75 Awesome Maine Coon Cat Names

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Male Cat Names

Chips- This name will make everyone laugh.

  1. Atlas – The name based on the Greek mythological god relating to the one who holds the earth on the shoulders.
  2. Bagheera- The wise mentor to Mowgli the jungle boy. Based on the book by Rudyard Kipling’s, The Jungle Book.
  3. Tiger- These are the types that will steal your heart especially the tiger types.
  4. Chips- This name will make everyone laugh.
  5. Caesar- The boy may act as an emperor in his fur coat. Caesar is the best name.
  6. Casper- You know about this ghost. Great name for a white cat.
  7. Looper- He is ford of grabbing the scraps that fall on the floor the kitchen. Hoover will be good for him.
  8. Ginger- Possibly an orange cat, Chester is the perfect.
  9. Houdini- Usually, escapes from your room.
  10. Yeti- He has a relative Bigfoot. A cat with extra toes.
  11. Napoleon- Napoleon, the future dictator of your home?
  12. Odin- God of mystery magic. Great name for you cat.
  13. Pharaoh- The rule the civilized world of Egypt. He will rule the modern one in your house.
  14. Zeus – Zeus the Greek god of gods and men. Good name for a cat.
  15. Romeo- A great name for a beautiful loving and lovely cat.
  16. Napoleon- The dictator you have been waiting for in your house.
  17. Bond – Yes, the best actor in your house. Goes for what he likes.
  18. Hunter- Has never gone outdoors, but dreams of bringing big game down.
  19. Solomon- The ever wise man the world has ever had. An excellent name.

Female Cat Names

Rainbow – Made of different colors or mixture of colors.

  1. Butterscotch – Very famous type of confectionery which is usually made of brown sugar and butter
  2. Amber – Hard translucent fossilized resin typically yellowish in color
  3. Confetti – Small pieces of colored papers
  4. Mosaic – A picture or pattern produced by arranging small colorful pieces together
  5. Peaches – A round juicy yellow fruit
  6. Mona Lisa – Named after famous painting
  7. Spicy – A substance used to in food to give color and aroma
  8. Autumn – Season after summer and before winter in which everything is yellow or brown
  9. Orange – Reddish yellow or brownish color, also a famous spice
  10. Lily – Well, this simply implies your cat is bigger, fiercer and even more graceful like the animal tiger.
  11. Rainbow – Made of different colors or mixture of colors.
  12. Alice – Named after the character from Alice from Wonderland and in English, it means noble
  13. Cinderella – Famous character from the story derived from French which means Little Ashes
  14. Fauna– Character from Sleeping Beauty also means animals from a particular region
  15. Jasmine – Character from the famous story of Aladdin and also the name of the flower
  16. Eudora – The princess and the frog character and in Greek, the name means good Gift
  17. Cleo – The famous character from Pinocchio, a Greek prefix which means glory
  18. Arista – The little Mermaid character also known as a part of the plant
  19. Anna – Famous character from the movie “Frozen”
  20. Hera – From the story of Hercules, she was also the wife of Zeus
  21. Abigail – Abigail Gabble from The Aristocrats
  22. Anita – Anita Radcliffe from One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Black Smoke Maine Cat Names

Ozzy – Who better to name a black cat after than the cryptic Prince of Darkness.

  1. Ember- Nice name to give a cat that is always glowing.
  2. Shady- Any dark cat around the house, this should be its name.
  3. Smoky- perfect name to give to a black cat.
  4. Phantom – Give this name who likes to go out and about alone.
  5. Rorschach- Name originates from a ghost like character.
  6. Hocus Pocus– Have a cunning cat around the house, this should be its name.
  7. Pepper- A lovely name that is given to a bubbly cat that is playing all day.
  8. Hershey- This is the interesting name given to a cat that shows affection to its owner.
  9. Godiva- The perfect name given to a cat that is strong as a metal.
  10. Beelzebub- Given to a cat which is not loved so much at home.
  11. Morticia- Is the name based from a fictional character, undertaker.
  12. Phantom – Perfect descriptor for a quiet, sneaky feline.
  13. Misty – Mist is an elusive phenomenon that mimics the behaviour of some cats.
  14. Midnight – Nothing is darker or more mysterious than this moment.
  15. Dracula – A notoriously dark and mysterious character.
  16. Casper – Since the film, this name has been associated with the paranormal, thus making it perfect for black cats.
  17. Raven – A traditionally dark creature that doubles as a perfect name for a black cat.
  18. Ophelia – A beautiful name taken from a dark and mysterious play.
  19. Gato – Naming your feline “cat” in another language gives it a very eclectic and mysterious feel.
  20. Ozzy – Who better to name a black cat after than the cryptic Prince of Darkness.
  21. Elvira – She is the Mistress of the Dark and, even if you don’t recognize the name, it is definitely enigmatic.

Popular Male Kitten Names

Shou- Is for a treasured cat, as it means prize.

  1. Lighting-Kittens are fast, so this is a no-brainier. Naming your kitten Lightning is a bit common, and thunder sounds a bit more creative.
  2. Gibson- Who would not want to give their kitten the name of a rich butter or six-year-old kid.
  3. Edward- This common name suits a cat who is nice and to the point.
  4. Robert- Gary is the name of the snail of Spongebob Squarepants, which happens to resemble a cat.
  5. Apple- If you have a male kitten who eats a lot, melon may just be the name for him.
  6. Future- Your kitten may be a time traveler, or may rip your household calendar.
  7. Shadow- Kittens are some of the most mischievous animals in the world.
  8. Herb- Justin is a cool name. It resembles a nice laid-back individual.
  9. Tablet- This name is a bit peculiar, but with over a million cats in the world.
  10. Paw- This one was just going to have to be on the list.
  11. Shou- Is for a treasured cat, as it means prize.
  12. Yuu- Is a fine name meaning brave and gentle.
  13. Yuudai- Is a name meaning great hero.
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5 thoughts on “75 Awesome Maine Coon Cat Names

  1. Colleen Tarcza

    My new male CFA .. Brown tabby will be named Fergus. After the loyal too cute kid child Claire and Jamie adopted from abuse in France.
    in Outlander. He is a grown man and should so much loyalty. He now is grown up in the Revolutionary war period in Outlander. So handsome and Loyal


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