This Adorable Kitten Got a Second Chance Thanks to A Selfless Facebook Fan

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Baby Kitten Rescue

Baby Kitten Rescue

When the owner of a cat rescue organization took in a sick kitten, she had no idea just how vulnerable her little friend truly was—or how one gift from a thoughtful Facebook follower would improve things.

Little legs, big heart

Caroline, the owner of Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, was happy to take in Otter, a rescued kitten in bad shape.

When Caroline met him, Otter had a respiratory infection, was covered in fleas, and had untreated digestive issues. He was also born with abnormally short legs, which posed another challenge to getting around.

Otter may have little legs, but he’s got a big heart! / Baby Kitten Rescue

Otter may have little legs, but he’s got a big heart! / Baby Kitten Rescue

The good news was that Otter’s most urgent health challenges were taken care of with some trips to the vet. The less good news was that receiving medical attention came with a dire diagnosis.

Facebook fan saves the day

Otter, it turned out, had meningoencephalocele—a rare disease that leaves a portion of the brain protruding through a hole in a cat’s skull. A kitten with the condition can be particularly vulnerable to head injuries and infections.

Caroline needed to act quickly. The problem was, she’d never cared for a cat with that disease and didn’t know where to start. So, she turned to her rescue’s Facebook community for help.

Fortunately, a follower of Baby Kitten Rescue’s page reached out with a helpful offer: they could construct a helmet for Otter, reducing the chance he’d experience a potentially devastating head injury while Caroline pursued long-term solutions.

Caroline graciously accepted the help. Although the main objective of the helmet was safety, it didn’t hurt that Otter looked pretty darn cute with it on, too.

While the helmet was a huge help, it wasn’t a permanent solution. So after consulting with a surgeon and coming up with a plan, Caroline booked a procedure for Otter to get the critical care he deserved.

Otter’s happy ending

Fortunately, the surgery on Otter’s head was a success!

Hooray, Otter! / Baby Kitten Rescue

Hooray, Otter! / Baby Kitten Rescue

Otter is thriving a year after his surgery, according to Caroline He loves to explore around the house, can climb freely—without needing a helmet!—and is expected to live a long and happy life after some kind-hearted humans stepped up to save the day.

Learn more about Baby Kitten Rescue on the organization’s website!

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