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IRIS USA Round Top-Entry Cat Litter Box Review

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White cat sitting on lid of top-entry litter box

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Are you tired of finding cat litter strewn across your floors? What about the unpleasant smell of ammonia wafting through your living room? If so, a top-entry litter box is worth considering. The IRIS USA Top-Entry Litter Box is a thoughtfully designed option with an unobtrusive appearance. But will it work for your household?


  • Ease of Cleaning – 5/5
  • Odor Control – 4/5
  • Appearance – 5/5
  • Construction – 3/5
  • Price – 4/5

Overall Score: 4.2/5

To help you decide, I tested this litter box in my home for several weeks. This article will review how well the IRIS performed in the areas that matter most: its ease of use for cats; its ability to control odors and scatter; and how practical it is to open, seal, and clean.

Why Trust Cats.com

Our team has personally tested more than 20 litter boxes—so we know a thing or two about what makes a good one. To determine where the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box stands among the rest, I enlisted the help of two tester cats. With their reactions as a guide, I examined its design and ease of use. I also observed its effectiveness in containing litter and odors, which is the litter box’s primary purpose.

Although our tester cats ultimately refused to use this litter box (enclosed boxes are not every cat’s cup of tea), we simulated a cat deposit with water to see whether clumps were easy to scoop or if they stuck to the sides. We also wanted to find out if the curved sides would be problematic when cleaning. Finally, we evaluated the lid, noting how much weight it could hold and how easy (or challenging) it was to remove and secure.

IRIS USA Top-Entry Litter Box Review Video

Mallory Crusta, our Head of Content, tested the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box in May of 2020, and I tested it myself this year. Check out Mallory’s in-depth video review of the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box on the Cats.com YouTube channel.

IRIS Top-Entry Cat Litter Box and IRIS USA Overview

IRIS Ohyama Inc. was established 1971 in Japan. In 1992, the company expanded its operation stateside by launching IRIS USA. It offers a wide range of pet products, such as litter boxes, food storage, and carriers. They also carry home goods, storage, organizational bins, and small home appliances like air purifiers, fans, heaters, and handheld vacuums.

The company has made some efforts toward sustainability by using polypropylene, a #5 plastic resin that is recyclable in many U.S. locations. They are also GreenCircle certified. IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box is currently manufactured in the United States. This ovular litter box is designed to control scatter and comes with a cat litter scoop for easy cleaning.

IRIS USA Top-Entry Litter Box Features

Reviewer removing the IRIS Top-Entry lid

The lid of the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box snaps into place with two plastic tabs. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

The main advantage of a top-entry litter box is that it reduces the amount of litter that ends up on your floors. They can contain spraying and bad smells, too. They’re also useful for keeping dogs and small children out of the litter.

The IRIS litter box is enclosed on all sides and has a removable lid with a cat-sized entrance (10.5 by 9 inches). This entry hole sits off-center to give cats an ample platform for jumping into the litter box. The lid is easily removed for cleaning by pressing two buttons on either side of the box. The lid also acts like a built-in mat, designed with a row of ridges that remove litter particles from your cat’s paws as they exit the box.

This litter box is approximately 16 inches wide and 20.5 inches long. It stands 14.5 inches tall, which means your cat will need to be able to jump to use it. The lid is strong, but has its limits and can hold a weight of 20 pounds or less.

Conveniently, a scoop is included (though it’s on the small side). A plastic latch attaches it to the side of the litter box, so you always have it close to hand.

Available in several neutral color combinations, the IRIS litter box is a discreet box that blends nicely into the background. The brand’s website states it comes with non-skid rubber feet, but it appears to have undergone some manufacturing changes. There are no rubber feet, and a few reviews point out the newer models are made with lower-quality plastic.

What We Like:

  • Keeps litter out of sight and helps minimize litter mess
  • Includes a scoop that can hang from the side of the box
  • Removable grooved lid prevents tracking
  • Suitable for all litter types
  • Available in several neutral color schemes (white/beige, white/black, white/gray, and black/gray)

What We Dislike:

  • Entry hole will be too small for bigger cats
  • The lid is slightly difficult to remove
  • No handles for carrying

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

White cat looking into the IRIS top-entry litter box

Tester cat, Floyd, found the entrance too small for comfort. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

My immediate impression of the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box was that it looked attractive and modern. In fact, it looks more like a storage tub than a litter box. Its rounded shape and color scheme lend the IRIS a sophisticated aesthetic that doesn’t scream “cat toilet.” It also helps that you’re not looking directly at your cat’s little “treasures” every time you glance at it. The box isn’t excessively large, making it suitable for smaller living spaces.

At 11 years old, our tester cat, Floyd, is still spry enough to clear the 14-inch jump to the lid. We were both pleased (relieved, really) that the lid was sturdy enough to handle his weight. The entrance, however, was another story. The entry hole is much too small for Floyd to even consider squeezing his massive self down there. For a small to mid-sized cat, it could work. But larger cats will find the IRIS Top-Entry a tight squeeze.

The lid is secured to the base with two notches. I had some trouble pressing them in the first few times I removed the lid. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. Grooves along the lid catch scatter, but they’ll only be effective if your cat jumps from the box to the lid before landing on the ground. Some cats will skip this step and jump directly out of the litter box after doing their business.

IRIS scooper holding a clump of litter

You can scoop clumps directly out of the opening—no lid removal required. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

I appreciated that the opening was large enough to comfortably scoop waste without having to remove the lid. And as someone who likes an organized home where everything has its own “place,” I really liked that you can hang the scoop from the side of the box. The scoop itself is small, but it gets the job done. Also, the walls are slick, so litter didn’t stick to them.

If I had a complaint, it would be that there are no handles. This made it trickier to transport the litter box when it came time to dump its contents. Against my better judgment, I gripped the entry hole to carry it to the trash. But the plastic notches on the lid were no match for the weight of the box with litter in it, and (no surprise) they released and the box fell to the ground. Thankfully, it fell upright, and I avoided a catastrophic litter nightmare.

Bottom line: I think the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box is a well-designed product that will work for the right household. It might not be successful with overweight cats, older cats, nervous cats, less mobile seniors, or super small kittens. But it could be a good solution for small- to medium-sized cats that are agile and not averse to enclosed spaces.

What Do Customers Think of the IRIS USA Top Entry Litter Box?

Positive Reviews

We’ve had this for going on 3 weeks. We have two cats, and both are diggers where usually a fair amount of liter ends up on the ground. This does a much better job of keeping liter in the box than other boxes we’ve tried. It also does a good job of blocking the smell of litter. 10/10 would recommend.
—Margaret, Chewy.com

Reviews of the IRIS Top-Entry Litter Box are largely favorable. On Amazon, it has garnered an average of 4.5 stars from over 35,000 global reviews. On Chewy, 84% of customers would recommend it to a friend. Most cat owners were pleased with how well this box contained litter scatter. A good number also reported a noticeable reduction in litter odors. Finally, customers liked the attractive design of the IRIS litter box.

Negative Reviews

One side of the lid doesn’t snap into place. There are two pieces on the lid that fit into holes in the side of the litterbox that provide support to hold the cat’s weight when he enters the box. One of these pieces is bent inwards and doesn’t actually sit in the hole properly, so the side of the lid caves in with very little pressure. My cat has not used the box yet, but he is smaller than average so I am hoping it will hold his weight.
—Robyn, Chewy.com

The most concerning area of complaint is the two lid tabs. A lot of reviews mention they don’t fit properly or hold the lid securely in place. Some faulty lids even resulted in cats falling into the litter box (yikes!) Some folks also reported that the plastic was flimsy, causing the lid to cave under their cat’s weight. Finally, as we noted, some people were unhappy with how small the included litter scoop was.

Similar Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats do well with top-entry litter boxes?

Every cat is different and will have their own preferences when it comes to how they do their business. Many cats prefer an open litter box to keep an eye out for incoming threats. However, some cats will take to a top-entry litter box. They’re best suited for young, agile cats that can jump with ease. They might not work for older or overweight cats.

How do you introduce a cat to a top-entry litter box?

Your cat might need time to acclimate to a top-entry litter box. Place the new litter box in the same spot as the old box. Fill it with your usual litter, adding a few scoops from their original litter box. You can also gently place your cat on the lid to familiarize them with it.

Do top-entry litter boxes keep dogs out?

They might not keep out the most determined dogs, but a top-entry box can help discourage pups from snacking on litter.

Why won’t my cat use a top-entry litter box?

For one, getting into a top-entry box could be too difficult for them. Or it could be a personal preference. Cats can be picky; some just won’t adjust to a top-entry litter box.

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