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ExquisiCat Litter Review

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Liz Coleman / Cats.com

ExquisiCat is a PetSmart-exclusive brand that offers premium litter and litter-related accessories like scoopers, liners, and boxes. The company has something for everyone—whether you’re a fan of conventional clay litter, an advocate for more natural options, or you’re curious about using silica gel crystals.


  • Variety of Products – 5/5
  • Price Per Pound – 2/5
  • Multi-Cat Formulas – 5/5
  • Clumping Ability – 3/5
  • Long-Lasting Odor Control – 5/5
  • Natural/Alternative Options – 5/5

Overall Score: 4.2/5

Why Trust Cats.com?

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the most popular litter brands and over 50 different litter-related products. Our unbiased reviews are based on extensive research, a comprehensive look at customer reviews, and an analysis of the product features that matter most to cat parents. We also use these products with our own cats, who are always happy to provide their honest feedback.

We personally purchased and tested the three litters in this review—our team did not receive them in exchange for a favorable review.

Products Included In This Review
Name Materials Clumping? Life Stage Additional Features
ExquisiCat Premium Clumping Clay Litter Clay Yes All Unscented, multi-cat formula
ExquisiCat Naturals Grass Seed Cat Litter Grass Seed Yes All Unscented, biodegradable
ExquisiCat Micro Crystals Clumping Silica Cat Litter Silica Gel Yes All Unscented, Ultra-lightweight

ExquisiCat Litter Brand Overview

ExquisiCat specializes in litter and litter-related accessories. The brand is carried exclusively by PetSmart. In addition to a range of litter types, the company also offers litter boxes, liners, scoopers, waste bags, and litter box mats (to reduce tracking).

The brand prides itself on making litter with long-lasting odor control and minimal dust.

What Kind Of Litter Does Exquisicat Offer?

The ExquisiCat litter line is divided among three categories: clay, silica crystals, and natural options, like paper and pine. (To get a well-rounded account of the brand’s different litters, I purchased one of each type.)

ExquisiCat offers clumping and non-clumping formulas, as well as scented and unscented varieties. The brand’s superior odor control and minimal dust generation make it a good choice for multicat homes—especially those with litter boxes and humans sharing close quarters. Price-wise, ExquisiCat is on the higher end but is on par with similar brands.

The three litters reviewed below are all unscented, clumping formulas.

Top 3 Cat Litters Reviewed

Product Name Type Price Overall Rating
ExquisiCat Premium Clumping Clay Litter Clumping $0.43 per lb 5/5
ExquisiCat Naturals Grass Seed Cat Litter Clumping $1.40 per lb 3.6/5
ExquisiCat Micro Crystals Clumping Silica Cat Litter Clumping $4.00 per lb 3/5

#1 ExquisiCat Premium Clumping Clay Litter

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Clay is the most familiar and widely used type of litter, and it’s what I generally use for my two cats. This multicat formula sets a lofty goal of being able to neutralize odors for up to 10 days—a claim that caught my eye since I keep three litter boxes in a pretty small space.

My cats took to this litter right away (probably because it was similar to what they’re used to). ExquisiCat’s Premium Clay Litter is a low-dust formula that’s easy to scoop. Clumps hold together tightly, without crumbling into pieces.

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

After testing ExquisiCat’s clay litter for about a week, I can personally vouch for its odor control. Even with two cats using it, there was no detectable ammonia smell. Overall, we were pleased with how well this litter controlled the “ick” of cat urine in our home. There’s also no perfumey smell that a lot of clay litters have, a huge bonus in my book.

The affordable price, excellent odor control, and low dust of this clay litter make it a good choice for multi-cat homes. On the downside, it’s only available in 40-pound bags, which can be too heavy for some cat parents to manage.

Category Rating
Price 5/5
Clumping Action 5/5
Odor Control 5/5
Dust/Mess 4/5
Scent 5/5
Easy to Scoop 5/5
Overall Rating 4.8/5

Things We Liked

  • Fragrance-free
  • Well-formed clumps made scooping easy
  • Affordable option

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only available in 40-pound bags
  • We noticed some slight tracking

#2 ExquisiCat Naturals Grass Seed Cat Litter

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

If a natural litter is more your style, EquisiCat also carries Earth-friendly options. The ExquisiCat Naturals line offers litter made with pine pellets, paper pellets, paper crumbles, corn, and grass seed.

Litter made from natural ingredients isn’t perfect, but it does offer some advantages. For one, it’s better for the planet. It’s also gentler on your cat’s lungs, so it makes sense for pets with respiratory issues.

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

This litter is fragrance-free but has a faint “grassy” smell that we found pleasing. The grain feels pretty soft to the touch (especially when compared to the microcrystals reviewed below). And it’s significantly lighter than clay litter.

Unfortunately, my cats didn’t use this grass seed litter (I think it was just an issue of familiarity), so I can’t speak to its odor control. However, I did test its clumping ability with water and found it to be far from perfect—upon scooping, the clumps broke apart, leaving behind pesky “crumbs” in the box. But this is an expected tradeoff of most natural litters.

Category Rating
Price 4/5
Clumping Action 3/5
Odor Control NA
Dust/Mess 4/5
Scent 4/5
Easy to Scoop 3/5
Overall Rating 3.6/5

Things We Liked

  • Biodegradable formula
  • 50% lighter than clay litter
  • Has a pleasant, natural smell

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Clumps were a bit crumbly
  • Urine may build up in the bottom of the pan
  • Some users report messy tracking

#3 ExquisiCat Micro Crystals Clumping Silica Cat Litter

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Crystal cat litter is made out of silica gel granules, which are highly porous. This porous surface is what makes crystal litter so absorbent, lightweight, and good at trapping odors.

Most crystal litters aren’t of the clumping variety, but this ExquisiCat formula is an exception. That said, I wasn’t super impressed with its clumping ability. While this litter does seem to absorb a lot of liquid, it doesn’t form the most solid clumps. The micro crystals also generated more dust than the other two litters tested, so this probably wouldn’t make the best choice for cats with breathing issues.

Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Compared with traditional clay granules, silica crystals have a rougher texture. ExquisiCat describes this litter as “soft on paws”—but it still felt harder to the touch than my cat’s usual clay litter. So if you have a kitten, a senior, a declawed rescue, or a cat with sensitive paws, keep in mind they might dislike the feel of crystals and refuse to use them.

Overall, I liked that the lightweight bags were more manageable to carry. And it appears to do a good job of absorbing liquid, which means this litter can keep boxes dry and comfy for longer.

This litter costs a pretty penny, which might be an issue for some multicat homes with multiple litter boxes. For others, though, the benefits of an ultra-absorbant and lightweight litter will justify the cost.

Category Rating
Price 1/5
Clumping Action 2/5
Odor Control 5/5
Dust/Mess 3/5
Scent 5/5
Easy to Scoop 2/5
Overall Rating 3/5

Things We Liked

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly absorbent
  • Fragrance-free

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive option
  • Not biodegradable

What Do Customers Think of ExquisiCat Litter?

For the most part, ExquisiCat has favorable reviews. People appreciate its effective odor control and low dust generation. Here’s what folks have to say:

Positive Reviews

“Does everything it claims to do. Both cats took to it immediately. Less smell, much less dust. I have used one of the other Big Name Brands for literally decades, but for now, this is my new go-to litter!” – Review of ExquisiCat Premium Clumping Clay Litter

“I like the fact that it’s all-natural, lightweight, and odor free. It does track quite a bit, but I already knew that beforehand so I have a good-quality mat for that. I do wish it was less expensive, but it absorbs well and doesn’t stick to the litter box, so it needs less frequent changes. I like that it comes in 14 lb bags too, instead of 20 lbs, making it easier to handle.” – Review of ExquisiCat Naturals Grass Seed Clumping Litter

Negative Reviews

I tried this for my senior cat who has horrible allergies. I wanted to try crystal litter. This one said 99.9% dust free, so I thought I would try it. The moment I poured it into the litter box there was a big cloud of dust. Every time she covered her business, she stirred up dust causing her to sneeze. I even sneezed sifting it. I also noticed dust on the furniture close to where the box was set. If your looking for dust free/ easy maintenance and low-tracking litter this isn’t the one.” – Review of ExquisiCat Micro Crystals Clumping Litter

“I have 2 cats at home so I need cat litter that limits mess and odors. This litter really didn’t do much in masking odors. Also, the clumping wasn’t much, so there were a lot of messes. I had to use more litter than other brands because of this.” – Review of ExquisiCat Naturals Grass Seed Clumping Litter

How Much Does ExquisiCat Litter Cost?

Compared to other similar brands, most ExquisiCat products are on the pricey side. The company’s line of natural litter is pretty steep but in line with what other natural litters on the market cost. If you’re willing to spring for it, you’ll pay a whopping $4.00/lb for their micro crystal formula.

Keep in mind that while this price is high, crystals are more absorbent than clay litter, so you need less of it. Plus, crystals excel at odor control, so they can usually go longer between changes.

Fans of clay will be pleased to hear that ExquisiCat clay litter is very affordable (and was a hit in our home!)

Overall, Is ExquisiCat Litter a Good Choice?

If you’re looking for a high-performing litter that works hard to control odor, yes, we think ExquisiCat makes a fine choice.

Every cat parent’s mileage will vary, but we think this litter will be most beneficial in homes where smell is a concern. Perhaps you have a litter box in a confined area, or maybe you have to keep one close to where you eat, sleep, or hang out. In these cases, ExquisiCat can help keep odors to a minimum.

I was most impressed with the brand’s clay litter, which is affordable and clumps really well. I was less impressed with the grass seed’s clumping action, but that comes with the territory. And while it won’t be in everyone’s budget, the brand’s highly absorbent micro crystal litter could be a game-changer for folks hoping to scoop less (and cuddle more).

Where Is ExquisiCat Sold?

ExquisiCat is a PetSmart exclusive—you can purchase it in-store or online.

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