Cat Raised by Huskies Faces Existential Crisis When He Realises He’s a Cat

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Best buds Henry and Miles

Best buds Henry and Miles share a playful moment, proving that friendship knows no bounds. Photo Credit: Jay

Henry’s Journey Begins

At the office where Jay works, an unexpected visitor made quite the entrance. Hidden in a bush just outside Jay’s window, a tiny, meowing bundle caught his attention. Intrigued, Jay approached and discovered a frail kitten, no larger than his own hand. This began the heartwarming story of Henry, a cat raised by huskies.

Henry was not in good shape when Jay found him. He was sickly and in desperate need of care. Without a second thought, Jay scooped him up and decided to bring him home. Little did Henry know, this decision would lead him to an unlikely but loving family.

A Tiny New Addition: Henry’s Arrival

At home, Henry met Miles, Jay’s husky. Initially unsure of each other, they cautiously sniffed around until Henry let out a hiss. But in a turn of events, Miles sensing the vulnerability of the tiny kitten, began grooming him with gentle licks. Henry reciprocated by rubbing against Miles and purring softly. It was a moment of unexpected connection, one that marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two.

“Henry started rubbing up on miles and started purring, and then just lay down next to him. Miles started grooming him and cleaning his butt. Ever since then it was like Miles was his mom. We joked around that Miles raised them.” – Jay, Henry’s Owner

Jay observed a remarkable bond forming between Henry and Miles. It was almost as if Miles had taken on the role of a mother to the orphaned kitten. They played together, snuggled up and Miles even took on the role of protector, ensuring Henry’s safety at all times.

Photo Credit: Jay

Henry Meets His Own Kind

However, Henry’s world was about to expand even further when Jay brought home another feline friend, Nancy.

“When we brought Nancy home. Henry was like, Is this a cat? What’s a cat?”- Jay, Henry’s Owner

The introduction left Henry utterly bewildered, having never encountered another cat before. Yet, despite the initial confusion, the trio soon became inseparable.

Unbreakable Bonds

Amidst the chaos of caring for multiple pets, Jay’s schedule often became a whirlwind. With another dog named Ayla added to the mix, the household was always bustling with activity.

Every day, Jay’s pets eagerly awaited his return, as they sat at the window patiently. When Jay or his wife was away, they found solace in each other’s company, chasing each other around the house or curling up for a nap in the sunlit corners.

As Henry, the once frail kitten, thrived in his new home, Jay couldn’t help but marvel at the unexpected turns life had taken. What began as a moment of rescue for Henry had blossomed into a heartwarming life of friendship, and the unbreakable bond between a cat and his husky family.

In the end, Henry’s journey from a tiny, sickly kitten to a beloved part of the gang is just a sweet reminder of how awesome love and friendship can be. Through all the chaos and fun, one thing’s for sure: the bond between Henry and his husky pals is unbreakable. Their story proves that love doesn’t care what species you are – when you’ve got mates like these, life’s just better.

Photo Credit: Jay

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