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OdorTrap Review – Purchased and Tested

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Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

The OdorTrap is a natural filtration system developed by Whisker, the company behind the Litter-Robot. This litter box deodorizer uses plant-based oils to attract, attach to, and destroy odor molecules in and around the litter box.

OdorTrap technology was developed by chemists over the span of 30 years and is designed to neutralize odors safely and effectively. Unlike other odor control devices, OdorTrap does not use phthalates, parabens, or alcohol.

At around $20, the OdorTrap pod may be the solution to your litter box woes. But is it worth the cost when factoring in shipping and changing the bead packs every two weeks?

After testing the OdorTrap for about two weeks, we have the details on its efficacy and my personal experience with my two cats.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

My cat Genghis curious about the OdorTrap attached to his litterbox. Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

We spent weeks researching the OdorTrap, learning how well it works with different cats, environments, and situations.

We independently purchased the item and subjected it to in-depth testing, evaluating its performance with various kinds of litter, cats, and rooms.

What Is The Odortrap And How Does It Work?

The Whisker company is not only the maker of OdorTrap but is better known for the Litter-Robot litter box. All of their products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

The OdorTrap beads themselves are designed to work with the Litter-Robot litter box but the pods are made to fit any litter box. The OdorTrap pod is conveniently sized to fit on the outside of any kind of litter box and measures 4” x 3” x .75”.

OdorTrap beads are made with a blend of natural plant oils to attach to, attract andencompass odor molecules. Litter box odors are then eliminated with a chemical reaction. Unlike typical air fresheners that use harsh chemicals and fake perfumes, OdorTrap is free of phthalates, parabens, and alcohol.

Simply place one OdorTrap bead pack inside the pod and snap shut. Remove the adhesive backing from the included magnet and attach the pod firmly to the Litter-Robot waste drawer or exterior of a traditional litter box.

Use the OdorTrap pod and bead pack with your Litter-Robot or traditional litter box. Includes OdorTrap pod and bead pack. Replace bead pack every 2 weeks for best results.

My Experience Using The Odortrap

OdorTrap is easy to set up. Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

The OdorTrap is designed to fit nicely in the Litter-Robot waste drawer or on the outside of a traditional litter box as well as on the interior of litter box furniture.

The pod and the pack of beads arrived and my first step was to take them out of the packaging. I then attached the magnetic sticky piece to the outside of my cat’s litter box, right outside the opening.

I placed the bead packet inside the pod and snapped it tightly closed. The last step was to attach the pod to the magnetic part and let it go to work.

The whole procedure was straightforward and quick. It took me about 2 minutes to set it up and stick it on. Changing out the beads is simple too. Just detach the pod from the magnet and open it up. You can remove the little bead sack and throw it in the trash, then insert the new sack.

The Odortrap Managed To Control Odors Well

The scent of the beads is light, and pleasant and definitely does not overpower in order to cover up smells. In fact, once the pod was attached and I was not close to it, I did not notice any type of odor. It seemed to truly absorb any odors around and I did not notice any litter box smells for the first week and a half.

After about a week and a half, I did begin to notice a hint of litter box smells. It got stronger as the days went on. Being that I do have two cats using the litter box, I did not expect the OdorTrap to stay effective for the two weeks it claims to work.

My Cats Seemed To Do Fine With The Odortrap

OdorTrap attached firmly to the outside of the litterbox. Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

After placing the OdorTrap pod on the side of the litter box, I waited to see if my cats noticed. They did not really seem too interested in the contraption and it stayed in place during the testing period.

One of my cats did sniff it and then went inside the litter box to do his business. It did not seem to deter either of my cats from using the litter box at all.

The OdorTrap scented beads are not hazardous to you or your cats. However, do not allow your pets or children to ingest the beads, and do not remove the beads from the sacks.

After A Week And A Half, The Efficacy Wore Off

OdorTrap is easy to change the bead packet when it wears out. Amy Brown-Towry / Cats.com

As I mentioned, just after a week and a half I noticed the OdorTrap was not doing the job at controlling odors as well. I do have two cats who use the litter box which cuts down on how often the odor pack needs to be changed.

If you have more than one cat, expect to change it more often unless you have more than one litter box.

How Much Does The Odortrap Cost?

The OdorTrap pod costs $20 when you order directly from the litter-robot.com website. You can expect to pay an additional $10 in shipping.

Refill odor packs cost $15 and contain 2 packs which should last you 4 weeks on average.

Overall, The Odortrap Is A Good Choice For Single Cat Litter Boxes

If you currently own a Litter-Robot or just want to freshen up your cat’s litter box then this is an effective choice. If you are willing to spend $15 a month plus shipping to keep your litter box odors neutralized, then this is a good option.

It does a good job at controlling odor but remember if you have more than one cat, it will definitely shorten the length of time before needed to be changed out.

This is a safe option for your cats as well being that it uses natural plant oils and is free of phthalates, parabens, or alcohol.

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