150 Best Cat Names For Sphynx Cats

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The Sphynx cats may not be the prettiest, but they are for a fact the most friendly member of the cat family.

One of the greatest traits of the Sphynx cats is that it is a combination of the personalities of a cat and a dog making it lovable to everyone. As opposed to the ordinary cats, the Sphynx has the loyalty of a dog, constantly in need of the human company.

So, being a member of the household here is a few suggestion for their names and what their meaning.

Female Sphynx Cat Names:

Precious- Latin for a darling or a loved one.

  • Ra – Sun god, symbolizes creation and power for a powerful cat.
  • Isis – Magic, motherhood, resurrection, and fertility goddess.
  • Osiris – God of afterlife, death, and rebirth to name your majestic kitten.
  • Anubis – Guide to the afterlife, mummification god,  a mighty cat name.
  • Horus – Sky, war, protection, falcon-headed deity.
  • Bastet – Home, fertility, depicted as lioness.
  • Thoth – Wisdom, writing, magic, lunar associations.
  • Sekhmet – War, healing, lioness goddess, cat like attributes.
  • Set – God of chaos, storms, desert to name a slick cat.
  • Dalila- Is an Egyptian name meaning sweet.
  • Hasina- Means lover.
  • Ptah – Creator god, craftsman patron, cat symbolism.
  • Kamilah- Is an Egyptian for perfect.
  • Nut – Sky goddess, depicted with feline characteristics.
  • Amun – King of gods, wind deity, loved cats.
  • Aziza-  Is an Egyptian name which means precious
  • Balbina-  Is Latin for strong.
  • Beatrice-  A funny Latin name for one who brings joy.
  • Gazelle-  Means graceful.
  • Ma’at – Truth, justice, balance, ostrich feather to name a loyal cat.
  • honsu – Moon, time, depicted as falcon-headed, cat associations in methology.
  • Madonna-  Is Latin for my lady.
  • Sobek – Nile, fertility, crocodile deity.
  • Magna-  Is a unisex cat name meaning large
  • Pearl- Precious jewel, a white one.
  • Precious– Latin for a darling or a loved one.
  • Rosalind- Name for the one with great beauty.
  • Ruby- Is a Latin jewel, a name given to a valued cat. Valentina is a Latin name that means healthy and strong.
  • Valeria- The name was popular in ancient egypt means strong and vigorous.
  • Wadjet – Protective cobra goddess, royalty, cat symbolism.
  • Mafdet – Goddess of justice, depicted as a feline, early guardian deity.

Male Sphynx Cat Names:

Cary- Means honesty.

  • Khalid- Says immortal and is from the Egyptian origin.
  • Akil- The name meaning is smart or clever.
  • Abasi- Is an Persian name which means serious.
  • Amun- An ancient Egyptian God.
  • Aten- The name means sun or white light.
  • Horus- Protector of egypt.
  • Bacchus- Latin for one that shouts.
  • Balbina-  Latin for one who is strong.
  • Cara- Italian for Baby.
  • Cary- Means honesty.
  • Lucas- Latin for one who illuminates.
  • Magna- Means large or strong. It is a unisex name.
  • Mercury- God of trade.
  • Orson-  Is a Latin origin name meaning little bear.
  • Xerxes- The great king of Persia
  • Lucky- As the name suggests, cat name means having good luck.
  • Khepri – Rising sun, scarab beetle, cat connections.
  • Taweret – Protection, childbirth.
  • Nephthys – Death, mourning, depicted as woman as lovely name for a female cat.

Funny Sphynx Cat Names

  • Baldini – The smoothest, furless adventurer.
  • Oreo – Lucky and mischievously playful demeanor.
  • Sylvester – Quirky and charmingly mischievous personality..
  • Bubba – A big sounding name with a Southern flare.
  • Capone – Named for the large and in charge mobster from America’s history.
  • Tux – Classy and charmingly elegant demeanor.
  • Chunky – Maybe your Sphynx is a little chunky – and we love that!
  • Conan – Based on the fantasy here, Conan the Barbarian.
  • Pinky – Refers to the color pink but may refer to the little finger in your body.
  • Luna – Luna is the Latin name for baby girls which means “The Moon”.
  • Daisy – In America, Daisy is the name of a flower. Perfect for that your cool-looking Sphynx kitty.
  • Barbie – Barbie is an American name that means stranger. Perfect for a kitty brought from abroad.
  • Dixie – Dixie is of French origin and it means from the South in the U.S.
  • Marley – An English name that denotes the boundary field.
  • Poppy – This name denotes from the flower and it is of Latin origin.
  • Razzle – Dazzling without the fuzz dazzle.
  • Wrinkle– Wise and witty, wrinkles included.
  • Chief – Mischief maker in a fur-less style.
  • Rebel – Sleek, sassy, and oh-so-Sphinx.
  • Velvet – As smooth and soft as velvet.

Famous Sphynx Cat Names

  • Cleo– The regal ruler of hairlessness.
  • Stallone – A tough and furless action hero.
  • Holmes – Solving mysteries with hairless finesse.
  • Galadriel – An ethereal beauty in the buff.
  • Leonardo – A naked masterpiece of feline art.
  • Einstein – Genius wrapped in hairless wisdom.
  • Diva– A glamorous and demanding star.
  • Elvis – Rocking the hairless look with style.
  • Gandalf – A wizardly presence without the fur.
  • Minelli – A showbiz sensation in the nude.

Cool Names for Sphynx Cat

  • Rogue – Uniquely stylish and daring cat.
  • Zenith – At the peak of feline coolness.
  • Neo – The epitome of sleek nobility.
  • Amare – Effortlessly charming and fashion-forward.
  • Marvel – A mysterious and marvelously cool cat.
  • Slick – Smooth, sleek, and effortlessly cool.
  • Lux – Ruling with luxurious cool confidence.
  • Razor – Edgy and razor-sharp coolness.
  • Cavanaugh – Quirky and cool like a quasar.
  • Ace – Vibrantly cool and captivating presence.

Egyptian Names for Sphynx Cats

  • Anubis – Guardian of the hairless realm.
  • Nefertiti – Elegant beauty in feline form.
  • RaScarab – Radiant like the sun god.
  • IsisSphinx – Divine and regal hairlessness.
  • OsirisShadow – Resurrected elegance in the dark.
  • CleoCatra – Queenly feline with a twist.
  • AnkhuMau – Living essence of the cat.
  • PharaohPurr – Ruling with a majestic purr.
  • SekhmetStar – Fierce and shining like a star.
  • RamsesRiddle – Puzzling elegance and grandeur.
  • BastetBare – Goddess of love in the nude.
  • HorizonHaru – Limitless beauty like the horizon.
  • KhufuKitty – The Great Pyramid of cuteness.
  • SphinxScarlet – Mystical allure in red tones.
  • AnkhAbyss – Eternal life in a hairless abyss.
  • AmenhotepAmour – Love that stands the test.
  • HatshepsutHeart – Royal heart in a hairless form.
  • TutankhamunTalon – Golden talons of royal descent.
  • NileNebula – Nebula-like grace along the Nile.
  • RaRiddle – Sun god mysteries revealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good name for a Sphynx?

Choose a playful name from ancient Egypt for your Sphynx cat such as Tau, Zane, Valeria or Kamilah!

What to name a hairless cat funny?

For a laugh, try some fun names for your hairless cat like Harry, Peach Fuzz, Fluffy, Wooly, Goldilocks and Whiskers!

What is the Egyptian name for the Sphynx cat?

Say goodbye to fur and hello to the Egyptian-inspired Sphynx cat - originating in Canada, but known across the world!

The Sphynx cat is a unique breed of cat that has no fur, and is known for its wrinkled skin and large ears. It is a friendly and affectionate breed that is easy to care for.

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