The 150 Best Himalayan Cat Names

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When you first lay eyes on a Himalayan cat, it is pretty tough not to fall in love with it. After all, how could you not? The short bodies, sweet attitude, and colorful blue eyes all contribute to making a Himalayan an eye catching breed.

Various cat associations even possess different perspectives on the breed. But how do you know which Himalayan Cat Names you should choose?

Female Himalayan Cat Names

Megane- Megane means soft and gentle. If your cat’s characteristic is something like this, this can be your best option.

  • Dhaulagiri- If you want to name your cat after the world’s famous mountain range, you may want to consider this. It means a white mountain, and it is the Himalayas’ seventh highest peak
  • Nanda Devi- This word refers to a bliss giving goddess; it is the highest peak in India.
  • Amrita: The meaning of this word is ambrosia, which was the food of the deities in classical mythology. It is also a Tibetan name.
  • Bhasundara- This word means goddess. It depicts prosperity and is a name that is quite popular in Tibet.
  • Layla- This refers to a goddess of beauty.
  • Ruby: Rubies are precious jewels, and this is one of the popular Himalayan cat names.
  • Alleffra- Use this name for an energetic pet cat because it mean cheerful.
  • Misha- Although this is actually a French word, it makes a cute and unique pet name.
  • Megane- Megane means soft and gentle. If your cat’s characteristic is something like this, this can be your best option.
  • Allana- This means dear child. If you treat your cat just like your child, this is a suitable name to express your feelings.
  • Leilah- Use this name for a cat born at night.
  • Alexandra- This word denotes a defender of man.
  • Juana- Juana means a gift from God.
  • Albertine- Albertine means noble or glorious.
  • Cammi- The meaning of this name is freeborn and noble.
  • Risa- This is the perfect name if your cat is active and jolly since this means laughter.
  • Seren- If your pet seems like a star, you can pick this name. Seren means a star.
  • Atalia- This means he is great.
  • Farrah- If your cat is fair-haired, this is the best choice as it means fair-haired.
  • Snowy- This name is suitable for white cats.

Himalayan Male Cat Names

himalayan cat

Almond- Defender of the temple.

  • Brockley- From the badger meadow.
  • Evin- Swift.
  • Syd- Variant of Sidney from St. Denis.
  • Innis- From the island.
  • Reynard- Mighty and brave Strong counselor.
  • Walter- Guard.
  • Linleah- From the flax field.
  • Galvin- Sparrow.
  • Wilford- Desires peace.
  • Trowhridge- From the tree bridge.
  • Almond- Defender of the temple.
  • Cadwallon- Name of a king.
  • Khan- The mighty warrior.
  • Poseidon- Ruler of sea.
  • Haig
  • Merrick- From the hedged enclosure.
  • Mikhail- Gift from God.
  • Spelding- From the split meadow.
  • Janka- Gift from God.
  • Clintwood- Hillside.
  • Maralyn- Blend of Marie or Mary and Lyn.
  • Denzell- Variant of Denzel – a place in Cornwall.
  • Lorimer- Saddle maker.
  • Antoine- Priceless.
  • Felan- Wolf.

Blue-Eyed Himalayan Cat Names

  • Bluemoon – Serene, mystical, with captivating charm.
  • Sapphire – Deep blue, precious, and alluring.
  • Crystal – Clear, pure, and ethereal beauty.
  • Skye – Heavenly, light, and tranquil.
  • Azura – Blue, serene, and enchanting presence.
  • Ice – Cool, calm, and quietly beautiful.
  • Aqua – Clear, refreshing, and calming allure.
  • Celeste – Heavenly, serene, and celestial elegance.
  • Indigo – Deep blue, rich, and mystical.
  • Periwinkle – Soft blue, delicate, and charming.
  • Whisper – Soft, gentle, and quietly soothing.
  • Harmony – Peaceful, balanced, and graceful presence.
  • Zephyr – Breezy, light, and soothing nature.
  • Angel – Heavenly, serene, and ethereal grace.
  • Frost – Cool, icy, and elegantly serene.
  • Cosmo – Vast, serene, and quietly captivating.
  • Mystique – Enigmatic, alluring, and quietly mysterious.
  • Luna – Moonlit, mystical, and quietly serene.
  • Phoenix – Resilient, striking, and quietly powerful.
  • Starlight – Shining, serene, and quietly radiant.

Cute Himalayan Cat Names

  • Marshmallow – Soft, sweet, and irresistibly adorable.
  • Cupcake – Small, sweet, and delightfully charming.
  • Bubbles – Playful, bubbly, and endlessly entertaining.
  • Sunshine – Cheerful, bright, and full of warmth.
  • Sweetie – Endearing, loving, and affectionate nature.
  • Pudding – Sweet, comforting, and utterly adorable.
  • Cherub – Angelic, innocent, and simply adorable.
  • Sprinkles – Colorful, playful, and irresistibly charming.
  • Biscuit – Warm, comforting, and utterly delightful.
  • Pebbles – Small, adorable, and irresistibly cute.
  • Cotton – Soft, fluffy, and endlessly cuddly.
  • Honeybee – Sweet, gentle, and delightfully charming.
  • Petal – Delicate, lovely, and charmingly sweet.
  • Sweet Pea – Affectionate, cute, and simply adorable.
  • Babykins – Adorable, sweet, and affectionate demeanor.
  • Snickers – Playful, sweet, and irresistibly charming.
  • Buttercup – Cheerful, bright, and full of joy.
  • Daisy – Fresh, lively, and irresistibly cute.
  • Babydoll – Sweet, endearing, and utterly charming.
  • Sparkles – Energetic, lively, and delightfully charming.

Unique Himalayan Cat Names

  • Zephyra – Unique, breezy, and captivatingly serene.
  • Quasar – Cosmic, powerful, and mysteriously alluring.
  • Galadriel – Enchanting, regal, and otherworldly grace.
  • Silhouette – Elegant, mysterious, and subtly alluring.
  • Oberon – Mythical, powerful, and majestically unique.
  • Aurora – Magical, ethereal, and gracefully enchanting.
  • Merlin – Wise, magical, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Electra – Energetic, radiant, and magnetically unique.
  • Phoenix – Resilient, striking, and quietly powerful.
  • Nebula – Cosmic, vast, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Callisto – Mystical, enigmatic, and quietly powerful.
  • Quintessence – Unique, essential, and subtly alluring.
  • Zenith – Peak, zenith, and majestically unique.
  • Esperanza – Hopeful, radiant, and gracefully enchanting.
  • Cosima – Cosmic, grand, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Elysian – Blissful, divine, and gracefully enchanting.
  • Ethereal – Otherworldly, graceful, and subtly alluring.
  • Luminara – Radiant, luminous, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Atalanta – Swift, adventurous, and uniquely captivating.
  • Mystique – Enigmatic, alluring, and quietly mysterious.

Abstract Girl Names for Himalayan Cats

  • Velvet – Smooth, luxurious, and elegantly refined.
  • Whisper – Soft, gentle, and quietly soothing.
  • Seraphim – Angelic, divine, and beautifully serene.
  • Galaxy – Vast, cosmic, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Chiffon – Delicate, airy, and elegantly graceful.
  • Ember – Fiery, warm, and subtly alluring.
  • Harmony – Peaceful, balanced, and gracefully elegant.
  • Aurora – Ethereal, radiant, and gracefully enchanting.
  • Zephyra – Unique, breezy, and captivatingly serene.
  • Celestia – Heavenly, celestial, and elegantly serene.
  • Gossamer – Delicate, light, and subtly alluring.
  • Mystique – Enigmatic, alluring, and quietly mysterious.
  • Eclipse – Mysterious, captivating, and subtly elegant.
  • Opaline – Iridescent, unique, and quietly captivating.
  • Tranquil – Calm, serene, and gracefully elegant.
  • Infinity – Limitless, cosmic, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Lumina – Radiant, luminous, and mysteriously captivating.
  • Vespera – Evening, serene, and gracefully elegant.
  • Charm – Enchanting, captivating, and elegantly alluring.
  • Etherea – Otherworldly, graceful, and subtly alluring.

Chocolate Point Himalayan Cat Names

  • Cocoa – Rich, warm, and delightfully sweet.
  • Fudge – Smooth, sweet, and irresistibly charming.
  • Truffle – Elegant, rich, and subtly delightful.
  • Espresso – Dark, intense, and alluringly aromatic.
  • Mocha – Smooth, velvety, and warmly comforting.
  • Latte – Creamy, warm, and comforting elegance.
  • Cinnamon – Warm, spicy, and charmingly delightful.
  • Hazelnut – Nutty, warm, and subtly alluring.
  • Chestnut – Rich, warm, and elegantly charming.
  • Chai – Spicy, aromatic, and warmly delightful.
  • Caramel – Sweet, rich, and irresistibly charming.
  • Ganache – Smooth, rich, and luxuriously elegant.
  • Copper – Rich, warm, and elegantly charming.
  • Sable – Dark, luxurious, and subtly captivating.
  • Amaretto – Nutty, sweet, and warmly delightful.
  • Choco – Cute, sweet, and delightfully chocolatey.
  • Mousse – Light, airy, and elegantly sweet.
  • Brownie – Sweet, charming, and irresistibly delightful.
  • Toffee – Sweet, rich, and warmly comforting.
  • Cookie – Sweet, playful, and irresistibly charming.
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