75 Winter Cat Name Ideas With Meanings

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Cat in the winter window

alekuwka / Shutterstock.com

Winter cat names are an excellent choice for any cat, whether you adopted a new cat or kitten in the wintertime or simply love the season. There’s so much to love about winter, from the holiday season to the winter plants. Winter symbolizes peace, joy, and celebration.

Typical Christmas cat names, such as Holly or Angel, are great ideas, but we’ve also pulled together some less-common winter themes such as trees, drinks, characters, and even winter apparel. (How cute is the name Beanie?)

Keep reading for 75 winter cat names along with their meanings and symbolism.

Winter Cat Names for Female Cats

Brown tabby sitting on a blanket near a fireplace while their owner drinks tea.

Winter cat names evoke the warm feelings of cuddling by the fireplace on a cold day. Bogdan Sonjachnyj / Shutterstock.com

For winter girl cat names, we took inspiration from the emotions we feel around the holidays, plants we associate with this time of year, and more. We hope you find something perfect for your little angel.

  • Holly This plant with red berries is a well-known symbol of the holidays.
  • Angel — Name your little Angel after the one atop your tree this Christmas.
  • Hope — Winter holidays leave us feeling hopeful about the new year ahead, just like adopting a new cat.
  • Joy — Your little one is sure to bring a lot of happiness into your life, so why not have their name reflect that?
  • Carol — If your chatty Christmas cat is always “singing,” this could be the perfect name.
  • Elsa — The ice queen in the popular Disney movie Frozen.
  • Anna — For a less obvious reference to Frozen, you could go with the name Anna instead.
  • Noel — A great name for a kitten born on Christmas.
  • Aurora — This name can mean “dawn” and symbolizes new beginnings, similar to New Year’s Day.
  • Juniper — Juniper pine trees symbolize eternal life.
  • Blanca — This French name means “white and pure.”
  • Crystal — Like a precious stone, you’ll cherish your cat for life.
  • Viola — A Latin name meaning “winter flower.”
  • Faith — Wintertime reminds many people of their faith through winter holidays.
  • Grace — Cats are one of the most graceful creatures there are!
  • Neve or Nieve — This name means “snow,” with the first spelling being Portuguese and Italian and the second being Spanish.
  • Blanche — French for “white,” this is perfect for a white cat.
  • Garnet — The birthstone of those born in January.
  • Alba Alba means “bright,” “shining,” and “dawn,” all perfect for the winter season.
  • Hailey — After hail storms in winter.
  • Candy — We associate so many candies with the winter season, especially candy canes.
  • Frostine — This one makes us think of frost, but also of frosting on a cake—the perfect finishing touch.

Winter Cat Names for Male Cats

A couple of happy kittens sleep together in a cozy blanket.

Many winter nature names are perfectly-suited to male cats. ShineTerra / Shutterstock.com

These winter names for male cats are based on winter trees, warm drinks, and characters, such as Santa’s reindeer. Find your perfect boy cat name below.

  • Spruce — Pine trees are the perfect symbol of winter, and spruces represent kindness and friendship.
  • Cypress — These trees are symbols of endurance and strength.
  • Aster — Aster plants are named after stars and represent love and patience.
  • Aspen — Aspen trees symbolize strength and heroism.
  • North — The north is known for its cold winters—or cold years, if you go as far as the North Pole.
  • Jack — Who better to name your white cat after than Jack Frost?
  • Olaf — Alternatively, you could name them after the silly snowman in the movie Frozen.
  • Matcha — A warm drink that symbolizes peace and harmony.
  • Chai — Who doesn’t love a mug of tea in the winter?
  • Frosty — One of the best white cat names.
  • Polar — Inspired by the North Pole and the winter movie The Polar Express.
  • Jingle — This name reminds us of the song “Jingle Bells” and is also the name of the reindeer who visits during the holidays in the game “Animal Crossing.”
  • Dasher — Perfect for a fast cat!
  • Prancer — Cats are elegant and quick on their feet, much like Santa’s reindeer.
  • Comet — This name has links to Santa’s reindeer and also the night sky.
  • Cupid — Great for a kitten born on Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
  • Donner — Meaning “to give,” this name perfectly exemplifies holiday spirit.
  • Blitzen — This name can also mean “flash” or “lightening.”
  • Rudolph — Of course, we can’t forget the most famous reindeer of all!
  • Claus — Nor can we dismiss the thought of naming your cat after the one running the show—Santa Claus himself.
  • Puck — A cute name inspired by hockey.
  • Moose — A strong and courageous winter animal.
  • Chestnut — With this name, you could also call your cat Chester as a nickname.
  • Buddy — Name your silly cat after the elf from the movie Elf.
  • Marley — Or, you could go with the name of one of the ghosts from A Christmas Carol.
  • Max — The name of the Grinch’s dog—and maybe your new cat?
  • Cole — A good name for a mischievous cat who belongs on the naughty list.
  • Pine — Pine trees are a well-known symbol of Christmas.
  • Douglas — Douglas fir trees are one of the most popular types of Christmas tree.
  • Snow — Best-fitting a white cat.

Unisex Winter Cat Names

An orange and white cat cuddles on owners lap near a window.

Unisex cat names are great for new kittens or if you just want something more gender-neutral. Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock.com

Why not name your winter kitten after warm drinks or winter clothing? We also have some wild cards on this one, such as Tundra and Sugarplum.

  • Cocoa — We love drinking cocoa on a cold day.
  • Marshmallow — This name pairs perfectly with Cocoa and also works well on its own.
  • Latte — Another warm beverage well-suited to the winter season.
  • Blizzard — A strong snowstorm.
  • Mittens — Perfect for a cat with white paws.
  • Nova — A bright new star.
  • Frosty — After the snowman, or the winter weather.
  • Snowy — For a white cat, or a kitten born in a snowstorm.
  • Tundra — A tundra is a frozen plain without trees, icy on the surface with frozen plant life underneath.
  • Hale — This name can also be spelled “Hail,” after icy rain.
  • Flurry — A soft falling of snow on a windy day.
  • Snowball — Another good name for a white cat, or a rambunctious one who’d love a snowball fight.
  • Snowflake — For the most special white cat you’ve ever met.
  • Sugarplum — A sweet treat typically eaten around Christmas time.
  • Parka — A large jacket with a hood worn on cold, windy days.
  • Tinsel — Real tinsel isn’t great to have around when you live with cats, but your cat could replace it in name.
  • Beanie — Not only after the hat, but also a cat’s cute little toe beans.
  • Alaska — Alaska is known for its cold weather, which most of us associate with the winter season.
  • Zamboni — A machine that smooths the ice on a skating rink.
  • January — Or, name them after the first month of a new year to signify your new beginning together.
  • Storm — After winter snowstorms or maybe after your cat’s boisterous personality.
  • Midnight — A great name for a black cat.
  • Ember — Like the start of a fire on a cold winter’s night.

Winter is the perfect time to adopt a snuggly cat. We hope this list has helped you name your new companion and that you have a beautiful life together.

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