Why Do Cats Like Faucet Water?

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Cat captivated by the running water from a faucet, showcasing its fascination with the flowing liquid and its playful interaction with the environment.

When it comes to cats, many things quickly trigger their undivided attention. And one place where we know many cats like to follow us is the bathroom and, of course, the kitchen. Our feline friends are naturally curious creatures. And water is something that many cats are often curious about.

Not so much so that they want to submerge themselves in it, but there is something fascinating in the mind of cats when it comes to water from the tap. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “why do cats like faucet water”—well, you’re not alone.

Keep reading to learn why cats like faucet water so that the next time you see your cat scurry to the tap, you’ll know exactly why they’re doing it.

Cats are complex individuals, so the truth is that cats like faucet water for a few specific reasons…

1. It’s been suggested that cats like faucet water because it’s the freshest water available to them.

Your cat is nothing like your dog. While both are opportunistic by nature, your cat prefers things to be at their absolute freshest should they be something that they are going to consume. This goes for both water and food.

Cats tend to gravitate to faucet water because they know it’s coming straight from the source. It’s not water that has been sitting in a bowl for hours, and your cat knows that. Cats are highly intelligent beings, and fresh is always on the forefront of their minds.

That goes for both their food and their litterbox, as you probably already know too well. So, basically, the main reason why your cat likes faucet water is that it’s up to their high standards. This is because that water is fresh and doesn’t taste like the plastic, ceramic, or metal from their water bowl that’s sitting on the ground.

2. Cats Like Faucet Water Because It’s Intriguing.

Gray cat enjoying a refreshing drink from a faucet, demonstrating its unique preference for flowing water and staying hydrated.

They do this because, in the wild, cats know that standing water can equal potential hazards, such as harmful bacteria.

That little house panther in your living room is a ferocious hunter. Although they know exactly when and where their next meal is coming from—hint: YOU—this doesn’t mean that they do not hold onto those predatory instincts.

With that being said, your cat’s brain is hardwired to seek out fresh water when it’s time to drink. They do this because, in the wild, cats know that standing water can equal potential hazards, such as harmful bacteria.

3. Cats Like Faucet Water Because the Temperature and Flow Are Just Right

Interesting little fact for you: your cat actually prefers their food at room temperature because that’s the same temperature it would be if they were consuming prey in the wild. But their water?

They prefer that cool and crisp! Now, if you’ve ever observed your cat at their water bowl, you might have seen them paw at it. Do you know why that is? Well, that’s because their studying the flow of that water—just like they do with the faucet water that they typically prefer.

Thinks of mountain lions, tigers, or other big cats in the wild, they love to take a drink from flowing streams whenever the opportunity presents itself. Your little house panther is no different!

Wait, Is Tap Water Safe for Cats?

Just as with humans, filtered water is likely the better choice when it comes to water we are going to consume should your water not be ideal for drinking. This way, it can remove any of the harsh chemicals that could upset your kitty’s tummy and cause diarrhea in cats.

And if you won’t drink that water for yourself, well, then why would you expect your cat to? Unfiltered tap water that has just been sitting in a bowl for hours might not be too appealing to your feline friend—and you can see their point, right?

Is your Kitty obsessed with only drinking from the sink, faucet, or bathtub? Well, that’s because they’ve trained you well!

Your cat is smart. So smart, in fact, that they’ve got you wrapped right around their little paw. Cats know exactly how to get what they want when they wanted it, and faucet water is no different.

If you feel as if your cat refuses to drink water out of their bowl, ask yourself if it’s because you’re always quick to oblige their requests when they want water from the sink, bathroom faucet, or bathtub. Cats will condition you to get their way, so if your little feline friend is legit obsessed with faucet water, that’s because they’ve conditioned you to provide it for them on command.

Cats often follow their owners to the bathroom, mainly because they are tiny micromanagers who must know your whereabouts at all times. But cats drinking water from the kitchen sink can present dangers as there are sharp knives and hot burners up there.

The Best of Both Worlds: Get Your Kitty a Cat Water Fountain!

Image illustrating effective ways to keep cats cool, highlighting strategies to ensure their comfort and well-being during warm weather.

Pet fountains can entice cats to drink more water to stay cooler and more hydrated.

If your kitty cat comes running every single time that they hear that faucet water turn on, you can offer them a way to drink water daily to keep them both happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated. Not sure exactly which water fountain to choose from? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth overview of the 8 Best Cat Water Fountains—and we tested them all!

Important factors to keep in mind:

  • Your cat doesn’t like to be disturbed when they’re eating or drinking. Consider putting your cat’s water bowl (or cat fountain!) in a place that is quiet where they’ll be undisturbed each time that they drink.
  • Additionally, cats do not like to drink or eat close by where they eliminate, so we do not suggest placing their food or water bowls near their litterbox.

It’s the little things we can do to help make our cats’ lives better and show them how much we appreciate having them in our lives.

Did you know that monitoring your cat’s water intake can offer you key insights into their health and general wellness? It’s true, we can promise you.

Check out this next article here on Cats.com to learn about how much water your cat should be drinking each day, as well as the importance of monitoring their daily water consumption.

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  1. Tuck

    Quite a long exposition to attribute human reasoning to cats.
    Obviously the cat knows no difference between piped, bottled or toilet bowl water, “Their human pets do”
    Nor are they aware of bacteria and infections, they do not understand or subscribe to the CDC doctrine. Mind you! “Their human pets do”
    Cats trough their lovers are selling you yet another piece of plastic to add to your expenses.
    Cats in fact are highly intelligent “Their human pets just learn to please them”