Woman Reunites With Lost Cat After 10 Years

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Meeting Mr. Mojo in Carrier

Unfortunately, cats go missing from time to time, and it can be heartbreaking. Not knowing where your cat is even for a few hours is enough to make any cat owner panic, but when they are lost for years, we often lose hope. So when this South Carolina woman got a call from a local animal shelter, she was in for a big surprise.

Mr. Mojo left one night in 2013, and he didn’t come back.

Mr. Mojo, aka Mr. Kitty, was an indoor/outdoor cat used to having time outdoors to himself. Because he usually came home, his owner Erin trusted him to return safely after a jaunt in the fresh air.

He had a lot of love to come home to, including a kitty friend, Mahi, who was adopted on the same day. While there was a dog in the home that Mr. Mojo did not consider a friend, Erin did not have reason to worry when he asked to be let outside.

After he didn’t return that night, the search began.

The next day, Erin began to worry. She began searching for Mr. Mojo by putting out posts on social media, as well as making flyers by hand to put up in her neighborhood. She also started calling the local animal shelter regularly.

For weeks, Erin continued looking for Mr. Mojo. After a few years, she began to give up hope that he may ever be found and adopted two more cats as companions for Mahi to help fill the void of Mr. Mojo’s absence.

Mr. Mojo’s human sister was 13, and it was time for the family to look towards healing. They moved on emotionally as a family, until a recent phone call shocked them all.

Mr. Mojo was found just 2 miles away.

Mr. Mojo in the carrier

Thanks to his microchip, animal shelter staff were able to identify Mr. Mojo’s family and let him know that he’d been turned in.

Animal Control Officers picked up a cat in Mr. Pleasant and brought him into the shelter. After a microchip check, Chief Lifesaving Officer Pearl Sutton called the owner, not knowing if the information on the microchip was up-to-date.

Erin picked up the phone, never expecting the information she was receiving. Mr. Mojo was at the Charleston Animal Society! Erin broke down crying and quickly drove to the shelter to see if it was really him.

Lo and behold, Mr. Mojo was alive! Erin was so excited to reunite him with Mahi, who was now ten, and her daughter, who was now 23. They all have the chance to catch up on ten years of missing love.

Reunited with Mr. Mojo

After 10 years apart, Mr. Mojo and his family were reunited at last.

How to Find a Lost Cat

Sometimes cats wander off on an adventure, so it’s important to know how to find a lost cat. Mr. Mojo was found thanks to his microchip, and it is highly recommended for every cat to have an ID on their collar and a microchip.

Microchips are inserted quickly and easily by a veterinarian and can be updated online with your address and phone number. When cats are found by concerned people, a vet or animal shelter can scan the cat with a wand in a matter of minutes to see if a microchip has been inserted.

A microchip can help save the life of your cat by preventing them from being euthanized if they’re not claimed at the shelter! It can lead to a wonderful story of being reunited, just like Mr. Mojo and Erin!

Learn more about Mr. Mojo’s story from the Charleston Animal Society on Instagram.

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