200 Best Shy Cat Names For Sweet & Timid Kittens

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When it comes to feline temperament, there is a wide range of colorful personalities that you might see in your furry little friend. The endearing, sweet, and timid cats have a special place in our hearts, because who can resist such adorable, soft and cuddly sweethearts for a special, little companion?

Male Shy Cat Names

  • Adin – Pronounced Ah-DEEN, this name means “gentle” in Hebrew.
  • Ayal – A Hebrew name that means “gazelle,” a gentle and shy animal.
  • Bashful – Not just a personality trait, but also one of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Beau – A French name that means “beautiful” or “handsome,” this name is very fitting for a perfect little gentleman.
  • Bilbo – In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo Baggins is the unlikely Hobbit hero (or at least, the first Hobbit hero)!
  • Boo – In Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley is a reclusive and mysterious character.
  • Buster – Fans of the quirky TV show Arrested Development know and love the character of Buster Bluth, who is both socially awkward and timid.
  • Casper – Name your cat after this classic cartoon character.
  • Chucky – In Nickelodeon’s Rugrats, Chucky is the sweet, and bespeckled toddler.
  •  Clement – A Latin name that means “merciful, mild.”
  •  Cowardly Lion – A favorite character from The Wizard of Oz.
  •  Dobbie – The timid and devoted house elf in the Harry Potter series.
  •  Evander – A sweet Scottish name with Greek roots that simply means, “a good man.”
  •  Eeyore – Thanks for noticing…name your shy kitty after the gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh.
  •  Flower – Not just a sweet and gentle name, but the name of the very shy skunk from Bambi.

Casper – Name your cat after this classic cartoon character.

  •  Fritz – A German name that means “peaceful ruler.”
  •  Galen – A name that’s popular in Ireland, Galen has Greek origins and means “calm,” “peaceful,” and “healer.”
  •  Gareth – An English name that means “gentleness,” Gareth was one of the chivalrous knights of the legendary King Arthur.
  •  Gent – Short for “gentleman,” of course!
  •  Gentleman – No explanation needed here!
  •  Houdini – If your shy kitty likes to do a disappearing act when company comes over, name him after history’s most famous magician!
  •  Jheel – A Hindi name that means “lake,” which evokes images of stillness and placidity.
  •  Ji-Min – A name with Korean origins that means “affable, gentle.”
  •  Jonah – A biblical name that means “dove.”
  •  Kaino – A sweet Finnish name that means “shy.”
  •  Kapono – A pretty Hawaiian name that means “the good, upright.”
  •  Kioshi – A cool Japanese name meaning “quiet” and “peaceful.”
  •  Lamis – An Arabic name that means “soft.”
  •  Linus – A favorite Peanuts character, the timid Linus is very attached to his security blanket.
  •  Luigi – The shyer, more timid of the Mario Bros.

Kaino – A sweet Finnish name that means “shy.”

  •  Meek – A perfect name for your meek little guy.
  •  Melvin – A sweet Gaelic name that means “gentle ruler.”
  •  Milquetoast – A term for the especially timid.
  •  Monet – Claude Monet was an impressionist painter who is famous for his gentle, wispy art, such as his famous painting, Water Lillies.
  •  Monk – A fun name for a quiet, subdued cant.
  •  Naz – A fun Turkish name that means “coy.”
  •  Piglet – Winnie the Pooh’s best friend, who is prone to caution and shyness.
  •  Samwise – Frodo’s loyal friend in The Lord of the Rings, Sam is one of the secretly courageous hobbits who helps save Middle Earth.
  •  Scorpio – One of the twelve zodiac signs that are said to be shy in character.
  •  Shalom – A simple Hebrew name (and greeting) that means “peace.”
  •  Shizuka – A cool-sounding Japanese name that means “silent” or “gentle.”
  •  Shy Guy – Named for the wisecracking muppetesque alien character from a cheesy 80s sitcom, who is covered in long hair.
  •  Shylin – A good name for a shy, timid boy.
  •  Squeak – Like a mouse!
  •  Tacy – A Latin name for your quiet boy that means “be silent.”

Naz – A fun Turkish name that means “coy.”

  •  Teddy – For those sweet cats that are as cuddly as teddy bears.
  •  Tiombe – A West African name that means “shy.”
  •  Tzvi – A Hebrew name that means “deer.”
  •  Vaike – A name popular in Estonia, it means “silence.”
  •  Vieno – A fun Finnish name that means “gentle.”

Female Shy Cat Names

  •  Adina – The feminine of “Adin,” this Hebrew name means “gentle.”
  •  Amelie – A classic French film about a character of the same name, whose quirky and shy personality allows her to brighten the lives of strangers she encounters.
  •  Amity – A unique Latin name that means “friendship, harmony.”
  •  Amy – A sweet name that means “beloved” in French.
  •  Arcadia – A beautiful Greek name of a region “region of peace and contentment.”
  •  Ayala – The feminine of “Ayal,” it means “gazelle.”
  •  Bambi – The name of the sweet fawn turned majestic stag, Bambi is Italian for “little child.”
  •  Bella – A name that means “beautiful,” it just has a ring to it that sounds sweet and gentle.
  •  Bilha – One of Jacob’s concubines in the Bible, Bilha means “bashful.”
  •  Bitsy – An adorable name for a timid cat who has a much more subdued and gentle nature.
  •  Blossom – A beautiful name for a cat with a gentle disposition.
  •  Blush – If a cat could blush…
  •  Bunny – Name your kitty after these notoriously shy and timid creatures.
  •  Buttercup – A fitting floral name for a gentle cat.
  •  Clementine – A feminine form of Clement, this fun name means “merciful, mild.”

Bitsy – An adorable name for a timid cat who has a much more subdued and gentle nature.

  •  Cookie – Name your sweetie after something sweet!
  •  Damara – A pretty Latin name that means “gentle.”
  •  Dandelion – A weed that has beautiful yellow blooms that eventually dry to soft, wispy fuzz that float softly in the wind.
  •  Delilah – A biblical name that means “delicate.”
  •  Dianthe – A pretty Greek name that means “divine flower,” which we imagine is beautifully delicate and gentle.
  •  Doe – Female deer, which are notoriously shy, skittish, and timid, as well as beautiful!
  •  Ermelinda – A beautiful Italian name that means “soft, tender.”
  •  Fluttershy – A shy My Little Pony character.
  •  Jeanette – One of the female chipmunks characters in Alvin and the Chipmunks who is mousy, smart, and timid.
  •  Lady – Perhaps your sweet cat is as proper and gentle as a lady!
  •  Latifah – An Arabic name that means “gentle.”
  •  Lilly – A delicate and beautiful flower.
  •  Luna – One of the names for the gentle, serene moon.
  •  Mayumi – A Japanese name that “gentle, beauty.”
  •  Malinda – A sweet, delicate Latin name that means “gentle.”

Lilly – A delicate and beautiful flower.

  •  Miliani – A Hawaiian name that means “gentle caress.”
  •  Millie – A cute nickname for Mildred that means “gentle strength.”
  •  Mira – There are many origins of this pretty name, but in Slavic, it means “peace.”
  •  Modesty – For the timid, subdued kitty.
  •  Paloma – The Latin word for “dove.”
  •  Persephone – In Greek mythology, Persephone is the unwilling goddess of the Underworld.
  •  Poppy – A pretty, gentle flower.
  •  Rose – Perhaps the most beautiful of flowers, the rose is known for its soft scent, delicate petals, and rich symbolism.
  •  Selene – The Roman goddess of the moon.
  •  Serenity – A state of calm and tranquility.
  •  Sissy – There’s nothing wrong with being a “sissy!”
  •  Talia – A gentle name that means “lamb or dew of God.”
  •  Tally – A nickname for Talia.
  •  Tiombe – A cool West African name that means “shy.”
  •  Tullia –  A sweet Irish name that means “peaceful.”

Rose – Perhaps the most beautiful of flowers, the rose is known for its soft scent, delicate petals, and rich symbolism.

  •  Tzvia – The feminine of the Hebrew name “Tzvi,” it means “deer.”
  •  Violet – A delicate, beautiful flower.
  •  Virgo – One of the shyer zodiac signs.
  •  Winifred – A Welsh name that means “peaceful friend.”
  •  Winnie – A nickname for “Winifred,” and the name of the timid beloved character, Winnie the Pooh.

Unisex Shy Cat Names

  •  Angel – Perfect for the cat that is as perfect and sweet as an angel!
  •  Birdie – Because birds have a tendency to be timid!
  •  Blankie – Something sweet, soft, and tranquil.
  •  Bubble – Something delicate and silent.
  •  Bumble – We love this name for the awkwardly shy cat!
  •  Buttons – A name that screams cuteness, there is just something very sweet and delicate about a button.
  •  Callum – A Scottish form of the Latin “Columba” which means “dove.”
  •  Chicken – Okay, it might seem like a mean name, but we mean it with all the love (and humor) in our hearts!
  •  Chipmunk – A cute, small, and skittish little forest animal.
  •  Concord – A name that means “peace.”
  •  Coy – A name for a cat with this personality trait!
  •  Cuddles – Perfect for the furry little sweetie that likes to curl up in your lap.
  •  Dove – A gentle bird that often symbolizes peace.
  •  Ghost – If your cat is as elusive and quiet as a ghost, then this could be a fun name!
  •  Haunt – Does your timid cat haunt your home like a quiet, shy ghost?

Coy – A name for a cat with this personality trait!

  •  Hush – A cute name for your quiet friend.
  •  Jitters – Perfect for that shy, nervous cat.
  •  Lamb – A gentle creature if there ever was one!
  •  Little – Perhaps this name is even more fun if your shy guy is also a big guy, who acts like a little one!
  •  Lullabye – A cute name for a gentle and quiet kitty.
  •  Kafi – An Urdu name that means “quiet.”
  •  Koala – An Australian animal that is both shy and adorable.
  •  Kodama – In Japan, the Kodama are forest spirits that inhabit trees. Think of the adorable and quiet little spirits in the Studio Ghibli classic, Princess Mononoke.
  •  Meerkat – These adorable African mammals are one of the shyest creatures in the world.
  •  Mellow – Maybe your timid guy isn’t frightful, but happily mellow!
  •  Mystery – Perhaps your cat is so quiet, elusive, and shy, he or she is an adorable little mystery.
  •  Mouse – A skittish, shy and small little animal with a cute face.
  •  Pacific – A Latin name that simply means “peaceful, tranquil.”
  •  Peace – A simple but fitting name.
  •  Peek-a-boo – A fun name for a cat that likes to hide.

Meerkat – These adorable African mammals are one of the shyest creatures in the world.

  •  Placid – A name for a cat that is all about peace and quiet.
  •  Phantom – Like the name “ghost.”
  •  Pisces – One of the shyer members of the Zodiac.
  •  Poppet – A small child or doll, but also a term of endearment for someone sweet and gentle.
  •  Rabbit – A timid, cute, skittish, and soft animal!
  •  Scaredy-Cat – Pretty fitting for a cat!
  •  Secret – A cool and unique name; a secret is generally shared quietly and discreetly.
  •  Shadow – Especially perfect for a shy cat that likes to hide in the shadows.
  •  Shiloh – A heavenly place full of peace and tranquility.
  •  Shy – A straightforward name that celebrates your cat’s shy demeanor.
  •  Softy – The perfect name for a cat that is, quite literally, a big softy!
  •  Spirit – Similar to “Ghost” or “Phantom.”
  •  Spook – A fun name for a cat that is easily spooked.
  •  Squirrel – A sweet name for a cat with a shy and skittish attitude.
  •  Stealthy – Perfect for that cat that quietly slinks around!

Softy – The perfect name for a cat that is, quite literally, a big softy!

  •  Susu – A fun Chinese name that means “a slight sound.”
  •  Tippy-toes – A funny and cute name for your shy guy (or gal). 
  •  Yellow – An old-fashioned way to call someone a coward…but we don’t mean it in a mean way!
  •  Whisper – A pretty name for the gentle and quiet.
  •  Zen – A Japanese word that means “meditation.”

Scaredy Cat Names

  • Fearo: A cautious cat easily startled by noises.
  • Shykin: Timid and introverted, prefers hiding spots.
  • Jitter: Nervous and jumpy at the slightest movements.
  • Skittles: Easily frightened, often darts away suddenly.
  • Quiver: Trembles and shivers in uncertain situations.
  • Panikitty: Tends to panic and be on edge often.
  • Frazzle: Easily frazzled and startled by sudden sounds.
  • Trembles: Shakes and trembles when feeling uneasy.
  • Faintwhisk: Has a tendency to faint-hearted reactions.
  • Nervi: Nervous and cautious, always on high alert.
  • Startlito: Easily startled, jumps at unexpected movements.
  • Fidget: Constantly fidgets, especially in new environments.
  • Petrify: Becomes frozen with fear in frightening situations.
  • Hesitail: Hesitates and is slow to approach new things.
  • Twitch: Displays sudden, nervous twitches when anxious.
  • Fretzy: Frets and worries easily, often on edge.
  • Startluna: Luna, easily startled by the unknown.
  • Pulse: Heart races easily, especially in tense situations.
  • Fearl: Exhibits a fearful and timid disposition.
  • Quail: Trembles like a quail when frightened.

Gentle Cat Names

  • Grace: Moves with elegance and gentle poise.
  • Tenderheart: A cat with a sweet and caring nature.
  • Sweetwhisk: Delicate and affectionate, with a soft touch.
  • Gentlepaws: Soft-footed and kind, a gentle companion.
  • Cuddlewisp: Emits warmth and coziness in every snuggle.
  • Kindred: Naturally friendly and gentle-hearted.
  • Tenderwhisk: Whiskers that delicately brush against you.
  • Softbreeze: Light and gentle, like a soothing breeze.
  • Gentlewhisper: Communicates with a soft and tender voice.
  • Tenderness: Radiates care and gentleness in every action.
  • Sweetdream: Brings comfort and sweetness to your dreams.
  • Gentleheart: A cat with a heart full of kindness.
  • Tenderpurr: Purring softly, offering a calming presence.
  • Serenekitty: A gentle soul, always at peace and calm.
  • Velvetpaws: Soft and velvety, a joy to touch and pet.
  • Carewhisk: Whiskers that delicately express care and affection.
  • Amiable: Friendly and approachable, a gentle friend.
  • Delightful: Brings joy and delight with a gentle demeanor.
  • Gentlefuzz: A furry friend with a gentle and comforting presence.
  • Cherish: A cat that is cherished for its tender nature.

Calm Cat Names

  • Serenity: A tranquil and peaceful feline companion.
  • Whisper: Quiet and gentle, a soothing presence at home.
  • Tranquil: Always composed, bringing a sense of calmness.
  • Harmony: Balances grace with a serene demeanor.
  • Zenith: At the pinnacle of tranquility and calmness.
  • Calmora: A combination of calm and Aurora, like a peaceful dawn.
  • Solitude: Prefers quiet moments and personal space.
  • Mellow: Easygoing and laid-back, a relaxed feline friend.
  • Soothing: Brings comfort and peace to your daily life.
  • Lullaby: A cat that lulls you into a state of calmness.
  • Tranquilix: Infused with tranquility, a serene and composed cat.
  • Pacific: Calm and composed, like the peaceful ocean.
  • Placidus: Exhibits a calm and serene temperament.
  • Solace: Offers comfort and peace during your quiet moments.
  • Silhouette: Moves gracefully, leaving a calming impression.
  • Calmington: The embodiment of tranquility in feline form.
  • Hushed: Prefers a quiet atmosphere, creating a serene environment.
  • Equanimity: Maintains composure and balance in all situations.
  • Placid Paws: Gentle and calm, with a soothing touch.
  • Quietude: Brings a sense of peaceful quietness to your home.

Unusual Cat Names

  • Zephyr: Light and airy, like a gentle breeze.
  • Nebula: Mysterious and cosmic, with a celestial aura.
  • Quasar: Energetic and bright, like a distant cosmic entity.
  • Lumos: Radiates a magical and luminous presence.
  • CosmoGlow: Glows with a cosmic and otherworldly charm.
  • Mystique: Exudes an air of mystery and intrigue.
  • PixelPurr: A cat with a digital and pixelated charm.
  • Aether: Connected to the heavenly and ethereal realms.
  • Enigma: A puzzling and enigmatic feline friend.
  • Jamboree: Full of energy and playful enthusiasm.
  • Quirkster: Known for its quirky and eccentric behavior.
  • Spectra: Shimmers with a spectrum of unique colors.
  • WhimsyWhisk: Playful and whimsical with a twitchy whisker.
  • Zigzag: Moves in unpredictable and zigzag patterns.
  • Vellichor: Possesses an old bookish and nostalgic charm.
  • KaleidoTail: Tail displays a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • GlimmerGem: Shines like a rare and precious gem.
  • QuantumCat: Seems to exist in a state of quantum cuteness.
  • Cipher: A cat with a mysterious and coded personality.
  • AstralWhisk: Whiskers reach into the celestial unknown.

Shy and timid cats may take some time to warm up to their humans, but when they do, they tend to share their sweet and soft demeanors in a loving way, which makes them excellent little friends. We hope that this list has helped you find the appropriate name to celebrate your cat’s shyness.

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