love oddball cats. So, why not name a kitty such a name?
  3.  Panther – Especially fitting of a black Sphynx who looks sleek as a panther.
  4.  Peter – The main big-eared character from Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  5.  Pharoah – An Egyptian name for a royally composed cat.
  6.  Pikachu – The most famous of Pokemon, known for his tall, perky ears.
  7.  Prune – Because your kitty is probably as wrinkly as a prune!
  8.  Pyramid – A unique name that keeps with the Egyptian theme that your Sphynx kitty reminds us of.
  9.  Quirk – A cute, sweet name commemorating your cat’s quirky features.
  10.  Raisin – The Sphynx is nothing if not
  11.  Razor – Did you shave your kitty, or is it just a Sphynx?
  12.  Roo – We know that this big-eared kangaroo joey from Winnie The Pooh is a boy, but we think the name works as a unisex one.
  13.  Shadow – A very cool name for a sleek black-skinned Sphynx.
  14.  Shaggy – A silly name for the least shaggy cat in town.
  15.  Shai – The Egyptian personification of fate or destiny.

Pyramid – A unique name that keeps with the Egyptian theme that your Sphynx kitty reminds us of.

  1.  Silky – As in the Sphynx’s silky-smooth skin!
  2.  Skinny Kitty – It’s amazing how skinny cats look without hair, isn’t it?
  3.  Sphinx – Not to be confused with the Sphynx cat, the sphinx that you may know from Giza is a mythical creature with the head of a human, the body of a lion, and the wings of a falcon.
  4.  Spook – Hairless cat breeds can really pull off the spooky look, in the most adorable way!
  5.  Thebes – One of ancient Egypt’s most important cities.
  6.  Thumper – Bambi’s best friend, a long-eared bunny. We know technically Thumber is a boy, but we think it’s a name that works for a female cat whose ears remind us of a rabbit!
  7.  Tofu – There is just something about this bald, silky
  8.  Tuft – As in “tuft of hair,” which your “hairless” kitty may or may not have.
  9.  Vulture – A bald-headed bird.
  10.  Whisper – A pretty name for a soft, light cat who is as gentle as a whisper.
  11.  Wigs – Seriously, we don’t get tired of the hair-name puns!
  12.  Wings – A reference to your kitty cat’s big, winglike ears!
  13.  Wooly – We know your little guy isn’t exactly wooly, but he or she is still soft!
  14.  Wrinkle – Celebrate your kitty’s unique features by naming them after those very features!
  15.  Yeti – Another name for Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

Whisper – A pretty name for a soft, light cat who is as gentle as a whisper.

Hairless cats make unique pets. Strange yet elegant looking, funny yet charming, the Sphynx and other hairless breeds are sure to make great companions and interesting conversation starters. We hope this list has given you some good ideas for how to properly christen such one-of-a-kind felines!

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