Rocki Robot Companion Review: We Tried It

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The Rocki Robot Companion for pets is a rolling, turning, treat-tossing, laser-pointing machine that allows you to stay connected with your cat when you’re away from home.

It’s a cool piece of technology, right?

We tried it out on our cats for a week to bring you the facts about whether or not this interactive unit is worth the cost. Keep reading until the end of our Rocki Robot review to find out what happened when we tried the toy and whether or not we think it’s worth the $199 investment.

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Rocki Robot Companion for Pets Video Review

Before we jump into our experience with the Rocki Robot, let’s talk more about what this toy is and how it works.

Rocki Robot is a companion and playmate robot for your pets. It is compact, has omnidirectional wheels, dispenses treats, and there’s a built-in camera for monitoring your kitty as well as a laser pointer that allows you to play with your cat remotely.

The Rocki Robot was created by developers who miss their pets while at work all day and also did not want them to feel alone. They worked tirelessly for the past two years in developing the perfect robot. They began with the automatic treat tossing chamber mechanism. Then, the toy arm and mobility system was added to the all-directional mobile platform.

This robot is more than a home monitoring system that allows you to check in on your pet.

By using the robot’s companion app, you can control Rocki’s movements, record images of your kitty with the HD camera, and even communicate with your cat through the microphone on the app. There is even a night vision camera that turns on automatically if the environment is dark.

How Does The Rocki Robot Move Around?

The omnidirectional wheels on the Rocki Robot allow it to move front, back, and side-to-side. It can also turn 360 degrees.

Rocky is outfitted with all-wheel drive omnidirectional wheels which means it can move in any direction. This provides it 360 degrees of movement and 360 degrees field of view. It can also handle 15-degree slopes and track across hard floors, carpeting, rugs and climb up to an inch over obstacles.

The Rocki Robot Can Also Dispense Treats

Adding treats to the 16 compartments provided.

Rocki has 16 compartments “under the hood” that can be filled with treats for your pet. The top can be easily removed and filled then replaced. The treats are then released from the hole at the front of the robot.

Dispensing of treats can be automated or remotely controlled from the app.

The Laser Pointer Is A Fun Added Feature

Rocki Robot review laser pointer

The flexible laser pointer attachment allows you to point the laser anywhere.

The laser pointer is flexible, allowing you to move the pointer around to take aim. The app allows you to move the pointer back and forth by dragging your finger across the screen which then moves the red dot around for your cat to follow.

This pointer is also removable and that is because the manufacturer of Rocki Robot plans to introduce other attachments to use in play for the robot.

Here’s What Happened When We Started Testing The Rocki Robot Companion

We ordered Rocki Robot from the website. It arrived in a small orange-and-white box. The box included a start up guide, the robot itself—including both the body and laser arm—and a USB charging cable.

The Rocki Robot Was Easy To Set Up

For a robotic toy, this one was surprisingly simple to set up right out of the box.

The First Step Is Getting It Ready To Go

The first thing you want to do, after removing the robot from the box, is attach the laser pointer piece to the top and charge the robot by plugging it into the USB-C cable.

Rocki will be charged in four to six hours and ready to go. Once charged Rocki’s manufacturer claims the battery offers up to 30 days of standby time.

The Next Step Is Setting Up The App On Your Smartphone

The startup guide provides QR codes to scan and download the app based on your phone type. Once the app is loaded onto your phone you will need to set up an account by using your email and connecting via Bluetooth.

Once connected to the robot you can control the entire toy from the app. You will see what the robot sees right on your phone screen and hear sound from the microphone. You will also be able to control its movement from your phone screen by using your fingers on the touch screen joystick.

You are also able to set up multiple household members by sharing the app and allowing them to connect through their own phones.

What Did Our Cats Think Of The Rocki Robot?

Wessie loved the treat dispensing feature of the Rocki Robot and started to chase and paw at it almost immediately.

If you’ve watched our video review of the best cat toys on the market, you’ll know that our cats are not big fans of toys. That still holds true for the Rocki Robot toy. Forest did not have much interest in the toy, but that might have been because it was still new to the household.

Wessie was interested in the treat dispenser function most, especially since his favorite treats were in it. Once he made the connection that this robot holds the treats, he pawed at it—but not much other interaction.

Because the Rocki Robot is so new to the market, there are few reviews out there to confirm your pet may like it.

The company has a few videos posted on their Facebook page showing mostly dogs interacting with the robot. That said, we don’t doubt that other cats will love the Rocki Robot Companion. Between its treat-dispensing functionality and laser pointer, this robot has plenty of features that make it a perfect companion for cats of all temperaments.

If your pets do not want to interact with the robot, it is still a great way to monitor what is going on in your home when you are away. Also being able to administer treats should keep any pet happy.

Overall, Is The Rocki Robot Worth It?

Cat with Rocki Robot Companion

Rocki Robot allows you to interact with your pets via the free app.

If you love the idea of being able to interact with your cat from anywhere and are willing to pay for it, the Rocki Robot is one of the best interactive toys on the market.

There are other robotic pet toys on the market for a little less money, but none have the features Rocki Robot does. Especially for cats, who are independent and often won’t come when called to a traditional pet cam, the mobility of the Rocki Robot gives it a massive edge over the competition.

And while some comparable toys charge subscription fees, the Rocki’s app is 100% free—forever.

How Much Does The Rocki Robot Cost?

Rocki Robot is currently available at the Rocki Robot website for $199.00. Use our exclusive coupon code 9YVALLABOUTCATS to get $10 off at checkout!

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3 thoughts on “Rocki Robot Companion Review: We Tried It

  1. Daren

    Our cats actually love it. We love being able to keep an eye on them when we’re out, and they like playing with the laser. They even sniff its backside and sleep near it. I think they appreciate hearing our voices too.


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