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KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape Review

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Kate Barrington / Cats.com

Cat scratch to keep their claws healthy. Unlike human fingernails, cat claws grow from the inside out, shedding old layers as new layers grow underneath to replace them. Scratching helps slough away the rough and brittle bits as the nail grows.

While scratching is a completely natural (and necessary) behavior for cats, it doesn’t always sit well with cat owners – especially if your cat decides to use the furniture as a scratching post.

It’s important to provide your cat with safe spots to scratch, but until he gets used to a scratching post or pad he’ll probably keep revisiting those familiar surfaces. Scratch deterrents like KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent tape can help motivate your cat to make the transition.

About KatSupreme

KatSupreme is an Amazon-exclusive brand that offers a limited but growing selection of cat supplies. As of August 2022, their product lineup includes KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape and KatSupreme Tilted Cat Food Bowls.

What Is KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape?

This is designed to be affixed to furniture but can be used on many surfaces including wood, acetate, acrylic, velvet, cotton, and polyester. Kate Barrington / Cats.com 

Cats are drawn to textured surfaces like carpet and upholstered furniture because it feels good under their paws and it is rough enough to help slough off the dry, brittle outer layers of their claws. Scratching furniture is many a cat’s favorite pastime, but cat owners typically aren’t fans of the behavior.

Scratch deterrent tape is simply a double-sided sticky film you can apply to furniture, flooring, and other surfaces. The sticky surface creates an unpleasant sensation when your cat walks across it, thereby discouraging him from stepping on or scratching the covered area.

KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape is this type of product. It’s designed to be affixed to furniture but can be used on many surfaces including wood, acetate, acrylic, velvet, cotton, and polyester.

How Does It Work?

The way in which KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape works is not unique to sticky furniture protectors but that doesn’t make it ineffective. In fact, its simplicity is part of its appeal.

KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape comes in 12-by-17-inch sheets with easy-peel paper on both sides. You simply remove the paper from one side, apply the film to the desired surface, then peel away the top layer of paper to create a sticky surface. When your cat hops up to scratch, he’ll be startled by the sticky surface and take his scratching instincts elsewhere (hopefully to a scratching post or pad you’ve positioned nearby).

This double-sided sticky film adheres securely to smooth and lightly textured surfaces and it’s completely transparent, so it won’t detract from your décor. The film is very thin, so it’s easy to trim into the desired shape and size before you peel away the paper. It’s also very flexible. You can wrap it around corners or fold it over couch cushions to protect your furniture from damage.

Unlike some scratch deterrents, KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape does not require pins to secure it in place. Simply peel and stick.

What Do Customers Think Of KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape?

Customers seem to appreciate the tape’s strong adhesion, flexibility, and transparency, though there are some comments that it may damage or discolor certain surfaces like leather and faux leather. Kate Barrington / Cats.com

KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape has been on the market since 2020 and has accumulated nearly 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Customers give the product a 4.2 out of 5-star rating with over 50% of those ratings being full 5-star reviews.

Customers seem to appreciate the tape’s strong adhesion, flexibility, and transparency, though there are some comments that it may damage or discolor certain surfaces like leather and faux leather.

Let’s take a look at some customer reviews of KatSupreme double-sided scratch deterrent tape:

Positive Reviews

Highly Recommend For Cat Owners That Don’t Want To Put Covers All Over Their Furniture

“I wish I knew about these tape sheets sooner! I put the tape on the sides of my couch and the cats have given up on it. The sheets have a strong adhesion to the couch and they did not peel off when one of my cats went at it with her nails. (I also tested a small piece and it doesn’t destroy the couch when you peel it off!)

The cats now ignore the couch fabric and use the scratching post, like they should. You can cut the sheets to any size that you want but I used it whole to make sure that they don’t pick a new spot. Training tip: put the scratching post next to the couch until they quit the behavior.” – by Andreea reviewing KatSupreme Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector on February 10, 2020

It Is Transparent

“I’m testing this on the arm of the couch, where my cat likes to scratch. So far, the tapes are working good, she stopped scratching and even sitting on the couch :)) I like that they come in large pieces and I can cut in different sizes. Also, it’s super easy to apply because of the red arrow design which makes them easy to peel. I definitely recommend the product, it’s transparent, I barely notice that is there. It’s worth it!” – by Bogdan Paris reviewing KatSupreme Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector on February 6, 2020

“Our cat has not clawed the furniture where this is placed. Keeps him off of it. Work well. Pretty sticky. It will stick to clothing or anything that comes in contact with it. That is the only negative I have. Both sides are very sticky. Good so far.” – by SLP Gator

Negative Reviews

“I got this because my 2 cats love scratching my brand new couches, but I was over it. I put it on my couch where they scratch most. But my most problematic cat found out how to lift the tape, and since it doesn’t stick very well, she started ripping the tape off. So this was kind of just a waste of money. They eventually get to scratch the couch, this tape just delays it by a couple of days. I have had to replace it about 3 times on each side.” – by Olivia

“Carefully read the description here. There’s a very important 6-word phrase hiding in that long description. That phrase is “not recommended for faux or leather”. I am returning and buying another product that actually works for leather.” – by Olga G.

“I can’t get this to stay on my one chair and my cats have now destroyed my brand new chair 🙁 the tape falls off after a few hours. I replaced it a few times but it still keeps falling off. It doesn’t turn corners well which seems like where my cats like to scratch the most. I am looking to purchase from somewhere else now.” – by Ashley

We Tested It: Here’s What We Thought

#1 KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape

Kate Barrington / Cats.com

View on Amazon

To write this review, I ordered the 8-pack of XL sheet. The product arrived quickly with 2-day shipping, laid flat in a box with other items from my order. I’m unsure how the product would be shipped as an individual item, though I can’t imagine it would sustain any damage being rolled up or shipped in a box versus a padded envelope.

I’ve used double-sided scratch deterrent tape before, so I was already familiar with how KatSupreme works. I thought the packaging was very attractive and appreciated the large-printed instructions that were included with the sheets.

I decided to use KatSupreme on the arm of my sectional where my cat Biscuit likes to scratch. My couch is upholstered but the fabric is very smooth and minimal texture, so I didn’t have any trouble with adherence. The sheets come with a red tab in one corner which makes it easy to separate the sticky film from the paper during application.

Once the film was installed, it was minimally noticeable. The film is 100% transparent as promised, so the only quality that really makes it noticeable is the sheen from the plastic. The tape does become increasingly more noticeable over time, however, as it becomes covered in fur and other debris.

In terms of durability, KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape is comparable to other products I’ve tried. I used a fork to simulate the shape of trimmed or filed cat claws to test the product’s strength. I was able to pierce the film, but only when I applied more pressure than the average housecat is likely to apply. Sharp claws are, of course, more likely to pierce the film than trimmed claws.

Overall, I was pleased with my experience testing KatSupreme double-sided tape. The product is modestly priced under $2 a sheet when you buy the 8-pack or about $1.60 each when you buy the 12-pack. It’s cheaper than an 8-pack of sheets from Panther Armor, one of the most popular brands of scratch deterrent tape on Amazon, and the sheets are larger as well.

One thing worth noting that I wasn’t able to test myself is that I’m not sure the product would adhere well to highly textured surfaces. High-pile carpet, for example, might be too rough.


  • Large double-sided sheets measure 12-by-17 inches
  • Sheets can be trimmed or shaped as needed
  • Easy to affix the film and removes quickly without damage
  • Transparent and flexible, won’t detract from décor
  • Affordably priced under $2 per sheet


  • Not recommended for leather or faux leather materials
  • Sticky surface will collect hair and debris over time
  • May not adhere as well to rough surfaces like carpet

How Much Does KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape Cost?

This scratch deterrent tape is sold in packs of 8, 10, or 12 sheets. The most cost-effective option is to purchase the 12-pack which is regularly priced at $24.99 but often reduced to just $19.99. This puts the per-sheet price around $1.60.

The 8-pack of sheets I purchased cost $14.99, or about $1.87 per sheet, and the 10-pack costs $17.99, or about $1.80 per sheet. KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape is only sold in the XL size of 12×17 inch sheets.

Overall, Is It a Good Choice?

KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape is an affordable and effective solution for problem scratching. It comes in large sheets, so one sheet covers over 200 square inches of surface area, but the sheets can easily be trimmed for efficient use on smaller surfaces. The price is economical as well, especially if you’re able to divide the sheets into smaller pieces.

Scratch deterrent tape may not be the most effective solution for all cats, but KatSupreme excels in the role it’s designed to fulfill. If you’re looking for a way to prevent your cat from damaging your furniture but you’re not ready to spend a lot on something that might not work, this scratch deterrent tape could be a good way to go.

Where Can You Buy KatSupreme Scratch Deterrent Tape?

You can only purchase KatSupreme scratch deterrent tape on Amazon. Check out the KatSupreme store here.

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