150 Perfecto Spanish Names For Your Cat

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Many Spanish cat names have long histories and traditionally, were based on Biblical or classic Latin and Greek names. Others exude uniqueness and maybe food related or a combination of old and new.

If you are looking for a Spanish name for your new kitty there are plenty of them out there. In this article we’ve compiled our favorite names and their meanings to inspire you.

Male Spanish Cat Names

  • Alejandro – This is a popular Spanish name meaning “Defender of Mankind”.
  • Armando – This means Man in the army and great for a militant kitty.
  • Bandido – Otherwise known as Bandit, it is great for cats who steal things like socks around the house.
  • Benito – This one means Blessed.
  • Bernardo – This could be a perfect name for a big and healthy kitty because it means strong as a Bear.
  • Bruno – This name is a popular name in many Spanish films and means armor.
  • Carlo – Or Carlos are great Spanish names that means a free man.
  • Carmine – This one means Garden.
  • Chico – This name means a small boy in Spanish and great for little cats.
  • Corazón – This means heart which is great for the cat that steals yours.
  • Cuervo – This means raven or Cuervo is a tequila and either could be a unique name choice.
  • Dante – This name means during and obstinate.
  • Diego – This popular Spanish name means supplanter.
  • Don – This name means world rule.
  • Donato – This name simply means given.
  • Eduardo – This means the rich guard and great for a territorial kitty.
  • Enrique – This name is great for your cat because it means home ruler.
  • Fernando – Fernando is a variation of Ferdinand and means “bold voyager.”
  • Francisco – This name means from France.
  • Guido – This name means the forest.
  • Guillermo – This name means will, desire, or protection which can cover a lot of cats personalities.
  • Hernan – Is great for a cat because it means intelligent and brave.
  • Hugo – This is a popular name in Spain that means the “mind”.
  • Inigo – This name means fiery which is good for ginger cats or those with wild personalities.
  • Isamar – This name means elision of Isabel del Mar.
  • Jaime – This is a popular Spanish name that means supplanter.
  • Jorge – This is the Spanish and Portuguese form of George and translates to earth worker.
  • Joseluis – This name is a combination of Josa & Luis.
  • Julio – This is a popular name that means down-bearded youth.
  • King – This name in Spanish means King’s forest clearing.

Hernan – Is great for a cat because it means intelligent and brave.

  • Leonardo -This is a good name for a cat and means strong as the lion.
  • Luis – This one is a common name in Spanish and means famous warrior.
  • Mario – This name means from Mars.
  • Marques – which can also be spelled Marquez means “Lord of the marches”.
  • Mateo – This name is a popular name in Chile that means a gift from God.
  • Mullido – This name means fluffy which is perfect for some cat breeds.
  • Navarro – This means a Medieval Spanish Kingdom which could be great for a cat who thinks he rules.
  • Nicolas – This is a name that means victory of the people.
  • Paco – This name means free and if you have a free-spirited cat this is perfect.
  • Pequeño – This name means little one and is a good one for a little kitty.
  • Pimiento – Pimiento makes for an adorable name for a kitty with a spicy attitude. It means pepper.
  • Relámpag – This name means flash of lighting and a good name for a fast feline.
  • Ricardo – This popular name means strong power.
  • Rodrigo – This is a name that means famous ruler. This is a fitting name for the cat of the house.
  • Roldan – This is a name that means popularity of land.
  • Romeo – The perfect name for the charming kitty in your life.
  • Salvador – This is a common name that means Savior.
  • Sancho – This name means sacred.
  • Santiago – This is a popular name in Mexico that means “Saint James”, the patron saint of Spain.
  • Santo – This is another name that means sacred.

Female Spanish Cat Names

  • Alejandra – This name is the female version of Alejandro and means defender.
  • Anabella – This name means graceful, beautiful, and easy to love which can be said of all cats!
  • Augustina – This is a popular name in Chile meaning “great and magnificent”.
  • Beatriz –This name means Voyager.
  • Bebe – This name means baby and perfect for your cat who will always be your baby.
  • Belen – This name means Bethlehem and house of bread.
  • Belinda – This name means the beautiful serpent.
  • Bella – This name means beautiful and great for any kitty.
  • Blanca – This is a name that means white making it perfect for your white cat.
  • Bonita – This is a name that means pretty and all kitty’s are!
  • Brisa – This name means breeze.
  • Carina – This name means beloved and your cat is that no matter what.
  • Carissa – This name means caress.
  • Carmen – This name means garden.
  • Catalina – This popular name means pure.

Augustina – This is a popular name in Chile meaning “great and magnificent”.

  • Chica – This name means a little girl and good for your girl kitty.
  • Chiquita – This name means a small one. If your cat is petite this is the name for her.
  • Chispa – This name means spark. It’s a great name for a cat who seem to have a spark.
  • Cielo – This name means Heaven.
  • Clarissa – This name means clear or something easy to understand.
  • Dahlia – This name means a dweller in the valley.
  • Drina – This name means defending men.
  • Dulce – This name means sweet and is great for the sweetest kitty in your life.
  • Eldora – This name means gift of the sun.
  • Elena – This name means wicker, reed, and shoot.
  • Emelda – This name means entire battle which is fitting for some cats.
  • Esperanza – This name means hope.
  • Eva – This name is a popular Spanish name meaning eve.
  • Fantasma – This means ghost and good for a cat that likes sneaking up on you.
  • Felicia – This name means happy and all cats have this effect on their owners.
  • Fernanda –This name means a peaceful venture.
  • Flor – This name means flower and perfect for your blossoming feline.
  • Frida – This name means peace which maybe a stretch with your kitty.
  • Galleta – This name is the Spanish word for cookie.
  • Graciela – This name means Grace.
  • Hada – This name means Noble spirit.
  • Inocencia – This name means Innocent and could work for some cats.
  • Julia – This name is popular and means a young lady.
  • Justina – This name means righteous and many cats would find this name fitting.
  • Lareina – This name means queen and since some cats think the world revolves around them this is the perfect name.
  • Lucia – This name means bright and great for your cat with a shinning personality.
  • Luna – This name means Moon and great for light cats.
  • Magdalena – This name means bitter but is popular in both Spanish and Italian names.
  • Mora – This name means Peacock which is a beautiful bird.
  • Natalia – This very popular name means Christmas and Birthday.

Julia – This name is popular and means a young lady.

  • Pequeñoa – This name means little one and good for a tiny feline.
  • Pimienta – This name means pepper and perfect for a spicy girl.
  • Renata – This is a Spanish name that translates to born again.
  • Sofía – This is a popular name that means “wisdom”.
  • Tita – This is a name or title given to older women.

Unisex Spanish Cat Names

  • Acevedo – This name means grove of holly trees in Spanish.
  • Acosta – This name means coast.
  • Amor – This name is very popular and means love. This is perfect for your loved cat!
  • Angel – This name means messenger in Spanish.
  • Arce – This is a name for both boys and girls and means ‘maple tree’.
  • Arroz – This means rice and is a popular Spanish food.
  • Azúcar – This name means sugar and makes a good name for that sweet feline.
  • Azul – This name means blue and is great for cats with blue eyes.
  • Baya – This name means berry and is perfect for the sweet little kitty in your life.
  • Cabron – This name means goat but is what the Spanish use to call some one a jackass.
  • Calaca – This name translates to skeleton or can be used to refer to a skinny cat.
  • Carino – This name can mean darling, sweetie, honey, or dear.
  • Churri – This name is a common Spanish slang word also used to describe your significant other.
  • Churro – This name is from a yummy Spanish dessert that is covered in cinnamon.
  • Coco – This is based on the name of a popular Disney/Pixar movie about the Mexican culture.
  • Conejito – This one means ‘little rabbit’ which works for both rabbits and cats.
  • Corazón – This name means heart or “sweetheart”. This is fitting for cats you refer to as your heart.
  • Dali – This is a unique Spanish name that means “drawn before God”.
  • Diez – This name means ten which is a good ranking for any cat.
  • Dulce – This name means candy and is just right for the sweetest kitty.
  • Elian – This name means the lord is my God.
  • Feliz – This name comes from the Spanish word for happy.
  • Frijol – This name means beans in Spanish.
  • Frito – This name means fried in Spanish. It can be used for golden colored cats.
  • Guevara – This name is the Latin American form meaning prominent.
  • Jefe – This name means boss in Spanish. Some cats earn this name.
  • Jules – This name means youthful.
  • Loras – This is a unique name and means pain and sorrow. It comes from the Latin word Dolor which means sorrowful.
  • Luz – This name comes from Our Lady of light and basically means “light”.
  • Madrid – This name means water stream.

Guevara – This name is the Latin American form meaning prominent.

  • Manchego – This name is a delicious cheese from Spain.
  • Mangú – This is a breakfast dish that consists of mashed plantains and topped with sautéed red onions. This dish may not be your taste but its fun to say.
  • Mi sol – This name means my sun which describes the warmth cats bring.
  • Muneco – This name is actually a nickname for boys and girls that is used when children are babies. It means doll.
  • Nacho – This name comes from the tex mex food.
  • Ocaso – This name means twilight. It is a good name for a black cat.
  • Pachuco – This is a less common name used to describe a gangster. It basically means troublemaker or punk.
  • Patitas – This name means little paws and is perfect for emphasizing the cutest features of your kitty.
  • Paz – This name means peace. This name is good for a quiet and docile kitty.
  • Peque – This name means ‘small’. This is good for small cats.
  • Peregrin – This name means wanderer or pilgrim.
  • Primo – This name means cousin, but your cat can also be considered a family member.
  • Quesadilla – This is a delicious Mexican food that combines tortillas with cheese.
  • Rayan – This is a name that can be used for both the genders. The meaning is the king or queen which is fitting for any cat.
  • Rio – This name means river in Spanish and works for both males and females.
  • Sage – This is an herb and a name that means “wise”.
  • Salsa – The salsa dance includes many different Latin and American cultures, including Mexican influences. This makes it the perfect exciting Spanish dog name for the pup that loves to perform their own little dances. It can also refer to the Mexican condiment.
  • Torpe – This is basically the equivalent of a “klutz.” It can be used on the person who drops something, picks it up and then accidentally drops it again.
  • Yaxha – This name is of Spanish origin and means green water or meadow.
  • Zulimar – This is a common name for both boys and girls, and it means ‘blue ocean’. Great for a blue eyed kitty!

You now have hundreds of Spanish cat names to choose from and will have the perfect one for your kitty in no time.  It is ideal to learn the meaning behind each name and choose one that represents your cats personality, appearance or breed.

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