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This is a sponsored post by Pets Global.

Now more than ever, pet guardians want to treat their cats to food that features wholesome, natural ingredients. We checked in with Jeff Valdez, Customer Care Manager at Essence Pet Foods, for his company’s unique approach to delivering the best pet foods possible – particularly for cats.

Essence Pet Foods is part of Pets Global, an independent, family-owned pet food company that offers holistic foods designed with wellness in mind. Based in Southern California, the company ships its products to over 5,000 stores across the U.S. They’re proud to be industry leaders who offer high-quality food for cats and dogs, along with new, innovative products that meet the growing nutritional needs of pets.

When Did You Launch Essence Pet Foods?

Essence Cat & Dog was launched in March of 2019.

The 18th annual Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards celebrate the most innovative products launched in the pet care category. It is here that Essence was named as a winner for being one of the most exciting and functional products on the market, as well as best-in-class merchandising displays, packaging designs, websites, and charitable efforts.

Essence pet foods contain 85% animal protein ingredients. Can you tell us a little bit about your ‘meat first’ philosophy?

Real meat and fish are the first ingredients in all Essence recipes. It’s important to us that your dogs and cats get the highest quality protein and nutrients, and the best source for that is from meat. That’s what their ancestors ate, and that’s what your pets should be eating now – animal proteins, of the highest quality. That is what carnivores crave. That is what Essence provides.

How Much Protein Do Cats And Dogs Need To Thrive?

Dogs need at least 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weightevery day, and cats need at least 2 grams of protein per pound of ideal body weight per day.  But the digestibility of the protein is as important as the amount. The digestibility of the protein refers to how much of the protein ingredients can be nutritionally utilized by the pet’s body.  The meat proteins used in Essence are highly digestible, so not only will your pet love it, but their body systems will love it too.

We love that your food is designed with our pet’s biology in mind. Can you tell us why this is so important for optimal health?

Dogs and cats are a part of the order Carnivora. Thus, they are biologically adapted to catch prey and eat meat. When given a choice, dogs and cats always prefer meat-based foods to plant-based foods. Even though dogs have adapted over time to utilize plant-based food to some extent, they primarily thrive on animal proteins. Essence recreates that diet. Our approach is always animal protein first. The way it was meant to be in nature.

Aside From The Meat, What Ingredients Go Into Essence Pet Foods?

There’s a reason why mom said to eat your vegetables. It applies to our pets as well. Even though vegetables and plant ingredients are not required nutritionally by pets, they do complement and complete your pet’s Superior Nutrition by offering other healthy benefits.

Lentils and beans provide additional sources of protein while also providing fiber and other nutrients. Coconut and pumpkin aid in digestion and provide antioxidants that keep the body safe and health.

Sea vegetables are a great source of essential minerals; they help balance pH levels. Animal proteins with a selection of the healthiest vegetables promote health and wellness for your beloved companions.

Essential vitamins and minerals round out Superior Nutrition. In nature, carnivores may get these micronutrients from the natural food they eat.

However, it can be inconsistent at times, depending on the food available. That’s why Essence provides your dogs and cats with a full complement of essential vitamins and minerals, including taurine, via an exclusive vitamin pack produced in Europe by a human consumable vitamin plant.

Is There Anything You Definitely Don’t Put Into Your Pet Food?

All Essence recipes are free of hormones and antibiotics. We use only the highest quality ingredients available. Our Essence recipes are also free of Grains, Potato, Alfalfa, Peas, Flaxseed, and Sunflower Oil.

So essentially Essence is the definition of ‘clean pet food’! What are your most popular recipes and formulas?

Our furry companions are all different. Therefore, while one may like our fish-based recipe, another may like our red meat recipe. Its all in your furry friends preference, and that is why we offer variety.

Essence is committed to sustainability. Why do you believe pet parents should choose sustainable pet food?

The Essence promise is to use the highest quality proteins from responsible and clean sources. Our proteins are sourced from all over the world, bringing together ingredients that specific from certain regions and using them to craft our unique recipes. Each recipe showcases the best of red meat, poultry, and fish. We choose the proteins that provide the healthiest nutrients and great taste for all your furry companions.

What Has Been The Feedback So Far On Essence Pet Foods? Do You Have A Favorite Review?

We have seen very positive feedback from our customers and retailers alike. Fur babies love the recipes! One of the most mentioned comments from our customers is how their fur babies can’t wait for their next meal. Click here to read more testimonials from the pet parents of Essence.

Finally, How Do Pet Parents Get Their Hands-On Essence Pet Foods?

Anyone interested in our Essence recipes can visit our web page at and click on the where to buy tab. Once on the where to buy page, simply enter your zip or postal code, and a list of stores near you will appear.

As Jeff Valdez says,

“Essence recreates your pet’s natural diet. Our approach is always animal protein first. The way it was meant to be in nature.”

Remember, for-profit companies decide how to formulate, market, and deliver your cat’s food. As a concerned pet guardian, it’s up to you to familiarize yourself with each company’s ingredients and philosophy.

Interviews like this provide you with valuable insight while giving pet food companies a platform for communication with people who are considering their products, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to interact.

We’d like to extend a warm thank you to Jeff and the rest of the Essence Pet Foods team for making this possible.

For more information about Essence Pet Foods, please visit:

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