150 Best Latin Names for Male & Female Cats With Meanings

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When you think of classical names that have a long history and that are rich with meaning, you don’t need to look much further than names with Latin roots. Here are 150 Latin names to consider for your cat.

Male Latin Cat Names

  1. Aeneas – In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas is a Trojan hero partially descended from the gods.
  2. Albus – A name that means “white” and is also the name of Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.
  3. Antony – A strong name that originates as a Roman clan name, and according to legend, those with this family name were descendants of Heracles. 
  4. Apollo – A mighty god of Greek and Roman origins, Apollo is the god of the sun, music, healing, prophecy, and archery.
  5. Atticus – A name that denotes sophistication, it means “Belonging to Attica/Athens”
  6. Augustus – Meaning “venerable, majestic.” This name belonged to Rome’s first emperor and was a popular name for Roman emperors who proceeded him.
  7. Bacchus – The Roman god of wine, and a great name for a happy kitty who likes to have fun and enjoy himself!
  8. Barbar – A funny-sounding name that means “foreign” and is the root of the word “barbarian.”
  9. Benedict – A popular name for popes, this name means “the blessed one.”
  10.  Brutus – A cute name for a big boy, it means “heavy.”
  11.  Caesar – A name that literally means “short hair,” it was also the title given to Roman royalty.
  12.  Caligula – A cute name that means “little boots.” It would be perfect for a cat with different-colored paws that look like socks. Just be warned that the Roman emperor known as Caligula was known for being a brutal tyrant, despite the cute name!
  13.  Calyx – A cool name that means “chalice.”
  14.  Cecil – From the Roman Clan name Caecilius, it means “blind.”
  15.  Constantine – Meaning “steadfast, constant,” Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, changing the course of history.

Caesar – A name that literally means “short hair,” it was also the title given to Roman royalty.

  1.  Cornelius – A cool, classic name that means “horn.”
  2.  Dante – A name that means “enduring,” Dante was an Italian poet and philosopher whose popular work “Inferno” is still widely read today.
  3.  Dexter – A name that means “right-handed,” and shares roots with the words “dexterity.”
  4.  Dominic – Meaning “belonging to God.”
  5.  Faustus – Meaning “fortunate, auspicious.”
  6.  Felix – Meaning “happy, lucky.” This is also the name of a classic black and white cat, often used to depict kitschy wall clocks.
  7.  Flavius – Perfect for a blondie kitty, this name means “yellow-haired.”
  8.  Giorgio – A Latinized version of George, which means “earth-worker.”
  9.  Giovanni – A cool, elaborate-sounding name that means “God is gracious.”
  10.  Hadrian – A geographic name that means “of the Adriatic” and “dark.”
  11.  Horatio – A unique name that means “timekeeper.” Horatio is also Hamlet’s best friend in Shakespeare’s classic tragedy and is known for delivering some of the play’s most famous lines.
  12.  Ignatius – An excellent name for a sassy cat, this name means “firey; ardent.”
  13.  Jovi – A name for the god Jove (also known as Jupiter), this hefty name means “Father of the skies.” Fans of rock icon Jon Bon Jovi will also appreciate this name!
  14.  Julius – A cute and royal name (think Julius Caesar) that means “youthful, downy-bearded.”
  15.  Leo – A very appropriate feline name, this simply means “lion.”

Dominic – Meaning “belonging to God.”

  1.  Lucian – A name for the feline light of your life, this name means “light.”
  2.  Lucius – A version of Lucian, meaning “light.”
  3.  Magnus – A great name that simply means “great.”
  4.  Marcel – A name that means “young warrior, belonging to Mars.”
  5.  Maximilian – A name that means, humbly, “the greatest.”
  6.  Nero – A name that can mean “black” or “powerful, stern.”
  7.  Octavius – A unique name that means “eighth.”
  8.  Orlando – Not just a great Florida city, it means “famous throughout the land.”
  9.  Pious – A sweet name for the well-behaved, good kitty!
  10.  Pompey – A name that means “five,” and the clownish character of Shakespeare’s comedy, Measure for Measure.
  11.  Remus – A name meaning “twin,” in Roman mythology, he is one of the twins who founded Rome, along with his brother, Romulus.
  12.  Rome – The capital of the Roman Empire.
  13.  Romulus – Meaning “citizen of Rome.” See also Remus, above.
  14.  Rufus – A name meaning red-haired.
  15.  Sergius – Meaning “servant of the law” or “protector.”
are cats possessive

Maximilian – A name that means, humbly, “the greatest.”

  1.  Tiberius – A cool name that means “of the Tiber,” the river that runs through Rome.
  2.  Titus – Great for a bigger kittie, this name means “strong; of the giants.”
  3.  Uno – For that cat that is number one in your life, this name means “one.”
  4.  Vincent – Meaning “to conquer.”
  5.  Virgil – A cool classical name that means “flourishing.” Virgil was also Rome’s most famous poet.

Female Latin Cat Names

  1.  Adorabelle – A darling name that means “adored beauty.”
  2.  Aelia – A beautiful name that means “sun.”
  3.  Alba – Meaning “white.”
  4.  Allegra – A sweet name for a sweet cat, it means “joyful; lively.”
  5.  Aura – Meaning “breeze; breath of air.” Aura has spiritual connotations and is considered the sort of feeling or spiritual essence that surrounds a person.
  6.  Aurelius – Meaning “the golden one.” Can be used for a blonde-haired cat, or one that is as precious to you as gold.
  7.  Aurora – The Latin word for “dawn,” this name also conjures up the beautiful natural phenomenon of colorful lights in the darkened skies in the north, called the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.
  8.  Ava – Meaning “bird.”
  9.  Beatrix – A fun name to say, it means “voyager; traveler.”
  10.  Bellatrix – For a tough kitty, this means “female warrior.”
  11.  Cecilia – A feminine version of Cecil, which means “blind.”
  12.  Celeste – A whimsical name that means “heavenly.”
  13.  Ceres – A name that means “to grow,” Ceres is the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  14.  Charmaigne – A sweet name that means “filled with delight and song.”
  15.  Cicatrix – A unique and fun name to say, it means “scar.”

Beatrix – A fun name to say, it means “voyager; traveler.”

  1.  Cordelia – A beautiful name meaning “heart.”
  2.  Dido The Queen of Carthage in a famous Roman poem, The Aeneid.
  3.  Dulcia – Think a delicious dulce de leche dessert – of course, it means “sweet”!
  4.  Eva – A simple but elegant name that means “life.”
  5.  Faline – A name that is very on the nose for a cat, it means “catlike.”
  6.  Fauna – Meaning “young deer,” in Roman mythology, Fauna is the goddess of nature and animals.
  7.  Felicity – A lovely name that means “luck.”
  8.  Flavia – Meaning “yellow-haired.”
  9.  Fortuna – If your cat is good luck, consider naming her this, which means “fortune.”
  10.  Furia – Great for a temperamental cat, it means “fury; rage.”
  11.  Gemma – Meaning “precious gemstone; jewell.”
  12.  Gloria – A lofty name that means “immortal glory.”
  13.  Lacuna – A unique and cool name that means “a blank or missing space.” Made popular by the Italian metal band with a female lead, Lacuna Coil.
  14.  Laurel – In ancient Rome, a wreath made from a laurel tree was a symbol of both peace and victory.
  15.  Leona – Meaning, appropriately, “lioness.”

Felicity – A lovely name that means “luck.”

  1.  Livia – A gorgeous name for a blue-eyed kitten, this is the Roman word for “blue.”
  2.  Madonna – A name that literally means “my lady,” it is also the name of pop icon Madonna and has religious overtones as well.
  3.  Marcia – Meaning “belonging to Mars.”
  4.  Marna – Great for that rare cat who loves water, this name means “of the sea.”
  5.  Meliora – A cute name that means “better.”
  6.  Octavia – Meaning “eighth.”
  7.  Olivia – A name that means “olive” and symbolizes peace.
  8.  Portia – Meaning “pig; hog” or “doorway.”
  9.  Priscilla – A name that means “venerable” and also comes with a great nickname: “Prissy.”
  10.  Puella – Meaning “little girl.”
  11.  Serena – For the tranquil kittie, this name means “serene, calm.”
  12.  Stella – A beautiful name that means “star.”
  13.  Tacita – For the quiet cat, this name means “silent.”
  14.  Tullia – An ancient Roman clan that could mean “mountain/peak” or “tranquil.”
  15.  Umbra – A lovely name for a black cat that means “shadow, shade.”

Portia – Meaning “pig; hog” or “doorway.”

  1.  Una – If your cat is number one in your life, name her this name that means “one.”
  2.  Venus – The Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  3.  Veronica – A cool name that means “she who brings victory.”
  4.  Vesta – Meaning “pure,” this is also the name of the Roman goddess of the hearth and home.
  5.  Vita – A name meaning “life.”
  6.  Vivi (Viviana) – A version of the Latin word for “life.” We like the diminutive “Vivi” because it’s so cute, but Viviana is elegant and beautiful too!

Unisex Latin Cat Names

  1.  Alibi – A Latin word that means “elsewhere.” Is your cat always your alibi?
  2.  Amare – A sweet name meaning “beloved.”
  3.  Amica – The Latin word for “friend.”
  4.  Anima – Essentially the word for “soul.”
  5.  Argento – Great for a grey cat, this name means “silver.”
  6.  Aurum – A name that means “gold.”
  7.  Bonafide – Meaning “in good faith.”
  8.  Burletta – For a cat that makes you laugh, this theatrical term means “little joke.”
  9.  Cupid – Meaning “love,” Cupid is also often depicted as a cherubic angel that shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love.
  10.  Diara – Meaning “gift”
  11.  Domino – A title name meaning “lord, master.”
  12.  Fidelis – A name meaning “faithful, loyal.”
  13.  Gemini – One of the astrological signs, it means “twin.”
  14.  Gem – For your precious cat, this name of course means “jewel.”
  15.  Gratia – Meaning “favor, blessing.”

Fidelis – A name meaning “faithful, loyal.”

  1.  Halo – If your cat is a little angel, this name means “ring of light around the sun or moon.”
  2.  Honorius – Meaning “of honor.”
  3.  Ignis – Meaning “fire, passion.”
  4.  Imber – Meaning “rain, storm.”
  5.  Invalidi – A name that means “skinny,” for the slim kitty.
  6.  Jinx – A cute witchy name that means “charm; spell.”
  7.  July – The summer month named in honor of Julius Caesar.
  8.  Liber – Bookworm cat owners may appreciate this name that means “book.”
  9.  Lupin – Meaning “wolf.”
  10.  Lux – A cool-sounding name that means “life.”
  11.  March – The month that cusps winter and spring was named in honor of Mars.
  12.  Mellifluus – A sweet name that means “flowing like honey.”
  13.  Memento – A cute name that means “to remember.”
  14.  Meris – Meaning “of the sea.”
  15.  Miracle – Yes, this word is rooted in Latin! It literally means “wonder.”

Jinx – A cute witchy name that means “charm; spell.”

  1.  Mystica – Perfect for a black cat, it means “thing pertaining to secret rites, mystics.”
  2.  Nisang – A really cool name that means “dark period or gloomy and dusky night.”
  3.  Nox – Another great black cat name that means “night.”
  4.  Orien – Meaning, “the Orient, East.”
  5.  Pinguis – A chubby kitty name that means “ft.”
  6.  Pupa – Meaning “doll.”
  7.  Quince – Meaning “apple-like fruit.”
  8.  Requiem –  A Latin term that means “rest.”
  9.  Sagittarius – One of the astrological signs that mean “the archer.”
  10.  Sibilo – A cute-sounding name that means “whistle.”
  11.  Silva – Meaning “wood or forest.”
  12.  Susurrus – A fun word to say, it means “a humming, whispering.”
  13.  Ursas – Meaning “bear.”
  14.  Valentine – A name that we associate with romance, it means “strong and healthy.”
  15.  Veritas – A name meaning “truth.”

Sagittarius – One of the astrological signs that mean “the archer.”

  1.  Vesper – A pretty name that means “evening star.”
  2.  Vigilant – Have a cat that likes to watch you, or gaze out the window? This word means “to be watchful.”
  3.  Viridis – A good name for an especially playful cat that means “young, lively, fresh, green.”
  4.  Viva – Meaning “alive.”
  5.  Vox – If you have a very vocal kitty, consider this cool name that means “voice.”

Viridis – A good name for an especially playful cat that means “young, lively, fresh, green.”

Latin names are ancient and timeless. While so much of our own language is rooted in familiar Latin words and terms, so too are so many great names. Hopefully, this list of 150 Latin names has given you some ideas for naming your cat.

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    I would like to know of a name for a kitty that cries I call him cry baby but would like it in a different language so only I know

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      Hey Karen! That’s a good question for AI. 🙂

      Here ya go:

      Plaksa – from the Russian word for “crybaby” (плакса)
      Negugorri – from the Basque word for “crybaby” (negugorri)
      Beksik – from the Polish word for “crybaby” (beksik)
      Verkiko – from the Lithuanian word for “crybaby” (verkikas)
      Bláth – from the Irish word for “crybaby” (bláthaire)
      Kandoba – from the Bengali word for “crybaby” (কাঁদবাকা)
      Llori – from the Spanish word for “crybaby” (llorón)
      Nakimushi – from the Japanese word for “crybaby” (泣き虫)
      Gráta – from the Icelandic word for “crybaby” (grátbani)
      Plângă – from the Romanian word for “crybaby” (plângăcios)