101 Pun Cat Names That Will Make You Laugh

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Cats can be silly creatures, doing things that seem like nonsense to us, and their odd behavior can warrant a fitting name. We can help you find a name that is just as silly and funny as your cat.

Funny Boy Names

  1. Santa Paws– Reddish cats can benefit from this silly name.
  2. Meow– You can always call your cat after its favorite word.
  3. Potato Chip– Great for yellow or orange cats.
  4. Catastrophe– A great name for messy cats.
  5. Catatonic– A fitting name for sleepy cats or ones who are extremely lazy.
  6. James A. Garfield– A mix of the US president and the popular comic strip cat. Great for orange cats.
  7.  Pawtrick Swayze– For the macho cats.
  8. Pawtrick Dempsey– For the tom cats that the lady cats love.
  9. Cat Damon– For cats that are a bit of an action hero.
  10. William Catner– For any cat that boldly goes where it shouldn’t.
  11. Picatso– Ideal for cats with an artistic flair or a unique face.
  12. Black Panther– An awesome name for dark cats with a heroic streak.
  13. Skunk– If your cat has a white stripe on its dark fur, then why not?
  14. Purrcy Jackson– This name is ideal for cats with lighting markings.
  15. Sir Purrcival– For regal cats.

Brad Kitt- You could name the cat after the handsome actor.

  1. Freddy Krueger– If your cat’s claws are a nightmare, then give it this name.
  2. Outclaw– For cats with sharp claws that would benefit from a western name.
  3. Hairy Houdini– For the cat that always disappears when you call it.
  4. Fuzz Lightyear– Great for white cats that already look like they are wearing a spacesuit.
  5. Fidel Catstro– A good name for cats that are very demanding little dictators.
  6. Meow Zedong– Another great dictator pun for your cat.
  7. Brad Kitt– You could name the cat after the handsome actor.
  8. Jesse the Kitt– You could also name your cat after the famous outlaw.
  9. Paw McCatney– You can go for double puns with this play on the name Paul McCartney.
  10. Paw Revere– A punny version of the famous Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere.
  11. Furrnado Cortez– The famous explorer makes for a nice, punny cat name.
  12. Lord Sheddington– For long-haired cats that like to shed.
  13. Sabretooth– For cats that scratch too much.
  14. Scratchasaurus Rex– Another great name for cats that can’t control their scratching.
  15. Don Drapurr– Named after everyone’s favorite Mad Men character.
  16. Colin Feral– A funny play on the actor’s name.
  17. Wolverine– For cats that like to scratch a lot.
  18. Pepe Le Paw– For black cats with white stripes.
  19. Genghis Cat– For pushy cats.
  20. Cat King Cole– For jolly cats.
  21. Catpernicus– For regal felines.
  22. Sylvester Stallone– For black cats, to combine the cartoon cat with the actor.
  23. Dust D– For grey cats.

Funny Girl Names

Polka Dot- For cats with patches.

  1. Jessicat– A play on the name Jessica.
  2. Puma Thurman– This is a play on the famous actress’s name.
  3. Rose McGrowlan– A play on Rose McGowan’s name.
  4. Neferkitty– A play on the goddess name Nefertiti.
  5. Tabbytha– A playful version of the female name Tabitha.
  6. Veronicat Mars– Playfully taking the name of the 2000’s television show.
  7. Catty Bates– Ideal for temperamental cats.
  8. Furrgie– For cats that like to perform for everyone.
  9. Cindy Clawford– For the cat with model-like behavior and looks.
  10. Cat Benatar– For cats with lonesome meows.
  11. Clawdia– Another super name for a cat that likes to scratch.
  12. Teri Scratcher– This playful version of an actress’s name is a fun one for any cat.
  13. Margaret Scratcher– The former British Prime Minister offers a punny name as well.
  14. Josie– After the television show Josie and the Pussycats.
  15. Pussy Galore- The famous Bond girl has a suitable cat name.
  16. Polka Dot– For cats with patches.
  17. Cupcake– For the sweetest cat.
  18. Catalie Portman– A play on the actress’s name.
  19. Caterine– A lovely female name.
  20. Pawla Dean– For cats with discerning tastes.

Funny Unisex Names

Rug- for longer haired cats.

  1. Chocolate Chip– Ideal name for black and white cats.
  2. Cookie– This is another good name for a cat that is black and white.
  3. Lickorice– A sweet name for dark cats.
  4. Puss in Boots– A great name for cats with boot markings on their feet.
  5. Catsup– Great for reddish cats.
  6. Wookie– For furry cats and their Star Wars-loving owners.
  7. Vegetarian– You know your cat loves meat, which makes this name so ironic.
  8. Dog– Absolutely hilarious every time you call your cat.
  9. Highness– Cats like to be treated like royalty, so why not?
  10. Thunder Paws– For cats that love to eat.
  11. Pudding Cat– A play on pussycat that is great for cats with a big appetite.
  12. Kit-Kat– Dark brown cats can be named after the candy.
  13. iCat– For the most selfish cat of all, or the one that likes electronics.
  14. Catzilla– For any cat that behaves like a monster, destroying everything in its path.
  15. Cat Kong– Also ideal for monster cats.
  16. Cattitude– For cats that show no respect to anyone.
  17. Cattilac– For stylish, sleek cats with a lot of speed.

Flea Ball- For cats that always seem in need of a bath.

  1. Scrapes-a-lot– For cats that are always scratching people.
  2. Flea-bitten– A good name for a cat that scratches itself a lot.
  3. Scratchy– For cats that don’t keep their claws to themselves.
  4. Furrless Leader– For short hair cats.
  5. Rug– for longer haired cats.
  6. Mop– Also for cats with long hair.
  7. Pickles– It may have nothing to do with how your cat looks, but it is a completely silly name.
  8. Fraidy Cat– For a cat that is easily frightened.
  9. The Blimp– For cats with some extra girth to them.
  10. Rolly Polly– Another name for rotund felines.
  11. Jello Belly– There are so many good names for cats that eat too much food.
  12. Knives– Another good name for scratchers.
  13. Feline Felon– For cats that always get into trouble.
  14. Catserole– For cats that love to eat.
  15. Fluffington– For puffy, fuzzy cats.
  16. Clawsanator– For scratchy cats.
  17. The Poopinator– For cats that leave “presents” everywhere.
  18. Earl Grey– For cats that have a greyish hue to them.
  19. Flea Ball– For cats that always seem in need of a bath.
  20. Bigglesworth– For stuck-up cats.
  21. Nacho– For orange cats.
  22. Iceman– For white cats.
  23. Q-Tip– Ideal for white cats.
  24. Coconut Milk– Another good white cat name.
  25. Snowcone– For light-colored cats.
  26. Catmandu– For exotic cats.

Those were our picks for the silliest, punniest and funniest cat names. We hope you found a couple you like to ensure your cat gets a suitable, silly name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the funniest cat name?

For a truly humorous cat name, try puns like ‘Cat Stevens’, ‘Fuzz Aldrin’, or ‘Mr. Meowgi’. Let your imagination run wild - from ‘Catpernicus’ to ‘Kitty Purry’, you can’t go wrong with these funny cat names!

Puns are a great way to give your cat a unique and funny name. Whether you choose something classic like ‘Cat Stevens’ or something more creative like ‘Kitty Purry’, your cat will be sure to love it.

What are some unique cat names?

From flowers like Acacia and Azalea to gender-neutral names like Checkers and Paris, there are plenty of unique cat names to choose from - including Tisiphone and Ragnar for female cats, and Bard and Jericho for male cats.

Spice up your furry friend’s name with a fun and unique moniker today!

What are some tips for choosing a funny cat name?

Choose a funny cat name that reflects the cat’s personality and appearance, is short and non-offensive for maximum laughter!

Are there any punny cat names inspired by food and drinks?

Yes, there sure are punny cat names inspired by food and drinks like Macaroon, Bacon, Beet, Berry, Biscuit, Blueberry, and more!

Get creative and give your feline companion a name they won’t soon forget.

Can I find amusing cat names derived from music and musicians?

Yes! Your cat can rock out with names like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Joplin, and Hendrix.

Those were our picks for the silliest, punniest and funniest cat names. We hope you found a couple you like to ensure your cat gets a suitable, silly name.

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