Best 20 Cat Hotels To Make You Purr

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When you can’t be home to care for your cat yourself, who do you trust?

Friends and family might be willing to stop in while you’re gone, but wouldn’t you rather leave your cat in the hands of someone who will give him the personalized and focused attention he deserves?

Give your cat a vacation of his own by sending him to a cat hotel. We’ve rounded up some of the best options around the country, so check them out below!

#1 Best Friends Pet Care

Location: Windsor, NJ

Address: 1379 Route 130 Windsor, New Jersey 08561

This cat hotel offers boarding for your pet in luxurious comfort with lots of tender loving care. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood, yet convenient to the New Jersey Turnpike.

A private sanctuary is provided for cats and the facility is manned by long-term staff members who know each and every client. Kim, the center manager, is a certified master groomer and licensed veterinary technician.

#2 Cats-Luv-Us Boarding Hotel

Location: Laguna Niguel, CA

Address: 27601 Forbes Road number 25 Laguna Niguel, California 92677

This boarding hotel is exclusively for cats and it offers superior care and personalized attention. Short- and long-term boarding is available and your pet will receive loving care from professional staff.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, this family-owned and operated cat hotel offers the best pet care. New customers receive their first night of boarding free.

#3 Kountry Pet Resort and Training Center

Location: Elgin, IL

Address: 12N911 US Highway 20 Elgin, Illinois 60124

Between 2012 and 2016, this cat hotel received the Readers’ Choice awards for Best Pet Boarding, Best Pet Grooming, Best Pet Food Supply, Best Pet Trainer and Best Pet Pampering.

The establishment has more than forty years of experience in the industry, and it provides a true luxury day spa experience for cats. It is a family-owned business that claims they don’t board or kennel pets – they pamper them.

#4 American Pet Spa and Resort

Location: Argyle, TX

Address: 8827 Highway 377 Argyle, Texas

At the American Pet Spa and Resort, the facility is designed for your cat’s fun, comfort, and safety. Your cat will be provided with daily activities including exercise breaks for an enjoyable time.

Pet owners are allowed to choose their cat’s activities, which are tailored to its needs, and individual condos are provided for all cats. This ranch-style facility is like a country club for pets and the staff is dedicated to delivering the utmost care to every pet that comes through its doors.

#5 A Country Cat House, Inc.

Location: Miami, FL

Address: 12006 SW 64 Street, Miami Florida 33183

Located in a little equestrian community called Kendall’s Horse Country, this cat hotel provides a feeling of well-being as soon as you enter the facility. Lush tropical gardens provide a feeling of serenity, and this is a fully accredited facility that offers spacious individual coops for each cat.

A Country Cat House is a family-owned, PCSA (Pet Care Services Association) Accredited cat care facility that has been serving the needs of South Florida pet owners for over two decades.

#6 Barkingham Palace

Location: Rockledge, FL

Address: 4210 South US Highway 1 Rockledge Florida 32955

This cat hotel’s mission is to treat your pet royally by providing the most comfortable accommodations. Clean and comfortable enclosures will make your cat feel like it is still at home. If you miss your pet, this premier cat hotel in Florida provides a webcam so that you can watch your pet online when you’re feeling lonely.

Staff is available 24 hours a day and they are trained in the proper care of dogs and cats to ensure your cat gets the personalized care and attention he deserves.

#7 PetSmart PetsHotel

Location: Nationwide

Address: Various

PetSmart is one of the biggest pet store chains in the country that offers pet boarding where your cat will feel at home with around-the-clock care from pet-loving staff.

This is the ultimate vacation destination for your pet, and it offers full-service accommodation and certified specialists. Pets will enjoy the comfort of a clean, temperature-controlled environment with plenty of playtime.

#8 Westlake Animal Inn

Location: Tarpon Springs, FL

Address: 39564 US Highway 19 North, Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689

 This cat hotel is run by a dedicated team of professional staff and it is conveniently located next to an animal hospital. Your cat will get the best accommodation in climate-controlled surroundings where food, water, and bedding are all provided.

Cats enjoy a comfortable stay in the inn’s luxury cat room which is kept separate from the kennel and all cats have access to large kitty castles and have plenty of time during the day for sunbathing and exercise.

#9 Luxe Pet Hotels

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Address: 3480 Cavaretta County, Las Vegas Nevada 89103

This cat hotel promises to treat your cat like royalty and it’s dedicated to offering the best care and amenities for your pet. You will be mightily impressed by the clean and stunning facilities where your cat will be well taken care of by caring staff members.

The experience at Luxe Pet Hotels is a true vacation. The staff pays attention to every little detail so your cat can enjoy a comfortable, stress-free stay.

#10 Happy Cat Hotel

Location: Windsor, CT

Address: 446 Broad Street, Windsor, Connecticut 06095

 This cat hotel offers individually themed premium rooms where your pet gets room service and plenty of socialization all day long. There are daytime lounge areas and lounge beds for your pet, as well as climbing trees, wall climbing systems, hammocks, and couches.

With two locations in Windsor and East Granby, this cat hotel is conveniently located. Your cat will enjoy a full-spectrum customer-cat experience in this custom-built cat-only boarding oasis.

#11 Pet Resorts of America

Location: Nashville, TN

Address: 7200 Charlotte Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37209

This locally owned pet resort offers kitty condos and townhouses in a climate-controlled environment, providing your cat with a relaxing stay.

The cattery is located adjacent to the reception away from dog kennels, allowing the feline guests to enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay. It’s a wonderful facility that has won several awards, including excellence in customer satisfaction.

#12 Pet Lodge USA of Boardman

Location: Boardman, OH

Address: 8063 Market St, Boardman, OH 44512

This establishment offers comfortable overnight stays for your precious cat, or you can get daycare service. Accommodations are comprised of private suites, each equipped with a television to distract your pet.

Cats will interact with humans throughout the day, getting the kind of attention they enjoy at home. Pet Lodge USA has been a family-run business for a dozen years, owned by a veterinary/minority couple that specializes in loving and caring for pets.

#13 PawHootz Pet Resort

Location: Hurst, TX

Address: 80 Grapevine Highway Hurst, Texas 76054

 The cat hotel offers spacious, temperature-controlled overnight boarding where each suite features raised accommodation for maximum comfort. Your cat will be handled by a trained professional caregiver with play and exercise sessions being provided.

Every cat gets a private litter box with high-quality, all-natural kibble provided at no extra charge. During the day, your cat will enjoy access to large, multiple cat family runs and can settle down into cozy bedding at night.

#14 Meeow Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Address: 1765 N. Elston Ave, Suite #104, Chicago, IL 60642

Treat your cat to luxury accommodations at Meeow Chicago where he’ll enjoy suits 6 times larger, equipped with cat walks, cat shelves, privacy boxes, and more.

If you’re looking to upgrade your cat’s experience, City Kitty suites are double the size and can accommodate up to 5 cats. Meeow Chicago also offers full-service grooming along with luxury cat bedding, fresh water fountains, and flatscreen TVs. You’ll also be able to check in with your cat via a private webcam.

#15 Hubbard Pet Resort and Spa

Location: Hubbard, OH

Address: 23370 Mercantile Road Beachwood, Ohio 44122

This cat hotel has several locations in Ohio, including Avon, Beachwood, Boardman, Howland, and Hubbard. The Hubbard Pet Resort and Spa franchise offer boarding and daycare for cats, which are housed in multi-chambered condominiums.

Your cat can enjoy TV while residing there along with ample playtime and opportunities to explore the spacious catio. This cat hotel offers temperature-controlled accommodations for your cat’s comfort and they clean with only biodegradable, pet-friendly products.

#16 Petville Pet Hotel

Location: San Marcos, CA

Address: 1049 E. Mission Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069

It’s a cat hotel where pets come to play and stay. It provides boarding, daycare, grooming and training where cats are housed in living quarters similar to their own homes.

The cattery is climate-controlled to ensure the most comfortable environment and cats are provided with soft bedding and toys to play with.

The business is staffed by knowledgeable, gentle, animal-loving professionals who will provide your cat with the utmost personalized care.

#17 Colorado Cats

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Address: 8620 Shoup Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908

If you’re looking for a cat hotel that cats ONLY to cats, this is the one. Colorado Cats offers secure, outdoor, individual catios with private windows in each condo for viewing of the Black Forest.

Your cat will enjoy watching birds and squirrels up close from the comfort of his private cat condo featuring floor-to-ceiling shelves. The owners of Colorado Cats live on the premises and have been in business for over 20 years, so you can trust them to provide the special care your cat deserves.

#18 Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack – Permanently Closed

Location: New York, NY

Address: 1146 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10065

This cat hotel offers the finest daycare and salon stylists for pets. The facility features climate-controlled accommodation with air exchanged every 20 minutes. A custom sanitation system has been installed and pet owners will have unrestricted access to webcams after leaving their pets behind.

At Ruby & Jack’s, your precious pussycat will enjoy every comfort in a low-stress environment where loving around-the-clock staff is dedicated to providing for his every need from food to medication to belly rubs.

#19 Captain Kitts Luxury Cat Boarding

Location: Clinton, CT

Address: 46 Killingworth Turnpike, Clinton, Connecticut 06413

According to this cat hotel features large aquariums, a parakeet cage, and iPad game apps for lots of entertainment. Your cat will be given playtime outside the suite as well as personal time with a sitter.

Plus, there’s a happy hour when cats receive treats and a catnip nightcap. The facility is run by a couple who reside on the premises, offering full-time pet care and plenty of personalized attention for your cat.

#20 PawSpa Resort

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Address: 1701 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Whether you’re heading out of town for a few days or a few weeks, your kitty will be in good hands with the experienced vet techs who run the PawSpa Resort. They do it all from mealtime to playtime and everything in between – the care and comfort of your pet are their top priority.

Cats will enjoy their own private, spacious cat condo equipped with all the amenities including toys, comfortable bedding, cat trees, food and water dispensers, and litter boxes.

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  1. Elaine Parry

    Obviously you’ve never heard of PURRFECT PURR CAT HOTEL in Anchorage Alaska. It’s the only facility where cats get to socialize with other cats and goes way beyond the cage no matter how swanky. There your cat checks in to a spacious 4×4 unit with everything they need. When they are ready, they are free to join the fun colony with lots of other cats. In 14 years there has never been a cat injury. Unlike these typical facilities, your cat will remain free with the others with the option of going back to it’s suite. Often they make kitty friends and hang out together. It is the most unique facility in the US.
    www. purrfectpurr. net

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta

      Hi Elaine, thank you for sharing this! The unconventional approach at the Purrfect Purr Cat Hotel sounds very interesting, and we’ll consider your facility for our next update of this article. Thanks for sharing, and all the best.

  2. Katt Dull

    I’ll never find another place like The Enchanted Cat in Richmond, IL. again to board my cat now that I’ve moved to Tenn…they are a small business that caters to cats only and truly loves and cares for them, even bringing them home yo stay if they feel they are stressed! How’s that for personal, loving attention? So clean, bright and roomy(a 3 level walk in enclosure with 24hr cat videos, soothing music, personalized play time, visiting petters( local high school kids), and more than reasonable prices! I miss you guys!