The 75 Best Bombay Cat Names

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adorable black Bombay cat face looking at camera

Lux Blue /

Male Cat Names

  1. Ace – Give your cat if it’s noble and excels in its activity, that perfect cat that everybody wants.
  2. Archie – Your cat should be bold to give it this name.
  3. Asher – Points out to a fortunate, lucky, blessed and happy cat.
  4. Batty – You have a crazy or insane cat? Then this is the name that will fit its crazy character.
  5. Blackie – A black cat in your house? Now you have a name.
  6. Blue – Any gloomy or depressed cat around the house should be given this name
  7. Brian – Everybody loves being strong. This name is for that strong cat that terrorizes its peers.
  8. Buster – Give it to that cat which loves to smash or break up something at your home.
  9. Caramel – That sweet cat that everybody loves, that smooth chewy candy.
  10. Chance – If you have a lucky cat that can bring you good fortunes; chance is the name to give it.
  11. Charles – Give it to that strong and energetic cat. This can run around the house all day without getting tired.

Female Cat Names

  1. Angel – The name you give to your kind, lovable and perfect cat
  2. Cleopatra – That famous cat around the house deserves this name.
  3. Harlow – Named after a movie star who had eyes that were dark chocolate black and gorgeous.
  4. Hazel – Give it to a cat with coat color and eyes which are light yellow brown.
  5. Maui – Cat that has fire-like looks, this is the name you give it.
  6. Olive – A cat which is beautiful, good looking and adorable.
  7. Pepper – Give it to a cat which is more exciting and colorful.
  8. Prudence – A wise cat at home, deserves this pretty name.
  9. Spooky – His is a name of a cat which is feared.
  10. Sooty – A cat which always wants to go out and mingle with others.
  11. Sabrina – Taken from the character of the princess teenage witch who features on the TV series Sabrina.

Names Based On Character

  1. Arwen – This precious name is given to a noble cat which does not cause any disturbance at home.
  2. Apophis – Named after the ancient Egyptian mythological demon.
  3. Bagheera – The character of a friendly and protective cat.
  4. Babi – A lovely name given to that small and nice cat.
  5. Bolina – Comes from the Greek mythology who was a nymph.
  6. Celandine – An interesting name given to a cat which has less hair.
  7. Crius – Gets its name from a Greek mythology, who was one of the Titans.
  8. Cubby – A perfect name to give to a cat that is always secure and safe at home.
  9. Dionysus – That playful cat that does nothing but jumps all over the place.
  10. Dopey – You may have a confused cat; this is the name to give it.

Bombay Black Cat Names

Beautiful Black bombay cat

Phantom – Give this name who likes to go out and about alone. Viktor Sergeevich /

  1. Ember – Nice name to give a cat that is always glowing.
  2. Shady – Any dark cat around the house, this should be its name.
  3. Smoky – perfect name to give to a black cat.
  4. Phantom – Give this name who likes to go out and about alone.
  5. Spirit – Name originates from a ghost like character.
  6. Pocus – Have a cunning cat around the house, this should be its name.
  7. Pepper – A lovely name that is given to a bubbly cat that is playing all day.
  8. Hershey – This is the interesting name given to a cat that shows affection to its owner.
  9. Godiva – The perfect name given to a cat that is strong as a metal.
  10. Bee – Given to a cat which is not loved so much at home.
  11. Morticia – Is the name based from a fictional character, undertaker.

Indian Cat Names

An image capturing the captivating essence of a Bombay cat

Clematis – Beautiful name to give to a stubborn cat. Viktor Sergeevich /

  1. Aladar – An awesome name to give to that huge large cat, its body size is huge and it might be scaring a bit.
  2. Ape – Given to a cat that closely resembles the apes.
  3. Aceso – Originates from a Greek goddess who had power to cure.
  4. Banzai – Depicts a cat that has lived for many years.
  5. Babaco – Interesting name to give to a healthy cat. A cat that loves food and always wants to eat.
  6. Chicco – That crazy name you have been looking for to give to a nice cat at home.
  7. Clematis – Beautiful name to give to a stubborn cat.
  8. Demeter – Originates from a Greek goddess in charge of agriculture and harvest.
  9. Denahi – Comes from a well-known character who was the main antagonist in Disney’s 2003 film Brother Bear.
  10. Egeria – This funny name should be given to your cat today.
  11. Eurybia – A lovely cat that always wants to be with people, this name fits perfectly.
  12. Rai Means storm.

More Good Names for Bombay Cats

  • Shadow – Mysterious, sleek, and stealthy.
  • Midnight – Reflective of the dark, late hours.
  • Panther – Strong, powerful, and majestic.
  • Salem – Classic, inspired by folklore and mystique.
  • Raven – Dark and enchanting, like a raven’s feather.
  • Onyx – Dark, black gemstone-inspired name.
  • Phantom – Mysterious and stealthy, like a black cat.
  • Noir – French for ‘black,’ elegant and sleek.
  • Batman – Inspired by the dark knight.
  • Velvet – Smooth, luxurious, and dark.
  • Coal – Reflecting deep, dark black hues.
  • Inky – Dark and inky, reflecting black fur.
  • Cosmo – Mysterious, enigmatic, and sleek.
  • Eclipse – Inspired by the darkening of celestial bodies.
  • Magician – Mystical, enigmatic, and magical.
  • Thunder – Reflecting power and darkness.
  • Zorro – Masked and mysterious, like the character.
  • Obsidian – Dark, smooth, and polished.
  • Vader – Dark and powerful, like the Sith lord.
  • Stealth – Sneaky, stealthy, and sly.
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  1. Joyce

    My names for my rescued Bombay bottle fed twins. Are rose and Diamond. Diamonds are made from coal. And rose from her rosey purrsonality.

  2. Ella

    Mine is a street rescue with a very clumsy and insane wild personality and her name is Licorice, because black licorice

  3. Patty Waltz

    Im thinking Godiva because this is a feral cat and seems aloof at this time. She will sit and watch you and does not spook away but is appearing as if she is allowing us to be in the room with us. I love her large round emerald green eyes!!!

  4. Sophia

    Nowhere does it mention what is quite possibly the most popular make for Bombay cats – and was the name of the one that adopted my sister and I when we were kids — Midnight.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hello Olive, I just went ahead and selected a random name for you, and the result was: Nori. It’s inspired by the dark, almost black, color of nori (the dried seaweed snack). You might also want to think of something inspired by black olives—could be fun for the two of you to have companion names. 🙂 All the best to you and your new kitten!

  5. Marcheta C Bryce

    My female Bombay cat’s name is Luna. She was up for adoption for almost 5 years. I got her last year when she was 9 years old. She weighs so much that it’s hard for me to pick her up.

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Wow, that is an incredibly long time to wait in the shelter. I’m glad you were able to find her and give her a home. If you’d like to help her lose weight, our cat weight calculator would be a good place to start. Hope you two have many healthy years together ahead!