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IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Review: We Tried It For 2 Weeks

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The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box was thoughtfully made with several common concerns of cat owners in mind.  When it comes to shopping for litter boxes, most consumers are looking for something that masks unpleasant odors, something that is aesthetically pleasing, and something that keeps litter debris getting tracked and scattered outside of the box to a minimum.


  • Ease of Cleaning – 8/10
  • Odor Control – 9/10
  • Appearance – 9/10
  • Construction – 8/10
  • Price – 10/10

Overall Score: 8.8/10

With nicely high walls and a top cover with an entrance that allows cats to jump in and out of the litter box to do their business, this litter box may just tick all the boxes that will satisfy the needs of most cat owners.

As for what the IRIS provides for cats using the box, there are plenty of features that they should appreciate. The top cover provides privacy and the box itself is large enough for most cats to be able to maneuver and move around comfortably.

Still, as with most pet items, it’s not for every cat, specifically small kittens, older cats that are not as spry as they used to be, and cats that will struggle with jumping into the top entry. So let’s dig into the pros and cons of the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box so you can decide if is right for you and your cats.

Mallory Crusta, our Head of Content, tested the Iris Top Entry Litter Box in May of 2020 and I tested it myself this year. Check out Mallory’s in-depth video review of the Iris Top Entry Litter Box on the Cats.com YouTube channel.

How We Tested

The IRIS top entry litter box is ovular in shape with a perforated lid and a round opening with a small litter scoop that hangs on a hook outside the litter box.

I purchased the IRIS and tested it on my two cats. Both of my little buddies are healthy, adult cats and neither of them has any physical issues when it comes to jumping or climbing. I placed the box on my covered porch where the cats spend much of their time sunbathing and let them enjoy their new potty for a couple of weeks.

I monitored how frequently or infrequently the box was used, and how much if any litter was tracked out of the box. At the end of the testing period, I was so pleased that I gave the IRIS a shot! It was a hit not just with me, but with both of my cats as well.

How Big Is The IRIS Top Entry Litter Box?

The IRIS litter box that I purchased was the large model, and it measures 20.47 inches long x 16.14 inches wide x 14.56 inches high. The entry point at the top where the lid is located measures 10.5 inches x 9 inches, making it large enough for most adult cats to enter and exit comfortably.

The box also comes in a size medium, which measures 17.32 long x 13.39 wide x 12.2 inches high. The different size options are great because not all cats are going to be able to use the large, such as small kittens, geriatric cats that may struggle to make it to the top entrance, or cats nursing an injury that might make jumping into a box more difficult.

In these cases, the IRIS may still not be suitable for such cats in either size, but instead, they may need a litter box that provides an entry point much lower to the ground. Be mindful of your particular cat’s needs before deciding if the IRIS is the best litter box design.

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The rounded shape and included litter scoop makes cleaning easy.

The IRIS is a covered, top-entry litter box intended to give your cat some much-appreciated privacy, and to keep the sight of litter, well, out of sight! It is tall and oval-shaped, giving it the appearance of being perhaps just another plastic bin intended to be used as storage.

The entrance/exit is off-center enough that it gives your cat a platform to stand on before jumping down into the litter. The lid is made of hard, sturdy plastic and can withstand weight up to 20 lbs.

The portion of the lid that is intended as a platform for the cats is designed with grooves, which is apparently supposed to aid in removing litter from paws when they exit the box, but I honestly didn’t see that it made much of a difference, although the overall design of the litter box does help keep litter mess to a minimum (more on that later.)

The IRIS comes in multiple colors: orange and grey, black and grey, grey and white, and white with a beige lid. All the color combinations are discreet and neutral, making it easy to blend in with most decor, so wherever you decide to place the IRIS, it won’t be an eyesore that screams “Hey, I’m a litter box, look at me!” All I can say is that this cat owner really appreciates that!

The design is actually quite attractive, with cute little pawprints on the sides where the lid snaps into place. Hey, it’s a small detail, but those small details show that the IRIS was designed with care.

Scatter And Tracking

The high wall and the top with covered lid keeps the litter scatter and tracking at a minimum.

Because the entrance to this litter box is on top and cats must jump on top of the box in order to enter and exit, and because the box is mostly covered except for the entrance hole, very little litter ends up being tracked out of the box.

The lid’s built-in grooves are intended to help remove litter particles from your cat’s paws making it easy to keep messes to a minimum. Perhaps this helps some cats who get litter really stuck in their paws and fur, but I didn’t really witness it making much of a difference with my little guys.

In fact, due to the way that the entrance/exit is located off-center on the lid, my cats just sort of jumped directly out of the hole once they were done doing their business – their feet only touched the grooved lid when they first jumped in, not afterward, which is when their paws get into the litter.

Still, because the walls are nice and high and the top is covered with a lid. This keeps litter scatter and tracking at a minimum because there is no way to kick the litter all over the place. Everything is nicely contained, making it one of the least messy litter boxes I’ve owned. And I love that.

How Much Does The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Cost?

On Chewy’s website, the IRIS will cost you $33.99. While it is not the cheapest litter box on the market, it is far from the most expensive.

The price tag is comparable with most other covered litter boxes available on Chewy, although it is on the higher end of that spectrum. The box is made of hard, durable plastic, so it should last you and your cats for quite some time.

Unboxing And Assembly

The IRIS is super easy to assemble. It comes with a removable lid that pops easily into place and, perhaps most importantly, does not pop out of place too easily. That said, the lid makes for easy removal when it comes time to scoop some poop.

And speaking of scoops, the IRIS comes with a small scoop as well, which is a nice little bonus.

Pros Of The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

  • Great privacy for your cat
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Keeps litter tracking to a minimum

Cons Of The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

  • Not suitable for small kittens or cats that struggle with climbing/jumping to the entrance/exit
  • Slightly more expensive than other covered litter boxes

Overall, Is The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box A Good Choice?

After several weeks of using this litter box with my two cats, I have to say that yes, the IRIS is n excellent litter box, provided that your furry little friends will not find the walls of the box too high to reach the entrance/exit.

I have found that the IRIS is quickly becoming my favorite litter box after years of owning cats and trying many, many different litter box designs. So as long as your cats don’t have an issue with how to use this particular model of  litter box, it should be a welcome addition to your and your cats’ lives.

Your cats will likely appreciate the privacy afforded them by the design, and you will appreciate the lack of mess that the IRIS leaves you with. The litter box is attractive and integrates nicely into any decor, making it discreet and easy on the eyes. A highly recommended gem of a litter box!

Click Here To Shop IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box On Chewy

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