200 Best Arabic Cat Names With Meanings

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Arabic cats in a compressed image, representing the diverse feline breeds in the Arabic region

Arabic names are known for being rich in history as well as having deep and powerful meanings. Arabic names often refer to serving god and many Arabic female names are a variation of a male name.

This alphabetical list contains popular Arabic names to help you begin the difficult process of choosing a name for your feline friend.

Best Male Arabic Cat Names

  • Abdul (عبد): This is a well-loved name that means “servant of”
  • Abdulaziz (عبد العزيز): This means servant of the almighty
  • Abdullah (عبد الله): This means a servant of Allah
  • Abdulrahman (عبدالرحمن): This means the servant of the most gracious
  • Achmed (احمد): This means highly praised, or one who constantly thanks God
  • Ahmad (أحمد): This means highly praised and is a noble name that harbors power and respect
  • Ahmed (أحمد) This means ‘highly praised’
  • Ali (علي): This means elevated or superior
  • Ali (علي): This means noble
  • Amin (أمين): This means faithful
  • Andel (انديل): This means fair
  • Anhad (انهاد): This means courageous or doesn’t fear enemies
  • Anwar (أنور): This means bright
  • Baashir (بشير): This means the one who brings good news
  • Babak (باباك): This means beloved father
  • Bahij (بهيج): This means brave
  • Cairo (القاهرة): This is the capital of Egypt and also a popular Arabic baby name
  • Casper (كاسبر): This means a treasure or gem
  • Chikou (تشيكو): This means good-spirited or light-blooded
  • Diya (ضياء): This means bright
  • Faris (فارس): This means knight, horseman
  • Farooq (فاروق): This means discriminating
  • Farrukh (فروخ): This means auspicious, happy
  • Fatin (فاتن): This means elegant
  • Fayez (فايز): This is an Arabic name that translates to victorious.
  • Galel (جليل): This means “the wave of God”
  • Ghaith (غيث): This means rain
  • Ghiyath (غياث): This means protector
  • Habib (حبيب): This means loved
  • Hafez (حافظ): This means the one who remembers
Female Italian cat in a compressed image, offering a glimpse of Italian feline charm.

Cairo – This is the capital of Egypt and also a popular Arabic baby name

  • Haffez (حافظ): This means the one who serves the master
  • Halim (حليم): This means affectionate and patient
  • Hassan (حسان): This means beautiful
  • Husain (حسين): This also means beautiful
  • Ihsan (احسان): This means beneficence, kindness
  • Ikhlas (إخلاص): This means sincerity
  • Imad (عماد): This means pillar and support
  • Imam (امام): This means the one who leads the way
  • Imran (عمران): This is a historical name
  • Jabir (جابر): This means consoles or accompanies
  • Kahil (كحيل): This means friendly
  • Kaliq (كاليق): This means witty or creative
  • Kedar (كيدار): This means strong or resolute
  • Khalid (خالد): This name translates to eternal
  • Lahan (لاهان): This means a little bright-headed one
  • Loki (لوكي): This means rowdy
  • Malik (مالك): This name means “king” or “wave”
  • Marzuq (مرزوق): This means fortunate
  • Mashaal (مشعل): This means bright
  • Mashhoor (مشهور): This means famous
  • Mashkoor (مشهور): This means grateful
  • Masood (مسعود): This means prosperous
  • Maysoor (ميسور): This means successful
  • Mazin (مازن): This means bright-faced
  • Milo (ميلو): This means attentive and lucky
  • Mohammad (محمد): This is a biblical name that is very popular throughout the Middle East and also in the UK
  • Murphy (مورفي): This means pebbles
  • Nadhir (نذير): This means one who takes precaution of danger
  • Nazeh (نزيه): This means chaste
  • Nnabhan (نابهان): This means noble
Tabby cat in a compressed image, showcasing its classic and timeless appearance

Mohammad – This is a biblical name that is very popular throughout the Middle East and also in the UK

  • Omar (عمر): This means “eloquent” and is of mixed Hebrew and Arabic origins
  • Rabi (ربيع): This means spring breeze
  • Ramzi (رمزي): This means symbolic
  • Rashad (رشاد): This means wisdom
  • Rashid (رشيد): This means rightly guided
  • Rayhan (ريحان): This means sweet fragrance
  • Razi (الرازي): This means contented
  • Rifat (رفعت): This means superiority
  • Rikuo (ريكو): This means strong or brave
  • Riza (رضا): This means satisfaction
  • Sadiq (صادق): This means reliable or faithful
  • Salem (سالم): This is an Arabic and Hebrew name that means “peace”
  • Tahir (طاهر): This means pure
  • Zafir (ظافر): This means victorious
  • Ziad (زياد): This means surrounded by abundance

Best Female Arabic Cat Names

  • Aamal (أعمال): This means has aspirations
  • Abeer (البيرة): This means a good girl or a beautiful fragrant smell
  • Ada (آدا): This means noble
  • Adjum (أضف): This means star
  • Ahlam (أحلام): This means a girl who is smart and strong, has ambition and strives
  • Aisha (عائشة): This means a patient, loyal and compassionate girl who thinks with her heart
  • Amal (أمل): This means a kind and beloved girl who thinks before she does and fights for good
  • Amina (أمينة): This means faithful and loyal
  • Anbar (الأنبار): This means fragrant or perfume
  • Anisa (أنيسة): This means a friendly, sociable, or entertaining woman
  • Asmaa (أسماء): This means the quiet, mysterious girl
  • Badour (بدور): This means the beautiful, shy girl who takes revenge for herself
  • Badriya (بدرية): This means a rational and discreet girl who keeps secrets with a strong character
  • Barzah (برزة): This means mind-grabbing hearts
  • Boushra (بشرى): This means a mysterious, intelligent girl who loves those around her
  • Bushra (بشرى): This means brings good news to owners
Charming kitten gazing directly at the camera with curiosity.

Gigi – This means a female who runs the world

  • Dunay (دوناي): This means the world
  • Fadila (فضيلة): This means virtuous
  • Farah (فرح): This means joy
  • Fiona (فيونا): This means bright white
  • Fleur (فلور): This means like a flower
  • Gabriella (غابرييلا): This means God is the source of strength
  • Ghaydaa (غيداء): This means delicate
  • Gigi (جيجي): This means a female who runs the world
  • Giovanna (جيوفانا): This means merciful God
  • Habiba (حبيبة): This means beloved
  • Hadia (هادية): This means calm and tranquil
  • Hana (هناء): This means the happy one
  • Hanan (حنان): This means affectionate, obedient, and selfish at times
  • Here-Hana (هنا-هانا): This means happiness or joy
  • Husniya (حسنية): This means “beauty, excellence, and goodness
  • Jolana (جولانا): This means violet, flower
  • Kaarina (كارينا): This means pure
  • Kala (كالا): This means strong
  • Kalila (كليلة): This means love that lasts forever
  • Karima (كريمة) This means generous
  • Khalisa (خالصة): This means clean
  • Lamar (لامار): This means gold water, the sparkle of the sword
  • Layla (ليلى): This means dark beauty
  • Lina (لينا): This means a girl sensitive to her nature and strong feelings, but she is seen as arrogant
  • Loza (لوزا): This means almond
  • Malak (ملاك): This means angel
  • Manar (منار): This means a girl who shines a light with her beauty
  • Maya (مايا): This means goddess
  • Mismam (مسام): Means feminine beauty and the stigma is the feminine organ inside the flower
Cute German cat, radiating charm and cuteness

Lina – This means a girl sensitive to her nature and strong feelings, but she is seen as arrogant

  • Munira (منيرة): This means a warm girl who is clear, frank, and honest
  • Nabila (نبيلة): This name has royal origins
  • Najma (نجمة): This means stardom or fame
  • Najya (ناجية): This means victorious
  • Nardin (ناردين): This means It is the name of a plant that smells good and is used for decoration.
  • Norah (نورا): This means a girl with a strong personality and thinks with her mind first
  • Qawyyah (قوية): This means a straightforward girl
  • Rabab (رباب): This means cloud
  • Ritaj (ريتاج): This is one of the names of the Holy Kaaba
  • Roxy (روكسي): This means sunrise
  • Roya (رؤيا): This means a dream come true
  • Rozi (روزي): This means progress
  • Ryanah (ريانة): This means the girl who drank after thirst, which is the opposite of thirst
  • Samah (سماح): This means forgiving and loyal
  • Samira (سميرة): This means speech or chatty
  • Sana (صنعاء): This means a beloved girl who is sincere and thinks with her heart
  • Shawq (شوق): This means a soft-hearted girl thinks with her heart and loves everyone
  • Sherifa (شريفة): This means a girl who maintains herself and her honor
  • Shouaa (شعاع): This means a smart girl who knows what she wants and has a strong personality.
  • Tahany (تهاني): This means a girl with light blood, but carries the meaning of blessing
  • Val (فال): This means strong, powerful
  • Vega (فيجا): This means a bright star
  • Yara (يارا): This comes from Persia and means friend, helper
  • Yasemin (ياسمين): This means a kind heart, loves good. Also a fragrant white jasmine flower
  • Zada (زادا): This means very lucky
  • Zahira (زهيرة): This means bright
  • Zahra (الزهراء): This means beauty or flower
  • Zakia (زكية): This is a girl who loves to play, jokes, and is affectionate
  • Zena (زينة): This means beautiful lady
  • Zurah (زورة): This means divine, and surrounded by divinity

Arabic Names for Persian Cats for Male and Female Cats

  • Amir (أفضل التحايا): Meaning “prince” or “leader,” Amir signifies regal elegance
  • Sultan (سلطان): This name means “sultan” or “ruler,” reflecting authority
  • Nizar (نزار): Nizar signifies “the one who scatters” or “radiant”
  • Zayd (زيد): Zayd means “growth” or “abundance,” symbolizing prosperity
  • Hamza (حمزة): Hamza is associated with “strength” and “steadfastness”
  • Farid (فريد): Farid translates to “unique” or “one of a kind”
  • Samir (سمير): Samir means “companion in evening talk,” conveying companionship
  • Tariq (طارق): Tariq signifies “morning star” or “he who knocks at the door,” suggesting a guiding light
  • Rafiq (رفيق): Rafiq translates to “companion” or “friend,” representing friendship
  • Kareem (كريم): Meaning “generous” or “noble,” Kareem reflects generosity
  • Jalal (جلال): Jalal means “majesty” or “glory,” embodying grandeur
  • Faisal (فيصل): Faisal signifies “judge” or “decisive,” representing a strong character
  • Ziad (زياد): Ziad means “abundance” or “growth,” symbolizing prosperity
  • Rami (رامي): Rami translates to “archer” or “one who throws,” suggesting precision
  • Basim (باسم): Basim means “smiling” or “joyful,” reflecting a cheerful demeanor
  • Layla (ليلى): Layla signifies “night” or “dark beauty,” reflecting elegance
  • Yasmin (ياسمين): Yasmin means “jasmine flower,” symbolizing beauty and grace
  • Noor (نور): Noor translates to “light,” embodying radiance
  • Amina (أمينة): Amina means “trustworthy” or “faithful,” signifying loyalty
  • Leila (ليلى): Similar to Layla, Leila signifies “night” or “dark beauty”
  • Amira (أميرة): Amira means “princess,” reflecting regal elegance
  • Nadia (ناديه): Nadia translates to “hope” or “caller,” symbolizing optimism
  • Zara (زارا): Zara signifies “flower” or “blossom,” representing beauty
  • Laila (ليلى): A variant of Layla, it means “night” or “dark beauty”
  • Rania (رانيا): Rania means “queen” or “gazing,” conveying regal grace
  • Hana (هناء): Hana translates to “bliss” or “happiness,” representing joy
  • Selma (سلمى): Selma signifies “peace” or “serenity,” embodying tranquility
  • Leila (ليلى): Another instance of the name Layla, meaning “night” or “dark beauty”
  • Safa (صفاء): Safa means “purity” or “clarity,” symbolizing innocence
  • Layal (ليال): Layal signifies “nights” or “dark beauties,” similar to Layla

Cute and Funny Arabic Names for Cats

  • Yasminah (ياسمينة): Delicate and sweet, like jasmine flowers
  • Habibti (حبيبتي): My love, a cute and endearing name
  • Samiyah (سامية): Cute and charming, with a lovely face
  • Shamsi (شامسي): Sunny and bright, a cheerful cat
  • Zahra (الزهراء): Playful and adorable, a cute nickname
  • Layla (ليلى): Nighttime beauty, a cute name
  • Banafsaj (بنفسج): Sweet and fruity, a playful choice
  • Roro (رورو): Cute and fluffy, a delightful nickname
  • Sweetie (حبيبي): Sweet and affectionate, a loving name
  • Nana (نانا): Adorable and petite, a cute cat name
  • Zaina (زينة): Cute and lively, perfect for an energetic cat
  • Nougat (نوجا): Sweet and creamy, a cute treat-inspired name
  • Mimi (ميمي): Playful and charming, a classic cute name
  • Sunny (مشمس): Bright and happy, like a sunny day
  • Koko (كوكو): Cute and cuddly, a lovable cat name
  • Sahar (سحر): Beautiful morning, a charming name
  • Dodo (دودو): Adorable and huggable, a sweet nickname
  • Basbousa (بسبوسة): Sweet semolina cake, a tasty choice
  • Halwa (حلوى): Sweet and chocolatey, a delightful name
  • Zayn (زين): Cute and attractive, a stylish cat name

Unique Arabic Cat Names

  • Zephyr (زفير): Unique and gentle, like a breeze
  • Fayrouz (فيروز): Turquoise gem, a uniquely vibrant cat
  • Qamar (قمر): Moon-inspired, a cat with a celestial charm
  • Siraj (سراج): Luminous and unique, like a guiding lamp
  • Raad (رعد): Thunderous and unique, like a stormy sky
  • Nasma (نسمة): Breeze-like, a unique and gentle cat
  • Zaina (زينة): Adorned and unique, a beautifully decorated cat
  • Bashar (بشر): Unique and human-like, a distinctive cat
  • Nayyir (نير): Radiant and unique, like a shining star
  • Rashida (رشيدة): Wise and unique, a cat with intelligence
  • Azhaar (أزهار): Floral and unique, like a bouquet of flowers
  • Saif (سيف): Sword-like, a unique and powerful cat
  • Layth (ليث): Lion-like, a unique and strong cat
  • Juwairiya (جويرية): Unique and precious, like a jewel
  • Nadeem (نديم): Friendly and unique, a cat with companionship
  • Fidaa (فداء): Sacrificial and unique, a cat with loyalty
  • Zahid (زاهد): Devout and unique, like a spiritual cat
  • Zayd (زيد): Abundant and unique, a cat with abundance
  • Amina (أمينة): Trustworthy and unique, a cat with reliability
  • Dhahab (ذهب): Golden and unique, like precious gold

Arabic Black Cat Names

  • Aswad (أسود): Classic and elegant, meaning black
  • Nazir (ناظر): Watchful and unique, like a black guardian
  • Shahin (شاهين): Majestic and strong, like a black falcon
  • Leila (ليلى): Dark and mysterious, like the night
  • Malak (ملاك): Angelic and black, a unique combination
  • Sahar (سحر): Enchanting and black, like early morning magic
  • Zarif (ظريف): Charming and sleek, a black cat with finesse
  • Samir (سمير): Companionable and black, a friendly cat
  • Nashit (ناشئ): Sprouting and black, like a new beginning
  • Azraq (أزرق): Deep blue-black, a unique and cool name
  • Jahid (جاهد): Striving and black, a determined feline
  • Qalb (قلب): Heartfelt and black, a cat with deep emotions
  • Mushtaq (مشتاق): Longing and black, like a yearning cat
  • Sharif (شريف): Noble and black, a dignified feline
  • Yasir (ياسر): Easygoing and black, a laid-back cat
  • Razan (رزان): Calm and black, a serene and peaceful cat
  • Barraq (براق): Shining and black, like a glossy coat
  • Zamzam (زمزم): Mysterious and black, like sacred water
  • Tareeq (طريق): Pathway and black, a cat leading the way
  • Abyad (أبيض): Contrary to its meaning (White), it’s an ironic and unique name for a black cat

Arabic Orange Cat Names

  • Naranj (نارنج): Bright and citrusy, like an orange
  • Sahra (صحراء): Desert-inspired, for an adventurous cat
  • Zard (زرد): Yellow-orange, a unique and vibrant name
  • Nawar (نوار): Light and bright, like a sunny day
  • Zahri (زهري): Floral and orange, a cat with natural beauty
  • Hamra (حمراء): Reddish-orange, a fiery and bold cat
  • Bassam (بسام): Smiling and orange, a cheerful feline
  • Sahla (صحلة): Smooth and orange, a cat with elegance
  • Afreet (عفريت): Mischievous and orange, for a playful cat
  • Zafran (زعفران): Saffron-colored, a unique and exotic cat
  • Rahil (رحيل): Traveler and orange, for an adventurous cat
  • Zaytoon (زيتون): Olive-like, a cat with a unique shade of orange
  • Layal (ليال): Orange like the sunset, a cat with twilight charm
  • Sirhan (سرحان): Dreamy and orange, for a cat with wanderlust
  • Joumana (جومانا): Orange gem, a cat with precious beauty
  • Zuhair (زهير): Bright and radiant, like an orange flame
  • Roshan (روشن): Shining and orange, a cat with luminosity
  • Shaheen (شاهين): Majestic and orange, like a royal cat
  • Fajr (فجر): Dawn-inspired, for an early riser cat
  • Sarabi (سرابي): Mirage-like, for a cat with a mystical aura

If you’re familiar with Arabic, you may have noticed many names have been modified to make them easier to spell, pronounce, or understand in English. We hope we have inspired you with these  Arabic cat names and helped you choose a name with meaning and beauty.

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  1. Mohamed redha

    I am an Arab and I find this article to be blatantly insulting. The names in this article, both for males and females, are human names, and in our culture we do not give animals human names because this is considered insulting in particular to the owner of the name, and also insulting in general because of Among those names are the names of iconic Arab historical and Islamic figures. We call cats by the names of the days of the week, the seasons, or the times of the day, such as morning or evening, or by the names of characteristics that the cat itself carries, or by the names of the characteristics that characterize it, for example if the color of the cat’s eyes is blue. We can call it blue