150 Hebrew Cat Names With Meanings for Male & Female Cats

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A stunning Devon Rex cat with sleek, wavy fur and captivating eyes, posing gracefully.

Hebrew is the beautiful, ancient language of the Bible. Once relegated to mostly prayer and holy works, the modern state of Israel has revitalized Hebrew, turning it into a modern, spoken language.

But even before its rebirth, some of the most popular and common names found around the world have their roots in Hebrew. Rich with meaning, Hebrew names are a wonderful choice not just for us hairless bipeds, but for our four-legged furry friends as well.

Here are 150 Hebrew names to consider for your cat!

Best Male Hebrew Cat Names

  1. Achi (אחי) – “My brother.” This name is pronounced, “ahk-hi.”
  2. Adir (עָדִיר) – “Strong one.” The hymn “Adir Hu” or “He is mighty” is a happy tune that has been sung around the table at Passover seders for generations.
  3. Aharon (אַהֲרוֹן) – “Of the high mountain, exalted one.” This is the original Hebrew pronunciation of Aaron, Moses’ priestly brother.
  4. Alon (אֵלוֹן) – “Oak tree.” Pronounced “Ah-lone.”
  5. Ami (עַמִּי) – “My people.” Pronounced “Ah-mi.”
  6. Amir (אָמִיר) – “Prince.” This is an adorable name for your little prince.
  7. Anani (עֲנָנִי) – “My cloud.” A sweet name for a fluffy cat.
  8. Ari (אֲרִי) – “Lion.”  Other versions include “Ariel” and “Ariyeh.”
  9. Asher (אָשֵׁר) – One of the twelve sons of Jacob and therefore one of the twelve tribes of Israel, this name simply means “joy.”
  10.  Avi (אָבִי) – “My father.” This is often the shortened form of “Avraham” or the anglicized “Abraham.” In the Bible, Abraham was the father of the Jewish people and is considered one of the main patriarchs of the Jewish people.
  11.  Ayal (אַיָּל) – “Gazelle.” A beautiful name for a graceful cat.
  12.  Barack (בָּרָק) – “Lightning bolt.” A fun name for a fast cat prone to getting the zoomies.
  13.  Benjy (בִּנְיָמִין) – A cute, shortened name for “Benjamin,” meaning “son of my right hand.”
  14.  Chaimi (חַיִּים) – “My life.” It’s pronounced with a slightly guttural “Hy-mi.”
  15.  Dov (דֹּב) – “Bear.” A sweet name for your little teddy bear.
Best Male Hebrew Cat Names

Lavi (לַבִּי) – Another name version for “lion.”

  1.  Elie (אֵלִי) – The shortened form of “Eliyahu,” meaning “The Lord is My God.”
  2.  Elroi (אֵלְרוֹי) – “God saw me.”
  3.  Ezra (עֶזְרָא) – “God has helped.” Ezra was also a scribe with one of the books of the Bible named after him.
  4.  Goliath (גָּלְיָת) – The name of the giant that is slain by David after an epic battle in the Bible. Although this name is not completely rooted in Hebrew, the original meaning of Goliath’s name is, according to scholars, most likely “Lion-man.” I personally have a cat with this name!
  5.  Idan (עִדָּן) – A beautiful name meaning “era” or “time.”
  6.  Ira (אִירָא) – “Watchful.” Perfect for a watchful little guard cat.
  7.  Itamar (אִיתָמָר) – A name that marries two Hebrew words meaning “Island” and “Date tree.”
  8.  Lavi (לַבִּי) – Another name version for “lion.”
  9.  Lazarus (לָזָרוּס) – A Latinized version of Ezra, meaning “God has helped.” In the New Testament, Lazarus is a man resurrected from the dead by Jesus.
  10.  Lev (לֵב) – A sweet name that simply means “heart.” Perfect for the cat that you love so dearly.
  11.  Malachi (מַלְאָכִי) – “Messenger of God.” A name of one of the Biblical prophets with its roots in the Hebrew word for “angel.”
  12.  Matan (מַתָּן) – The perfect name for a precious cat, which means “gift.”
  13.  Meir (מֵאִיר) – “One who shines.”
  14.  Moses (מֹשֶׁה) – The anglicized version of “Moshe,” the most important prophet in Judaism, the name is actually probably rooted in the ancient Egyptian language when Pharoah’s daughter named him upon finding him as a baby floating in a basket down the Nile – “..he became her son. She named him Moses [מֹשֶׁה], saying, ‘I drew him out [מְשִׁיתִֽהוּ] of the water’.”
  15.  Naphtali (נַפְתָּלִי) – One of the tribes of ancient Israel, this unique name means “my struggle.”
A joyful Korean cat with a content expression, radiating happiness and relaxation.

Raphi (רָפִי) – A cute nickname for Raphael, which means “God has healed.”

  1.  Ophir (אוֹפִיר) – “Land of gold.” A pretty name for a cat that is as precious as gold.
  2.  Ori (אוֹרִי) – “My light.”
  3.  Oz (עוֹז) – Pronounced “ohz,” this name means “strength.”
  4.  Sagiv (סָגִיב) – Another mighty name that means “great, mighty, sublime.”
  5.  Samson (שִׁמְשׁוֹן) – The last of the judges of Israel, this anglicized version of “Shimshon” means “of the sun.” Samson was known for his long hair, which was the source of his mighty strength.
  6.  Shachar (שַׁחַר) – Pronounced “sha-har,” this unique name means “dawn.”
  7.  Shai (שַׁי) – A beautiful name that is pronounced as “shy,” it means “gift.”
  8.  Shalom (שָׁלוֹם) – A name that means “peace” and how we say “hello” in Hebrew.
  9.  Shilo (שִׁילֹה) – A biblical place meaning “heavenly peace.”
  10.  Shoresh (שורש) – A name that means “root,” which can have all kinds of symbolic meanings. After all, a mighty and beautiful tree is supported by the strength of its roots.
  11.  Solomon (שְׁלֹמֹה) – The anglicized name of King Shlomo, Solomon is known for his vast wisdom.
  12.  Tzvi (צְבִי) – A name for an elegant and graceful cat that means “deer.”
  13.  Esau (עֵשָׂו) – The name of Jacob’s twin brother, Esau literally means “hairy” because he was covered in reddish hair.
  14.  Raphi (רָפִי) – A cute nickname for Raphael, which means “God has healed.”
  15.  Rav (רַב) – A name that means “rabbi” and is more of an illustrious title. A great name for a cat that carries himself with a sense of self-importance.
A charming Korean cat showcasing its unique features and personality.

Zion (צִיּוֹן) – The anglicized version of “Tzion,” the name describes the holy land of Israel or Jerusalem.

  1.  Roi (רוֹעִי) – A cute name meaning “my shepherd.”
  2.  Yehuda (יְהוּדָה) – A name that means “praise,” Yehuda is one of Jacob’s twelve sons who come to lead the twelve tribes of Israel.
  3.  Yitzi (יִצְחִי) – Short for “Yitzhak” or “Isaac,” this cute name means “one who laughs.” A cute name for a happy kitty.
  4.  Yoni (יוֹנִי) – Short for “Yonatan” or “Jonathan,” this name means “God has given.”
  5.  Zion (צִיּוֹן) – The anglicized version of “Tzion,” the name describes the holy land of Israel or Jerusalem.

Best Female Hebrew Cat Names

  1.  Adele (אָדֵל) – Calling all fans of the pop singer with this name! This name has its roots in Hebrew and means “God is eternal.”
  2.  Adina (עֲדִינָה) – A sweet name for a sweet cat that means “gentle.”
  3.  Aliyah (עֲלִיָּה) – A lofty name meaning “exalted, ascending.”
  4.  Aliza (עַלִיזָּה) – A sweet name meaning “joy.”
  5.  Alma (עַלְמָה) – A pretty name meaning “young maiden.”
  6.  Alona (אַלוֹנָה) – A feminine version of “Alon,” which means “oak tree.”
  7.  Asa (אָסָא) – “Healer.” A lovely name for a cat that has provided healing in your life.
  8.  Anat (עֲנַת) – A unique name that means “answer.”
  9.  Atarah (עֲטָרָה) – A great name for a queenly cat, this name means “crown.”
  10.  Aviva (אֲבִיבָה) – Perfect for a cat with a sunny disposition, this name means “springtime.”
  11.  Ayala (אַיָּלָה) – A female version of the name “Ayal,” which means “gazelle.”
  12.  Ahava (אַהֲבָה) – I love this that means, incidentally, “love.”
  13.  Amira (אֲמִירָה) – If you have a furry little princess at home, this name is very fitting! It means “princess.”
  14.  Bathsheba (בַּת-שֶׁבַע) – This name means “Seventh Daughter.” The anglicized version of “Batsheva,” she is King David’s controversial wife in the Bible and the mother of the great King Solomon.
  15.  Dafna (דַפְנָה) – A beautiful name meaning “laurel.”
Best Female Hebrew Cat Names

Keshet (קֶשֶׁת) – A beautiful name meaning “Rainbow”.

  1.  Delilah (דְּלִילָה) – A fascinating but stigmatized figure in the Bible from Samson’s story, Delilah means “delicate.”
  2.  Devorah (דְּבוֹרָה) – The only named female judge from the Bible, the anglicized version is “Deborah.” It means simply “bee.”
  3.  Dina (דִּינָה) – A strong name for your kitty cat, it means “judgment.”
  4.  Dorit (דוֹרִית) – Pronounced “dor-eet,” this name means “generation.”
  5.  Gila (גִּילָה) – Pronounced as “gee-la,” it means “joy.”
  6.  Hadassah (הֲדַסָּה) – A gorgeous name that means “myrtle tree.”
  7.  Hagar (הָגָר) – The mother of Ishmael, Abraham’s son from Sarah’s handmaid, her name means “flight.”
  8.  Inbar (עִנְבָּר) – The Hebrew name for “Amber.”
  9.  Keren (קֶרֶן) – “Ray of light.” A very sweet name for a cat that has brought light to your life.
  10.  Keshet (קֶשֶׁת) – A beautiful name meaning “Rainbow”.
  11.  Kineret (כִּנֶּרֶת) – The Hebrew name of the Sea of Galilee, it also means “harp.”
  12.  Eden (עֵדֶן) – Of course, we think of the Garden of Eden from the Bible, the name actually means “delight.”
  13.  Jezebel (אִיזֶבֶל) – Okay, we know this name means something, er, not so nice. But did you know that this name of an ancient queen of Israel (who was condemned by God) actually means “pure, virginal”? A daring name for those with a darker sense of humor.
  14.  Leah (לֵאָה) – A beautiful name that means “weary,” Leah is one of the biblical matriarchs.
  15.  Libby (לִיבִי) – A diminutive of Elizabeth, which means “God is my oath.”
A cheerful and content cat with a bright smile, exuding happiness and positivity.

Ora (אוֹרָה) – Another bright name that means “light.”

  1.  Lilah (לִילָה) – A pretty name for a black cat, it means “night.”
  2.  Livna (לִבְנָה) – And now for the white kitties, this name simply means “white.”
  3.  Malka (מַלְכָּה) – A name befitting royalty, this name means “queen.”
  4.  Margalit (מַרְגָּלִית) –  A pretty name for a pretty cat that means “pearl.”
  5.  Nava (נָאוָה) – And speaking of pretty cats, how about a name like this, which actually means “pretty?”
  6.  Noga (נוֹגָה) – For the cat that shines, this name means “sparkle or brightness.”
  7.  Ora (אוֹרָה) – Another bright name that means “light.”
  8.  Orna (אוֹרְנָה) – A nice nature-based name that means “pine tree.”
  9.  Parpar (פַּרְפַּר) – A fun name that means “butterfly.”
  10.  Rina (רִינָה) – A name for a happy cat, this name means “joy.”
  11.  Rivka (רִבְקָה) – You may recognize the anglicized version of this name, which is “Rebecca,” which means “to tie, bind.” Rebecca is one of the biblical matriarchs.
  12.  Romi (רוֹמִי) – A cute name that means “my exalted.”
  13.  Sarai (שָׂרַי) – “Princess.” In the Bible, before God changes her name to Sarah, it is Sarai.
  14.  Shira (שִׁירָה) – A happy name that means “song” or “poem.”
  15.  Simcha (שִׂמְחָה) – Speaking of happy names, this name literally means “happiness!”
A joyful Persian cat with a delightful expression, radiating happiness and charm.

Anak (עֲנָק) – If you have a big boy or big girl, this name means “giant.”

  1.  Varda (וַרְדָּה) – A sweet name that means “rose.”
  2.  Vered (וֶרֶד) – An alternate version of “Varda.”
  3.  Yaffa (יָפָה) – For all those furry beauties, this name means “beauty.”
  4.  Zahava (זַהַבָּה) – An exotic-sounding name that means “gold.”
  5.  Zahara (זַהַרָה) – A beautiful name that means “flowering, shining.”

Best Unisex Hebrew Cat Names

  1.  Adie (אֵדִי) – A cute name that means “ornament.”
  2.  Agam (אגם) – A pretty nature name that means “lake.”
  3.  Agas (אָגַס) – A sweet name that means “a fruit pear.”
  4.  Anak (עֲנָק) – If you have a big boy or big girl, this name means “giant.”
  5.  Avia (אַבְיָה) – This pretty-sounding name means “The Lord is my father.”
  6.  Balagan (בלגן) – If you have a cat who gets into a lot of mischief, this fun-to-say name means “mess.”
  7.  Chesed (חֶסֶד) – Pronounced as a guttural “He-sed,” this name means “kindness.” It is also used to describe charity.
  8.  Davash (דְּבַשׁ) – A sweet name meaning “honey.”
  9.  Dikla (דִּקְלָה) – The word for a palm tree.
  10.  Dodi (דוֹדִי) – A familiar turn of phrase from the Song of Songs, “dodi” means “my beloved.”
  11.  Dror (דְּרוֹר) – An inspiring name that means “freedom.”
  12.  Efrat (אֶפְרַת) – Meaning “fruitful.”
  13.  Emek (עֵמֶק) – Another lovely nature name that means “valley.”
  14.  Etz (עֵץ) – Another nice nature name that means “tree.”
  15.  Gal (גַּל) – Made famous by Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, this simple and sweet name means “wave,” as in an ocean’s wave.
Best Unisex Hebrew Cat Names

Kochav (כוֹכַב) – Pronounced “Koc-hav,” it means “star.”

  1.  Gefen (גֶּפֶן) – A name that means “vine” and is one of the seven species of Israel.
  2.  Geshem (גֶּשֶם) – A pretty and tranquil nature name that means “rain.”
  3.  Gili (גִּילִי) – A cute name that means “my joy.”
  4.  Hallel (הַלֵּל) – A special prayer of thanks to God in Hebrew, it simply means “praise.”
  5.  Habibi (حبيبي) – A term of endearment that you will hear a lot in Israel, it actually has its roots in Arabic and means, “my love.”
  6.  Inbal (עִנְבָּל) – A name that means “tongue of a bell.” A sweet name for a cat with a sweet-sounding meow,
  7.  Kadosh (קָדוֹשׁ) – If your furry friend is sacred to you, this means “holy” or “divine.”
  8.  Katoret (קְטֹרֶת) – A word that means “incense,” which had holy significance in the Temple in Jerusalem.
  9.  Kochav (כוֹכַב) – Pronounced “Koc-hav,” it means “star.”
  10.  Lior (לִיאוֹר) – A beautiful name that means “my light.”
  11.  Liron (לִירוֹן) – For the cat that brings happiness into your life, this name means “my joy.”
  12.  Maayan (מַעְיָן) – Pronounced “Ma-ah-yahn,” this name means “spring, fountain.”
  13.  Mayim (מַיִם) – Pronounced “my-yim,” this is the word for “water.”
  14.  Mazal (מַזָּל) – If you have ever wished someone “mazal tov” you have wished them luck!
  15.  Matok (מָתוֹק) – A name for a sweetie, this name means “sweet.”
A heartwarming moment between a cat and a human, showcasing their special bond and connection.

Orli (אוֹרְלִי) – A version of “Ori,” this name means “my light.”

  1.  Motek (מותק) – And this name means “sweetie.”
  2.  Nahar (נָהָר) – A nice nature name that means “river.”
  3.  Neta (נֶטַע) – Perfect for that first kitten who becomes your lifelong buddy, this name means “seedling.”
  4.  Nes (נֵס) – If you have a cat that has been through a lot, this fitting name means “miracle.”
  5. Olam (עוֹלָם) – If your cat means the world to you, then this name is most fitting; it means “the world.”
  6.  Orli (אוֹרְלִי) – A version of “Ori,” this name means “my light.”
  7.  Otzar (אוֹצָר) – A name for your precious one that means “treasure.”
  8.  Perach (פֶּרַח) – Pronounced “Pehr-rahk,” this name means “flower.”
  9.  Raz (רַז) – A cool-sounding name that means “secret.”
  10.  Rimon (רִמּוֹן) – The word for “pomegranate” and one of the seven species of the land of Israel.
  11.  Ruach (רוּחַ) – Pronounced “Ru-akh,” this name can mean “wind,” “spirit,” or “ghost.”
  12.  Sababa (סַבָּבָה) – A fun-to-say slang term that means “alright.”
  13.  Shachar (שַׁחַר) – A cool name that means “dawn.”
  14.  Shaked (שָׁקֵד) – Pronounced “Shah-ked,” this name means “almond.”
A heartwarming interaction between a cat and a human, demonstrating their close and affectionate relationship.

Zayit (זַיִת) – One of the seven species of Israel, this name means “olive.”

  1.  Sheleg (שֶׁלֶג) – Perfect for a snowy white cat, this means “snow.”
  2.  Teva (טֶבַע) – A great name for an outdoor cat that means “nature.”
  3.  Yakar (יקר) – A name meaning “precious.”
  4.  Yalla (יָלָּה) – More of an exclamation or slang that means “let’s go!”
  5.  Yarden (ירדן) – The Hebrew name of the Jordan River, which means “to flow down.”
  6.  Zayit (זַיִת) – One of the seven species of Israel, this name means “olive.”

Hebrew is a rich, ancient and dynamic language full of interesting and deeply meaningful names (along with some silly and fun ones as well!) We hope you have found the perfect Hebrew name for your cat here!

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  1. Linda Christensen

    Fun article. Let me add: We named a cat Ruach (Ruah for short). She was a wild wind. Sadly, the breath passed at 6 months old.. We named our next cat Nehemiah (a good addition to your list), meaning “God Comforts” or Comforter. He was aptly named and balm to our sore Ruach-deserted hearts. After Nehemiah (Miah for short) passed, we had Ari (lion) –a delightful 1/2 Siamese who lived in my hoodie pouch for weeks, played with his whole heart and later took long walks with us (but terrorized the neighborhood). He met a lion’s end when he tangled with a car. Moral of the post: Take those Hebrew names seriously!
    15 years later, we still love those Biblical names but are now working on favorite detectives.