He Turned His Garage Into a ‘Stray Cat Hotel’ But Other Creatures Noticed Too

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Cary decided to open the Stray Cat Hotel for local unhoused felines to find refuge when need be. He filled his garage with cat towers, pillows, and blankets, leaving plenty of room for his furry guests to nap and play.

Interestingly enough, however, a few other creatures discovered Cary’s garage (we’re looking at you, Lily the Skunk, and Dave the Opossum). And when Cary was faced with the decision to either keep it cats-only or open the space to all, he decided that “the more, the merrier” was a more hospitable way to do business.

Check out the Stray Cat Hotel in the video below:

Without an interview with Cary and scant info on the hotel itself, I really struggled with finding a way to flesh this video out with any sort of narrative arc, especially because focusing too much on the skunk, raccoon, or opossum as the “main character” didn’t feel on brand.

From a reader perspective, I feel like the best experience would be to have a short and sweet paragraph t-ing up the video embed. What do you think? LMK if you want me to rethink or discuss.

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