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The best places across the USA and UK for renting with pets

Pets are often treasured members of the family, however, as many pet owners may already know, renting with beloved four-legged creatures can often be a challenging ordeal simply because many rental properties prohibit pets.

As a result, finding a property that accepts these four-legged companions can prove to be very difficult, given that landlords may have their own rules surrounding renting with pets. For instance, many property owners only allow specific dog or cat breeds on their property. Therefore it’s always best to check with your potential landlord.

Research also shows that around half of all the adults in the UK own a pet, but regardless of this it’s not always straightforward finding a pet-friendly rental home. That’s why to ensure your furry companion is protected it is important to have cat insurance or any other pet insurance for that matter as landlords can specifically request their tenants’ pets be fully insured.

If you happen to have feline friends then as a renter you know how important it is to not only ensure that they have a safe environment to roam freely but that your four-legged fur friends are well taken care of down to the specific cat food they eat. This is because letting agencies are often reluctant to help pet owners.

To give you a helping hand, the team at Cats.com decided to revisit this much-debated topic to find out where in the UK and the US are the best (and worst) places for renting with an animal in 2023. Who knows, you and your furry companion might be closer to getting your new home than you think!

Have the best lets for pets stayed the same in comparison to last year?

Looking back on last year’s research for Lets for Pets it’s quite clear that there has been a significant change when it comes to the best locations to rent as a pet owner.

Although we saw Illinois grab the top spot as USA’s best state for pet-friendly lettings in our previous research, it seems a new state has taken its place. Interestingly, Hawaii remains in the first place as the worst state for renting with pets.

The UK’s best towns, cities, and London boroughs for pet-friendly lets have also seen a drastic change when compared to last year – but where are the best (and worst) places to rent with pets today? Let’s find out!

The USA’s best states for renters with pets


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 46.3%

Illinois appears to have been dethroned by Georgia which has now been crowned the US state with the most pet-friendly renting options on our list with almost half (46.3%) of lettings that accept pets.

Located in the Southeastern region of the United States, Georgia’s terrain spans coastal beaches, mountains, and farmland making it a great destination to move to if you’re thinking of renting with your beloved four-legged friends.

2.North Carolina

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 39.9%

In second position is North Carolina with almost two in five (39.9%) renting opportunities across the state. Said to be a great location not just for its scenic beauty but also when it comes to the quality of health care, top universities, and low cost of living – this popular state might just be the best place to relocate to if you’re a pet owner.


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 38.6%

Mississippi comes in as the third-best state for renting with almost 439 pet-friendly properties out of a total of over 1,137 available properties. This highlights a difference of 38.6%.

Home to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there are US endless opportunities for you and your furry friend all-year round when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. From beach strolls to forest walks, you’ll never run out of options.

Rank State Pet-Friendly Lets Total Lets Pet-Friendly Lets
1 Georgia 5,735 12,400 46.3%
2 North Carolina 3,594 9,009 39.9%
3 Mississippi 439 1,137 38.6%
4 Tennessee 2,138 5,584 38.3%
5 Indiana 1,540 4,257 36.2%
6 Missouri 1,541 4,348 35.4%
7 Alabama 1,062 3,129 33.9%
8 Arizona 3,031 9,316 32.5%
9 Texas 9,504 29,367 32.4%
9 Oklahoma 1,051 3,248 32.4%

The USA’s worst states for renters with pets


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 7.3%

Hawaii stays in the top spot when it comes to the state with the least pet-friendly properties on the rental market. However, it seems the number of landlords that accept tenants with pets has gone up by 1.2% since our previous research as 7.3% of rental homes now accept pets. Enjoying this Polynesian paradise with your furry friends might not just be a pipe dream after all.

2.Rhode Island

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 8.2%

Not only is Rhode Island the smallest state in the US, but it is also the location with the second lowest rate for pet-friendly rental properties having just 8.2% of lettings that allow pets. Though widely known for its sandy shores and Colonial seaside towns, unfortunately, Rhode Island might not be the best location to consider when it comes to renting with pets.


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 9.9%

Filled with a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted around with small towns, Connecticut’s rental market might be a little tricky to navigate with a pet companion. This is largely because only 9.9% of property owners accept pets on their rental properties.

Rank State Pet-Friendly Lets Total Lets Pet-Friendly Lets
1 Hawaii 84 1,157 7.3%
2 Rhode Island 90 1,099 8.2%
3 Connecticut 277 2,785 9.9%
4 Montana 53 490 10.8%
5 New Jersey 837 7,412 11.3%
6 New Hampshire 69 541 12.8%
7 West Virginia 93 687 13.5%
8 California 5,780 42,449 13.6%
9 Delaware 55 356 15.4%
10 Maine 82 530 15.5%

The USA’s best cities for renters with pets

1.Charlotte, North Carolina

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 54%

Last year we saw Charlotte rank in second position as one of the United States’ best cities for pet-friendly lettings. This year, not only does Charlotte take first place with over half (54%) of rental properties that welcome pets to the premises but this also highlights a massive 4% increase in landlords who accept pets on their properties in comparison to the previous year.

2.Arlington, Texas

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 53.2%

Following closely behind is the city of Arlington with more than half (53.2%) of pet-friendly rental properties. This location has also gone up in rank, shifting from third position to second place with an increase of 3.8% compared to the previous year.

3.Jacksonville, Florida

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 52.5%

Located on the Atlantic coast of northeastern Florida, Jacksonville is not only the most populous city in the sunny state but is also ranked as the third most pet-friendly city on our list with over half (52.5%) of rental properties that accept pets.

From tree-lined neighborhood streets to wide to welcoming sandy beaches, this vibrant city will surely serve as a large playground for your four-legged companion.

Rank City State Pet-friendly Lets Total Lets % Pet-friendly Lets
1 Charlotte North Carolina 971 1,798 54.0%
2 Arlington Texas 192 361 53.2%
3 Jacksonville Florida 1,067 2,034 52.5%
4 Fort Worth Texas 544 1,097 49.6%
5 Indianapolis Indiana 638 1,480 43.1%
6 Kansas City Missouri 420 983 42.7%
7 New York City New York 3,900 9,323 41.8%
8 Dallas Texas 588 1,441 40.8%
9 Nashville Tennessee 545 1,342 40.6%
10 Austin Texas 876 2,211 39.6%

The USA’s worst cities for renters with pets

1.El Paso, Texas

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 7.1%

Taking first place as the worst city for renting a property with pets is El Paso. Nicknamed the Sun City, finding suitable residence here for both you are your furry friends might be a little tricky as only 7.1% of properties accept pets.

2.Fresno, California

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 8.2%

In second place is Fresno, down from the top position last year, this major city in the San Joaquin Valley of California has since increased its number of pet-friendly lettings. With a growth of 3.35%, Fresno how has 8.2% of suitable homes to rent with pets.

3.Long Beach, California

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 9.4%

Long Beach completes the top three worst cities for pet-friendly renters with only 9.4% of lettings that allow pets. Located in Southern California, this coastal city is an oceanfront gem filled with sandy beaches – a perfect location for your four-legged friends to explore.

Rank City State Pet-friendly Lets Total Lets % Pet-friendly Lets
1 El Paso Texas 26 366 7.1%
2 Fresno California 30 368 8.2%
3 Long Beach California 78 831 9.4%
4 San Jose California 99 956 10.4%
5 Detroit Michigan 138 1,271 10.9%
6 Bakersfield California 32 281 11.4%
7 Oakland California 141 1,160 12.2%
8 Boston Massachusetts 959 7,236 13.3%
9 Sacramento California 118 851 13.9%
10 San Francisco California 371 2,475 15.0%

The UK’s best towns for renters with pets

1.Crawley, West Sussex

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 10.4%

If you’re looking to relocate to a place with the best chance of finding a rental that accepts pets, then relocating to Crawley is probably your best bet. A large town in West Sussex, the rental market in this location currently has one in 10 (10.4%) landlords who welcome pets into their property.

2.Newport, Wales

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 9.1%

Not too far behind is Newport with 9.1% the second largest proportion of rental properties for pet owners. The Welsh city also has many pet-friendly parks and beaches to offer pet lovers such as the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve making it a top location to keep an eye on if you’re looking for a more pet-friendly location.

3.Blackpool, Lancashire

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 9%

Blackpool completes the top three best towns and cities for pet-friendly lettings with 9% of properties across the city accepting tenants with pets. Situated on the Irish Sea coast of England, this seaside resort is not only a popular tourist destination but a great location for pet owners as there are plenty of villages and gardens to explore.

Rank Location Region Pet-friendly Lets Total Lettings % Pet-friendly Lets
1 Crawley West Sussex 11 106 10.4%
2 Newport Wales 13 143 9.1%
3 Blackpool Lancashire 13 145 9.0%
4 Ipswich Suffolk 20 241 8.3%
5 Swindon Wiltshire 30 395 7.6%
6 Aberdeen Aberdeenshire 38 525 7.2%
7 Peterborough East of England 40 583 6.9%
8 Manchester Greater Manchester 165 2,423 6.8%
9 Warrington Cheshire 16 245 6.5%
9 Glasgow Scotland 64 984 6.5%

The UK’s worst towns for renters with pets

1.Preston, Lancashire

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 2.3%

When it comes to the worst city for renting with a pet, Preston tops the list. Situated on the north bank of the River Ribble in Lancashire, this city has 2.3% of landlords who are willing to accept pets onto their properties making it slightly more challenging to find a suitable home for you and your furry companions.

2.Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 2.4%

Next in line is Sunderland which follows closely behind with just 2.4% of properties that have been advertised as pet-friendly. This port city doesn’t offer many opportunities on the rental market for pet owners.

3.Birkenhead, Merseyside

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 2.6%

Boasting a rich maritime history, Birkenhead is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral in the Merseyside region. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to find a property for both you and your four-legged companion in this location, your chances a very slim as just 2.6% of homes in this location are certified as pet-friendly.

Rank Location Area Pet-friendly Lets Total Lettings % Pet-friendly Lets
1 Preston Lancashire 21 927 2.3%
2 Sunderland Tyne & Wear 5 205 2.4%
3 Birkenhead Merseyside 2 77 2.6%
4 Nottingham Nottinghamshire 63 2,362 2.7%
4 Leicester Leicestershire 55 2,059 2.7%
6 Leeds West Yorkshire 89 3,178 2.8%
6 Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne & Wear 31 1,096 2.8%
8 Oxford Oxfordshire 43 1,411 3.0%
9 Swansea Wales 30 967 3.1%
10 Coventry West Midlands 66 2,091 3.2%

London’s best boroughs for renters with pets


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 14.2%

Looking at the London boroughs that have the largest proportion of advertised rentals that accommodate pets, Brent takes the top spot with 14.2% of property owners accepting pets. Located in northwest London, Brent not only offers plenty of pet-friendly accommodations but also many suitable restaurants and activities for pets.


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 11.2%

In second place is Westminster. Out of a total of 5,279 rental properties on the current market, an estimated 590 of these lettings have been advertised as being suitable for pets highlighting a difference of 11.2%. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, there is also an array of pet-friendly pubs, cafes, and restaurants in and around the Westminster area.


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 9.9%

Ranking in third place is Hounslow with 9.9% of the rental market favoring pet owners. This large suburban district in West London offers many parks and activities suitable for pets such as Inwood park, a tree-dotted park featuring plenty of walking paths.

Rank London borough Pet-friendly Lets Total Lettings % Pet-friendly Lets
1 Brent 182 1,279 14.2%
2 Westminster 590 5,279 11.2%
3 Hounslow 70 708 9.9%
4 Croydon 84 911 9.2%
5 Hammersmith and Fulham 183 2,054 8.9%
6 Waltham Forest 64 727 8.8%
7 Bexley 11 132 8.3%
8 Kensington and Chelsea 309 3,996 7.7%
9 Bromley 29 383 7.6%
10 Lambeth 108 1,515 7.1%

London’s worst boroughs for renters with pets


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 1.8%

Hillingdon comes in first place as the worst London borough for renting with a pet. Though this location is the largest and westernmost borough in West London it surprisingly lacks renting opportunities for pet owners with only 1.8% of landlords accepting pets on their properties.

2.Richmond upon Thames

Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 2.9%

Richmond upon Thames follows suit with only 2.9% of rental properties advertised as suitable to pets. Though an affluent residential district bordering the River Thames, Richmond does not offer many options for renters with pets making it trickier to find the best home for you are your furry friend.


Percentage of pet-friendly lets: 3%

Located in East London, this London Borough completes the top three worst places for renting with pets in London. In Havering, just 3% of landlords are willing to accept pets into their properties. Unfortunately, this means you might have a harder time finding a suitable home for you and your four-legged companion.

Rank London borough Pet-friendly Lets Total Lettings % Pet-friendly Lets
1 Hillingdon 7 386 1.8%
2 Richmond upon Thames 15 516 2.9%
3 Havering 5 165 3.0%
4 City of London 36 1,141 3.2%
5 Redbridge 15 438 3.4%
6 Wandsworth 61 1,692 3.6%
6 Barnet 40 1,100 3.6%
8 Islington 56 1,502 3.7%
9 Enfield 17 429 4.0%
10 Merton 25 604 4.1%
10 Kingston upon Thames 27 651 4.1%


To find out which states and cities in the USA had the most renting options for pet owners we looked a list of all 50 states as well as the top 50 most populous cities in America. With this information, we sourced data from the real-estate website Zillow. This information is based on data collected from 21/03/2023 to 23/03/2023.

By searching each location to find both the total number of lettings and as well as the number of pet-friendly lettings using Zillow filters, we collated this information and then ranked it based on the locations with the highest and lowest percentage differences to find out the best and worst locations to rent with pets.

For the UK we looked specifically at a list of the top 50 most populous towns and cities not including London boroughs as we then gathered a separate list for London. With this list, we gathered information from Zoopla and Spare Room, taking into account the total number of lettings as well as the total number of pet-friendly lettings. This information is based on data collected from 21/03/2023 to 23/03/2023.

The data collected were then ranked based on the percentage differences which highlighted the locations with the best chance of renting with pets as well the worst places.

Please note that all data collection was completed on 23/03/2023.