10 Signs Your Cat Is Obsessed With You

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Do you find yourself wondering if your love and adoration for your cat is unrequited? Do you feel like you are dishing out affection left right and center and getting nothing back? Fear not! This article is a deep dive into the many ways our cats secretly let slip that they are as obsessed with us as we are with them.

Cats are notoriously difficult to read. The common saying, “Dogs have owners and cats have slaves” is totally unfair to cats. They might go about things differently than their canine companions, but cats definitely do show love and affection in their own adorable way.

Quick Overview


Cats convey their love and affection for people in subtle ways.


Some things that show your cat is obsessed with you include purring, rubbing against you, grooming you, sitting on you, and slow blinking at you.


Showing you their belly is the highest honor a cat can give as it means they trust you completely.

Pets all have different ways of letting us know how they feel. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this article, you will be a pro at understanding cat behavior and feel reassured that the subtle things your cat does are clues that you truly are their favorite human.

1. They Treat You Like a Fellow Cat

Cats form close bonds with the people who take care of their needs the most.

Cats often “imprint” on humans, forming a strong attachment with their primary caregiver when they recognize that this human offers them food, water, comfort, and safety. Your cat will warm to the person who they have the most positive interactions with. When this occurs your cat will treat you like an equal, the greatest honor in their eyes!

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2. They Rub Themselves Against You

When cats rub against you, they leave pheromones that claim you are “theirs.”

This is a sure sign your cat is obsessed with you, as when they do this they are stimulating special scent glands which release pheromones. Pheromones are chemical messages that are a signal for the cat that you are their human and they are claiming you as their own.

This is how cats mark out their territory, so they are affectionately putting their stamp of approval on you. Your cat might rub their cheeks or chin against you, or sometimes even headbutt you, which is a sign of affection in the cat world. Your cat might also softly touch their forehead against your face. Head bunting is another good sign your cat worships you.

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3. They Make Eye Contact and Slowly Blink

Gazing at you and blinking slowly is the cat equivalent of a smile and a kiss.

This sounds very specific, but it’s true, a cat’s soft, slow blink is essentially the equivalent of a cat kiss! Slow blinking is recognized as the most common way cats show their affection toward humans.

Slow blinking is a cat’s unique way of smiling. It means they feel safe and relaxed around you. Cats are thought to respond to slow blinking from humans. The next time you are having one-on-one time with your cat, give them a slow blink and see if it is reciprocated. If it is, you know for sure you are a VIP in their eyes.

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4. They Use You as a Chair or a Bed

Climbing up on you for a cuddle and snooze means your cat loves and trusts you.

This is a huge compliment in the cat world. Cats need to feel secure and safe when they go to sleep. If they readily curl up in your lap, or on your chest in bed, then this means you are their safe place.

They are most happy and content when they have physical contact with you. An added bonus of being a human pillow is that you get a purring hot water bottle to keep you warm and snug.

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5. Kneading You With Their Paws

Kneading your lap or legs, sometimes called making biscuits, is something cats do when they are relaxed and content.

Cats often press their front paws into your leg or tummy as if they are kneading bread. This is them replicating what they did when they were nursing kittens and they wanted to encourage milk flow from their mother.

Adult cats still carry out this behavior long after they have been weaned. They often do this to show pleasure or contentment. If they are doing this when they are relaxed on your lap, you can rest assured they are letting you know they feel happy and content in your presence.

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6. They Groom You

cat licking or kissing owner's nose

Cats groom other cats as a form of social bonding, and it’s likely they do this to humans for the same reason.

If your cat takes it upon themselves to lick you, especially your hair or ears, they are trying to groom you. In multi-cat households, group grooming sessions are a sign of trust and loyalty. Licking is a gesture that says your cat thinks you are a member of their social group and they accept you as family.

This is one of the ways your cat shows you that you have a strong bond together. (Whether you actually embrace the cat tongue bath or not is up to you—there’s no judgment here if you enjoy those cat kisses!)

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7. They Follow You Around the House

Cats follow the people they love as they want to be part of everything they do.

If your cat follows you around the house, sometimes even to the bathroom, it’s not some sort of secret kitty surveillance. This is actually another indication that they are truly obsessed with you. It’s their way of showing you they always want to be in your company and is a sign of love in cat language.

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8. They Bring You Gifts

Leaving gifts of toys or dead critters is your cat’s unique way of saying they love you.

Cats love bringing their favorite people gifts. Sometimes this can be presenting their best toy or comforter. Sometimes they like to bring you some prey they have hunted to “share” with you such as a mouse or bird. It’s their way of saying you are part of their family and they want you to be involved with something that brings them joy.

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9. They Purr a Lot

Most often, cats purr as a sign of happiness.

Cats do purr for many different reasons. If your cat is purring and nuzzling into you when you are stroking them, you can be sure that this is a very content purr and they are pleased to be in your company.  This is their way of letting you know they are very happy.

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10. They Show You Their Belly

If your cat routinely rolls over to show their belly, you can be certain the trust you completely.

Cats have a universal code of showing vulnerability/submission, which is rolling into their backs and exposing their belly. This is due to the fact it is soft and lots of their vital organs are unprotected when they do this.

If your cat trusts you and is completely relaxed in your company, they will do this, and might even allow you to rub or tickle their belly. So if you see your cat on their back, give them some attention as it’s a great honor to be shown the belly.

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Final Thoughts

Cats might seem aloof, but they have subtle ways of showing you just how much they love you.

Cats are very complex animals. Their social interactions with us are difficult to interpret at times and can leave us feeling confused. It’s reassuring to know that there are lots of different ways cats show us how they feel, and no two cats are the same.

The main thing to remember is that a loved cat with a safe and secure relationship is a happy and content one, so keep up the good work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats get obsessed with one person?

Cats do usually pick a favorite human in their household that they earmark as their own. It is usually the person who makes the most effort with them that they choose. For example whoever feeds them regularly or gives them the best belly rubs!

Can cats tell that you love them?

Cats have an understanding of affection just like other mammals. They have lots of special ways of showing us how much we mean to them. They are also very good at recognizing when the feeling is mutual so if you are showering your cat with love, it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Why does my cat want to sit on me all the time?

If your cat wants to park their behind on you all the time, there's nothing to worry about (apart from cat hairs!). If they crave physical contact constantly, this is usually because they enjoy your company and are looking for a safe place and some affection and attention.

Why is my cat being so clingy with me?

Cats can be clingy for many reasons, some good, some not so good. If there is a sudden change in their behavior then there might be something upsetting them or a stressor in their environment.

These can include things like a new member of the family, health issues, separation anxiety, or even boredom. It is best to find out the underlying cause of the clingy behavior first before you try and fix it. If you are concerned about your cat, seek advice from your veterinarian.

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  1. Beverley

    I have a very old cat; she came to me after her previous owner sucicded, so I don’t know how old she is, vet thinks that give or take a year or two she probably is around 18 years old. Her appertit is good, her teeth are also good, she walks with a bit of a wobble, but doesn’t appear to be in pain. She’s my lovley puss so I am concerned about the fact that she has recently started yelling, some time at the top of her lungs! I think she is deaf because she doesnt seem to hear me when I answer her. If I loudly clap my hands when we go to bed – she sleeps with me – she always jumps up and climbs on my chest. Could you hazad a guess as to what this yelling is all about? And how I can fix it for her?
    Beverley Eley NSW Australia

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hey Beverley, that’s an excellent question. It is common for cats to start meowing loudly in their later years—this often seems to be related to some degree of dementia or confusion. It may also be related to worsening eyesight, hearing, or other declining senses making it difficult for her to navigate and comprehend the world around her the way she used to. Perhaps, then, her sense of hearing is
      worse than it used to be, and it makes her feel the need to shout to find her way around. This article has some great tips to help your deaf cat: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/living-with-a-deaf-cat
      Wishing you all the best.

  2. Cathy McCraw

    I always enjoy the articles about cats because I love cats and they have always been a huge part of my life. I have rescued for about 40 years but I don’t as much now because of health issues but I currently have 15 furry children and I can definitely say that all but 2 of them are absolutely obsessed with me the 2 that are not are attached to my son and his girlfriend. They are all rescues and half of them were bottle fed and I took most of them in from a very young age except for 3. The reason for my post is I’m hoping someone can shed some light on an issue I have with one of my bottle babies that is now 3 years old, there was 4 in the litter and they were abandoned by mom at 4 days old and went 4 days with nothing…after I got them they soon began to thrive and grew up healthy and happy and skipping ahead to now, my beautiful short haired white cat with a blue eye and a green eye Miss Angel is completely obsessed with me/mom she has to be touching me and follows me everywhere if I sit down she’s there if I lay down she’s on me and she keeps her nose on me and licks my face and arms, legs and feet constantly but the problem is she bites me too… not vicious at all it’s nibbles and she does it constantly and it does hurt she brings blood. She’ll lick my cheek and next thing I know she’s biting…everybody says it’s love nibbles but I don’t think so, I’ve been trying to figure it out for a couple years and I just don’t have any ideas about what causes her to do this and it’s frustrating because of course when she hurts me I scold her and she looks so upset. If anyone has any ideas about the reason why she bites me please share with me it would be greatly appreciated