Petification Studio Allows Cats To Shine Like Royalty

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For many cat lovers, we love all things cats. And this is especially true when it comes to cool cat stuff. Ana Milosevic out of Novi Sad, Serbia is a master at turning an ordinary photo of a cat into a real work of art. She uses her incredible imagination to make her Petification Studio pet portraits come to life, and the results are over-the-top purrfection. She’s created countless portraits for clients over the past few years, and while she mainly focuses on cats, she’s turned many other pets into regal works of art.

We know that cats were once worshipped in ancient times and they haven’t lost sight of this, and Ana’s amazing artwork shows just how effortlessly regal cats can be. And no details are left out in each of her portraits, from the cat’s expression to the luxurious ensembles they wear.

How Long Have You Been Creating Pet Portraits?

I have been creating these portraits for the last 2 years! It all started as a hobby when the Covid pandemic hit and I now have a wonderfully supportive community on Instagram that I am very grateful for. I hope I’ll be able to do this for at least a couple more years because I really do enjoy the creative process behind it.

Do You Have Cats Of Your Own That Inspire You?

Yes, I have two and they inspire me every day! I love all animals but I’ve always been a cat person. My girl is named Cheetah, a torbie (tabby with ginger splash) with a lot of attitude, but she’s also very sweet when she wants to cuddle. She is the self-proclaimed ruler of my household and no one dares to dispute that. My boy is named Mrki (meaning ‘the dark one’) and he is just a gentle black boy with gorgeous amber eyes that constantly follows me around the house. My husband loves to say that she’s the smart one and he is cute.

Even though I make portraits of all animals I must admit that my favorite portraits are those of cats. I just love their expression so much and I think they fit so well with the aristocrats and the highborn society.

What Would You Like Others To Know About The Art You Create?

I love to customize every portrait I work on. Even if there are no special requests, I always like to touch up the colors and lights in the templates to make the perfect match for each pet. I especially love when I get a request for something new or to create a look that I think would suit their pet the best. That’s when I get the most creative.

Apart from my Royal portraits, I also love making digital Watercolor portraits and customizing them as well. For example, I get a lot of requests for including some favorite flowers in the portrait so I always give my best to honor every wish. 

Also, as an animal lover, I always love to work with any rescue organization and give back to the community, but I also have a feral cat family in my neighborhood that I’m able to feed daily for two years because of Petification. I would love to be able to pay for everyone’s spay and neuter surgery sometime in the near future so if anyone is thinking of getting a portrait, they should know that they would be supporting a kind cause and helping a 9 member feral family live their best and healthiest life.

We’d like to thank Ana for taking the time to answer our questions. We encourage you to visit her Etsy store and Instagram page to see more of her lovely designs.

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