55 Spring Cat Names That Are Fresh and Floral

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Cat outside in grass staring at white flower

Altsva / Shutterstock

Spring brings to mind nature, fertility, and new beginnings. Most of us have fond memories of watching a spring storm from our warm couch, or going for a walk on sunny days and discovering fresh blooms.

It’s the perfect season to name your new cat after, but you might be stuck when it comes to finding names that fit. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect meaning to go along with a beautiful name.

Whether your favorite spring cat names are floral-themed, astrological, or rooted in Greek mythology, there’s a little something in this list for everyone.

Spring Cat Names for Male Cats

Tabby cat looking back in a meadow

Flash – Like lightning in a spring storm, this is the perfect name for boisterous kittens. Monika Surzin / Shutterstock

When we think of spring, we often think of floral names, which aren’t very masculine. (Though you could absolutely name your male cat something traditionally feminine!) Below are 20 spring names to peruse for your male cat, based on weather, astrology, nature, and more.

  • Hunter – Cats are the perfect predators, so why not honor that in their name?
  • Colt – A colt is a young male horse, and baby animals are the perfect symbols of spring.
  • River – Nature names are also perfect for spring kittens.
  • Forrest – Another simple, yet strong, nature name.
  • Bud – A fresh bloom on a flower or tree, this name can also be short for “Buddy.”
  • Flash – Like lightning in a spring storm, this is the perfect name for boisterous kittens.
  • Cedar – This name derives from the cedar tree.
  • Aries – Those with the Aries astrological sign are known for being brave, energetic, and impulsive.
  • Sage – The name of a common spring plant with a double meaning of “wise” – perfect for clever kittens.
  • Sprout – A new seedling.
  • Sunny (Sonny) – A great name for a cat who brings sunshine into your life.
  • Arbor – An arbor is an area covered by trees, providing security and shade from the sun.
  • Denver – Meaning “green valley,” which sounds like the perfect place to lounge in the spring.
  • Owen – A name that means youthful and noble-born–perfect for your little prince.
  • Neo – This cute, short name means “new” in Latin.
  • Phoenix – Born anew and rising from their own ashes, phoenixes represent strength and new beginnings.
  • Leif – Pronounced “leaf,” this name is perfect for cats who love adventures and exploring.
  • Rain – Spring is best known for its rain showers, so Rain is a perfect name for your boy cat.
  • Pascal – Pascal means “Easter” or “born on Easter.”
  • Maxwell – Meaning “great spring,” perhaps this name will bless your cat with good fortune!

Spring Cat Names for Female Cats

Cat sitting on the windowsill looking out at green shrubs and trees

Petal – The most beautiful part of a flower in bloom. sophiecat / Shutterstock

For female cats, we’ve chosen a little over 20 nature names connected to the season. There are some here to fit your adventurer, your dainty princess, and every purrsonality in between.

  • Tulip – Tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in early Spring.
  • Willow – Willow trees symbolize strength through hard times.
  • April – A month in spring that symbolizes regrowth.
  • Flora – Latin for “flower” and the name of the Roman goddess of spring.
  • Meadow – A meadow is a grassland that symbolizes peace.
  • Bee or Bea – With all of these floral names, we need a spring pollinator in the mix–who cuter than a little bumble bee?
  • Maia – A cat named after the Roman goddess of fertility may be a mama cat or their name can symbolize a fresh start.
  • Lilac – Dainty purple flowers that symbolize innocence and love.
  • Ivy – A climbing vine that symbolizes eternal life.
  • Petal – The most beautiful part of a flower in bloom.
  • Violet – A purple flower that symbolizes gracefulness.
  • Lily – A beautiful flower that symbolizes purity.
  • Aurora – The aurora borealis is a natural light show that typically occurs in spring.
  • Daisy – The name of a flower and also the famous Daisy Duck from Mickey Mouse.
  • Fern – A fern is a unique leafy plant that symbolizes youth.
  • Poppy – A poppy symbolizes hope for peace.
  • Dahlia – A symbol of strength and kindness.
  • Marigold (Goldie) – Many nicknames can be derived from this name, including the adorable “Goldie!”
  • Iris – A perfect name for a cat who is brave and wise.
  • Juniper – The name of a tree with blue berries, symbolic of youth.
  • Bluebell – Also called “fairy flowers,” bluebells symbolize gratitude and love.
  • Fleur – French for “flower.”
  • Lavender – The scent of lavender brings a sense of calm and security.

Unisex Spring Cat Names

Orange cat sitting on wood with blue and pink flowers in background

Gemini – This zodiac name is perfect for a cat who is curious and chatty. Silarock / Shutterstock

Whether your cat is chatty like a songbird, fierce like a thunderstorm, or elegant like a flower, you’re sure to find something that fits in these 12 unisex spring cat names.

  • Storm or Stormy – Perfect for a kitten born on a rainy evening.
  • Clover – Clovers symbolize good fortune.
  • Kiwi – This tangy fruit is the perfect symbol of spring.
  • Daffodil (Daffy) – A beautiful name symbolizing hope and luck, with an adorable nickname to match.
  • Robin – After a cold winter, spotting a robin is a sign that spring is near.
  • Bloom – As spring comes into bloom, so will your love for your new cat!
  • Olive (Oliver, Olivia) – Olive trees typically bloom in late spring.
  • Finch – A tiny bird, often brightly-colored.
  • Briar – A collection of thorny bushes, and also a connection to the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.
  • Gemini – This zodiac name is perfect for a cat who is curious and chatty.
  • Hope – Spring brings us fresh starts and hope for the future, much like life with a new cat.
  • Wren – A small but vocal bird.

Spring is a bountiful season to pull cat names from, and with so many beautiful meanings – love, peace, beauty, and hope. We certainly hope you’ve found a name or two that you love on this list, and maybe a few more to jot down for later.

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