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Do you have a cat as your very dear cat and wondering how to keep it busy at home?

Could it be that you have a small back yard which has provided a limited area for your cat in its exercise or movements? Have you visited the veterinary doctor and instructed you to keep exercising your cat as often as possible to avoid diseases and reduce loneliness while you are gone?

Just like in human beings where toddlers and young children receive much attention while they are young, our cat cats receive much attention too while they are kittens.

An example of this in human beings children have baby walkers to help them learn how to walk, and in cats too they have a cat harness with which they are taught how to make their initial steps and also restrict their movements in case of an outdoor walk .

But after they have learned walking, how do you improve their sprint speeds and keep them in good shape? Then worry no more because all these questions may seem different but their solution or answer will be sorted and solved by only one special and efficient equipment which is the cat exercise wheel.

The love for cats blended in with the ever increasing creativity in human beings to have comfortable and less worrying lives prompted this innovation. The cat exercise wheel is an indoor equipment where cats run, exercise and keeping the cat lively.

Why Buy A Cat Exercise Wheel

Most people keep cats at home as their cats either, since they feel lonely and want some company, or they just feel the love for cats. There is one undisputed fact, though you won’t carry your cat all along with you wherever.

The welfare of their cat makes some people worried about the health of their cats since they are not sure of their activities back home or they have no trust to whoever they leave their cats to. When cats are left alone, they too have feelings of solitude and loneliness and can suffer from depression and boredom.

The depression and boredom feelings manifest themselves in different ways which are mostly behavioural in a cats’ daily routine. These changes include destroying furniture or not using litter boxes. To avoid all this hustle of new furniture, less worry about your cat and health of the cat you so dearly love to buy him/her a cat exercise wheel to keep it busy, relaxed and calm.

Why Is It Important To Make Your Cat Exercise.

Just like human beings cats which take plenty of food and little or no exercise become, obese and vulnerable to diseases which include arthritis, diabetes mellitus, and liver problems. With an overweight cat, it will no longer be able to their favorite places or spots. A cat, therefore, has to exercise enough to reduce obesity problems and other related diseases.

  • The cat wheel exercise is very crucial in the fitness and stimulated related issues for the cat especially the indoor adult who stay indoors eat and go to sleep.
  • The nature of cats is hunting for food since they are predators, so they spend a lot of their time sleeping and grooming which prepares them for the next hunt. Here the cat exercise wheel comes in handy by enhancing its sprint and running skills from the daily activity.

Pros And Cons Of A Cat Exercising Wheel.

With such a diverse equipment its’ without a doubt that the advantages of such an ideal innovation will outweigh its disadvantages. Some of the pros and cons of the cat exercise wheel are listed below.

  • Pros-Boosting of mental stimulation
  • Reduces disease chances of both the heart and respiratory system.
  • Reduces behavioral issues, boredom and stress.
  • improves cat mortality and flexibility of the muscles, increases the bone strength and improves blood circulation, improves digestion and helps cut weight in your cats.
  • Cons-the cat is limited to only indoor exercising, and the exercise is monotonous


Just like human beings need daily or often exercise out cats and mostly cats which are indoor require training as well. It is, therefore, advisable to have such a piece of equipment in the house because anything which has more merits than its demerits its always worth having or trying out.

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