250 Coolest And Cutest Cat Names

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Are you in love with your new kitten but don’t have a name yet?

Cats provide lots of inspiration based on their character and appearance.

We’ll start off our list of cool cat names below:

Coolest Cat Names By Color

twin kitten-compressed

Christmas– This time of the year is truly amazing, and your cat will love it.

  • Angel–  An angel is an excellent being in the world literature.
  • Alaska– Alaska is an outstanding state of the United States. And you will love it.
  • Alpine– This name is related to something high. Your cat is high in your esteem too.
  • Arctic– The Arctic is a far away place where you can spend the night of your life.
  • Avalanche– An avalanche suggests unrest and adventure at the same time.
  • Chalky– If you love classrooms, this name is for your cat right away.
  • Christmas– This time of the year is truly amazing, and your cat will love it.
  • Blacky– One of the most popular name for black cats, an excellent name for your pet right away.
  • Cloud– A cloud is a great symbol of the greatness of nature as a whole(Perfect for gray cats)
  • Coconut– Coconut is a fantastic fruit and a great name for your cat.

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Funky Cat Names

cool cat funky name

  • Ajax– Ajax is the name of a new technology in the world of software.
  • Alchemy– If you love science, alchemy is an excellent name for your cat.
  • Alley– If you dream of an alley fill of mystery, this is the name for the cat.
  • Aristotle– Aristotle was a great philosopher, and your cat could wear this name.
  • Arturo– Arturo was the name of a great king, but you cat could have a piece of this.
  • Asia– Asia is another excellent name for a pet.
  • Auxana– This weird name could be used by your cat as well.
  • Baker– A baker can do something good for you, and your cat could use this name.
  • Bebe– This amazing Spanish name could be the next big thing for your dog.
  • Bella– This Spanish name is just gorgeous, and your cat will love it.
  • Whiskers– This basic name is great for any kind of cat, and it can be used as a girl or boy name.
  • Carrot– Another great orange name that’s kind of unique.
  • Crisscross– A great way to describe your cat’s mottled colors.
  • Patchwork– You can use this for any cat with multiple colors.
  • Patch– Another version of patchwork.

Sandra– Another version of sandy.

  • Cookie Dough– A fun name that reminds you of a favorite ice cream.
  • Cocoa– Great for if your cat is warm and snuggly.
  • Jigsaw– This cool name describes your cat’s mottled appearance.
  • Tortie– A great name since calico cats have similar coloring to tortoiseshell cats.
  • Marbles– This fun name describes your cat’s coloring.
  • Mocha– If your cat reminds you of coffee, then go with this one.
  • Mud pie– It’s cute but fun in a way that describes calico coloring nicely.
  • Sandy– Due to the orange coloring.
  • Sandra– Another version of sandy.
  • Pudding– Brings to mind a sweet, mixed dessert.
  • Saffron– The yellow-orange spice makes for a good namesake.
  • Sunny– You could also go with Sunshine or Sunbeam.
  • Sundae– The cat’s coloring may remind you of the dessert.
  • Tangerine– Like the orange.
  • Tiger– The coloring is very similar between calicos and tigers.
  • Lion– To call attention to the arena-yellow color of the cat.
  • Skittles– Speaks to the colorful nature of your cat.

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Cool Cat Names From Movies

dr. seuss cat

Lucifer–This is the interesting name of a character from Cinderella.

  • Raja–This is an amazing character from the movie Aladdin.
  • Dina– This is the interesting name of a character from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Marie– This is the interesting name of a character from Aristocrats.
  • Lucifer–This is the interesting name of a character from Cinderella.
  • Pom-Pom– This is the interesting name of a character from Cinderella II.
  • Am– This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Wi– This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Figaro– This is the interesting name of a character from Pinocchio.
  • Gideon– This is the interesting name of a character from Pinocchio.
  • Sabor– This is the interesting name of a character from Tarzan.
  • Mike– One of the main characters of the Godfather I.

Funny Cat Names


Brownie– This delicious name should be part of any cat out there.

  • Bingo– This funny name has a Spanish origin that you will love.
  • Bond– This awesome name reminds me of James Bond too.
  • Burger– This funny name will make your friends laugh right away.
  • Boss– Boss could be another great name that your pet should use now.
  • Churchill– This is the famous name that your cat should get today.
  • Brownie– This delicious name should be part of any cat out there.
  • Buffalo Bill– This character is awesome and your cat might reap the rewards.
  • Dickens– Charles Dickens was a famous writer.
  • Hansel– One of my friends, whom I miss a lot, is called Hansel.
  • Hamlet–This character is part of Shakespeare’s glory.
  • Trinity– This could be an awesome name for you.

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Badass Cat Names

Esther– This reminds me of the Bible or something like that.

  • Shadow– Shadows have always been dark and mysterious.
  • Phantom– Perfect descriptor for a quiet, sneaky feline.
  • Misty– Mist is an elusive phenomenon that mimics the behaviour of some cats.
  • Midnight– Nothing is darker or more mysterious than this moment.
  • Dracula– A notoriously dark and mysterious character.
  • Casper– Since the film, this name has been associated with the paranormal, thus making it perfect for black cats
  • Raven– A traditionally dark creature that doubles as a perfect name for a black cat.
  • Ophelia– A beautiful name taken from a dark and mysterious play.
  • Gato– Naming your feline “cat” in another language gives it a very eclectic and mysterious feel.
  • Ozzy– Who better to name a black cat after than the cryptic Prince of Darkness.

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Cool Kitten Names For The Wild And Exotic

emotional support cat

Ocelot– A dwarf leopard that lives in South America.

  • Cheetah– Big, fast and agile.
  • Hunter– All cats, to the core, are hunters. This name is as fun as it is cool.
  • Mowgli– Originally from the jungle. This name is perfectly accurate.
  • Leo– Gangstar cat name. Modern and loved by younger generations.
  • Leopard– great if your cool cat actually looks like a baby leopard.
  • Lion/Lioness– cools are the furry kings and queens of the house.
  • Lynx–  Because Lynxes are cool YO!
  • Ocelot– A dwarf leopard that lives in South America.
  • Tiger/Tigress– One of the greatest felines.

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Names Based On Appearance

Bangal cat female names

Speckles– The name says it all.

  • Amber– Amber is a color between orange and gold.
  • Butterscotch– Sweet name for a cool with warm gold fur.
  • Ginger– Great name if his/her fur is of reddish marking.
  • Marble– A fantastic name if your cat is light gray or white, exactly like precious marble;
  • Onyx– Absolutely cool sounding name for black cool cats;
  • Pepper– If you don’t like Onyx, you can go for pepper;
  • Shadow– Sounds like a ninja’s name.
  • Speckles– The name says it all.
  • Spot– A classic, common and cute name;
  • Sunset– The beautiful coloring of many cool cats look almost like a sunset.

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Unique Names

Rajah– The tiger in Aladdin;

  • Aslan– Aslan the lion is on of the main characters “The Chronicles of Narnia”.
  • Bagheera– The black panther in “The Jungle Book”;
  • Bengie– A cute word pun on the cool name.
  • Blaze– A great name for a fast animal.
  • Garfield– Beacuse Garfield is a boss!
  • Rajah– The tiger in Aladdin;
  • Saber– As a tribute to the great saber-toothed cats.
  • Salem– Often used in movies as the name of a witch’s cat.
  • Scar– Simba’s evil uncle in “The Lion King”Simba: the main character in “The Lion King” movies.
  • Tiger– We had to start with this one. It’s just such an obvious name for a tabby cat.
  • Leopard– This works best if you have a spotted tabby cat.
  • Leo– It’s short for leopard and also means lion.
  • Shadow– If you have a darker colored tabby, then this is a good choice.
  • Cinder– This is a strong pick for darker colored cats.
  • Earl Grey– The British tea is just about the same color as the average tabby cat.
  • Sable– This is the name of a ferocious carnivore from the weasel family.

Asia– Asia is another excellent name for a pet.

  • Garfield– The orange comic strip cat is actually a tabby.
  • Bullseye– Your cat may have a bullseye marking on their fur.
  • Taz– The Warner Bros. cartoon character has a name that sounds like a play on Tabby.
  • Hunter– It’s a human name with fierce connotations.
  • Quintin– This is a play on harlequin, which is a pattern that some tabbies have.
  • Badger– Tabby markings can make them look similar to the ferocious woodland animal.
  • Buckwheat– Tabby markings can remind you of a field of wheat that is ready to harvest.
  • Bumblebee– The distinct tabby markings could also remind you of a bee.
  • Ajax– Ajax is the name of a new technology in the world of software.
  • Alchemy– If you love science, alchemy is an excellent name for your cat.
  • Alley– If you dream of an alley fill of mystery, this is the name for the cat.
  • Aristotle– Aristotle was a great philosopher, and your cat could wear this name.
  • Arturo– Arturo was the name of a great king, but you cat could have a piece of this.
  • Asia– Asia is another excellent name for a pet.
  • Auxana– This weird name could be used by your cat as well.
  • Baker– A baker can do something good for you, and your cat could use this name.
  • Bebe– This amazing Spanish name could be the next big thing for your dog.
  • Bella– This Spanish name is just gorgeous, and your cat will love it.

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Cool Brown Cat Names

  • Cocoa – A sweet and warm name for a brown cat with a rich chocolate-colored coat.
  • Chestnut – Inspired by the deep brown color of chestnuts, perfect for an elegant cat.
  • Hazelnut – A nutty and cool name for a cat with a warm brown coat.
  • Mocha – A trendy and coffee-inspired name for a brown cat with a smooth coat.
  • Truffle – A sophisticated and gourmet name for a dark brown cat.
  • Java – A cool and modern name for a brown cat, inspired by the rich coffee drink.
  • Caramel – A sweet and creamy name for a cat with a light brown or caramel-colored coat.
  • Russet – A stylish and earthy name for a cat with a reddish-brown hue.
  • Hickory – Inspired by the warm tones of hickory wood, fitting for a brown cat.
  • Terra – A cool and earthy name, perfect for a brown cat with a natural charm.
  • Cinnamon – A spicy and warm name for a cat with a reddish-brown coat.
  • Sable – A sleek and sophisticated name for a dark and elegant brown cat.
  • Fudge – A delicious and sweet name for a cat with a deep brown coat.
  • Walnut – Inspired by the rich brown color of walnuts, suitable for a sturdy cat.
  • Mahogany – A classy and elegant name for a cat with a deep, reddish-brown coat.
  • Umber – A cool and artistic name for a brown cat, referencing the natural earth pigment.
  • Copper – A metallic and cool name for a cat with a shiny, coppery-brown coat.
  • Bambi – Named after the famous deer, fitting for a graceful and brown-colored cat.
  • Sienna – A warm and artistic name for a cat with a reddish-brown hue.
  • Acorn – A cute and nature-inspired name for a cat with a light brown coat.

Cool Names for Orange Cats

  • Phoenix – A fiery and majestic name for an orange cat with a vibrant personality.
  • Apollo – Inspired by the Greek god associated with the sun, fitting for a sunny orange cat.
  • Mango – A tropical and fruity name for a cat with a rich orange coat.
  • Ember – Conveys warmth and glowing energy, suitable for a fiery orange cat.
  • Clementine – A sweet and citrusy name for an orange cat with a playful spirit.
  • Rusty – A cool and casual name for an orange cat with a warm and rusty-colored coat.
  • Tigerlily – A whimsical and unique name for an orange cat with bold markings.
  • Citrus – A fresh and zesty name for an orange cat with a vibrant personality.
  • Blaze – Conveys intensity and a fiery nature, fitting for a bold orange cat.
  • Zinnia – Named after the vibrant orange flowers, suitable for a lively and colorful cat.
  • Sunbeam – A radiant and sunny name for an orange cat that brightens your day.
  • Copper – A metallic and cool name for an orange cat with a shiny coat.
  • Tangelo – A playful and unique name for an orange cat with a tangerine-like hue.
  • Flame – A fiery and powerful name for an energetic orange cat.
  • Harvest – A cool and seasonal name for an orange cat with an autumnal charm.
  • Aurora – Inspired by the colorful natural lights, fitting for a vibrant orange cat.
  • Torch – Conveys brightness and warmth, suitable for a lively orange cat.
  • Sunny – A cheerful and straightforward name for a bright orange cat.
  • Rio – A vibrant and lively name for an orange cat with a tropical flair.
  • Saffron – Named after the rich and warm spice, suitable for a cat with an orange coat.

Cool Names for Tabby Cats

  • Rumble – Perfect for a cat with a bold and energetic personality.
  • Apollo – A cool and majestic name inspired by the Greek god.
  • Marble – Suitable for a tabby cat with a beautiful and intricate pattern.
  • Quasar – A cosmic and high-energy name, fitting for an active and playful tabby cat.
  • Rustle – Ideal for a cat with a rust-colored or warm-toned tabby coat.
  • Pixel – A modern and digital-inspired name for a cat with a pixelated tabby pattern.
  • Gizmo – Perfect for a playful and curious tabby cat.
  • Zenith – A cool and celestial name for a tabby cat with a high-spirited personality.
  • Harmony – A balanced and harmonious name for a cat with a pleasing tabby pattern.
  • Cosmo – A cool and celestial name for a tabby cat with a space-inspired charm.
  • Tigerlily – A whimsical and unique name for a cat with bold tabby stripes.
  • Maverick – Perfect for a tabby cat that’s independent and likes to go its own way.
  • Quartz – A cool and trendy name for a tabby cat with a unique and sparkling coat.
  • Aurora – Inspired by the colorful natural lights, fitting for a vibrant tabby cat.
  • Mosaic – Suitable for a cat with a patchwork or mosaic-like tabby pattern.
  • Flicker – A dynamic and cool name for a tabby cat with flickering stripes.
  • Bolt – Conveys speed, energy, and a touch of unpredictability.
  • Sable – A sleek and sophisticated name for a dark and elegant tabby cat.
  • Mystique – Ideal for a tabby cat with a mysterious and enchanting presence.
  • Citrus – A fresh and zesty name for a tabby cat with warm-toned stripes.

Cool Names for Black Cats

  • Shadow – A classic and mysterious name for a black cat.
  • Panther – Conveys strength and elegance, perfect for a sleek black cat.
  • Nocturne – A sophisticated name that means relating to the night.
  • Salem – Inspired by the black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a cool and iconic name.
  • Raven – A dark and mystical name for an enchanting black cat.
  • Onyx – A sleek and stylish name, referencing the black gemstone.
  • Voodoo – A unique and mystical name for a black cat with a hint of magic.
  • Jett – A cool and modern name, emphasizing the jet-black color of the cat.
  • Ninja – Perfect for a stealthy and agile black cat.
  • Phantom – Suggests a mysterious and elusive nature.
  • Inky – A playful and cute name for a black cat with a shiny coat.
  • Styx – Named after the river in the underworld, fitting for a dark and powerful cat.
  • Thunder – Ideal for a bold and powerful black cat with a commanding presence.
  • Morticia – Inspired by the Addams Family, a cool and gothic name for a black cat.
  • Rogue – Conveys a sense of independence and mystery.
  • Vortex – A cool and edgy name for a cat with a whirlwind of energy.
  • Carbon – A scientific and cool name, referencing the element that forms black diamonds.
  • Zorro – Inspired by the masked hero, perfect for a suave and adventurous black cat.
  • Eclipse – A celestial and cool name for a black cat with a striking presence.
  • Stealth – Reflects the cat’s quiet and discreet movements.

Cool Names for Grey Cats

  • Storm – Perfect for a grey cat with a dynamic and energetic personality.
  • Slate – A cool and sophisticated name inspired by the smooth grey rock.
  • Smoky – Ideal for a cat with a hazy or misty appearance, reminiscent of smoke.
  • Nebula – A cosmic and cool name for a cat with a starry and mysterious aura.
  • Graphite – A sleek and modern name inspired by the dark grey mineral.
  • Thunderbolt – Conveys power and speed, great for a lively grey cat.
  • Steel – Suggests strength and durability, perfect for a robust grey cat.
  • Mercury – A cool and metallic name for a cat with a silvery-grey coat.
  • Smokey Quartz – Combining two cool elements, perfect for a cat with a smoky appearance.
  • Foggy – Ideal for a cat with a misty or fog-like grey coat.
  • Shadowfax – Named after Gandalf’s horse in Lord of the Rings, suitable for a majestic grey cat.
  • Cosmo – A cool and celestial name for a grey cat with a space-inspired charm.
  • Quasar – A cosmic and high-energy name, fitting for an active and playful grey cat.
  • Thunderstorm – Conveys a sense of power and drama, ideal for a bold grey cat.
  • Graphene – A modern and scientific name, perfect for a sleek and intelligent grey cat.
  • Vapor – A cool and ethereal name for a cat with a light and misty grey coat.
  • Granite – Inspired by the durable and textured grey rock, suitable for a strong cat.
  • Cosmic Dust – A space-inspired name with a cool and mysterious touch.
  • Lunar – Meaning related to the moon, great for a grey cat with a soft and celestial presence.
  • Silver Bullet – A sleek and fast name for a quick and agile grey cat.

Cool Names for White Cats

  • Blizzard – Perfect for a white cat with a fluffy and snowy appearance.
  • Alaska – Inspired by the icy landscapes, fitting for a cool white cat.
  • Ghost – A mysterious and ethereal name for a white cat with a haunting beauty.
  • Luna – Meaning moon, great for a white cat with a celestial and serene demeanor.
  • Frosty – A cute and cool name that captures the chilly essence of winter.
  • Avalanche – Conveys power and intensity, suitable for a majestic white cat.
  • Winter – A simple and elegant name for a white cat with a frosty charm.
  • Arctic – A cool and geographical name for a white cat, inspired by the Arctic region.
  • Ivory – A classy and sophisticated name, referencing the color of ivory.
  • Snowball – A playful and adorable name for a white cat with a round appearance.
  • Crystal – Conveys purity and elegance, suitable for a sparkling white cat.
  • Zenith – A cool and celestial name for a white cat with a high-spirited personality.
  • Blanca – Simply means white in Spanish, offering a chic and cultural touch.
  • Pearl – Suggests a precious and beautiful nature, perfect for a white cat.
  • Polaris – Named after the North Star, great for a guiding and radiant white cat.
  • Chill – A laid-back and cool name for a relaxed white cat.
  • Marshmallow – A sweet and delightful name for a fluffy white cat.
  • Silvermist – A magical and ethereal name, perfect for a white cat with a shimmering coat.
  • Sphinx – A cool and enigmatic name for a white cat with a regal presence.
  • Casper – Inspired by the friendly ghost, suitable for a sociable and charming white cat.

Cool Names for Black and White Cats

  • Oreo – A classic and cute name inspired by the popular black and white cookie.
  • Panda – Perfect for a cat with distinctive black and white markings, resembling a panda.
  • Chess – A cool and strategic name for a cat with a black and white coat.
  • Inkspot – Ideal for a cat with small and distinctive black markings, like ink spots.
  • Zorro – Inspired by the masked hero, fitting for a black and white cat with a bold personality.
  • Dapper – A stylish and sophisticated name for a well-groomed black and white cat.
  • Penguin – A cute and whimsical name for a black and white cat with waddling charm.
  • Checkers – A playful and classic name inspired by the game, suitable for a patterned cat.
  • Sylvester – Named after the famous black and white cartoon cat from Looney Tunes.
  • Domino – A sleek and stylish name for a cat with a black and white pattern resembling dominoes.
  • Piano – A musical and cool name for a cat with a black and white coat.
  • Cruiser – A cool and adventurous name for an active black and white cat.
  • Zigzag – Perfect for a cat with a zigzag pattern of black and white stripes.
  • Pixel – A modern and digital-inspired name for a cat with a pixelated black and white pattern.
  • Felix – A classic and cool name for a black and white cat, inspired by Felix the Cat.
  • MooMoo – A playful and lighthearted name for a cat with cow-like black and white markings.
  • Tuxedo – A sophisticated and formal name for a cat with a black and white tuxedo-like coat.
  • Soccer – Ideal for a cat with a black and white coat, resembling a soccer ball.
  • Harmony – A balanced and harmonious name for a cat with a pleasing black and white pattern.
  • WhiskerSpectra – A creative and unique name for a cat with a distinctive black and white appearance.

Do you have other interesting cool cat names you would like to share with us?.
Please let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Valentine

    Christmas is a beautiful name for a cat because we cats, like the holiday, bring so much joy. My mom met a kitty named “Christmas” that belonged to her teenage cousin. Christmas was a beautiful Chinchilla Persian – silky long silvery white fur, jade green eyes & cute pink nose outlined in black. After that Mom new she wanted to have her own Persian cat someday. Thanks for sharing the list! Mew Mew!

          1. KimKim

            My boyfriends got a Persian Maine coon, she’s a huge fluffy grey ball of eye rolls and attitude…her names Mr. Kitty….this cat hates the world….

    1. Alicia

      @Vanlentine, I have a Chinchilla Persian too! He has long silvery-white fur and sea green eyes. I’ve named him Icicle for now. Just hoping to get one more black cat (any type) for my birthday and name her Shadow.

    2. Linda Farley

      Years ago, Buffy St Marie was on Sesame Street and she was teaching the kids different Cree words. Does anyone know the Cree word and spelling for cat? It sounds like “Poocese” but I’d like to know the correct spelling. Thanks.

    3. Lena stecker

      My daughter names a calico kitten Bulldozer. We had a main coon named Miette. From the French subtitled movie ‘city of lost children. I has a little female calico named Muezza. From and Egyptian story of where the kings son was sitting on his throne cat sleeping on his arm. Instead of waking his beloved cat, muezza. He cut his own arm off. So he didn’t wake her. Powerful names all of them. My last cat was 14 when he passed away his name was Garçon the destroyer. I swear he had more human friends then I did. Today I’m picking up a kitten and if it’s a girl I’ll name her kalesi, the mother of dragons, from game of thrones. And Django for a boy.

  2. Christine

    We called our last black cat Nesquick, then we had a Ginger cat called Kood O’Shea and our next adoption we chose already a name ; Chips 😉

      1. Ted

        Skwudge; Noodle aka; Nood Dude; Rosie ( male cat but nsmed Rosie just because- like former QB Rosie Greer, His name wsd Roosevelt) ; Yoda becsuse he looks like yoda but not green; Natasha because she Is mysterious; Percy Kat; Merganthaler J Katz because he looked like dkmeone whi should have a high falootin name-Mergie for short; And if coyrse Steve and Jones. There have been others but for sake of room Ill stop

    1. Elaine

      I love that name! My white cat’s name is close…his is Weezer. I know nothing about the band I stole the name from but I think it’s perfect for a kitty.

  3. Christy

    I had a cat that was light orange and white in kind of a patchwork design. I named him Peaches and Cream. Peaches for short. It was the perfect name for that sweetie!


      really know how you feel i lost my gold tabby very good affectionate cat hugged and cried a lot of tears in her fur she didnt mind
      always came when i called and was around when i was sick i lost her aug 27 2020 she was 14 and STILL miss her my other calico spends her days hiding in one room or another she is not really affectionate you can only pet her when she decides and pick her
      or hug thats never going to happen!

  4. Joe dowdy

    We some cats there names are tippy small tuxedo gray with a white tip on her tail.
    Willow named after Lord of rings person
    Socks cause she’s black with white paws.
    Scooter gray tuxedo love to slide around on the floor. Slappy always slapping at everything. Then there is belladonna a very smart calico with no tail.

  5. Teresa Lopezboy

    My cat name herself when she was born, funny she was a simese, and when I pick her up she will go “fufufu” so I name her Fufunia, and that stuck, she use to waite for me by the door when it was time for me to come home from work. I miss her so much.

  6. Lorie

    Pixel, Pandora, Kitty X, Neco (Japense for Cat) , EL Diablo, Sr Naranja (Mr Orange in Spanish) , Pandora, and Dot Matrix (Spotted cat) have been names of past and present cats

  7. Marcia

    My girls are Anjuli or anju from the book Far Pavillion she’s a diffuse calico..grey, peach and white, very fiesty… And my other girl is Cara Mia, or just Cara. She’s is a real sweetheart,, a pretty tiger with wide black stripes and a buff belly.

    1. Nicole

      When I was a baby my cat was named Iggy (all blk w/ a little white tip on tail) it was supposed to be Ziggy but I couldn’t say the Z so we called him Iggy. We also had a Melvin (all blk) & Tigger (3 legged no tail gry/ blk tabby) Teenage yrs I named my orange tabby J.J. & after him I had Shooter (blk w/ white paws) & Bandit (Siamese/ tabby mix) Now I just got my son his 1st kitten (orange tabby) & I’m looking for ideas. I’m thinking about sticking w/ the Shooter, Bandit, Outlaw, Hells Angel type of names but I also wanna keep it kinda cute. Any ideas?

  8. Anna K Hicks

    Black and white tuxedo named Tux. Tabby named Tabby. Biscuit, Gravy, and we found a stray kitten in the outdoor section of a store called “Atwoods”, so we named him Atwood.

  9. Tami

    Spooky was a 5 wk old housewarming gift…in October..when the first kitten we adopted died from complications..her name was smokey..Spooky had one litter…2 greys, two tiger’s, one light one dark..and boo boo…all were adopted. Except boo boo….they are 5 and 6 yrs. today..Spooky and boo boo are both quite Black…. With red brown highlights in the sun’s ? rays..

  10. Cerri

    Great List Mine are Murphy Which we didnt choose) and Wispa both birmans ive always wanted a kitty called rush for a girl or stormy and Tobias for a boy

    1. Mary Connell

      I had a beloved cat also named Nikita, and I called him Kita most of the time but used his full name when he was in trouble. Orange tabby. He lived all 9 of his lives with gusto. I miss him.

  11. Corene

    We adopted two gray and white female kittens. One has tuxedo markings with a dark smudge next to her mouth. She is named Polka Dot (aka Pokey,Polka-hauntus and Hokey Pokey.) Her sister has a very irregular markings and is called Paisley or Squirrel Girl because of her comic behavior.

  12. Mitch Gold

    I have a golden tabby Siberian named Ivan Drago. The day he came home, I was playing with him with a feather teaser and he sat back on his haunches and began to grab at it. He looked like he was boxing, hence the Russian boxer character in Rocky IV.

    I will be picking up his half brother in August. The kitten is a black tabby and I will be calling him Apollo Creed.

    My son and daughter-in-law have a beautiful orange tabby named Danny Bonaduce.

    They also have a beautiful grey longhair with a bad eye (chronic herpes infection) named Forest Whitaker.

  13. Alismom

    My daughter her kitten MomAli for My us to share our Which was “”Ali” pernounced Alley and because “Mom” gave it her She (kitten) became “MomAli” koolest badass forever friend, my daughter made me so happy doing that

  14. MJ

    If i finally get a black cat ill name it Nightshade or Twilight. If i get a white one its Moonlight or maybe Twilight. I know they arent on there but there better than some of them on that list. No offense


    I have a fairly large female cat named Pitter. It was her name when I adopted her. She definitely lives up to that name. Her nickname is Pitter patter as you can hear her come down the stairs

  16. Ingers

    Lucifer and oedipuss
    Am about to get a Maine goon. Beautiful gray and white. My other two cats are Edmund and Merlin. So Lucifer works well ( cat from Cinderella) although we have to think of his pedigree name beginning with Q

  17. Emily

    My cats name is Pumpkin shes a Tortishell cat. And her name is not Pumpkin because she is orange because she is NOT orange she is a tortoiseshell. Her name is Pumpkin because we got her in October. We found her in an abandoned building when she was a kitten so we kept her and she is going to have kittens soon!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

  18. Emily

    Im going to name some of the kittens: Mila, Aslan, Mika, Riza, and Ruza if anyone has names for some fluffy kittens then please tell me some ideas because I don’t really have any other ideas. Lol.

  19. AnimalLover

    So Emily I have One or two ideas. How about for a male you could name it Link and for another female maybe Zelda? I really don know sorry! But I like the name Link for the male.

  20. AnimalLover

    Well, I think maybe for a female you could say… Artemis if its a boy and its white. Or Luna if its black and a girl. And perhaps Lune? I dont now if I helped Emily Im sorry if I didn’t but hope I did

  21. Warriorcats4ever

    My aunt has a cat named Hellcat(all black dark blue eyes). Literally. Hellcat is kinda mean for the cat. The reason she is named that is because when she’s in the shadows her blue eyes are the only thing you see and also she DOES NOT LIKE PEOPLE AT ALL hardly even likes my aunt’s husband and she claws almost everyone. but not me for some reason I have a way with animals. One time a stray cat was at my house when I was 3 It came to my lap and slept when my dad came outside it hissed like crazy and charged at him. I was like WHAT!? Another time a 2 pitbull. and a German Shepard ran at my mom and sister when I was 6 I actually clapped and they let me pet them. I love Pitbulls they are the most misunderstood dogs. It depends on how you raise them if they were abused and neglected then they are aggressive to humans if you love them and treat them kindly they are one of the most friendly things!

  22. Warriorcats4ever

    So um Emily what color is your cat? If they take after her then they would take the colors of tortoiseshell cat colors, right? Like one be black one brown and some mixed?

  23. Emily

    Well, I have a year old puppy. He is a Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees mix. And then I have a Dalmation he is fully grown he is 7 years old which would make him 49.

  24. Emily

    Yeah, heś fluffy and he is big bigger than my Dalmation already I am going to be dead when he tries to cuddle and he is full-grown ? The puppy is named Buddy and the Dalmation is Sheldon( like Plankton´s real name) the name suits him he tries to get revenge on the cat when she stole his food. XD Heś saying GIMME BAAAACCCKKK! he never catches her

  25. Emily

    Sheldon is a killer. One time a stranger walked up our driveway and Sheldon snapped off his wire leash and chased that guy down the street biting his legs and tripping him. Poor man. At least he is not dead. Oh gotta go time for breakfast its morning over here!

  26. Emily

    OH HI!! im always on here i dunno why but I am. I’m weird XD those r good i might name one if it turns out to look like the father but withought a white paw then i will name it Fireheart!!!! and a gray one Graystripe! and i know there will be one thats black sooo Ravenpaw!! And if the back is a girl then i will instead name them Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf.

  27. Emily

    Yes, yes i do. I also enjoy reading Seekers and Survivors. Both written by Erin Hunter and I’m going to start reading Wings of Fire by her to :3

  28. Warriorcats4ever

    I love Wings of Fire. I think you will love them because I sure do!!! Erin Hunter has sooooo many different names sometimes I think I’m reading her book at the library if it’s a good one. Its nice that u like to read. Ya got any books right now? Because of the…. well I dont wanna say it I dont wanna freak people out

  29. Emily

    Yes i have one its 420 pages I like to check how many :3 Its called Witches of Ash and Ruin and no its not bout green wrinkly cackling ladies with brooms. Its about witches that look like people and one girl is trying to find out who is killing some of the witches. I do not recommend it to people who are against cussing it has some in there. Not to much like crazy-saying-it-in-every-sentence-thing but if u r against it then ya know don’t read it. I don’t cuss but I’m not against it either. I mean let people be who they r and if they are bad people that bully or something tell them that their life will have consequences because of their decisions. People are mean sometimes and yes some are g a y DONT REPORT ME FOR SAYING THAT thereś literally a person with a cuss word in their username up there! As I said accept people for who they are, once u get to know them they are not bad like u think. Like some bullies bully because they have a tough life and others may because they were bullied in the past. So talk it out at first and if that dont work and they look like they gonna punch u then yell at them saying to stop. Dont say something to mean people! that will just make things worse!

  30. Warriorcats4ever

    Ok ur gonna make me cry, literally. Im…bi………… DONT REPORT ME OR ANYTHING LIKE LITERALLY PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE DONT REPORT US! And u saying to accept people for who they r. Lots of people don’t wanna be my friend because of me bein u know. They think I’m to ‘weird’. But u belive in that, to accept people! U r the one person I met that said this in comments I have ever read.

  31. Emily

    Yes i do belive in that. and so I dont care what people think of me any longer. They used to bully me and everything i actually hit a boy for bullying me and my friend he was harsh even cussing we were in 3rd grade!!! So i hit him. But he kept bullying my friend I would see him and confront him by looking at him with a stern look. After that i started making bullies stop bullying people even if i did not know them. Soooooooo I believe in that. But that day I hit him it was only on his shoulder. He stopped after that. Bullying me i mean. And after 3 years i have seen him again he is still bullying I talked to him and he said he could if he wanted. So i let him bully me instead. He left other people alone more often. I walked in front of a teacher’s room one day when he was bullying me in the hall, following and saying things cannot say here. The teacher heard him and followed us she stopped him and they sent him to the office. He said he was saying no such things. I did not mean to get him in trouble so i got him out of it. I told them he was just joking with me. They asked with harsh things like THAT. And i said yes. I did lie but i got him out anyways. He said thanks in the lowest voice possible for him. I said welcome and walked off. Now we see each other in my Middle school of Gettys. I and him kinda get along even though it awkward because i got him out of trouble just before the… ummmmm sickness. So now he don’t bully. Be kind to others and they may just be kind to u.

  32. Warriorcats4ever

    Whoa. What a story. So like u and him r friends? That’s awesome!!! U sound like a good person someone That cares. I care about others but I never tried to actually HELP a bully. But hey it stopped him from doing it. HEY…. U KNOW WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT???

  33. Susan Crane

    I like bingo, chessie, fleur, bestie, baby bae, twinkle, tinker, buttercup, and about 100 more. Sooooo hard to choose. My girl is sweet but also wild. Tiger stripes and black with a buff belly. What do you think?

  34. Rainy Waldrip

    Kitten rescued from almost being hit by a car after separated from mother cat. Looking for a good strong powerful name. She’s 3 weeks old and gray and white fur. Blue eyes and she’s blind in her right eye. What would be a good mystic strong powerful name?

  35. Kara

    I have 4 cats named Duchess, Salem, Finnaginn, and Felix. Sadly Felix passed away of stomach cancer a couple weeks ago.

  36. Mac

    A Siamese cross with something. Had gorgeous blue eyes, and some Siamese markings. He had a dark mask on his face. Named him SooLee, “Little raccoon” in Chinese for the dark rings around his eyes. A tabby that liked to have his leash clipped to the clothesline, so he could run after birds, was named “Goofus McDuff” after a doctor in a humorous book, known for his brilliant diagnosis skills, and bad treatment plans. Goofy would do all the stalking right, and then jump too early and scare the birds away. He never caught anything. I think the birds laughed at him. All of my cats thought their name was “Hey! Cut that out!” when I brought them home.

  37. Jo-Ann

    Several months ago, my DH brought home a skinny soaking-wet kitten he had rescued from a flood. I’ve never had a cat before & wasn’t too sure about keeping it. He asked me what I wanted to name it. I spied a bag of kitkat candies on his desk, so I said her name is KitKat. DTW, she has stolen my heart!

  38. Bob

    For months my wife had been considering getting a cat. One day she came home from work with a little fellow that had just been weened. He cried for a couple of days and then settled in like he owned the place. He loved to roughhouse like kittens sometimes do with each other. My wife had been reading a series of cartoon books about Calvin and Hobbes. The kittens appearance and nature seemed well suited to the name Hobbes and he is quick to respond to it. We’ve come to discover several vets are fans of the cartoon too. Oh, he decide that he is my cat, rather than my wifes’.

  39. Vi

    I didn’t see these names, but our family cat past and present names are Pancake for our large tabby, Frankie, Winston, Crowley, Tofu, Mister, and Phoenix. A new addition might be Jojo, Biscuit, or Oscar. Dallas, Griffin and Kingsley are great names too.

  40. Kidwrangler

    All my cats thought their name was Hey! Cut That Out! until I decided on a name. My first cat was named Goofus McDuff after a character in a book who would do everything right until the last step, which he always screwed up. Goofy would stay outside with me, clipped to the clothes line, as I worked in the garden. When birds would land in the grass he would immediately stretch out and drop low, wiggle his butt, get poised to jump, and then growl loudly. The birds would fly away and Goofy would jump and land face first in the grass. He never caught anything.

  41. Lori C.

    Met a cat that was a “resident” of a vet’s office. When i Asked what the cats name was they said, “K.C.” (Casey, of course, but…) they couldn’t come up with a name that the whole office could agree on, so Kitty Cat, got the name “K.C”– for KittY -CaT!
    All of my pets have been adopted rescue pets, and I, myself was adopted as a baby, and coincidentally, my Birth name (Last name) was , in fact, “Casey,” so of course, I always remembered that pet name and had, over the many years since then, had a cat and later a dog, each named K.C. And Kasey! ( A Rottador, male, so i went with the “K”.)
    ( Also had an All gray cat named Ashley! ASH-ley — gray like ashes? with green eyes who looked Just like the Grinch from the holiday classic, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!)
    Now have a striped-ish calico named Amber, the color of her beatiful, black-lined, bright eyes!
    Thanks for listening and for Sharing!!

      1. Theresa M. Wileczek

        My cat name was . Wu Tang I personally love the name it fit him perfectly he was a white American short hair and beautiful. All white got very big had him for Eighteen years. We had a fire at our house we had to get out but my cat lived to a week in a half later my cat died at 18 from smoke inhalation and other problems miss him.

  42. Rheanna

    My first cats name is Ponce (Pounce) DeLeon. He’s got ptsd from his previous life, so he’s my big baby. I met a lady at a party and we were talking about cats haha and she said how certain cats come into your life who have been with you through multiple life cycles. Felt that. About a week later i randomly had the name Nora pop into my head. Thoufht it was strange cuz I’m done having kids rn and I have a friend named Nora so whatevs. Ran info a woman selling kittens and my daughter wanted one sooo bad. So, we got one. Brought her home, and she’s polydactyl, she has 24 toe beans. So, thinking of a name, looked it up and Ponce DeLeon’s wife’s name was Leonora. So we have Ponce and Nora, and I think they’re my lil life besties. My familiars <3

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Terry. I also work from home with an orange tabby—will try to appreciate these moments a little bit more after hearing about Dale. Take care.

  43. Hi

    hello im trying to help come up with a name for my sisters cat it is black and white and she does not want a commen cat name any ideas?

  44. Hi

    My sister got a black and white cat and we are wondering what to name it she does not want a commen cat name any ideas

  45. Rex

    Just got my first cat. He was a stray that I made the mistake of feeding cause I felt sorry for him,now he won’t leave lol. Calling him ENZO