55 Amazing Names For Cats With Green Eyes

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grey cat with green cats sleeping on sofa

Cat that have green eyes have an exotic and mysterious look to them, and if you are having trouble thinking of a good name for your green-eyed cat, then try these out.

Male Names For Cats With Green Eyes

  1. Ozzy– Named after the Emerald City of Oz.
  2. Patrick– Named after St. Patrick’s Day and the green colors that holiday is all about.
  3. Kadir– This Arabic word means green.
  4. Elm– Naming your cat after a tree with bright green leaves might tickle your fancy.
  5. Oak– Or you could give your cat a strong name, but still tree based.
  6. Bean– This name pulls double duty as a reminder of the green vegetable or the British TV character.
  7. Denver– This cowboy-centric name actually means “green valley”.
  8. Hulk– If you want to have fun with your cat name, then you could choose this Marvel superhero as the namesake.
  9. Beril– We like this strong-sounding name that is similar to the name for the light green stone beryl.
  10. Alvern– This name means “spring”, and it brings to mind images of green meadows and sounds a lot like Alvin.
  11. Clover– Here is a classic cat name that has commotions of being lucky.
  12. Cypress– This is another tree name that works very well for green-eyed cats.

Female Names For Cats With Green Eyes

cat with green eyes looking uo

Lass- This affectionate Irish name is a great one for green-eyed cats.

  1. Jade– We love the inherent beauty of this name, which is based on the precious gem.
  2. Emma– Short for emerald, a precious green gem.
  3. Patty– Named for the green-infused holiday of St. Patrick’s Day.
  4. Cyan– This is named after the greenish-blue hue.
  5. Sweet Pea– This cute name is, of course, based on the bright green vegetable.
  6. Aileen– This lovely name is the word for green meadow.
  7. Olive– Or Olive Oil, named after the green or black fruit.
  8. Ivy– We love this name that recalls the long, hanging vines or even some people’s favorite Batman villain.
  9. Fern– This name is based on the plant and brings to mind lovely forests.
  10. Jadzia– This sweet name is a version of jade, which, of course, is a green gem.
  11. Phyllis– This old-fashioned name means “green bough”.
  12. Okra– You could name your cat after the tasty vegetable used commonly in the southern United States.
  13. Meadow– We love how this name reminds of us of the outdoors and tall grass blowing in the breeze.
  14. Moss– This is another great forest/plant name that is perfect for cats with green eyes.
  15. Lass– This affectionate Irish name is a great one for green-eyed cats.
  16. Fey– This lovely name has Irish origins, and we think Irish names are some of the best for cats with green eyes.
  17. Willow– We think tree names are perfect for cats with green eyes.
  18. Zeleny– This name literally means green and has a lovely sound to it that is very feminine.
  19. Chloe– Did you know that this feminine name means green?
  20. Hazel– This is named after a tree that can have green leaves, and it is a fairly normal girl’s name.
  21. Heather– Here is another female name that happens to be the name of a green plant.
  22. Holly– Of course, we all know this green Christmastime plant.
  23. Kelly– Yet another girl’s name that is also a word that means green.
  24. Mya– Another green-meaning girl’s name.
  25. Orna– This exotic name means green in another language.
  26. Lotus– Named after the green flower.
  27. Midori– Japanese for green.
  28. Juniper– Named after the tree.
  29. Esme– A beautiful French name for a green gemstone.
  30. Esmeralda– A longer version of the same.
  31. Blerta– Means green and can be a variation of Bertha.

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Unisex Names For Cats With Green Eyes

cat with green sleeping on a chair

Pine- This tree name is good for cats that are male or female.

  1. Forest– This name calls to mind the green, verdant forests that cats like to hunt in.
  2. Tale– This is an Egyptian name that means green, and it can be a pun on “tail”.
  3. Minty– Mint leaves are green, and this can be a great name for a cat that is lighter in color.
  4. Lucky– This is a perfect name for a green-eyed cat, since it brings to mind thoughts of green clovers and St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. Green– This one may be obvious, but you have to admit it is quite fitting.
  6. Leaf– This one is kind of obvious too, but it is also unusual enough to be a good choice for your unique cat.
  7. Malachite– Speaking of unique names, you can try this one that means a light green rock.
  8. Oleander– We love how mystical this name sounds, and it is simply the name of a green, flowering tree.
  9. Pine– This tree name is good for cats that are male or female.
  10. Sage– This one has double meaning as wise or as a green herb.
  11. Yarkona– If you want a name no one else might use, try this Hebrew one that means green.
  12. Aquamarine– This one means greenish-blue.

Those were our top choices for green-eyed cat names, and we hope one of them is a perfect fit for your feline friend.

Do you have a unique name for a green eyed cat? We would love to hear about it in the comments section

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