140+ Adorable Chinese Cat Names With Meaning

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In the Chinese culture, a name plays an important role, and choosing your cat’s name is a great responsibility. The Chinese people believe good names will bring good luck and fortune to their felines.

Male Chinese Cat Names

Dilong – An earth dragon

  • Li Wei (李伟) – Energetic and playful feline friend
  • Chen Ming (陈明) – Wise and dignified cat companion
  • Xiao Long (小龙) – Small in size, big in charm
  • Jing Tao (京涛) – Gentle and calm kitty personality
  • Yuan Feng (袁峰) – Graceful and elegant cat demeanor
  • Shi Quan (时权) – Adventurous and curious cat explorer
  • Wei Jie (韦杰) – Strong and resilient feline friend
  • Bao Jun (鲍俊) – Noble and regal cat presence
  • Hong Lei (洪磊) – Lively and vibrant cat companion
  • Zheng Wei (郑伟) – Balanced and harmonious kitty nature
  • Feng Shui (风水) – Bringing good fortune to your home
  • Yu Xuan (余轩) – Mysterious and enchanting cat charm
  • Kai Lun (凯伦) – Eager and spirited feline adventurer
  • Shi Xing (释行) – Confident and charismatic cat personality
  • Qing Long (青龙) – Majestic and powerful cat demeanor

Bao (宝) – Means a treasure

  • Bo Jie (伯杰) – Artistic and creative cat companion
  • Guang Ming (光明) – Illuminating your home with joy
  • Xing Yi (行义) – Agile and quick-witted feline friend
  • Yi Zhi (智) – Intelligent and inquisitive cat character
  • Zhong Chen (钟晨) – Steadfast and reliable cat companion
  • Bai Ze (白泽) – A fictitious creature who has power over demons
  • Bao (宝) – Means a treasure
  • Cheung (张) – Plain and simple means good luck
  • Chi (池) – Means a cat with a lot of energy
  • Chiang ( 江) – A name for a strong cat
  • Chin (秦) – A musical instrument for music lovers
  • Da (大) – Means a big cat
  • Dilong (地龙) – An earth dragon
  • Fai (费) –  Means a brilliant light
  • Feng (冯) –  Means speedy like the wind
  • Fu (傅) – The word means fortunate
  • Fucanglong (伏藏龙) – A treasure dragon
  • Gang (钢) – Means strong
  • Heng (恒) – Means an eternal companion
Cat sitting on a window perch, enjoying the view

Liang (梁) – Means fine looking and bright

  • Howin (豪文) – A loyal bird
  • Huan (欢) – Being always happy
  • Hui (辉) – Means intelligent or wise
  • Huli jing (狐狸精) – Means the spirit of a fox
  • Hundun (混沌) – This means chaos
  • Jiaolong (蛟龙) – A sea dragon
  • Jingwei (精卫) – This means a mythical bird
  • Jiufeng (九凤) – A name for a bird with nine heads
  • Jun (君) – A name for a handsome cat
  • Keung (强) – This means the universe
  • Kong (孔) – Means bright and beautiful eyes
  • Liang (梁) – Means fine looking and bright
  • Long (龙) – Means dragon

Hui – Means intelligent or wise

  • Manchu (满洲) – Means innocent and pure
  • Mao (毛) – The Chinese word for cat
  • Ming (明) – Means shiny or clear
  • Mo Chou (墨仇) – Means free of sadness
  • Mulan (木兰) – A magnolia blossom
  • Nuo (诺) –  This means graceful
  • On (安) – Means quiet and peaceful
  • Qiang (强) –  Means energetic
  • Qing Niao (青鸟) – Means a mythical bird
  • Rui Shi (瑞士) – This is guardian lions
  • Shu (舒) – Means well-behaved
  • Shun (顺) – This means obedient
  • Wan (万) – The name for a smart cat
  • Wang Shu (王舒) – The god who drives a carriage to the moon

Mulan – A magnolia blossom

  • Wonton (馄饨) – A Chinese food
  • Xiāo (肖) – A mountain demon
  • Yaling (雅玲) – Means graceful and refined
  • Ying (英) – Means brave of heroic
  • Ying Yue (英悦) – Means a reflection of the moon
  • Yinglong (应龙) – A water dragon
  • Yun (云) –  Means a fluffy cloud
  • Zhen (震) – Something precious
  • Zhi (志) – Thinks he is a lion
  • Zhulong (烛龙) – Means a celestial torch dragon

Female Chinese Cat Names

  • Ai (爱) – This means love
  • An (安) – Means peace or quiet
  • Bai (白) – Is white or pure

Zhen – Something precious

  • Feng (风) – This means maple
  • Hua (华) – A splendid cat
  • Huang (黄) – A name for a yellow or orange cat
  • Jia (佳) – a names for a beautiful cat
  • Jia Li (佳丽) – Means good and beautiful
  • Jiahao (佳豪) – This means home or family
  • Jing (晶) – This means quiet or gentle
  • Li Mei (丽美) – A pretty rose
  • Lian (莲) – A lotus
  • Ling (玲) – The dawn
  • Lixue (丽雪) – This means pretty snow
  • Niu (牛) – A girl
  • Shang-Yang (商阳) – A rain bird
  • Shenlong (神龙) – A rain dragon

Lixue – This means pretty snow

  • Teng (腾) – A flying dragon
  • Xiulan (秀兰) – Means luxurious or elegant
  • Xue (雪) – This means the snow
  • Yijun (义君) – This means joy or harmony
  • Yu Yan (玉燕) – A beautiful smile
  • Yue (月) – The moon

Chinese Food Names for Cats

Chopstick Chase (筷子追逐) – Playful and quick, like a cat chasing toys.

  • Fishy Ball (鱼丸) – Fun name for a cat who loves fish-flavored treats
  • Paw-tato (爪地豆) – Cute twist on “potato” for your cat’s paw-esome personality
  • Noodle Buddy (面条伙伴) – Perfect for a cat that’s always by your side
  • Marshmallow (棉花糖) – Sweet and soft, just like a marshmallow
  • Bouncy Roll (弹力卷) – Playful name for an energetic and bouncy kitty
  • Tofu Tigger (豆腐小猫) – Named after the lovable character and tofu’s versatility
  • Sesame Whiskers (芝麻胡须) – Fun name inspired by sesame flavors and your cat’s whiskers
  • Noodle Snoozer (面条打瞌睡) – Ideal for a cat that loves cozy napping spots
  • Lychee Love (荔枝之爱) – A sweet and exotic name for your lovely feline friend
  • Panda Paws (熊猫爪) – Adorable name inspired by pandas and your cat’s paws
  • Chopstick Chase (筷子追逐) – Playful and quick, like a cat chasing toys
  • Dumpling Dash (饺子冲刺) – Fun name for a cat that loves to play and dash around
  • Yuzu Fuzz (柚子毛绒) – Citrusy and fuzzy, just like your cat’s fur
  • Tea Leaf Lounger (茶叶懒骨) – Calm and relaxed, perfect for a laid-back cat
  • Ginger Snap (姜脆饼) – Spicy and warm, for an energetic and spirited cat
  • Fortune Furry (幸运毛茸茸) – A lucky and charming name for your furry friend
  • Bok Choy Bouncer (白菜弹跳者) – Playful and full of energy, like a bok choy bouncing in a stir-fry
  • Mango Muffin (芒果玛芬) – Sweet and delightful, just like your affectionate cat
  • Lantern Leaper (灯笼跃者) – Agile and vibrant, perfect for an adventurous cat
  • Dragon Dash (龙冲) – Fast and playful, like a dragon on the move

More Popular Chinese Names for Cats

Side view of a tabby crossbreed cat standing

Hao (好) – Meaning “good” or “auspicious.”

  • Ming (明) – Meaning “bright” or “shining”
  • Jia Jia (佳佳) – Meaning “good” or “fin.”
  • Kai (凯) – Signifying victory and triumph
  • Xiao Mei (小梅) – Translates to “little sister”
  • Lei (雷) – Meaning “thunderbolt” or “thunder”
  • Wei (伟) – Signifying greatness and power
  • Zhang (张) – Referring to someone with a strong and firm personality
  • Xing (星) – Translates to “star,” representing brightness
  • Hao (好) – Meaning “good” or “auspicious”
  • Chen (陈) – Signifying someone with a morning sun personality
  • Ling (玲) – Translates to “delicate” and “exquisite”
  • Rui (瑞) – Meaning “auspicious” or “lucky”
  • Lin (林) – A name associated with nature and beauty
  • Yu (玉) – Represents jade, a symbol of purity
  • Weiwei (伟伟) – A cute and endearing name
  • Xin (欣) – Meaning “heart” or “spirit”

Chinese Names for Black Cats

Zhao (赵) – Signifying a dark and tranquil presence.

  • Hei (黑) – Simple and direct, meaning “black”
  • Ying (英) – Translates to “shadow” or “blackbird”
  • An (安) – Meaning “peaceful” or “calm”
  • Huan (欢) – Signifying darkness and mystery
  • Bo (博) – Short and sweet, meaning “dark” or “night”
  • Fen (芬) – Translates to “dark” or “mysterious”
  • Mei (美) – Represents the beauty of the dark coat
  • Zhao (赵) – Signifying a dark and tranquil presence
  • Xun (迅) – Meaning “fast” or “swift” like the night
  • Qing (青) – Translates to “deep” or “profound”
  • Si (思) – Simple and straightforward, meaning “black” in Chinese

Whether you’re looking for Chinese names for your kitty to honor the Chinese heritage or to celebrate your love of Chinese culture, we hope your found one to consider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Chinese cat names?

Popular Chinese cat names include Mao (meaning “cat”), Xiao Mi (meaning “little rice”), Li Hua Li Hua The Dragon Li (meaning “beautiful flower”), Mei Mei (meaning “little sister”), Tian Tian (meaning “sweet”), Manchu (meaning “innocent and pure”), Ming (meaning “shiny or clear”), Mo Chou (meaning “free of sadness”), Mulan (a magnolia blossom), Nuo (meaning “graceful”) and On (meaning “quiet and peaceful”).

These names are all reflective of the culture and values of the Chinese people. They are often chosen to reflect the personality of the cat, or to honor a family member or ancestor. Some of these names are also used to bring good luck and fortune to the cat and its owners.

What is the rarest cat name?

The rarest cat name from our list is Heathcliff, a creative take on the character from Emily Bronte’s classic novel Wuthering Heights.

Other unique names include Amory, Benvolio, Caspar, Finch, Gatsby (or Catsby! ), Hastings, Hazel, and Tisiphone.

What is a Japanese cat name?

Popular Japanese cat names include Nyan, Yoshi, Haruki, Kenzo, Momo, Yuki, Fuwafuwa, and Tadeo.

These names offer both traditional and modern meanings that are sure to be a perfect fit for your new pet.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Chinese name for my cat?

When choosing a Chinese name for your cat, think about its personality, look, and unique traits to find the most fitting choice.

Consider the meaning of the name and how it reflects your cat’s character. Research the Chinese language and culture to find the perfect name. Look for names that are easy to pronounce and remember. With a little bit of luck.

Are there Chinese cat names based on physical appearance?

Yes, there are Chinese cat names based on physical appearance, such as Ming for a radiant cat or Mulan for a female cat.

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