Chartreux Cat: Characteristics, Personality, and Breed Information

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France, Syria
Adult weight
11-18 pounds
Life Span
11-15 years
Playful, friendly, intelligent, sweet
Other Names
Hospital cat
Large shorthair
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Personality and Temperament

Exquisite blue coats, intelligent personalities, and smiling faces make the Chartreux stand out. This old French cat breed was nearly wiped out during the first and second world wars and remains rare today.

Chartreux cats bond with their families but tend to prefer one individual over everyone else. They have a tendency to follow their favorite person from room to room, sometimes mewing or chirping softly. If you're looking for a cat with a reputation for quiet vocalizations, the Chartreux may be ideal; in fact, some Chartreux cats are mute.

About the Chartreux Cat
Chartreux Cat Care










The Chartreux cat requires no special diet; however, we recommend feeding a high-quality cat food with omega-3 fatty acids to promote skin and coat health.

Chartreux cats have thick, luxurious coats with a unique woolly texture. These cats require regular brushing to prevent excess shedding, hairballs, and the occasional knot.

While the Chartreux cat enjoys playing with toys and climbing cat trees, the breed isn't terribly active as a rule. You'll want to encourage play to prevent obesity, but Chartreux cats aren't prone to hyperactivity when playtime is missed.

Chartreux cats are generally very healthy and enjoy a lifespan that extends an average of 12 to 15 years. A few known health issues surface in some individuals, including patellar luxation, bladder stones, and polycystic kidney disease.


Although legend states that today's Chartreux cats are descendants of cats that were originally imported to France by Carthusian monks, the monastic order states that no archives hold records of historic use of cats resembling the Chartreux breed.

A separate legend states that Chartreux cats are descended from feral mountain cats that originated in Syria and that were brought to France in the 13th century by Crusaders. French naturalist Buffon officially describes the breed in the 18th century. The cats are renowned as excellent hunters and were highly prized by farmers for their rat-catching prowess.

Chartreux cats were nearly wiped out during the first world war. Wild populations disappeared by the end of the second world war. At the same time, European breeders worked together to prevent all-out extinction, crossbreeding with Persian, British Shorthair, and Russian Blue cats that strengthened the breed.

Chartreux cats made their way to the United States in 1971. The breed was advanced to championship status after being accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1987. All cat fancy organizations recognize the Chartreux cat breed.

Chartreux Cat History
About the Chartreux Cat


The eyes are brilliant copper to orange colored, creating a stunning contrast with the coat.

Legs & Paws

The Chartreux cat has legs that appear somewhat short and thin in comparison to the body.


The tail is thick and muscular, displaying very little taper toward the end. It is of average length.

The Breed Standard


Chartreux cats are of medium to large size with cobby, muscular bodies. The neck and chest are broad and muscular. The Chartreux cat normally has a body that is longer than it is tall. Adult Chartreux cats weigh up to 16 pounds.


With rounded heads, muscular jaws, and well-developed muzzles, Chartreux cats have prominent whisker pads that are positioned to create the illusion of a smile.


A Chartreux cat should have well-proportioned ears that are wider at the base and rounded at the tips.


The Chartreux cat has a soft, thick double coat with a somewhat woolly texture.


All Chartreux cats display blue-gray coloring. Shades range from pale, ashy gray to deep, dark slate.


How much does a Chartreux cat cost?

Chartreux cats cost between $500-$2,500.

How big do Chartreux cats get?

Chartreux cats tend to be large in size. A fully grown Chartreux cat might weigh between 11-18 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"-11" inches tall.

How long do Chartreux cats live?

The Average lifespan for Chartreux is 11-15 years.

Do Chartreux cats shed?

Chartreux are short-haired cats. Therefore, they do not shed as much as long-haired cat breeds.

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  1. William Thesing

    I own 2 purebred Chartreux. One is a retired Grand Champion that I adopted after his owner passed, the other I bought as a kitten. These cats are highly intelligent, and very pleasant in their dispositions. They will protect their owners due to the strong bonding that occurs. Behavior is very much like having a smart, loyal dog. I first discovered the breed when I was adopted by an abandoned, very large Male. Didn’t know what breed he was at first. We had 6 great years together when he passed. I absolutely fell in love with the breed, and had a hard time locating a quality breeder here in NE USA. They are a very athletic, but also a very calm cat. They don’t mind traveling, nor going to the vet. They do demand attention in the way of affection and play, as well as showing their affection by way of cuddling, and licking you. I used to have Doberman Pinscers years ago, and these cats share some similar traits. One of the best in breeds of cats!

      1. Donna Breck

        I DID have a complete meltdown when my Chartreux boy was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down within days.
        I’m 65 now and have had other beloved pets, but losing him was and still is the worst “fur kid” loss I have ever experienced.
        Broke my heart.

    1. Victoria Smith

      Hi William!

      I was wondering if you had any luck finding a breeder in the US for chartreux? I don’t mind flying to them.

      My heart cat passed away recently at 10 years old, and I always felt he was part chartreux. He was a tiny kitten we found as a stray.

      My home and heart eeds another big blue face, and I am hoping I can find a Chartreux breeder in the United States.

      Thank you for your time

  2. Susan Kelly

    I believe I was adopted by a big male Chartruex who also was abandoned by my house. I had him fixed because I didn’t know anything about the breed. He does cuddle and lick me also. He follows me from room to room and does mew! I have two female regular domestic shorthairs which he chases but they all get along pretty well! Susan from NC USA

  3. Michelle

    I have an adorable 9 month old. I got him off Craigslist and had no idea he was a Chartreux. I don’t think the seller realized either. I got him for $15. He is the sweetest, friendliest and silliest kitten Ive ever had. He’s like a dog with his affection. Soooo friendly. But like a cat (that he is) with his antics lol. Love him to pieces!