150 Most Popular Halloween Themed Cat Names

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If you have a black cat or one that you think would benefit from a cool Halloween name, then you may find the name you are looking for from our list of male, female and unisex names. Some are creepy and some are comical, but they all share a common Halloween theme.

Male Halloween Cat Names

Casper- You might choose this for a friendly cat with some white or grey colors.

Here are some great options for naming your male cat with something spooky or just downright fun:

  1. Bane- This can be short for wolfsbane (a supernatural name) or for the Batman supervillain.
  2. Beast- A good choice if your cat is a little (or big) terror.
  3. Blackjack- Card names make for good Halloween choices, and this one is fun because it includes a boy’s name at the end.
  4. Blade- Like a sharp sword or the Marvel superhero/vampire.
  5. Bones- Good for a skinny cat or one with white or light coloring.
  6. Casper- You might choose this for a friendly cat with some white or grey colors.
  7. Cujo- Like the fierce Stephen King creature.
  8. Dante- Named after the literary character who journeyed through the levels of Hell.
  9. Diablo- Spanish for “devil”.
  10. Draco- A name common for dragon characters and a good name for a fierce feline.
  11. Dracula- Why not go with the name of the king of vampires?
  12. Fangs- You could try an utterly fearsome name.
  13. Frankenstein- Or you might want to choose this mad scientist’s name (often mistaken for the name of the scientist’s creature).
  14. Freddy Krueger- A classic movie villain could be a spooky choice, particularly for a striped cat.
  15. Gargoyle- For a dark or stoic cat, this may be an appropriate name.

Ember- The leftover bits from fires can be a good choice for any cats with some red or orange in their fur.

  1. Gomez- Named after the creepy Addam’s family patriarch.
  2. Gozer- Like the supernatural monster from Ghostbusters.
  3. Hannibal- You may remember this as the name of the creepy cannibal from a number of movies.
  4. Hitchcock- This names give your cat an air of intelligence, sophistication and just some slight creepiness, just like the famed movie director.
  5. Howler- For cats that like to make some noise.
  6. Jack-O-Lantern- We like scary themed names like this that incorporate common names.
  7. Jason Vorhees- You could choose the horror movie icon with a hockey mask.
  8. Merlin- This wizened wizard has been used as a pet name for generations.
  9. Mr. Hyde- This is the alter ego of the potion-chugging scientist Dr Jekyll.
  10. Poe- Named for the master of literary horror- Edgar Allen Poe.
  11. Predator- A good choice for a cat who likes to hunt.
  12. Pugsley- Named for the rotund Addam’s family member.
  13. Skellington- Like The Nightmare before Christmas’ character jack.
  14. Slimer- The haunting green ghost from Ghostbusters.
  15. Warlock- A unique wizard name that sounds absolutely terrifying.
  16. Wizard- Cats are often regarded as supernatural creatures, so why not go with a magical name?

Female Halloween Cat Names

Halloween Cat

Cinnamon- This is a common spice used during the fall season that might be a good name for red, orange or brown cats.

Here are some supernaturally cool female names to pick from:

  1. Autumn- Because Halloween is in autumn, and this may be a great name for red or orange cats.
  2. Bella- Like the female protagonist of Twilight.
  3. Boo- Good for a cat with white or gray colors or one that constantly sneaks up on people.
  4. Buffy- The professional vampire slayer is a good namesake.
  5. Candy Corn- A fun name that will remind anyone of Halloween.
  6. Cinnamon- This is a common spice used during the fall season that might be a good name for red, orange or brown cats.
  7. Clarice- Like the FBI agent from The Silence of the Lambs.
  8. Coraline- This creepy girl had her own Halloween-themed movie, and it may be a lovely name for a female cat.
  9. Cruella- A good name for black and white cats, after the villain of 101 Dalmatians.
  10. Elvira- This mistress of the night was a popular, creepy character decades ago.
  11. Eve- A feminine, short version of All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween Eve.
  12. Haley- A fun, female version of the word Halloween.
  13. Jinx- For a cat who is simply bad luck.
  14. Luna- This Spanish word for moon definitely has some Halloween vibes.
  15. Medusa- The mythological creature who turned people to stone with her gaze.
  16. Mortricia- The Addam’s family mother, and a good name for slender, black cats.
  17. Raven- A dark, mysterious bird and a good namesake for dark cats.
  18. Wednesday- Like the creepy, little girl from The Addam’s Family.
  19. Witchy- You could try a fun version of the classic Halloween character.

Cute Unisex Names

kitten Halloween Cat Names

Creeper- An utterly creepy name and the namesake of disturbing bad guys from Minecraft.

Try one of these kooky names that could work for either a male or female cat:

  1. Ash- You can try this one for a dark grey or black cat.
  2. Bat- This classic Halloween creature is a good option for dark cats.
  3. Blaze- If your cat has some red or orange, then this fiery name might work well.
  4. Butterfinger- Candy names are very appropriate for a Halloween theme.
  5. Cackles- Like a maniacal witch’s laughter.
  6. Charcoal- For any cat that is as black as coal.
  7. Claws- Is your cat a scratcher? This might be a good choice.
  8. Cobweb- Perfect name for a grey cat since many people use cobwebs as Halloween decoration.
  9. Creeper- An utterly creepy name and the namesake of disturbing bad guys from Minecraft.
  10. Crescent- Like the shape of the moon as it waxes and wanes.
  11. Crow- Dark birds can be creepy and good names for dark cats.
  12. Ebony- Any name that means black or has black in it can be appropriate for a creepy theme.
  13. Eclipse- This event where the moon is blacked out can have supernatural meaning to some.
  14. Ember- The leftover bits from fires can be a good choice for any cats with some red or orange in their fur.
  15. Foggy- An affectionate name that is ideal for any grey cat.

Phantom- Your cat doesn’t have to be into opera for this name to work for it.

  1. Ghost- This spooky name is one we might pick for a white or grey cat.
  2. Goblin- Maybe a good name for a cat that is a little terror.
  3. Hex- This magic spell is a short, catchy name for a pet.
  4. Koontz- The famed horror novel writer has a creepy sounding name of his own.
  5. Licorice- Just about any color of cat would fit well with this name, and it is a Halloween treat favorite.
  6. Marshmallow- For a squishy, cuddly cat of just about any color.
  7. Midnight- Of course, this is a perfect name for a dark cat or one with dark markings.
  8. Moonlight- This name has an ethereal, magical sound to it that we love for lighter cats.
  9. Newt- You may have heard of this small lizard being used in witch brews before.
  10. Nightmare- You could go with a terrifying name like this one.
  11. Ninja- For a sneaky, dark cat.
  12. Omen- A foreboding sign of things to come and a really spooky name, if you ask us.
  13. Onyx- A very dark stone that can be a suitable namesake for darker cats.
  14. Phantom- Your cat doesn’t have to be into opera for this name to work for it.
  15. Phasma- A Star Wars character or a ghostly apparition- you decide when you name your cat.

Tarantula- This creepy spider may remind you of the way your cat slinks about.

  1. Pumpkin- Save this for an orange cat or just use pumpkin in an endearing way for your pet’s name.
  2. Salem- The town where witches were killed definitely has a creepy ring to it.
  3. Scarecrow- Does your cat chase all the other animals away? This might be the right name for him or her.
  4. Skittles- This colorful candy is a Halloween favorite.
  5. Snickers- Another candy that is common around Halloween time.
  6. Spice- Halloween is the time of pumpkin spice and cinnamon spice foods and beverages.
  7. Spider- Ideal for tall, thin dark cats.
  8. Spirit- This ghastly name is a creepy option.
  9. Spooky- If your cat is a little on the creepy side, you can try this name.
  10. Stormy- If you have a black or grey cat, then this could be a good option.
  11. Tarantula- This creepy spider may remind you of the way your cat slinks about.
  12. Tarot- These mystical fortune-telling cards are commonly seen around Halloween time.
  13. Thorn- Sharp and pokey like your cat’s claws.
  14. Toad- Toads are often a companion or witches and wizards.
  15. Troll- A monstrous name like this could be good for a larger cat.
  16. Twilight- Nighttime names like this are very Halloween-ish
  17. Vamp- Since cats have such prominent fangs, this classic monster could be a good choice.
  18. Willow- This wispy name has an ethereal feel to it.
  19. Wolfie- For a voracious or vicious cat.
  20. Zombie- The classic horror monster might be a good choice for a cat that acts oddly.

Zombie- The classic horror monster might be a good choice for a cat that acts oddly.

Halloween Names for Black Cats

  • Raven – Symbolizes mystery and dark beauty.
  • Salem – Named after the infamous witch trials.
  • Morticia – Inspired by “The Addams Family.”
  • Vlad – After Count Dracula, the vampire legend.
  • Shadow – Reflects the cat’s dark and elusive nature.
  • Spooky – Perfect for Halloween’s eerie atmosphere.
  • Luna – For the moon’s mystical influence.
  • Hocus – From “Hocus Pocus,” a witchy movie.
  • Salem – A nod to the bewitched town.
  • Binx – The cat from “Hocus Pocus.”
  • Midnight – Representing the witching hour.
  • Wraith – A ghostly and haunting presence.
  • Phantom – For a mysterious and elusive cat.
  • Elvira – Inspired by the Mistress of the Dark.
  • Cobweb – Reflecting Halloween’s decorations.
  • Macabre – Evokes a sense of the eerie and spooky.
  • Nocturne – A musical term for night, fitting for a black cat.
  • Grimalkin – An old term for a cat, with a sinister twist.
  • Jinx – Believed to bring bad luck, perfect for Halloween.
  • Cauldron – A symbol of witchcraft and magic.

Halloween Calico Cat Names

  • Pumpkin – For their orange patches resembling Halloween pumpkins.
  • Candy Corn – Inspired by the festive Halloween treat.
  • Autumn – Reflecting the season’s colorful foliage.
  • Calypso – A whimsical name with a spooky undertone.
  • Patchwork – Describes their colorful, patchy coat.
  • Wicked – A nod to the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Trickster – Symbolizing Halloween’s playful spirit.
  • Potion – Evoking images of witchcraft and magic.
  • Harvest – Signifying the fall harvest season.
  • Mystic – Embracing the mysterious aura of Calico cats.
  • Enchant – For their captivating and colorful appearance.
  • Pocus – From “Hocus Pocus,” adding a witchy vibe.
  • Mosaic – Referring to their unique, patchwork coat.
  • Hex – Suggesting a touch of enchantment and charm.
  • Mirage – Capturing the ever-changing patterns in their fur.
  • Broomstick – Conjuring images of witches’ transportation.
  • Cali-Boo – A playful twist on “Calico” for Halloween.
  • Zephyra – A gentle breeze, fitting for their spirited nature.

Halloween Names for Orange Cats

  • Blaze – For their fiery orange coat.
  • Ember – Like glowing embers in a Halloween bonfire.
  • Tabitha – A classic witchy name.
  • Cider – A warm and comforting autumn drink.
  • Rusty – Reflecting their orange, rusty hue.
  • Jinx – A playful nod to superstitions.
  • Simba – For fans of “The Lion King” and Halloween.
  • Marigold – A vibrant and spooky flower.
  • Goblin – For their playful and mischievous nature.
  • Copper – Referring to their rich, coppery color.
  • Hazel – Signifying autumn’s earthy hues.
  • Phoenix – Like a fiery bird rising from ashes.
  • Rustle – The sound of fallen leaves in October.
  • Ginger – A classic name for orange cats.
  • Marmalade – Inspired by sweet orange spreads.
  • Sorcerer – Embracing their mystical appearance.
  • Tawny – For their warm and golden shade.

Did you find a great Halloween name for your cat from our list or were you just inspired by one of the names here? Don’t be scared to share it with us; we would love to hear what you picked out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I name my Halloween cat?

Name your Halloween cat something spooky like “Reaper” or “Nightmare” for a truly haunting feline!

What is the goth name for a black cat?

Going Gothic with your black cat? Raven and Orion are two good picks. Or keep it simple and try Ash, Night, Stormy, Sylvester, Felix, Oreo, or Tux - perfect for a black and white feline!

Can you suggest some Harry Potter-inspired names for cats?

Ready to add some wizardry to your feline family? Try naming your cats Luna, Hermione, Crookshanks, Minerva, or Sirius for a magical touch!

What are some Halloween names for orange cats?

Celebrate the season and your orange furball’s color with names like Pumpkin, Jack-o-Lantern, and Cider.

What tips do you have for choosing the perfect Halloween cat name?

Choose a name that reflects your cat’s personality, take inspiration from our list of options, and make sure to test out a few names before making your ultimate decision - have fun!

Try to think of a name that reflects your cat’s unique personality. Look to our list of options for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to test out a few names before making your final decision. Have fun with it!

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