150 Country Cat Names For Your Male & Female Cat

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Cowboy cat in a compressed image, embodying a playful and fun-loving spirit

Searching for a country name to find the perfect one for your cat can be a lot of fun. If you have a country kitty who needs a good cowboy or cowgirl name, you will find several based on famous gunslingers, musicians, and cartoon characters.

Below you will find a collection of country-related names, origins and their meanings for your male or female cat.

Country Names for Your Male Cat

  1. Ace – This is a nickname given to one who excels or can mean noble.
  2. Aldean – This name refers to country star Jason Aldean.
  3. Austin – This name means majestic and comes from the name Augustine.
  4. Bandit – This name means someone who steals things.
  5. Bart – This name means comes from the barley farm.
  6. Beau – This name means handsome.
  7. Black Rider – This name comes from the popular Marvel western character.
  8. Blaze – This name can mean fiery and fierce.
  9. Blitz – This name can mean very fast.
  10. Bobcat – This is the name of the lynx type of wild cat.
  11. Buck – This name refers to a male deer.
  12. Buckeye – This comes from the brown seeds of a buckeye tree.
  13. Bullet – This name is obvious and what goes in a gun.
  14. Butch – This name comes from “butcher”.
  15. Casey – This name means “brave in battle”
Cat wearing a hat in a compressed image, adding a touch of humor and style to its appearance

Black Rider – This name comes from the popular Marvel western character.

  • Cash – This name pay tribute to Johnny Cash.
  • Cassidy – This name comes from the cowboy hero from the 1904.
  • Charlie – This name means a free man.
  • Chesney – This name is to honor the popular singer, Kenny Chesney.
  • Chester – This name means a fortress, or walled town.
  • Chick Bill – This name comes from the Franco-Belgian comedy western series.
  • Chopper – This name perfect name for a cat that’s just randomly attacking you.
  • Cisco – This name after The Cisco Kid.
  • Clay – This is basically the name of a clay maker, or can mean mortal.
  • Cole – This means victory, of the triumphant.
  • Coleman – This means dove.
  • Conway – This name comes from Conway Twitty who ruled the country charts in the ’70s.
  • Dallas – A city in Texas and also means wise or dwells by a waterfall.
  • Dalton – This name comes from the fictional family from the Lucky Luke series.
  • Dierks – This name comes from the country star Dierks Bentley.
  • Diesel – This name obviously relates to fuel or a type of vehicle.
  • Dwight – This name comes from popular country singer Dwight Yoakam.
  • Flynn – This means the son of a red-haired man.
  • Garth – This name comes from famous country singer Garth Brooks.
  • Gunner – This name means someone who handles a gun well.
  • Hank – This name comes from country singer Hank Williams.
  • Henk – This name comes from Belgium’s famous Cowboy Henk.
  • Howard – This name means brave heart, or high guardian.
  • Howdy – This name derived from Howdy Doody, the American TV program.
  • Jasper – This name means treasure bearer.
  • Jesse – This name comes from the notorious Jesse James.
  • Kenneth – This name means Handsome or “born of fire”.
  • Kenny – This name comes from the country legend Kenny Rogers.
  • Killer – This name means one who kills or for a ferocious cat.
  • Levi – This means attached or pledged, and associated with him.
British Shorthair cat in a compressed image, showcasing its classic appearance and charm

Howdy – This name derived from Howdy Doody, the American TV program.

  • Little Joe – This name comes from the American comic strip.
  • Lone Ranger – This name comes from the fictional masked cowboy.
  • Maximus – This name means king.
  • McGraw – This name is the last name of famous country singer Tim McGraw.
  • Merle – This name comes from the talented country singer Merle Haggard.
  • Okie – This name means a resident of Oklahoma.
  • Owens – This name comes from the pioneering musician Buck Owens.
  • Paisley – This name refers to Brad Paisley, a country star.
  • Possum – This name comes from the nocturnal marsupial with a thick coat of hair, long nose and long tail.
  • Quick Draw – This name refers to the Quick Draw McGraw star.
  • Quin – This name means Intelligence.
  • Ray – This name represents Ray Krebbs.
  • Razor – This name refers to a sharp-edged cutting tool used to remove hair.
  • Rhett – A name meaning enthusiastic, stream.
  • Riptide – This name refers to a powerful tide.
  • Rocky – This name can refers to stones.
  • Rufus – This name means red-haired.
  • Spike – This name refers to a sharp point.
  • Texas Jack – This name refers to famous Wild West performer.
  • Toby – This name refers to singer Toby Keith.
  • Trooper – This name means a true fighter.
  • Virgil – This name means nourishing.
  • Walter – This name is a rule of army.
  • Waylon – This name references Waylon Jennings, the quintessential country singer.
  • Wayne – This name means a craftsman, or a wagon driver.
  • Wayne – This name means craftsman, or wagon driver.
  • Wesley – This means from the west meadow.
  • Willie – This name represents old-school country star Willie Nelson.
  • Wyatt – This name means to guide.
  • Yuma – This is the name Italian cowboy character.

Country Names for Your Female Cat

  1. Adelaide – This name means noble, or nobility.
  2. Alice – This name means noble.
  3. Anabelle – This name means lovable.
  4. Annie – This name means gracious, or merciful.
  5. Baby Face – This name means “the cutest bandit in the west.”
  6. Belle – This name means beautiful woman.
  7. Brave Starr – This name is based on the American space western animated series.
  8. Casey – This name is from a 1950’s Western Comic.
  9. Catherine – This name means pure.
  10. Cecily – This name means blind.
  11. Clara – This name means bright.
  12. Cora – This name means “maiden.”
  13. Diamond – This name comes from the Dashing Diamond Dick series.
  14. Dorothea – This name means a Gift from God.
  15. Dottie – This name means “the gift of God.”
Cute little ginger kitten, radiating warmth and adorableness

Brave Starr – This name is based on the American space western animated series.

  • Edith – This name mean prosperous in war.
  • Eleanor – This name means shining light.
  • Eliza – This name means pledged to God.
  • Elizabeth – This name means my God is abundance.
  • Ella – This name means a fairy maiden.
  • Emma – This name means universal.
  • Ennis – This name comes from the Brokeback Mountain series.
  • Florence – This name means flourishing, or prosperous.
  • Gertrude – This name means spear or strength.
  • Harley – This name means the “hare’s meadow,” .
  • Harmony – This name means a sound of two or more tones or chords.
  • Harriet – This name means estate ruler.
  • Hazel – This name means hazelnut tree.
  • Ida – This name means industrious one.
  • Jessie – This name comes from the Toy Story’s cowgirl.
  • Josephine – This name means Jehovah increases.
  • Justice – This name means righteous.
  • Kinova – This name comes from the Italian cowboy comic book.
  • Lacey – This name means the cheerful one.
  • Layla – This name means night.
  • Letitia – This name means Joy, or happiness.
  • Lexie – This name means protector of mankind.
  • Louise – This name means renowned warrior.
  • Lucinda – This name means light.
  • Lydia – This name means woman from Lydia.
  • Matilda (Tilly) – This name means battle mighty.
  • Maude – This name means battle stone.
  • Mercy – This name means compassion.
  • Minnie – This name means of intellect.
  • Montana – This name comes from the famous Marvel cowboy.
Adorable kitten wearing a cowboy hat, evoking a playful and charming scene.

Montana – This name comes from the famous Marvel cowboy.

  • Morgan – This name derives from the Red Dead Redemption Character.
  • Nasty – This name is based on the Looney Tunes cowboy.
  • Nellie – This name means the bright one.
  • Opal – This name means precious .
  • Patsy – This name comes from Patricia and means well born maiden.
  • Peaches – This name comes from the red and yellow skinned fleshy fruit.
  • Pepper – This name means a spice or condiment.
  • Purdy –  This name is southern for “pretty”.
  • Queenie – This name means great ruler.
  • Raven – This name comes from the black bird.
  • Reba – This name comes from Rebecca and means the captivator.
  • Revolver – This name comes from the Metal Gear character.
  • Rey – This name is a Latin name, meaning “ruler.”
  • Ripley – This name is an old English name, meaning “clearing.”
  • Rosemary – This name means dew of sea or herb.
  • Rousey – This name, from the old French means “red haired.”
  • Sandy – This name is a Greek name, meaning the “protector of mankind.”
  • Sarah – This name means noblewoman, lady, princess.
  • Sassy – This name means bold and spirited.
  • Shotgun Red – This name comes from the Nashville Now cowboy puppet.
  • Sophia – This name means wisdom.
  • Tabitha – This name means gazelle, roe-buck.
  • Temperance – This name means moderation, and self-control.
  • Teresa (Tess) – This name means harvest.
  • Trixie – This name means she who brings happiness.
  • Vigilante – This name is a common alias in the DC universe.
  • Virginia – This name means virgin, or maiden.
  • Vixen – This name means “fox-like.”
  • Wilma – This name comes from Wilhelmina and means the protectress.
  • Winifred – This name means blessed or peacemaker.

Your cats country name should be as wild as the west but fitting for their personality. Maybe your kitty is a barn cat, or just enjoys country living, either way we have you covered until the cows come home.

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