150 Best Native American Cat Names Ideas for Your New Pet

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Native American culture, history, and lore is rich and deep with meaning, and Native naming conventions often reflect this quality. Here are some beautiful and meaningful Native American names to consider for your cat.

Keep in mind that many of these names could easily be gender neutral, and this list is just a guide – don’t let that stop you from getting creative!

Male Native American Cat Names

  • Achak – An Algonquin name meaning “spirit.”
  • Adohi – Cherokee for “timber” or “woods.” Great for an outdoorsy cat.
  • Ahanu – An Algonquin name that means “he laughs.” A sweet name for a cat that makes you laugh.
  • Ahote – This Hopi name means “restless one,” for your hyperactive kitty.
  • Chaske – Sioux for “first son.” This name works for the cat owner who sees their kitties as their furry little kids!
  • Chiqala – An adorable Dakota name that means “little one.”
  • Crazy Jack – Also called Little Jack, this Lenape trickster can be foolish and lazy, but is also blessed by luck and last minute wisdom when the going gets tough.
  • Ezhno – A fitting name for a loner cat, this name means “he walks alone.”
  • Fone – A Santa Clara name meaning “snow child.” It would be an adorable name for a cat that loves snow, or one that has snowy white fur.
  •  Jacy – This cool name means “the moon.”
  •  Hongvi – A gender neutral name in Hopi for “strong.”
  •  Kai – A simple but nice Navajo name that means “willow tree.”
  •  Keme – This Algonquin word means “secret.”
  •  Lallo – This sweet Kiowa name means “little boy.”
  •  Napi – A trickster figure in Blackfoot legends.
  •  Nayati – For your playful kitty, consider this name which means “he who wrestles.”
  •  Nikon – Give your fuzzy little bestie this Potawatomi name that means “my friend.”
  •  Oshkosh – This fun to say Menominee name very appropriately means “claw.”
  •  Takoda – Name your friendly boy cat this Sioux name that means “friend to everyone.”
  •  Tama – A cool name that means “thunder.”
  •  Tawa – A Hopi name meaning “sun,” this would be a fitting name for a cat that really brightens up your day.
  •  Tyee – A Chinook name meaning “chief.”
  •  Viho – A Cheyanne name meaning “chief.”
  •  Whiskey-Jack – A corruption of the name Wisakedjak, this is the Cree tribe’s folklore trickster.
  •  Yazhi – Navajo for “little.”

Female Native American Cat Names

Meli – The Cherokee variant of the name Mary.

  • Abeque – A Chippewa name meaning “she stays at home,” which could be perfect for your little homebody buddy.
  • Aiukli – A Choctaw name for your little beauty that means “beautiful.”
  • Alawey – Mi’kmaq for “pea” – a cute name for a sweet pea of a cat!
  • Citana – This pretty name means “star in the sky.”
  • Istas – A Cheyanne name meaning “snow,” for the cat that loves snuggling up with you during the winter.
  • Kateri  – The Mohawk variant for the name Catherine.
  • Kimeya – This Pomo name means “singing throat” and would make a good name for a more vocal cat.
  • Kipitaki – Meaning “Old Woman,” Kipitaki is the wife of the Black Foot trickster demigod named Napi. She often helps him out when he gets himself into trouble.
  • Kishil – This means “night,” and would be a pretty name for your night owl of a cat.
  •  Lomasi – Hopi for “pretty flower.”
  •  Macawi – Sioux for “female coyote,” which also means “motherly.”
  •  Meli – The Cherokee variant of the name Mary.
  •  Nizhoni – A beautiful Navajo word that means “beautiful” – a name for a beautiful cat!
  •  Pipaluk – One of our favorites on this list, this adorable word is Inuit for “sweet little thing.”
  •  Pala – A pretty nature-inspired name meaning “upland meadow.”
  •  Shikoba – A Choctaw name that means “little feather” and is perfect for a small, lightweight cat.
  •  Tadita –  This name means “running one” in Choctaw. A great name for a kitty that’s prone to getting the zoomies.
  •  Tallulah – This Choctaw word rolls so nicely off the tongue and means “leaping water.”
  •  Tanis – Cree for “daughter.”
  •  Tiva – This Hopi name means “dance.”
  •  Winema – The Miwak name word for “chief.”
  •  Winona – The Sioux nickname for “first daughter,” Winona is a widely known name thanks to actress Winona Ryder and country singer Winona Judd.
  •  Woya – Cherokee for “mourning dove.”
  •  Yamka – A lovely Hopi name meaning “time of blossoms.”
  •  Zonta – A Lakota name that means “trustworthy.” Perfect for your beloved and trusty feline companion.

Native American Cat Names Based on Native American History

Sequoyah – A member of the Cherokee tribe, Sequoyah invented the Cherokee alphabet to write down and preserve Cherokee culture.

  • Black Hawk – A famous leader and warrior of the Sauk tribe.
  • Cochise – An Apache warrior known for fiercely resisting the invasion of his people’s land.
  • Crazy Horse – A legendary Lakota warrior, Crazy Horse fought the famous battles of the Black Hills War on the northern Great Plains, and in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
  • Geronimo – A leader of the Apache tribe, Geronimo led the resistance of his people for many years against invaders from the west and from Mexico. If that’s not cool enough, it’s also a funny name for a sleepyhead because his name means “one who yawns.”
  • Hendrix – One of the best guitar players in rock and roll history, Jimi Hendrix was half Cherokee on his mother’s side.
  • Pocahontas – The daughter of the chief of the Powhatan tribe who was known for saving the life of Jamestown settlement leader Captain John Smith when he visited her village. Her name also means “playful one.”
  • Sacagawea – A member of the Shoshone Indian tribe who traveled with the Lewis and Clark expedition as an interpreter and guide, she played a major role in the success of their journey to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sequoyah – A member of the Cherokee tribe, Sequoyah invented the Cherokee alphabet to write down and preserve Cherokee culture.
  •  Sitting Bull – This famous leader of the Lakota Indians is perhaps best known for having the premonition that he would win a great battle against the white man. He led the Battle of Little Bighorn against General Custer. In the battle, called Custer’s Last Stand, Sitting Bull and his warriors completely destroyed Custer’s army, down to the last man.
  •  Squanto – A native of the Patuxet tribe known for helping the early Pilgrims learn how to catch fish, grow crops, and survive the winter.
  •  Thorpe – Named for Jim Thorpe of the Sac and Fox Nation in Oklahoma. Considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, Thorpe played professional baseball, basketball, football and was an Olympic Gold Medalist for the pentathlon and decathlon in the 1912 Olympics.

Native American Cat Names Based on Animals

  • Aponi – A beautiful Blackfoot word for “butterfly” – In the Blackfoot tribe, butterflies are believed to carry dreams to us when we sleep, so mothers will tie a small piece of leather to a child’s hair with a butterfly painted on it for sweet dreams.
  •  Askook – An Algonquin name for “snake” – great for a sneaky cat.
  •  Blue Jay – The Chinook trickster, this would be a cute name for a mischievous blue-eyed kitty cat.
  • Buffalo – A sacred majestic animal amongst the Plains tribes.
  • Chaytan – Sioux for “hawk,” an especially fitting name for a cat that is as watchful as a hawk.
  • Coyote – This North American canine is commonly depicted as a trickster in Native lore.
  • Fala – A Choctaw name meaning “crow.”
  • Kuruk –  A Pawnee name meaning “bear.”
  • Liwanu – This name means “growling bear,” indigenous to the Miwok tribe.
  •  Locha – The Creek tribe’s word for “turtle.” A funny name for a slow moving cat, or one that likes to shyly hide like a turtle in its shell.
  •  Mink – A traditional trickster animal in Native American lore.
  •  Nova – A sweet name meaning “chases butterfly” in the Hopi language.
  •  Raven – A trickster in Northwestern tribal lore.
  •  Sasquatch – Perfect for a large, furry friend.
  •  Wahya – Cherokee for “wolf.” Perfect for the cat that acts more like a dog than a cat!

Native American Cat Names Based on Colors

Wapáju – A fun name that is Mohican for “white”

  • Hinto – Sioux for “blue hair.” This would be fitting for a Russian Blue cat breed.
  • Hotah – Give your kitty this Sioux name for “gray” or “brown.”
  • Laana – If your cat has beautiful yellow eyes, consider the Alabama word for “yellow.”
  • Losa – Name your sleek black kitty the Chickasaw word for “black”
  • Mahkate – Another great name for a black cat, this is the Miami word for “black.”
  • Miko – Miami for “red,” this cute name is fitting for an orange haired cat.
  • Miskwà – Algonquin for “red,” this would be a good name for a ginger cat.
  • Ondembite – This unique name is Shoshone for “brown.”
  • Sakwa – Hopi for “blue,” this would be a very appropriate name for a blue-eyed cat.
  •  Unega – Name your white cat the Cherokee word for “white.”
  •  Wapáju – A fun name that is Mohican for “white”
  •  Wapi – Maliseet-Passamaquoddy for “white.”
  •  Wisawi – Maliseet-Passamaquoddy for “yellow” – a great name for a little blondie!
  •  Xota – A Dakota-Sioux word for “gray.

Native American Cat Names Based on Places

  • Alaska – The anglicized Aleut meaning “the great land,” this could be a fun name for a snowy white cat.
  • Arizona – Meaning “little spring.”
  • Denali – From the Koyukan language, Denali National Park in Alaska is a naturally beautiful land meaning “the tall/long one.”
  • Malibu – For a California, beach bum cat!
  • Miami – Another fun beachy name!
  • Milwaukee – This Wisconsin city means “the great land.”
  • Niagara – The name for Niagara Falls has its roots in the Iroquois nation.
  • Oklahoma – This state’s name is taken from two Choctaw words meaning “red people,” we think of it as a fun way to refer to red-furred cats.
  •  Saratoga – Most likely a Mohawk name meaning “springs (of water) from the hillside.”
  •  Tahoe – A famous lake named by the Washoe tribe. It means “big water.”
  •  Takoma – A city in Washington State and area in Washington D.C. believed to mean “high up” or “near Heaven” in the Lushootseed language.
  •  Tennessee – This fun sounding name is believed to be rooted in the Cherokee language, but its meaning is unfortunately lost.
  •  Texas – From the Cado native language, meaning “friend.”
  •  Tomahawk – A city in Wisconsin, a tomahawk is also a distinctive Native American tool and weapon.
  •  Pensacola – This Choctaw word means “hair people,” which we can’t help but feel is the perfect way to describe our kitties.
  •  Utah – An Ute name meaning “people of the mountains.”
  •  Wichita – This Kansas name honors the Wichita tribe. The Wichita people were known by other groups as the “tattooed people.” Their name for themselves means “raccoon eyes,” referencing their distinctive tattoos around the eyes.

Native American Cat Names Based on Native American Tribes

There are many, many Native American tribes to choose a name from. Below is just a sample of a few of the more well known tribes that you might recognize.

  • Apache
  • Blackfoot
  • Cherokee
  • Cheyanne
  • Chickasaw
  • Chippawa
  • Choctaw
  • Comanche
  • Creek
  •  Dakota
  •  Hopi
  •  Inuit
  •  Iroquois
  •  Klamath
  •  Lakota
  •  Mohawk
  •  Navajo
  •  Ottawa
  •  Pueblo
  •  Seminole
  •  Shoshane
  •  Sioux

Native American Cat Names Based on Native Spirituality

Lonan – A lovely Zuni name meaning “cloud.”

  • Ahone – The Powhatan creator God. According to legend, Ahone created the world as a flat disk with the Powhatan tribe at its center.
  • Ataensic – The Iroquois Sky Goddess who is associated with all things feminine, marriage and childbirth.
  • Esa – The Wolf Creator God of the Shoshone, Bannock, and Northern Paiute tribes, Esa is often helped by his irresponsible brother, Coyote, who he often must rescue after he gets into mischief.
  • Ghost – The Ghost Dance was a religious movement among Natives of the Plains and Rocky Mountains after a Paiute man named Wodziwob had a prophetic vision of the dead resurrected, the wild game returned to their plentiful numbers, and the restoration of traditional Native life. This fascinating circle dance is an expression of Native American hope for the future.
  • Henon – The Iroquois and Seneca Thunder Spirit. This could be a fun name for a louder cat.
  • Kanati – The Cherokee first man and Guardian of the Hunt, this name would be great for a cat who does his job as a hunter.
  • Lonan – A lovely Zuni name meaning “cloud.”
  • Maheo – The Creator God or Great Spirit of the Cheyenne people.
  • Makya – A Hopi name for “eagle hunter.” A fun name for a cat that enjoys bird hunting.
  •  Masaw – A Hopi figure known as the Spirit of Death, Earth God, Door Keeper to the Fifth World, and the Keeper of Fire, and Master of the Upper World.
  •  Natosi – The name of the Blackfoot Sun God whose name means “holy one.”
  •  Niskam – The name of the Mi’kmaq Sun God whose name also means “grandfather.”
  •  Onatah – The Iroquois Corn Goddess.
  •  Orenda – Divine Spirit of the Iroquois.
  •  Pomola – A legendary Abenaki Bird Spirit that causes cold weather. A cute name for a kitty who is fond of the cold.
  •  Raweno – The Great Creator of the Mohawk and Huron tribes, his name means “great voice,” – especially fitting for a vocal cat.
  •  Sedna  – The Inuit Goddess of the Sea.
  •  Selu – The Cherokee First Woman and Goddess of the Corn.
  •  Spider-Woman – The Hopi Creation Goddess – a cute name especially for a cat that is jet black or likes to climb like a spider.
  •  Thunderbird – A massive legendary bird in Native American lore, the Thunderbird is said to protect humans from evil spirits. A great name for a little protector.
  •  Yamoria – A medicine man and hero who is said to have organized everything in the natural world into its rightful place for the benefit of mankind.

Native American names have such a vast and unique history, we are certain that one of these names for your cat will speak to you. Just remember to always be respectful when naming pets, especially when drawing inspiration from indigenous cultures. Happy naming!

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