This Kitten Was Crying In A Trash Can When The Perfect Stranger Walked By

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Jennifer Thowsen

Jennifer Thowsen

When Jennifer Thowsen was walking outside during her trip to Greece, she heard tiny cries coming from a trash receptacle. She dug through the garbage and discovered where the whimpers were coming from, having no idea just how much her life would change from that moment on.

Another (wo)man’s treasure

The cries, Jennifer learned in horror, were coming from a sick kitten who’d been abandoned. The cat was dirty, nearly blind, and wouldn’t be alive much longer unless someone stepped in to help.

In Greece, it’s common to come across stray feral cats. Unfortunately, many of them—particularly vulnerable kittens—do not survive the colder winter months. But for Jennifer, just because it was common to see cats in peril didn’t make it right.

So she took the kitten back to where she was staying. Jennifer gave the cat water, food, and a warm bath, and decided to name her Tussen.

After a nap on a warm blanket, things were looking up for Tussen. / Jennifer Thowsen

After a nap on a warm blanket, things were looking up for Tussen. / Jennifer Thowsen

While Jennifer was relieved to see Tussen’s health improve, she was then hit with another problem: she was growing attached to this little kitten, big time. “I [fell] madly in love with her,” Jennifer wrote in a TikTok video.

But Jennifer lived in Sweden. Could she really return home with another cat to take care of?

Where there’s a will

She came up with a plan.

Tussen made a full recovery! / Jennifer Thowsen

Tussen made a full recovery! / Jennifer Thowsen

Jennifer took Tussen to the vet, and after multiple visits, was able to acquire a passport for her new feline family member. Then the two set off north.

Tussen’s second chance

Tussen fits right in with her new family in Sweden. Even her older fur sibling, Findus, has welcomed her home with open paws.

“He was so gentle to her,” Jennifer said.

Well hello there, new creature in my home.  / Jennifer Thowsen

Well hello there, new creature in my home.  / Jennifer Thowsen

Now that Tussen has made a full recovery, her personality is infectious, according to Jennifer.

“She is very curious,” she wrote in the TIkTok video. “She loves to play fetch with my slippers.”

Jennifer’s just happy she happened to be strolling by the right trash can in the right country that particular day, as her family now feels complete.

“From abandoned to free, she got a second chance,” she said. “We love you.”

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