150 Best Old Man Cat Names: Awesome Ideas for Your Adorable Cat

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Old-fashioned names always are in style in their own niche way. The classic names that we all know and love are often thought of as “old man” or “old lady” names, but that’s what we like about them! Here are some fun old-fashioned names for you to consider for your male cat.

Old Man Cat Names

  • Abe – Short for Abraham, which means “father of man,” this name is old-fashioned enough to be biblical!
  • Albert – An ancient Germanic name that means “noble.”
  • Aldo – The Italian version of Albert.
  • Alexander – A name with Greek roots that means “defender of men.” Military legends such as Alexander The Great carry this lofty name.
  • Alfred – A whimsical Anglo-Saxon name that means “elf counsel.”
  • Al – A nickname, one which older generations seem to really enjoy using.
  • Alvin – Similar to Albert, but meaning “noble friend.” Perfect for your feline bestie!
  • Ambrose – The name of the food of the gods in Greek, this unique name means “belonging to the immortals.”
  • Amos – Another biblical name, this one means “carried by God” in Hebrew.
  •  Archibald – An old Germanic name that means “precious, bold.” Sounds like a typical cat!
  •  Archie – An adorable nickname for Archibald.
  •  Arlo – A retro Anglo-Saxon name that means “fortified hill,” and the name of 1960s folk singer, Arlo Guthrie.
  •  Arthur – An ancient Anglo-Saxon name that most likely means “bear.” King Arthur and his knights of the round table would approve of this for your cat’s name!
  •  Atticus – A Latin name that means, “belonging to Attica” or simply put, “Athenian.” Literature fans will remember Atticus Finch from the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.
  •  Augustus – An ancient Latin name meaning, quite fittingly, “majestic.”
  •  Avery – This cool old-fashioned name means “Ruler of Elves.”
  •  Balthazar – One of the Bible’s Three Wisemen, this elaborate name means “Bel protects the king.”
  •  Barney – Before it was the name of a big purple dinosaur from a 90s children’s show, this name was short for the name Bernard, meaning “brave bear.”
  •  Bartholomew – An Aramaic name with biblical origins meaning “son of furrows.”
  •  Bart – A sweet little nickname for Bartholomew.
  •  Basil – Not just a tasty herb, but also a kingly name for your cat, which means “emperor.”
  •  Benedict – A Latin name that means “blessed” and makes us think of St. Benedict, founder of the Benedictine monks
  •  Bernard – See Barney above. Bernard is perhaps the more formal way to refer to the kitty cat.
  •  Beauregarde – For a romantic kitty, this French name means “beautiful gaze.” Beau as a nickname is pretty cute too.
  •  Bill – A nickname for the English name William, which means “strong-willed warrior.”
  •  Bob – A nickname for Robert, which is a Germanic name that means “bright fame.” Bobby is also a cute nickname.
  •  Bruce – A cool, old Anglo-Saxon name meaning “from the willowlands.”
  •  Buster – A sort of slang term for a “tough guy,” which was used more prominently in the early 20th century.
  •  Byron – A name meaning “at the byres; place by the cowsheds.”
  •  Calvin – A name of French origin that means “little bald one.” Could be a fun name for a hairless cat.

Benedict – A Latin name that means “blessed” and makes us think of St. Benedict, founder of the Benedictine monks

  • Casper – An Aramaic name meaning “treasurer.” Made famous by the vintage cartoon, Casper The Friendly Ghost.
  •  Cecil – A name that means “blind,” Cecil has a lot of history as a powerful Roman clan name, with perhaps its most recent famous namesake found in the film legend, Cecil B. DeMille.
  •  Cedric – An old English name that means “kindly, loved.” A nice name for a most beloved cat.
  •  Charles – An Old English name that means “free man.”
  •  Charlie – A cute nickname for Charles.
  •  Chester – A Latin name that means “camp of soldiers,” Chester just somehow has a nice feline ring to it, don’t you think?
  •  Clarence – A Latin name that means “clear, bright,” for the smart kitty cat.
  •  Clark – An old English name that originally meant “scribe.”
  •  Clifford – Not just a reference to the big red dog, but an English name that means “ford by the cliff.”
  •  Clive – An English name that means simply means “cliff.”
  •  Clyde – A Scottish name that means “warm, friendly.” For your friendly little furry buddy.
  •  Cornelius – A name of Latin origins, which means “horn.”
  •  Cuthbert – A Scottish name meaning “bright, brilliant, famous” – for the absolutely fabulous kitty cat!
  •  Dennis – A name that means “follower of Dionysus,” the Greek god of wine. Perfect for a cat with Dennis the Menace vibes.
  •  Dominic – A Latin name that means “lordly.” Perfect for your little fuzzy gentleman.
  •  Duane – An Irish name that means “dark and swarthy.”
  •  Duncan – A Scottish name that means “dark-skinned warrior.” A great name for a black cat.
  •  Dwight – A Dutch name meaning “white, blonde” for your blondie cat.
  •  Ed – A nickname for Edward or Edwin. We also really like Eddie for an adorable name.
  •  Egbert – A Germanic warrior’s name that means “bright edge.”
  •  Elton – A name made timeless by the legendary singer and pianist Elton John, it simply means “enclosure” or “settlement” in old English.
  •  Elmer – Yes, as in Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes fame. Believe it or not, Elmer is a name that means “noble, famous.”
  •  Emmet – An Hebrew name that means “truth.” Is there anything truer than a cat’s love?
  •  Earnest – A name that means “serious.” The kind of name used for the no-nonsense cat.
  •  Errol – A name that means “nobleman, warrior” and was a name held by the early action film star Errol Flynn.
  •  Esteban – A fun Spanish name that means “crown, garland.”
  •  Eugene – A name that literally means “well-born.” A name reserved for the fanciest of cats.
  •  Felix – Not only is this the name of a classic cartoon cat, but its old-fashioned origins are in Latin, and mean “lucky.”
  •  Flynn – An Irish name that essentially means “son of the red-haired one.” A wonderful name for ginger-haired kittens everywhere.
  •  Francis – A name meaning “free-man.” If you want a Latinized version of the name, go with Francisco.

Elton – A name made timeless by the legendary singer and pianist Elton John, it simply means “enclosure” or “settlement” in old English.

  •  Frank – A nickname for Francis.
  •  Gabe – A shortened name for Gabriel, which means “hero of God,” or “God is my strength.”
  •  Garfield – An obvious nod to one of the most famous cartoon cats of all time, it is also an old English name that means “field of spears.”
  •  Gene – A nickname for Eugene.
  •  George – A name with Greek roots that simply means “farmer,” George has been the name of many a famous man, from kings to presidents, from sports heroes to one fo The Beatles!
  •  Gilbert – A German name that means “bright promise,” Gil is a very cute nickname for this one as well.
  •  Gordon – A name with Scottish origins that means “spacious fort.” It makes us think of the foul-mouthed yet beloved celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey.
  •  Grover – A sweet name for a cat who loves the outdoors, it means “lives near the grove of trees.” It also happens to be the name of a favorite muppet.
  •  Gus – A shortened version of Augustus, or Gustav.
  •  Hal – See Harry below.
  •  Harry – A Germanic name that means “home ruler,” which seems pretty appropriate for most cats.
  •  Harvey – An intense English name that means “blazing iron.”
  •  Henry – Like Harry, this name means “house ruler.”
  •  Herbert – A Germanic name that means “bright” or “shining.” Herb, Herbie, and of course Bert are all perfectly acceptable nicknames.
  •  Herman – Another Germanic warrior’s name that means “army man.”
  •  Horace – An ancient Greek name that means “time; season.” A great reminder of how your little guy lives in the present, and so should you.
  •  Howard – An Old French name that means “heart-brave,” or “high defender.” It also gets the precious nickname for your kitty, Howie.
  •  Hubert – A Germanic name meaning “bright,” this old-fashioned name has perhaps fallen out of vogue for a couple of generations, but maybe your kitty can bring it back?
  •  Humphrey – A vintage name that has Germanic and English elements that mean “bear cub” and “peaceful warrior.” Fans of one of the silver screen’s greatest, Humphry Bogart, will appreciate this name.
  •  Ichabod – A biblical name that means, “inglorious.” This name was made famous by the character Ichabod Crane in Washington Irving’s gothic tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  •  Irvine – A Scottish name meaning “green water.”
  •  Ivan – Perfect for a Russian Blue, and even better if said kitty is known affectionately as “Ivan the Terrible.”
  •  Jack – A sweet name that is derived from the name John, which means “God is gracious.”
  •  Jarvis – Not just a name for butlers, but for old-fashioned kitties too!
  •  Jasper – Name your cat after this beautiful and unique stone.
  •  Julius – A Greek name meaning “downy-bearded.” Jules and Julian are also great names.
  •  Lawrence – Or Larry for short, this classic name has its roots in Latin and means “bright, shining one.”
  •  Leonard – The name that means “lion strength” or “lion-hearted”.
  •  Linus – A Greek name that means “flax” or “flax colored.” Also the name of the Peanuts character who is very attached to his security blanket. It would be a sweet name for a cat that has his own security blanket!
  •  Lloyd – A Welsh name that means “grey-haired; sacred.” Perfect for the wise grey kitty.

Howard – An Old French name that means “heart-brave,” or “high defender.” It also gets the precious nickname for your kitty, Howie.

  •  Louis – A name that means “renowned warrior.” The nickname Lou, and of course Louie are fun nicknames too.
  •  Luther – A Germanic name meaning “people’s army.”
  •  Marty – A grandiose name that means “warrior of Mars,” and is a nickname for Martin.
  •  Melvin – An Irish name that means “gentle chieftain.” A cute name for a cat that likes to call the shots, but is still a sweet boy.
  •  Merlin – A Welsh name meaning “sea fortress.” Also, a name made famous by the wizard of the same name of Arthurian legend..
  •  Milton – An English name that means “mill town,” or a settlement with a mill.
  •  Morris – A common surname in many parts of Ireland, which means “Moorish.”
  •  Mortimer – A heavy name derived from the Latin “mort” meaning “dead,” and “mer” meaning “sea.”
  •  Moses – According to the Bible, the name of this great biblical prophet and leader comes from Hebrew meaning “to pull out/draw out” (of water), after the Pharaoh’s daughter rescued him as an infant from the Nile.
  • Murray – A Scottish name that means “settlement by the sea.” Also an ancient Scottish clan.
  • Ned – A nickname for Edward, which means “guardian of the riches.”
  • Neville – A French name that means “new town.”
  • Niles – A Scottish name that simply means “son of Neil.” It is also the name of the hilarious television character Doctor Niles Crane from Frasier.
  • Norm – A shortened name from “Norman,” which means essentially “North man.”
  • Oliver – A fun name that means, in Latin, “olive tree,” and also has a Norse history, meaning “ancestor’s descendants.”
  • Orson – A French name that means “bear cub.” We imagine a cuddly, bear cub-like kitty cat with a name like this.
  • Oscar – An Irish name that means “deer-loving one” or “friend of deer.” A nickname like Ozzy is also very sweet.
  • Oswald – An Anglo-Saxon name that means “god rule.”
  • Otis – A name that refers to the lyrical poem, the ode. A name that, at least in part, was made famous by the blues singer Otis Redding.
  • Otto – A German name that means “wealth, prosperity.”
  • Percival – One of King Arthur’s knights, this name means “pierce the vale.”
  • Percy – A pet name for Percival.
  • Phineas – A name of Hebrew origin meaning “Nubian,” Phineas refers to the original natives that, according to the Bible, once ruled Egypt.
  • Quentin – A name made famous most recently by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, this name means “the fifth.”
  • Quincy – Another old Roman name that means “the fifth.”
  • Ralph – A name meaning “wolf-counsel” in Old English.
  •  Rueben – A Hebrew name that means, “Behold, a son.” Also one of the twelve ancient tribes of Israel.
  •  Rex – A Latin name that simply means “king.”
  •  Rhett – A Latin name that means “to speak.” Also the name of one of the main characters from the classic novel and 1939 movie, Gone With the Wind, Rhett Butler.
  •  Roger – An old Germanic name made up of warlike references like “fame,” “renown,” “honor” and “spear.”
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Rueben – A Hebrew name that means, “Behold, a son.” Also one of the twelve ancient tribes of Israel.

  •  Roy – An old French name for your furry little ginger-haired king that means “king” and “red.”
  •  Rudolph – A Germanic name that has roots in words meaning, “fame,” “glory,” “honor” and “wolf.”
  •  Rudy – A shortened version of Rudolph.
  •  Rufus – A Latin name for redheads, and for your red-furred friend, this name means “red-haired.”
  •  Russell – An old-fashioned name for your red-haired guy that simply means “red-haired” in Old Norse.
  •  Sebastian – A name with Greek roots which means “from Sebastia,” and referred to a revered people in that area, which is in modern-day Turkey.
  •  Seymour – A vintage English name that means “marshy land near the sea.”
  •  Sherman – An English name that means “shearer of woolen garments.” Could be a fun name for a particularly soft cat.
  •  Sidney – An Old English word sidan means, roughly,  “riverside meadow”. Use Sid for a nice nickname.
  •  Stanley – A name that means “lives by the stony grove.”
  •  Statler – A name that means simply “a barn.” If you are looking for an old name for a barn cat, this one would work nicely!
  •  Ted – Short for “Theodore,” a name like this makes us think of cuddly teddy bears.
  •  Theodore – A name that means “gift of God” in ancient Greek.
  •  Tobias – A very old name that goes back to the Bible, which means “goodness of the lord.”
  •  Truman – We love this name for your trusty feline friend, which means “loyal one.”
  •  Ulysses – A Latin version of Odysseus that means “wrathful.”
  •  Vernon – A classic name with a beautiful nature-based meaning, “place of alders.” 
  •  Vince – A name that means “conquering,” it is derived from the Latin name, Vincent. Vinny is also a great nickname with an “old man” ring to it.
  •  Virgil – A Latin name that means “flourishing,” it was also the name of a Roman poet whose work we still read today.
  •  Wally – A sweet pet name for Walter.
  •  Walter – A Germanic name that means “commander of the army,” with Walt Disney as one of the most famous (but not only) Walters of all time.
  •  Wayne – A name that means “maker of wagons,” it makes us think of screen legend cowboy John Wayne, who is every old man’s cinematic hero.
  •  Wendell – A German name that means “wanderer,” or “traveler.” Perfect if you have a tomcat who comes and goes as he pleases.
  •  Wilfred – A name that means “peace.” Perfect for the peaceful kitten in your life.
  •  Wilbur – A Germanic name that means “resolute, brilliant.”
  •  Winston – An old English name that means “joyful stone.” We think of a Grumpy Cat kind of face that reminds us of the British WWII-era prime minister, Winston Churchill.
  •  Woodrow – A name that literally means “row of wood houses.” Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States.
  •  Wyatt – An old English name that means “brave at war.” In American wild west history, Wyatt Earp was a legendary lawman and gambler.
  •  Zacharias – A beautiful biblical name that means “God remembers.”
  •  Zeke – A shortened name for the biblical Ezekiel, which means “God’s strength.”

Old man names for your cat is just one of those really fun naming themes that so many people seem to love. Perhaps some of the joy of using these names comes in revitalizing them and giving them to your kitty to keep the traditional names alive. Whatever the case, we hope you have found something here that suits your little old man cat!

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