150 Awesome Irish Cat Names for Your Lovable Kitty

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Ireland is a magical place. The Emerald Isle is famous for its beautiful green landscapes, its rich history, and its deep connection to Celtic lore and mythology. If you have Irish roots or are a fan of all things Irish, then you’ll enjoy our list of 150 Irish cat names.

We have included much of the original Gaelic spelling, which is difficult to read if you are not a speaker of Gaelic. Where necessary, we have also included a pronunciation guide.

Male Irish Cat Names

  • Abbán – Let’s kick off this list with this name, which means “little abbot” and is the name of a sixth-century Irish saint. An adorable name for a reserved cat.
  • Aengus – Pronounced Angus, this is the name of the Celtic god of youth, beauty, and love.
  • Aidan – A sweet name meaning “little fire.” Great for a sassy cat.
  • Barry – Perfect for a white or blonde cat, this name means “fair-haired.
  • Beckett – Named for the Irish author Samuel Beckett, most famously known for his play, Waiting for Godot.
  • Blarney – A beautiful Irish village that houses the world’s most “loved” stone, the Blarney stone. Legend has it, that kissing this stone will give the kisser the ability to charm others with their words!
  • Bono – Calling all fans of the rock band U2!
  • Cian – A good name for a wise old cat and pronounced kee-an, it means “ancient” or “enduring.”
  • Cillian – Meaning “bright-headed,” this would be a cute name for a cat with a shining coat.
  • Colm – A popular Gaelic name that would be fitting for a gentle cat, it means “dove.”
  •  Comhghall –  Pronounced cow-all, this off-beat name means “fellow hostage.” We can see some dark humor suggested in this name, and we are fine with that.
  •  Conan – This fierce name means “little warrior,” and was perhaps made most widely famous by the fantasy novel turned movie, Conan the Barbarian.
  •  Conor – This name means “lover of hounds. Maybe you have a cat with a canine bestie – stranger things have happened!
  •  Dagda – The name of the Celtic god of the Earth.
  •  Diancecht – Pronounced dien-caithed, this is the name of the Celtic god of healing and medicine.

Conan – This fierce name means “little warrior,” and was perhaps made most widely famous by the fantasy novel turned movie, Conan the Barbarian.

  •  Dillon – A popular Irish name that means “flash of lightning.” A great name for a cat that loves to zoom around the house!
  •  Donal – A name for a cat who thinks himself to be in charge, it means “mighty, great chief.”
  •  Cait Sith – Pronounced cat-shee, this name means “Cat Fairy.” Fans of the video game Final Fantasy VII will appreciate the reference!
  •  Eoin – Pronounced “Owen,” this name means “young.” Great for a cat that is young at heart.
  •  Fergal – A fun name that means “brave.”
  •  Finnegan – A fun-to-say name that means “son of fair-haired.”
  •  Finn – A cute nickname for Finnegan.
  •  Goibhniu – Pronounced guyb-niu, this is the name of the Celtic god of weapon-makers and blacksmiths. Great for a tough guy cat.
  •  Gorm – This name means “dark blue” – which is great for blue-eyed cats, or deep grey cats, such as the Russian Blue.
  •  Jameson – A popular and famous Irish whiskey.
  •  Kerry – For the sleek, black cat, this one means simply “black-haired.”
  •  Liam – A nice name for a cat who watches over his people, it means “protector.”
  •  Lorcan – A cute name that means “little fierce one.”
  •  Mal – For the cat in charge, this name means “chief.”
  •  Mosach – A name befitting a furry friend, it simply meanshairy.
  •  Murphy – An adorable name that means “sea warrior.”
  •  Oisin – Pronounced o-sheen, this name means “little deer.” In Irish mythology, Oisin was a hero and the son of the warrior Fionn MacCool and the goddess Sive. Oisin’s mother was turned into a deer by the Dark Druid, so she raised him in the forest. When Fionn MacCool found him while hunting, he recognized him as his son and called him “little deer.”
  •  Oran – A name that means “little green one.” A sweet name for a cat with emerald eyes or a cat who loves being outside in nature where it’s beautiful and green.
  •  O’Reilly – An old Irish surname that implies an extroverted personality.
  •  Oscar – A cute name for tough cats, it means “god spear” or “champion warrior.”
  •  Pangur – The name of an iconic Irish poem about a monk’s cat is called Pangur Bán.
  •  Patrick – A Latin name that means “nobleman,” but St. Patrick is the most iconic patron saint of Ireland. You have to include this name here!
  •  Paddy – An adorable nickname for Patrick.
  •  Quigley – A fun name that means “unkempt.”
  •  Rian – A Gaelicform of Ryan befitting feline royalty – it means “king.”
  •  Ronan – A fun name that means “little seal.”
  •  Rory – The Anglicized spelling of Ruadhri, which means “red king.”
  •  Senan – Pronounced sennin, this name means “little wise person.”
  •  Shay – For the vigilant kitty, this name means “hawk-like.”
  •  Spud – Potatoes are a staple of Irish cuisine, making this name a funny, but fitting one.
orange american shorthair cat

Patrick – A Latin name that means “nobleman,” but St. Patrick is the most iconic patron saint of Ireland. You have to include this name here!

  •  Stew – Not gonna lie – this is straight up a name that celebrates a delicious and traditional Irish meat dish that we all like to eat in the colder months.
  •  Tadhg – Pronounced tieg, this name is for the gentle, little guy – it means “poet.”
  •  Tiernan – A sweet name that means “little lord.”
  •  Wilde – Name your kitty after the witty Oscar Wilde, one of Ireland’s most influential and popular literary figures.
  •  Yeats – Named after the great Irish poet and playwright, William Butler Yeats (pronounced yates).

Female Irish Cat Names

  •  Ailbhe – Pronounced alva, this name is likely derived from the Gaelic word “albho” which means ‘white.’
  •  Áine – Pronounced anya, this is the name of the Celtic goddess of youth, beauty, and love.
  •  Aisling – Pronounced ash-ling, this pretty name means “dream.”
  •  Aoibhinn – Pronounced ee-van or ay-veen, this exotic name means “pleasant sheen of radiant beauty.” It was a common name for Irish princesses and has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity.
  •  Aoife – Pronounced ee-fa, this pretty name fittingly means “beautiful, joyful.”
  •  Badb Catha –  Pronounced bive caha, this is the dark crow goddess of war.
  •  Banshee – In Irish folklore, a banshee is a female ghost that wails piteously just before a death occurs. A good name for a highly vocal cat.
  •  Blathnaid – Pronounced blaw-nid, this unique and quirky name means “flower” or “blossom.”
  •  Brianna – For the regal kitty, this name means “noble.”
  •  Brigid – An ancient Celtic goddess turned Irish Patron Saint, Brigid is a goddess of wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, blacksmithing, and domesticated animals.
  •  Cadhla – Pronounce ky-lah, this name means “beautiful, comely, and graceful.”
  •  Caer – The Celtic goddess of sleep and dreams
  •  Caoimhe – Pronounced kee-va, this name means “gentle and beautiful.”
  •  Cara – A name popular in Ireland, it simply and fittingly means “friend.”
  •  Ceridwen – The Celtic goddess of poetry, inspiration, and transformation.
  •  Ciara – A pretty name that means “dark-haired.”
  •  Cliodhna – Pronounced clee-na, this name means “shapely.” In Irish mythology, Cliodhna is the goddess of love and beauty. In some myths, she is the Queen of the Banshees.
  •  Dearbhla – Pronounced durv-la, the name means “true desire.”
  •  Deirdre – Pronounced deer-dra, this is most likely derived from the Celtic word for “woman.”
  •  Doireann – Pronounced deh-ryen, this unique name means“fair daughter.” 
  •  Enya – One of Ireland’s most famous singers and musicians, Enya is known for bringing Celtic music with a modern flair to the rest of the world.
  •  Eostre – The Celtic goddess of spring.
  •  Eimear – Pronounced ee-mur, this name means “swift.” Eimear was the wife of warrior legend Cuchulainn, and possessed the supposed six gifts of womanhood: beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, needlework, and chastity.
  •  Erin – This popular name literally means “Ireland.”
  •  Fiadh – Pronounced fee-a, this old Irish word means “wild.” Perfect for your own furry wild child!
  •  Fiona – Calling all blondie kitties, this name means “fair.” Fans of the Shrek franchise will appreciate this name as well.
  •  Grainne – Pronounced grawn-ye, and from the Irish word “for grain or corn.” In ancient Ireland, Grainne was the goddess of the harvest.
  •  Gwendolyn – A pretty name that means “fair, white, blessed ring.”
  •  Kayleigh – Great for an elegant cat, this name means “slim and fair.”
  •  Líadan – Pronounced lee-din this lovely name means “grey.”
  •  Macha – The Celtic goddess of war, life, and death.
  •  Maeve – Pronounced mayve, this sweet name means “bringer of joy.”
  •  Mairead – Pronounced mi-rade, this is the Irish form of Margaret. It means “pearl.”
  •  Megan – A diminutive of Margaret, this is a very popular female Irish name.
  •  Moher – An ancient Irish surname with deep roots.
  •  Molly – This classic Irish name means “bitter; star of the sea.”
  •  Muriel – An old-fashioned name that is an anglicized version of the Irish girls’ Muirgel, which means “bright sea.”
  • Niamh – Pronounced neve, this name means “radiance.”  A cute name for a happy-go-lucky cat.
  •  Nessa – A Gaelic name that means “not gentle.” I mean, maybe your girl is rough around the edges. Nothing wrong with that!
  •  Nuala – Pronounced noo-lah, this diminutive of Fionnuala means “fair shoulder.”
  •  Orlagh – Pronounced orla, this is a great name for your precious one that means “gold.”
  •  Quinn – A cute, simple name for a reserved, wise old cat that means “wisdom.”
  •  Rhiannon – A Celtic horse goddess whose name means “divine or great queen.” Her name was made even more famous by the dreamy Fleetwood Mac song of the same name.
  •  Roisin – Pronounced ro-sheen this name means, adorably, “little rose.”
  •  Sadhbh – Pronounced sive or sigh-v, this unique name can either mean “sweet and lovely,” or “wise.” Perhaps your cat is both!

Quinn – A cute, simple name for a reserved, wise old cat that means “wisdom.”

  •  Saoirse – Pronounced ser-sha, this name means “freedom.
  •  Sinead – A feminine form of Sean, and a name made famous by the controversial and talented Irish singer Sinead O’Conner.
  •  Sorcha – Pronounced sur-ka, this name means “brightness” or “radiant.”
  •  Talulla – A sweet anglicized form of the Irish name Tuileflaith or Tuilelaith meaning “abundance,” “ruler,” and “princess.”
  •  Teagan – A beautiful name that means “little poet.”

Unisex Irish Cat Names

  • Ashford – The name of a beautiful and scenic castle in Ireland.
  • Asthore – An Irish term of endearment that means “my treasure.”
  • Bailey – The name of a delicious Irish cream liqueur.
  • Belfast – The capital of Northern Ireland.
  • Bushmill – A famous and popular whiskey.
  • Bunratty – A famous Irish castle that still holds medieval banquets and entertainment today.
  • Cabbage – This staple of Irish cuisine makes for a funny name.
  • Carlin – Adorably, this name means “little champion.”
  • Celtic – While the ancient Celts were not exclusively in Ireland, the Emerald Isle has perhaps the strongest ties to Celtic culture, which is still very much present in modern-day Ireland.
  • Champ – Not just a fun nickname for your cat, but also a tasty Irish mashed potato dish.
  • Cranberry – This name is a nod to the Irish rock band The Cranberries.
  • Clover – A symbol of Ireland, and of luck (when there are four leaves, of course).
  • Coddle – A traditional Irish dish with sausage, bacon, and potatoes – perfect for a chubby cat!
  • Cork – A beautiful major Irish city.
  • Derry – An Irish city also known as Londonberry.
  • Dingle – A name to make you snicker, it is actually the name of a naturally stunning peninsula in Ireland.
  • Doolin – An Irish village known as a gateway to the ancient sites on the Aran Islands, it also makes for a funny name.
  • Dubh – Pronounced dove, it means “black.”
  • Dublin – The capital of the Republic of Ireland.
  • Emer – Pronounced member, this name means “swift.”
  • Emerald – It’s no secret why luscious green Ireland draws comparisons to the beautiful emerald.
  • Gaelic – Ireland’s native language.
  • Galway – A fun city in Ireland that is known for its many festivals.
  • Guinness – This dark Irish stout is iconic around the world. Perfect for a cat with a deep, chocolatey coat.
  • Halloween – This fun, spooky holiday, based on the Celtic festival of Samhain, has roots and traditions that can be traced back to Ireland.
  • Jig – Great for that happy-go-lucky cat, named for the lively Irish jig!
  • Kells – An ancient Irish town.
  • Kilkenny – A medieval town in southeast Ireland.
  • Killarney – A town in Ireland with the country’s first national park.
  • Leprechaun – A diminutive fae figure in Irish folklore that’s always up to mischief and has a pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow.

Kilkenny – A medieval town in southeast Ireland.

  • Lough – Pronounced like the Scottish”loch” this nature-based name means “lake.”
  • Londonberry – An Irish city also known as Derry.
  • Lucky – Every heard of the luck of the Irish?
  • Macushla – “Darling” or “sweetheart” in Gaelic.
  • Malin – An Irish surname that means “pleasant.”
  • Oatcake – A tasty Irish biscuit.
  • Pubs – Ireland’s pub life is world-famous, and it happens to make a quirky and fun name.
  • Práta – Pronounced prawh-tah, which is the Irish word for potato.
  • Pusheen – From the word Gaelic word puisín, which meanskitten.”
  • Riverdance – A long-running and world-famous theatrical performance troupe of traditional Irish dance.
  • Samhain – The festival that gave Halloween its roots, pronounce “sow-win,” this Celtic harvest festival took place in the fall when the veil between the living and dead are said to be at its thinnest.
  • Shamrock – A clover, which is a sort of symbol of Ireland.
  • Shandon – For cats who behave a bit more on the settled and stubborn side of life, this name means “old.”
  • Shannon – A gender-neutral name that means “wise river.”
  • Skellig – Beautiful islands off the coast of Ireland.
  • Tayto – A brand of Irish potato chips.
  • Tierney – An Irish surname that originated in the word for “lord” or “master.”
  • Tipperary – A famous town in Ireland.
  • Whiskey – Because Irish whiskey is world famous!
  • Wicklow – An Irish county that calls itself, “the garden of Ireland.”

Ireland is a one-of-a-kind place in the world that really captures the imagination. An enchanting and whimsical place, it’s easy to see why the Emerald Isle inspires and fascinates us no matter where we are around the globe. We hope that our list of Irish names for your furry friend has just the name you have been looking for. Sláint!

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