150 Best Polydactyl Cat Names: Unique Ideas For Cats With Extra Toes

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Polydactyl cats are unique little felines that are born with six or more digits instead of the typical five on their paws. Over the years, polydactyl cats have represented good fortune (especially for sailors at sea), been associated with witchcraft, and became a beloved type of pet to author Ernest Hemingway.

With that kind of rich history, there are plenty of fun names that you can use to celebrate your cat’s adorably bigger paws with the distinctive polydactyl feature. Most of these names are unisex, so feel free to get creative with them! Here are 150 of those names for your polydactyl cat.

Best Polydactyl Cat Names

  1. Acht – The German word for “eight.”
  2. Admiral – Once upon a time, superstitious sailors believed that polydactyl cats were good luck to bring out to sea and that they were better mouse hunters with their bigger paws. This cute name recalls that interesting seafaring superstition.
  3. Antoenia – We can’t resist the punny name, and neither should you. Embrace them!
  4. Antoeny – The masculine form of Antoenia.
  5. Baat – The Cantonese word for “eight.”
  6. Ba – The Mandarin word for “eight.”
  7. Barbeau – A French name that means “fisherman.”
  8. Bay – The Vietnamese word for “seven.”
  9. Bear – A name for a kitty with big, adorable paws.
  10.  Bigfoot – A name not just for yetis and abominable snowmen!
  11.  Boone – A name that references your kitty cat’s lucky status as a polydactyl.
  12.  Captain – Another great seafaring name for your polydactyl nautical good luck charm.
  13.  Chance – Because your multi-toed kitty may just be a good luck charm!
  14.  Changeling – A medieval superstition believed that babies born with unique physical features were actually fae changelings. Perhaps your polydactyl cat has fae ancestry as well?
  15.  Charm – Another lucky name for your kitty.

Bigfoot – A name not just for yetis and abominable snowmen!

  1.  Chauncy – A name that means “gamble; fortune.”
  2.  Chil – The Korean word for “seven.”
  3.  Chin – The Vietnamese word for “nine.”
  4.  Claw – This one is simple and straightforward, but very fitting.
  5.  Clover – When this plant possesses an extra leaf, it’s often considered good luck, just like your extra-toed cat!
  6.  Clubber – A reference to the club-like foot created by polydactyl paws.
  7.  Cougar – A great name for a kitty with bigger paws.
  8.  Dactyl – No explanation needed here!
  9.  Dancer – A reference to your kitty’s unique feet.
  10.  Devere – A French word meaning “of the fishing place.”
  11.  Dieci – The Italian word for “ten.”
  12.  Diez – The Spanish word for “ten.”
  13.  Digit – Because your kitty’s extra digits are extraordinary enough to be named after them.
  14.  Dixie – From the French word for “ten.
  15.  Ernest – American author Ernest Hemingway had a fondness for polydactyl cats, and today The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is home to approximately 60 polydactyl cats. Why not name your kitty in honor of the man himself?

Dactyl – No explanation needed here!

  1.  Elephant – Big paws are reminiscent of these gentle giants and could make for a cute name. A nickname like Ellie could be used with this name as well.
  2.  Fae – If you believe your kitten’s extra toes might be a sign of fairy ancestry, then this name is perfect!
  3.  Faust – A Latin name that means “fortunate one.”
  4.  Felicia – A Latin name that means “lucky.”
  5.  Felicity – Another version of the lucky name Felicia.
  6.  Felix – A name that means “lucky,” and also happens to be the name of a classic black and white cartoon cat!
  7.  First Mate – Another sweet nautical name as a nod to the superstition of bringing polydactyl cats to sea for good luck.
  8.  Fisher – A nod to the idea that polydactyl cats are a fisherman’s best friend, thanks to the good luck they are said to carry.
  9.  Fisk – A Danish or Icelandic version of “fish.”
  10.  Flipper – A funny name for a big-pawed kitty.
  11.  Footloose – A fun reference for cinema fans who love this 1980s Tom Cruise classic.
  12.  Footsie – An adorable name with a nice ring to it.
  13.  Fortuna – The goddess of fortune in ancient Rome.
  14.  Freak – Hey, we don’t mean it in a derogatory way! Wave your kitty’s freak flag high with this funny name.
  15.  Ganesha – The name of an elephant-headed Hindu god.

Fae – If you believe your kitten’s extra toes might be a sign of fairy ancestry, then this name is perfect!

  1.  Gau – The Cantonese word for “nine.”
  2.  Giant – A celebration of your cat’s bigger paws.
  3.  Gluck – The German word for “luck.”
  4.  Gu – The Korean word for “nine.”
  5.  Hachi – The Japanese word for “eight.”
  6.  Hemingway – See the above entry under “Ernest.”
  7.  Hex – While polydactyl cats were more common in coastal areas in England and the New World due to their status as lucky mouse hunters on seafaring vessels, they are much less common in continental Europe This is most likely due to a superstitious belief that polydactyl cats were associated with witchcraft, and they were hunted in continental Europe as a result. Witchy names are a perfect way to honor these kitties.
  8.  Hoofer – When your kitty’s paws seem big enough to be hooves!
  9.  Horseshoe – A reference not just to your kitty-cat’s bigger paws, but the good luck often associated with them, similar to the good luck charm found in the horseshoe.
  10.  Huit – The French word for “eight.”
  11.  Hunter – Because seaman believed that polydactyl cats were excellent mouse hunters.
  12.  Jinx – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  13.  Jiu – The Mandarin word for “nine.”
  14.  Jyuu – The Japanese word for “ten.”
  15.  Knuckles – We think this fun name is also self-explanatory!

Hachi – The Japanese word for “eight.”

  1.  Kyuu – The Japanese word for “nine.”
  2.  Lakshmi – The Hindu goddess of good fortune.
  3.  Lion – A fitting name for a kingly cat with big paws.
  4.  Liu – The Chinese word for “six,” but it could also mean “to kill,” which could be a reference to your kitty’s supposed ability to be a better mouse hunter, according to sailor superstitions.
  5.  Lucky – Because your polydactyl kitty is a good luck charm!
  6.  Lucky Seven – A lucky name for a cat with lucky number seven toes.
  7.  Machiko – A Japanese name that means “fortunate child.”
  8.  Mage – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  9.  Magic – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  10.  Matey – See the entry above for “Admiral.”
  11.  Mazal – The Hebrew word for “luck.”
  12.  Mittens – An adorable name for your multi-toed kitty cat.
  13.  Mitt – Because your kitty’s little paws look like catcher’s mitts!
  14.  Mouser – A name that references the seaman’s belief that polydactyl cats were good mousers or hunters of mice on their sea vessels.
  15.  Muoi – The Vietnamese word for “ten.”

Lucky Seven – A lucky name for a cat with lucky number seven toes.

  1.  Multi – A shortened form of “multiple.”
  2.  Neuf – The French word for “nine.”
  3.  Neun – The German word for “nine.”
  4.  Nove – The Italian word for “nine.”
  5.  Nueve – The Spanish word for “nine.”
  6.  Oceana – A beautiful name for a cat whose lucky toes brought him/her out to sea with fishermen.
  7.  Ocho – The Spanish word for “eight.”
  8.  Octavia – A feminine Latin name meaning “eight.”
  9.  Octavius – A masculine Latin name meaning “eight.”
  10.  Omen – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  11.  Otto – The Italian word for “eight.”
  12.  Paddie – A sweet, Irish-sounding name that references the little pads on your kitty’s paws.
  13.  Pal – The Korean word for “eight.”
  14.  Panther – An especially fitting name for a sleek black cat with big paws.
  15.  Paw Patrol – This cartoon may be about dogs, but who says it can’t be a good name for cats?

Otto – The Italian word for “eight.”

  1.  Paws – This one is also self-explanatory!
  2.  Pinky – A cute name for the cat with an extra pinky on the paw.
  3.  Pirate – Because your polydactyl cat is a good luck charm at sea.
  4.  Poly – A Latin word meaning “many.”
  5.  Poppet – Another reference to witchcraft, poppets are dolls made in the image of a person to bring either fortune or misfortune to that person via magic.
  6.  Prancer – Because your kitty should proudly prance with those cute paws!
  7.  Qi – The Mandarin word for “seven.”
  8.  Rabbitfoot – Another animal whose feet are believed to bring good luck.
  9.  Roku – The Japanese word for “six.”
  10.  Sailor – See entry above for “Admiral.”
  11.  Sap – The Cantonese word for “ten.”
  12.  Sasquatch – Another name for Bigfoot.
  13.  Saith – A Welsh name that means “seven.”
  14.  Sau – The Vietnamese word for “six.”
  15.  Seabreeze

Poly – A Latin word meaning “many.”

  1.  Sechs – The German word for “six.”
  2.  Sei – The Italian word for “six.”
  3.  Seis – The Spanish word for “six.”
  4.  Septimus – The Latin word for “seventh.”
  5.  Serendipity – A fun-to-say name that means “unexpected good fortune.”
  6.  Sette – The Italian word for “seven.”
  7.  Seven – A lucky number for a lucky seven-toed cat.
  8.  Seventh Heaven – We love this sweet name for a seven-toed kitty!
  9.  Seven Wonders – In ancient times, there were seven wonders of the known world. A fun name for a seven-toed cat that would be quite the conversation starter!
  10.  Shesh – The Hebrew word for “six.”
  11.  Sheva – The Hebrew word for “seven.”
  12.  Shichi – The Japanese word for “seven.”
  13.  Shi – The Mandarin word for “ten.”
  14.  Shmoneh – The Hebrew word for “eight.”
  15.  Shreya – An Indian name that means “auspicious.”
Polydactyl Cats

Shichi – The Japanese word for “seven.”

  1.  Siete – The Spanish word for “seven.”
  2.  Sip – The Korean word for “ten.”
  3.  Sixer – A name for the six-toed kitty.
  4.  Sixy Cat – Because it sounds like “sexy cat.” Get it? (We warned you that we embrace name puns!)
  5.  Skipper – See above entry for “Admiral.”
  6.  Snow Shoe – A great name for a snowy white polydactyl cat.
  7.  Snow White – This was the name of Ernest Hemingway’s beloved six-toed cat.
  8.  Sorceress – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  9.  Sorcerer – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  10.  Storm – The very thing that seamen hoped to keep at bay while at sea with their polydactyl kitty charms.
  11.  Tam – The Vietnamese word for “eight.”
  12.  Tashi – A Tibetan word for “auspiciousness.”
  13.  Theta – The eighth letter of the Greek alphabet.
  14.  Thumbelina – A character from a Hans Christian Andersen story.
  15.  Tidal – A pretty ocean-themed name.

Snow Shoe – A great name for a snowy white polydactyl cat.

  1.  Tiger – A great name for an orange cat with big paws.
  2.  Toebias – Get it?!
  3.  Toeby – A shortened version of Toebias.
  4.  Toeny – A shortened version of Antoeny.
  5.  Tom Thumb – A character from English folklore.
  6.  Tootsie – Another cute name to reference your little cat’s many-toed paws.
  7.  Twinkletoes – A funny name that will make you smile whenever you refer to your furry friend.
  8.  Venturo – A Spanish name meaning “good luck.”
  9.  Wave – An ocean-themed name.
  10.  Webber – A reference to webbed feet.
  11.  Witch – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  12.  Wizard – See the entry above for “Hex.”
  13.  Yeti – Another name for Bigfoot.
  14.  Yuk – The Korean word for “six.”
  15.  Zehn – The German word for “ten.”

Zehn – The German word for “ten.”

We have a fondness for unusual cats with unique features. Polydactyl cats have long been human companions playing special roles in our lives and imaginations. We hope you have found a fitting name from this list to go with your unique polydactyl cat!

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