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Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Review

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Petlibro automatic pet feeder dispensing cat food

Mallory Crusta / Cats.com

If you’re looking for an upright feeder that dispenses dry cat food in a wide range of portion sizes and scheduling patterns, the Petlibro Easy Feed is a sleek, straightforward option that’s—as the name suggests—easy for both human and cat to use.

With a secure hopper, useful indicator lights, and flexible feeding, it’s a performance-oriented unit that will suit just about any cat’s needs.

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While it has a functional and cat-friendly design that makes it a good fit for most homes, this feeder isn’t for everyone. It’s no match for hardcore food thieves and its anti-overflow system might be frustrating for some users.

Keep reading to get all the details on the Petlibro feeder, including how well it performed in my in-home test with two cats. If you’re interested in buying the Petlibro feeder, use the ALLABOUTCATS coupon code to get 20% off your first order from the Petlibro store.

Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Video Review

Why Should You Trust Us?

Cats.com has reviewed hundreds of cat products, including a range of pet tech and accessories like water fountains, toys, and feeders.

As one of the head product reviewers at Cats.com, I’ve personally tried dozens of these products with my two cats, Wessie and Forest. I’ve researched, pulled apart, cleaned, and tested feeders ranging from classics like the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed to high-tech units with microchip detection and built-in webcams.

Based on this background, I know what to look for in a good automatic feeder, which flaws are dealbreakers, and which feeders are the best fit for different types of homes.

With all of that in mind, let’s jump into my review of the Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder.

First, Let’s Get Some Background On The Petlibro Easy Feed.

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder Review Feature

The Petlibro Easy Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is a programmable upright feeder that allows you to give your cat custom portions of dry food at the times of your choosing. Mallory Crusta / Cats.com

Petlibro’s Easy Feed automatic pet feeder is a middle-of-the-range programmable upright feeder.

An upright feeder works a bit like a gumball machine, with a food hopper at the top and a dispensing mechanism that opens up to let kibble flow into the bowl.

When you put an adjustable timer on it, your kibble-dispensing machine becomes a programmable feeder. These feeders are a good choice for people who want to control their cat’s food intake throughout the day, especially when they’re not at home. For cats who eat dry food, this type of portion control is an improvement on endless free-feeding.

The Petlibro automatic feeder is designed to dispense measured portions of food according to a schedule of your choosing.

With six meal time slots and portion sizes ranging from about 2.5 teaspoons to 3 cups, you’re able to give your cat a tailored feeding experience.

In addition to basic programming features, the feeder has a few extra features that set it apart from the competition.

The feeder allows you to record a 10-second voice message that plays with each meal. It has blue and red indicator lights to see if the feeder needs maintenance. An easy-to-read LCD screen makes programming easy while giving you useful refill, jam, and low battery alerts.

Overall, the feeder offers a nice balance of simplicity and usable features. It’s not a snazzy-jazzy WiFi-integrated smart unit with a camera and smartphone app—although Petlibro does offer a WiFi feeder if you’re interested—but it has a smart selection of practical functionalities that you won’t see in most competing upright feeders.

Let’s Talk About My Experience Using The Petlibro Easy Feed Automatic Pet Feeder.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying out the Petlibro feeder with my two cats. We’ve set it up, dispensed a number of meals, and tried out its various functionalities.

Unboxing And Setup

Petlibro automatic pet feeder in box

The Petlibro automatic pet feeder comes tidily-packed in a box with everything you need to get started. Mallory Crusta / Cats.com

The Petlibro feeder comes tidily-packed in a box with the components you need to get started, including the feeder body, bowl, power cord and adapter, and instruction manual. Very little setup is required.

You’ll have to pull off a few pieces of tape and protective film, then slide the bowl into the feeder base.

While the feeder is usually powered with the power cable connected to a power outlet, it has space for three D batteries (not included), which provide backup power in case of an outage.

Size And Capacity

The feeder measures 9.5” wide by 7.7” deep and 14.2” tall or 24.13 x 19.56 x 36 cm.

With its straight, sleek lines and relatively small bowl, it should be an unobtrusive unit compared to other leading upright feeders like the big, deep PetSafe Simply Feed.

The hopper has a 6L or 25.4-cup capacity, which should be enough to last a typical cat for at least 25 days, depending on the caloric density of their food.

Programming The Feeder

Programming the Petlibro automatic pet feeder

Programming the feeder isn’t effortless—the instruction manual requires some attention and the controls aren’t entirely intuitive—but it’s easier than setting up some other feeders only takes a few minutes. Mallory Crusta / Cats.com

With the instruction manual and quick start guide as references, you’ll use the front button panel and LCD screen to program the Petlibro automatic feeder. Programming starts with setting the time so that the feeder can dispense according to an accurate schedule, then setting meal times and portion sizes for each of them.

The instruction manual wasn’t as easy to follow as the one that I got with an older version of Petlibro’s 4L feeder, and I found that the controls weren’t quite as intuitive as I’d like. It’s a bit like programming a digital watch—you have to press and hold buttons and carefully navigate through multiple menus.

Yet it was still simpler than programming many other automatic feeders, and, within a few minutes, I was able to program a couple of meals with different portion sizes.

Petlibro feeders don’t show volume or weight-based units of measure on the LCD screen.

Instead, your cat’s meals are measured in “portions”. One portion is equivalent to about 15 ml or between 2.5 teaspoons and a tablespoon, depending on which type of kibble you’re using.

With each meal measuring something between 1 and 50 portions, you’re getting a wide variety of meal size options.

How Did The Petlibro Easy Feed Perform?

Petlibro automatic pet feeder dispensing

The Petlibro dispenser works consistently most of the time, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Mallory Crusta / Cats.com

During my two-week test, I found that the Petlibro feeder worked consistently, dispensing meals at my chosen times. It ran quietly and smoothly, with no loud clattering or food bouncing off of the bowl.

However, Its Portion Dispensing System Isn’t Perfect.

For one, the feeder doesn’t have a slow feed functionality. On other feeders, slow feed mode dispenses a few pieces of kibble every minute or so, encouraging your cat to eat slowly. This can be a good option for cats who tend to scarf down their meals and regurgitate afterward.

With six feeding slots and portions as small as 15 ml, you can manually break your cat’s meals into small segments, but there’s no way to do this automatically.

The second issue that I observed when testing out the feeder is that larger portions don’t come out all at once. Once the feeder dispenses about 7 portions, kibble starts to back up around the chute, and dispensing ceases.

Of course, if your cat is eating the food, the level in the bowl goes down, the chute will clear out, and the rest of their meal will drop into the bowl. That said, if the bowl level doesn’t go down within 10 minutes, the feeder will stop dispensing altogether. Most people won’t want their cats to eat 7 or more portions per meal, so it’s unlikely that this function will cause an issue, but some users might find it limiting.

How Secure Is The Feeder?

In addition to observing how it dispensed meals into the bowl, I looked at how well the feeder is able to keep cats from getting into the food outside of mealtimes. Although its locking lid adds some security, I found that it was possible to get some food out by knocking the feeder over on its side or reaching up into the chute.

Ultimately, this feeder is secure if your cat isn’t motivated to hack their way in, but the most motivated cats will find a way to fish or jostle out some extra kibbles.

What The Cats Thought

What did the cats think of the feeder

While Wessie was happy to set up the feeder with me, his high-moisture diet doesn’t allow for thorough testing of a dry food dispenser. Still, he used it once and seemed to like it. Mallory Crusta / Cats.com

My cats are on a wet food diet, so they weren’t able to get the full experience of using the Petlibro feeder as their sole food dish.

That said, I spotted Wessie stealing a snack from the bowl, and he seemed happy with the design.

The bowl is wide and shallow enough to fit a cat’s face without squeezing them into any tight spots, and eating from it appeared to be effortless. Unlike other feeders that whirr, clank, and clatter loudly, the feeder runs quietly, and I didn’t see any indication that my cats were afraid of it.


The Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder costs $69.99.

That’s a good price—I’ve seen comparable feeders priced over $90, sometimes without offering the variety of features we’re seeing from this Petlibro unit.

Additionally, we’re working with Petlibro to get you a great deal. When you enter the coupon code ALLABOUTCATS in the Petlibro store checkout, you’ll receive 20% off of your purchase. That brings your cost down to $59.49, which is a very competitive price for such a feature-rich feeder.

Overall Impressions

The Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder offers an excellent balance of simplicity and functionality.

Its useful indicator lights, voice recording, and easy-read LCD screen make it a cinch to set up and monitor, and it’s equally comfortable for your cat to use.

If you’re looking for a competitively-priced feeder that is flexible enough to suit virtually any cat, the Petlibro Easy Feed 6L Automatic Pet Feeder is a strong candidate.

Where To Buy The Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder?

Petlibro’s feeder is sold both through the Petlibro store and Amazon.

If you shop in the Petlibro store, you’re able to take advantage of our discount code and save $10.50, bringing your cost down to $59.49.

Enter ALLABOUTCATS at checkout to secure your 20% discount on your first purchase of the Petlibro automatic pet feeder or any other single item in the store.

Your Petlibro purchase ships for free to addresses in the contiguous United States and is backed by their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to learn more? You can also follow Petlibro on Instagram and like their page on Facebook.

Enter ALLABOUTCATS at checkout to get 20% off!

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  1. Cynthia

    How do you clean this unit? The manual indicates that the food tank can be removed and washed but I can’t figure out how to remove it. Thanks!

    1. small mallory photoMallory Crusta Post author

      Hi Cynthia, good question! To remove the food tank, you’re supposed to just pull the tank upward from the base. That said, I’ve tried this myself, and I don’t see any clear way to accomplish it given that there aren’t any notches or tabs that would make it easy. I’ll contact Petlibro and get back to you. Best, Mallory

    2. Colin power

      Hi, just bought the granary auto feeder and am wondering is there a sleep function? I travel quite a lot with my cat and don’t want to arrive home to a floor of food or have to program it every time I return?
      Thanks in advance

    3. small mallory photoMallory Crusta Post author

      Hi Colin, Petlibro says that the settings will not be lost even if you unplug the power cord, so when you and your cat are away from home, you can just unplug the power cord, and those settings will remain in place when you return.